Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 35

“Good morning Mr Ethan” The door opened.
Alex, Javad and Carl stepped in and with one glance at Irish… Javad knew what was going on.
“Ohh…i guess we just interrupted something. We’re sorry Mr Ethan” Javad said.
“Nothing… nothing at all” Ethan smiled.
“How’s your mum’s health?”Alex and Carl asked Irish.
“Ohh…” She said getting herself out of the shock she was thrown into.
“She’s getting better…i mean her surgeries will be performed today. Thanks guys” Irish said.
“surgeries?” Javad asked.
“Yeah” Irish answered reluctantly.
“The specialists are flying in soon” Ethan said.
“Ohh” Javad said.

“Let’s get moving” Ethan said,he felt a bit bad he must have made Irish uncomfortable with his confession.
But he’s glad he finally made his feelings known to her, he can’t keep it any longer.
He’s madly in love with her and he didn’t even knew how it happened.
He didn’t even regret the fact that he developed feelings for Irish, she’s worth it.
After all these years, he’s glad his heart’s finally working perfectly.

Not just on anyone but Irish, he has never felt that way around any lady.
Not even Catherine.
He had had something for Irish since he saw her but he didn’t just admitted it until recently.

They got outside the hospital and Ethan adjusted his face cap.
They all sat in the car waiting for Javad who told them he wanted to pee..

“Why is he taking so long?” Ethan asked.
Irish had noticed too but she didn’t want to speak up, she suddenly feels so shy around Ethan.
” I need to get to work. Carl, go check him” Ethan ordered.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Carl alighted from the car and walked back into the hospital.

He headed to the restroom area and saw Javad approaching, tucking his phone in his pocket.

“What?” He queried Carl with a stern look.
“Don’t ever think I’ll be looking out for you, Mr Ethan asked me to when you’re taking forever like the restroom is your new home”Carl said.

“Just shush or another round of fight will burst now” Javad gritted his teeth.
“I’m always ready to burst your face with punches, thank your stars Mr Ethan is outside waiting for us” Carl grinned before walking away.
Javad cursed him under his breath before walking after him .

He had actually called Mr Morgan to inform him about the recent happenings .


“I’m sorry Mr Ethan for delaying you,i ne..” Javaf was saying.
“It’s okay”Ethan cut him short. “Move Alex” He added and Alex turned on the ignition and started driving.


“Good news” Morgan said to Catherine as he walked into the swimming area.
Catherine was by the edge of the pool,clad in a pink bikini and sipping wine which she handed to one of the maids standing at her beck and call when she heard Morgan’s words.
“Really?” She asked,her eyes litting up .

She knew the news would center around Ethan, she really want him back. Although Morgan is not in any way depriving her of anything but she just wanted Ethan again, she missed how he makes her feel, he was so gentle and romantic to the core,a perfect definition of an humble man,one wouldn’t know he’s wealthy if one hasn’t seen him in the news.
People obviously loved him more than Morgan because of his humble way of life.

“You both should excuse us”Morgan said to the maids as he sat beside Catherine.
They left immediately after bowing.

“So what’s up?” Catherine asked, ignoring Morgan”s lustful gaze on her body.
Ethan doesn’t look at her with lust but with love that always make her give herself to him all the time.
His eyes are loving, you get stuck when staring at Ethan,he doesn’t even know what he does to lots of women with those eyes.

“Why smiling? Do you know what I’m about to say already?” Morgan asked.
“Huh? No, but it’s good news right?”
“Yeah, it’s about your daughter…”
“What did you do to my daughter!?” Catherine sparked up.
“Chill Catherine,i was about to say your daughter’s nanny” Morgan said.
“Ohh” She said more calmly.
“You just keep surprising me with your behavior whenever i mention your daughter” Morgan stated.

“Cause i know what you can do Morgan,you would do anything to hurt Ethan and my daughter is his weakness here” Catherine said.
“I won’t hurt your daughter cause i know how much you love her too” Morgan said, wishing Arin was dead already..
“Less i forget,I’ll be going to check on her soon” Catherine said.
“Ohh…your visitation. You wouldn’t even let me meet her”
“Ethan is gonna chop off my head” Catherine laughed.

“Okay, the good news is about Irish. Her mother is hospitalized and her health has deteriorated to the extent that she needs some specialists to fly over”
“Wow…” Catherine raised her brow.
“So where do we come in?” She asked.
“We stop the specialists from getting to the hospital, according to the nurse Javad made enquiry from,the woman would die if she’s not attended to as fast as possible and you know if she dies,Irish would be so sad and that’s what you’ve always wanted…to make her sad” .

“Yes! That girl is just so annoying,she pisses me off and do you know she’s starting to rob Ana’s of her customers?” Catherine asked.
“Yeah… Ana is so pissed at her too,when i tell her of this plan, she’ll be so happy ” Catherine smiled.

She hates the fact that Irish got more attention at the party,the ladies focused on her alone and kept ranting on how beautiful she looked.
Some even said she and Ethan looked perfect together.

Like what the he.ll!

“That’s cool,we aren’t alone in this” Morgan laughed.
“Yeah so when does the plan start?”
“It started already, we found their location and i sent out my boys”

“Wow! You’re so keen on this” Catherine laughed.
“Anything to make you happy” Morgan said.
“Thanks” Catherine smiled.

“You look hot” Morgan winked.
“I know right” Catherine said proudly.
“I feel like having you right now”Morgan said.
“Nah” Catherine shook her head motioning one of the maids to bring her wine.

“Ohh…do you know what else Javad told me?” Morgan asked.
“What?” Catherine sipped her wine.
“Ethan slept over at the hospital with Irish” Morgan said.

“What!” Catherine exclaimed.


Irish returned to the hospital after she was done cleaning up and eating breakfast.
She waved Alex bye as he drove off.
Ethan left for work already and till he did, she couldn’t even look him in the face .
She’s yet to recover from the shock that Ethan has feelings for her, it’s so unbelievable.

She’s just a nobody,his daughter’s nanny.

She walked into the hospital and met Doctor Luc coming out of the hallway, the look on his face wasn’t so nice, he didn’t look like the cheerful Doc Luc.

“Hi Doc” Irish approached him…
“Irish…” He said, sighing.
“The surgeries are going on already right?” Irish asked.
She know it would have been going on though cause they left the hospital by 9am and it’s 12pm already, the specialists would have gotten here cause they were almost at the hospital when they left .

“There’s a problem” Doc Luc said.
“What is it?” Irish swallowed hard.
“The specialists are not here yet”
“What!” Irish panicked.
“Yes, I’ve been trying them to contact them for hours now and it’s not connecting and the worst thing is your mum’s health care shouldn’t be delayed or..”
“Or what?” Irish asked, holding her breath.
“We’ll lose her”
“!” Irish bursted into tears.


“I can clearly see you’ve gone insane again” Ethan said to Catherine.
He had allowed her into his office thinking she’ll be more reasonable this time.

“I can’t believe you left your daughter alone to sleep over in a hospital with a slvt!” Catherine barked.
“Just shut up Catherine, you’re the slut here and last time i checked Arin didn’t complain about it,she was even glad i stood by her nanny so what the fk is your problem” Ethan said, regretting why he had let her in in the first place.
Catherine boiled in anger breathing loudly….

“I can see you have nothing left to say, that’s the door” He said to Catherine.
“My greetings to Morgan” Ethan added mockingly.
“Fk you!” Catherine swore, seething terribly.
His phone started ringing and he picked it up to check the caller’s ID.

“Irish” He said aloud and Catherine who was about leaving, stopped.
He accepted the call and Irish’s tears broke through his ears.
He stood up immediately.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Ethan, the specialists are nowhere to be found! Doc Luc said if my mum’s health care is delayed any further,he’s afraid we might lose her. I don’t want to lose her” Irish cried .

📞”! I’m on my way” Ethan dropped the call, he picked the necessary things.

He has forgotten Catherine was there until she blocked his way.

“Get out of my way Catherine!” He yelled.
“You’re going nowhere” She yelled back, dropping her bag.

“Move Catherine,i won’t want to push you”Ethan said threateningly .

“Go ahead, push your daughter’s mother out of the way just because of a freaking nanny whose mother is gonna die soon” Catherine said.
“Don’t say that Catherine,! Don’t!” Ethan warned.
“Well…i did already” She said.
“Out of my way”Ethan said, getting impatient.
“You’ll have to push me like you said to get to that door” Catherine said and Ethan swore, resisting the urge to push her.

He knew Catherine to be so implicating, she can go file a report that he pushed her and that might get to the media!
He turned and punched some numbers in his telephone and then placed the receiver on his ear.

“You, get in here now and take two other person with you. There’s a wild animal here” Ethan said before dropping the call.
He sighed impatiently, deeply regretting why he had allowed Catherine into his office.
“You wanna get your bodyguards to push me out right, you’re such a weakling! Do it yourself” Catherine said.
“I’m not as violent as your ‘husband’ okay?” Ethan said and that shut Catherine up.

Few seconds later,the men filed in.
“Get her out of my way first” Ethan ordered and they pulled the ranting Catherine away while Ethan rushed to the door, he opened it and stepped out.

“Get the car ready” He called his driver while hurrying to the parking lot.
” Okay Mr Ethan.



“What’s going on?” Ethan asked, breathing heavily as he walked to Irish in the hospital reception, her eyes were swollen with tears and his heart felt heavy, seeing her in that condition.

She sniffed and handed him a face cap when she saw how people were starting to gaze at him, he was unaware though,he collected the face cap and wore it.

“Irish…” He called.
“The specialists are nowhere to be found” She said slowly.
“Doc Luc said my mum is gonna die any moment from now” She added bursting into tears again.
“Dmn! Come, let’s go to his office” Ethan said.
“He’s not in his office right now” A nurse stopped them.
“Get the he.ll out of the way and go get Docuc for me anywhere he is now” Ethan said sternly and the nurse nodded, moving out of the way.


“Everything is gonna be fine” Ethan rubbed Irish’s back as they waited for doc Luc in his office.
“I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting Mr Ethan” Doc Luc said, walking in.

“Lucky what’s going on?”Ethan asked.
Doc Luc sighed “Mr Ethan, the specialists are nowhere to be found,I’ve tried contacting them severally,i called the hospital they were coming from in India and was told they left already since yesterday and they even called them hours ago that they’ve gotten to California heading to my hospital”

“So where the fk are they!” Ethan said.
“I don’t know too, no one knows and her mum’s health is deteriorating,I’m afraid she has little time left”

“Stop saying that, what’s the next step?” Ethan asked.
“I’ll pay anything” He added.

“We’ll have to fly her to India,the same hospital those specialists are coming from” Doc Luc said.
“Are you sure they’re competent? The act of the specialists already said they’re not” Ethan said.
“They are, Mr Ethan. That hospital is the best in India and 80% of surgeries they perform are always successful”
“Okay then,we should hurry” Ethan said.
“The problem is…” Doc Luc paused.
“What?” Irish spoke up.
“I’m not sure she’ll be able to survive through the flight,you know she has very limited time left and the flight process might take a lot of time ” Doc Luc said sadly.

“Gosh! Isn’t there anything you can do to help?” Ethan asked.
“Please” Irish pleaded.
“Arrrgh!” Doc Luc sighed, thinking.
“The only thing i can do is to place her on sedatives throughout the flight but her chance of surviving till we get there is 40%”

“Okay, so how much is the bills? I’m gonna pay it” Ethan said.
“No,I’ll pay it. I still have some money in my bank account” Irish said and Doc Luc smiled, knowing Irish won’t be able to afford the money..
“I’m afraid you won’t be able to cover the bills Irish” Doc Luc said.
“Irish I’ll pay it” Ethan offered.
“No, you’ve done more than enough. I won’t let you pay the bills again” Irish said.
“Im not complaining about it, I’m perfectly fine with paying the bills”

“No…no, you’re not paying it Ethan. You spent a lot already, i can’t keep making you spend and spend”
“Im fine with it, just let me settle the bills please” Ethan said.
“You’re not even my family to take such responsibilities, you paid for everything since we got here and I’m so grateful for that but i won’t allow you take responsibility anymore. No, please” Irish said.

“Can i see your account balance Miss Irish?” Doc Luc asked.
“Of course” Irish said bringing out her phone, she imputed some codes and her bank account balance popped up.

“It’ll be enough right?” She asked, handing her phone to Doc Luc.
He laughed when he saw her account balance.
“I’m sorry for laughing but this is so so small, it won’t even cover quarter of the bills” Doc Luc said.
“What! Really?” Irish asked, she had thought it’d be more than enough.
The pay she has been receiving from Ethan plus all the money she received from her customers. It should be more than enough.
“Why is it so costly?” Irish asked.
“Your mum isn’t just doing a surgery Irish but two, other expenses too” Doc Luc said.

“Ohh…” Irish sighed and glanced at Ethan while rubbing the back of her neck.

“I’ll settle the bills Doc Luc,get to work. There’s no much time left” Ethan said.
“No” Irish said. “You’re just gonna borrow me the money and I’ll pay back.
“Really? That’s not necessary” Ethan said.
“It is, Ethan. I’ll collect more orders, i need to pay you back”
“It’s fine then. Luc,talk to my manager about the bills” Ethan said.

“Okay, so I’ll be flying with Mrs Helen…”
“Won’t i come with you?” Irish asked.
“No, no…that might take a lot of process and she needs to be attended to as soon as possible”
“Ohh” Irish said.
“Will you go in my private jet? The stress of starting to book a flight and all. It’s gonna take a lot of time” Ethan said.
“That’ll be great! Mr Ethan”. Doc Luc smiled.
“Let me contact my aircraft pilot, you should go get ready with the necessary things ” Ethan said to Doc Luc who nodded and hurried out of the office.

“Thank you,so much” Irish said to Ethan tearily.
“It’s fine” He pulled her into a side hug while he contacted his pilot.


The car was in complete silence as they headed home after leaving the airport .
Doc Luc and Mrs Helen left in his private jet already.

“She’ll be fine” Ethan broke the silence in the car after noticing how troubled Irish looks.
“Thank you” Irish said.
“Are you going back to work?” She asked.
“No,I’ve closed for the day”
“Yeah, you need to rest” Irish said.
“You too” Ethan said and Irish nodded, knowing she has to get to work to be able to pay back Ethan’s money.
“You should stop giving me my pay for now” Irish said.
“Why?” Ethan asked.
“I’m gonna be using it to pay for the debt little by little, it’ll go a long way in refunding your money”
“Arrrgh” Ethan groaned. “Are you serious about paying back?” He asked.
“Of course ” Irish said, “And please do not refuse” She added.

“I’m gonna keep giving you your pay and you can save it yourself to pay me back when it’s complete” Ethan said.
“Fine then ” Irish said.
“You’re making me feel bad for wanting to pay back, i never asked you too” Ethan said.
“I know but i want to. Please” Irish said.
“Okay then, anything that makes you feel okay” Ethan said.

The car fell back into silence and Ethan can’t help but steal glances at her.
Even in her worried state,she still looked beautiful.
He kinda wished he hadn’t confessed his feelings to her at least not in the midst of this problems,cause it seems she’s no longer comfortable with him.


“Arusha,do not go to the hospital after leaving school….” Irish said to Arusha as she walked up the stairs.
They just arrived home and she know she needed to fill Arusha in on the recent happenings.


“Wow! You never can tell what might have happened to those specialists? I don’t think they’ll deliberately abandon someone who needs urgent medical care without a reason” Gabrielle said after Ethan had narrated everything to her.

“I think you’re right and i think they are incompetent too, I’ll have then sued whenever they appear” Ethan said, sipping his favorite wine, he was seated with Gabrielle in the kitchen after eating.
“Com’on Ethan,you don’t know what might have gone wrong with them. You should be hoping they’re fine instead of having this mindset” Gabriella said and he shrugged.
“I hope they are fine though. Anyways,I’m glad we didn’t even wait for them any longer, i just hope Irish’s Mum survive through the flight and then the surgery” Ethan said.
“She will, i know. Irish told me she’s a strong woman and i believe she’ll fight this” Gabrielle said.
“Where’s Irish by the way?” She added.
“Probably in her room, i don’t want to disturb her,she obviously needs some time to herself” Ethan said.

“Yeah, poor girl” Gabrielle shook her head.
“I’m thinking of changing her brother’s school,we both had a discussion and damn! He’s so intelligent, i don’t think the school he attends knows his worth,he needs a better school and I’m gonna do that for him”
“That’ll be great and he’s gat the looks too, the maids are still talking about him till now”
“Really?” Ethan laughed.

“So, thinking of the best schools here in California, i think you should choose the one Jessica attends whenever she’s here for summer” Gabrielle said.
“Yes! That’ll be fine. I’ll start making moves once all this is over, you know Mrs Helen have to get well first before i can proceed with my plans”
“Yes, of course”
“I need to go have a nap before Arin comes back” Ethan said and Gabrielle chuckled.
“I’ll start preparing lunch also” Gabrielle said.
“Okay World best chef” Ethan teased and laughed while Gabrielle rolled his eyes at him.



“Irish” Ethan called walking into her workshop.
“Hi” She smiled. She just left Arin’s room who’s already having her nap.
“I thought you’d be in your room” Ethan said, drawing a chair close to her before sitting.
“Nah, i need to work” Irish said.
“Well… Doc Luc just called me now, they arrived India safely and the surgeons already got to work”
“Thank goodness” Irish breathed out a sigh of relief.

Her mum survived the flight!
She had been unsettled, praying her mum would at least survive the flight cause the state she had been in when they left for India was terrible.
Keep fighting mum.. you’ll survive the surgeries too.

“I’m so glad” Irish smiled.
“Me too”Ethan said.

“Ohh… Doc Luc’s calling back” Ethan said picking up the call…
“Hi Doc Luc.

Irish picked up her phone to call Arusha and tell him about the new piece of news.

“What!” Ethan’s exclamation stopped him.

“What?” Irish asked worriedly.

“Can you believe the specialists that were assigned to California to take care of your mum, were kidnapped! That was why they couldn’t make it to the hospital” Ethan said,alarmed.



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