Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 36

Ethan and Irish rushed into Doc Luc hospital and was led into his office by the two nurses.

“Where are they?”Ethan asked,not seeing the specialists they came them for.
“They are cleaning up, they’ll be out soon” one of the nurses said before walking out.

“Gabrielle was right when she said we don’t know what might have gone wrong with them” Ethan said.
“Yeah” Irish nodded, still startled by the fact that the specialists were kidnapped.

“Hii” They heard,and turned to see two ladies walking out of Doc Luc’s personal restroom.
Irish never thought the specialists would be ladies and they look so beautiful,she rarely see Indians.

“I’m Sunil”
“I’m Shreedah” The ladies stretched out the hands and Ethan and Irish gladly took it.

“We’re so sorry about what happened to you both” Irish said and Ethan nodded in affirmative.
“ Aren’t you Ethan Harlow?” The lady called Sunil asked and Ethan nodded.
“Can i hug you?” Sunil asked expectantly.
“Yeah” Ethan smiled and Sunil pulled him into a hug.

Shreedah smiled and took a seat.
She was tired from the stress and all,they never thought they’d have this experience on their first day in California.
They had been looking so forward to the surgeries not until they were waylaid and kidnapped. Her ears still hurt from the slaps she had received.

“I like you so much, you’re one of the few billionaires that assists people in every way they can ,if i had known it was your mother we were coming to perform surgery on,i would have fought those kidnappers with all my strength” Sunil said and Ethan laughed.. Their English was obviously different from theirs, theirs sounded funny to the ears.

“So…how did it all.. happened?” Irish asked curiously.
“We were just few minutes away from this hospital when a car crossed ours and took over the wheels,we were blindfolded throughout the journey and even when we got to wherever they took us to,we only heard voices without even seeing anyone” Shreedah said.
“Wow!” Ethan exclaimed.
“Shreedah was slapped severally cause she refused to cooperate” Sunil said.
“ no wonder her cheeks looks so red. Sorry Shreedah” Irish said.
“Sorry Shreedah” Ethan said.
“Thank you” Shreedah said.

“We should involve the cops” Ethan said.
“No!” They both exclaimed, startling Ethan and Irish
“Why? We should involve the cops” Irish said.
“They threatened to come after us if we do. They know i have a child and they threatened to kill her if we ever go to the cops.” Shreedah blinked rapidly.
“Ohhh” Irish and Ethan sighed.
” Moreover,they didn’t hurt us.” Sunil said,still being clingy to Ethan and Irish doesn’t know why it upsets her so much.

“Do you probably know the reason you both were kidnapped or could it be mistaken identity?” Ethan asked.
“I don’t think so…i remembered what they said when Shreedah said we have a life to save” Sunil said.
“What did they say?” Irish asked curiously.
“They said…we were kidnapped because of the life we want to save…” Shreedah answered.
“What!!” Ethan and Irish exclaimed.
“And she’ll be confirmed dead before we’re released.” Sunil said and Irish felt sick to the stomach.
“I guess they released us after knowing the woman had been flown to India” Shreedah said.

“ mum, they were after my mum” Irish said shockingly..
“Ohh..she’s your mum?” Sunil said,kind of disappointed.
“Yeah” Ethan said and turned to Irish.
“W.. why?” Irish frowned.
“Why would anyone want my mum dead?” She added.
“Wow..” Sunil sighed.
“Just chill, we’ll get back to it. Let’s get Sunil and Shreedah to the hotel,so they can rest and leave by tomorrow morning” Ethan said.
“Okay” Irish said, deeply worried.

“I.. don’t think we’ll be safe at the hotel. Your house would be better” Sunil smiled,hand brushing her long silky hair.

“No, i don’t really allow people in my house. You’ll be fine at the hotel. It’s my hotel actually and you’ll have bodyguards surrounding the whole place” Ethan said.
“Ohh… that’s fine then” Sunil said, slightly embarrassed and Irish would have laughed if not because of the situation.

“We’re so sorry about everything. You guys wouldn’t have gotten into this mess if we hadn’t asked you to come over…” Ethan said.
“No, that’s our job. To save lives, you’re not to blame for it” Sunil said.

“Can we move to the hotel please, my body…is aching and I’ll really like to eat” Shreedah said.
“Of course, i messaged the chauffeur already,he would be here soon” Ethan said.

‘its getting dark’ Irish thought after peering out of the window..

‘will Arusha be fine?’ she thought worriedly.
He must be feeling so lonely,she wish she can just go be with him till their mum is back but she can’t leave her work,she know Ethan will definitely allow her go but she can’t take advantage of that, it’s not so fair.
Arusha would be fine…

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Ethan asked Irish, moving beside her..
“Nothing…” She let out a small smile.
” C’mon, i can tell you’re very worried about something and i understand cause there’s so much going on at the moment but just know and believe everything will be fine okay?” Ethan assured and Irish nodded.
“Thank you” She said.

“Okay so, don’t you think we should take legal actions,it’s so obvious those kidnappers wanted your mum dead! I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re so bothered about” Ethan said.

“No, i was thinking about Arusha actually. And yeah, knowing there is someone out there who wants my mum dead is enough to worry about but right now I’m just so worried about mum’s health more than anything.” Irish said.

“Of course,you should be. We all are. But don’t you think we should involve the cops now so they won’t come after her when she’s fully well”

“Involving the cops will worsen the situation Ethan, I’ll make sure i get a new apartment for mum and Arusha if she survives”
“Irish, getting a new apartment for her doesn’t stop the bad guys from coming after her” Ethan said.
“I know but she needs to survive first and we have to consider Shreedah’s daughter” Irish said.

Ethan’s phone beeped and he stared at the screen.

“The chauffeur is here” He said to Sunil and Shreedah who were discussing.
“Ohh.. okay” they both picked their bags.

They all walked out of Doc Luc’s office.

“Irish, getting a new apartment for her doesn’t stop the bad guys from coming after her” Ethan’s words rang in her ears as they walked.
Why does she feel it’s because of her they want her mum dead and why is her mind pointing at Morgan Harlow?

She blew out a breath and watched Ethan talked to the chauffeur, Sunil and Shreedah had gotten into the car already with two bodyguards with them.
Irish was irritated with how Sunil kept touching Ethan.

What a clingy thing!

Ethan waved them bye and watched the car drive off before joining Irish.
He let out a breath…

Irish opened the limo door and got in, Ethan got in after her and ordered his driver to start driving.
“You upset about something?” Ethan asked, noticing the frown on her face.
“Uh?..nothing” She said.

‘Dont freaking tell me this is jealousy Irish!’ her mind scolded her.



“We’ve been waiting for ages” Arin complained as Ethan and Irish walked into the dining room.
She and Gabrielle have been waiting for them before having their dinner.

“We’re sorry” Irish smiled.
“For ages? Take it easy with the exaggeration V” Ethan said and they laughed.
“You both should go wash your hands first before joining us here” Arin said.
“Of course we will” Ethan said.
“How’s your mum Irish?” Gabrielle asked.
“The surgery’s still ongoing,we haven’t heard anything yet” Irish said.
“I’m going to pray to God to make her survive because she made me a sweater i love so much” Arin said petting Dolly and Irish smiled.
“You don’t have to read me bedtime stories tonight,you must be so tired from the stress you’ve gone through today” She added.
“Wow…” Irish laughed.
“Thanks Arin” She said.

“Go wash your hands let’s eat please” Gabrielle said.
“ World best chef is starving seriously” Ethan joked and they all laughed.

“Arin, Manners please. Can you take the dog out of the dinning?’
“Ah Dad!” Arin whined.



“Good night Arin” Irish pecked her cheek.
“Goodnight Irish” Arin said sleepily.

Irish gently left the room and walked towards the stairs.
Ethan had told her to come to the living once she’s done with Arin.

She descended the stairs slowly.
Her gaze met with Javad’ss who was standing by the end of the stairs.
She wasn’t in the mood to return his glare,she just walked on.

She got to the living room and instead of meeting Ethan,she met Arusha.

“What!” She exclaimed, walking to him.
“What’s wrong? What are you doing here?” She asked.
“I sent a driver to go pick him” Ethan said walking into the living.
Irish turned.
“Cause starting from now, he’ll be staying here till your mum’s return”

“Yeah” Arusha grinned.

“I know you’re so worried about him being alone in the house, it’s not safe” Ethan said.
“Yeah, thank you…thank you so much” Irish said.
She feels so relieved, now she won’t have to worry anymore about Arusha cause she’ll be seeing him everyday!
The five years away from him is enough already.
She glanced at her brother who was grinning happily and she smiled too.

“Thank you Mr Ethan,I’m so grateful” Arusha said.
“It’s fine, boy! Have you had dinner?” Ethan asked.
“Okay, Gladys will show you to your room” Ethan said and it was then Arusha and Irish noticed Gladys was in the living room.

“We can share my room” Irish said.
“No, i already made them prepare his room,there are enough rooms here” Ethan said.
“Ohh..okay” Irish said.
“Do not cause any trouble here and just shower and go to bed immediately you get to your room. We’ll talk tomorrow” Irish said to Arusha as he followed Gladys.
“Okay sis” He winked and playfully dragged her cheeks.
She smiled and watched him leave.

“Geez! His luggage made it seem like he’ll be spending years here” Irish said and Ethan laughed.
“Thank you so much” She said to him again.
“Arrrgh” He groaned…”Enough of that Irish”
“No, allow me thank you. That’s the only way that shows how grateful i am”
“Okay fine…I’m going to the library,care to join me?” Ethan asked.
“I don’t mind, i won’t be able to get any sleep if i should return to my room now” Irish said.



“No” Ethan said when Irish picked a novel to read.
They just finished litting the fireplace.
“What?” Irish asked.
“Let’s not read, let’s just discuss” He said.
“Ohh…fine then” Irish dropped the novel.

They both sat in front of the fireplace, no one spoke up.

“Hey! Aren’t you the one supposed to speak up. You wanted to discuss!” Irish said inwardly.
“I’m sure Gabrielle would have told you not to enter the room beside the pool” Ethan broke the silence.
“Ohh..yes! She did when she was showing me around the house and i wondered what was in there”
“Nothing is in there,it’s just a normal room that belonged to Carrle,who was my godmother…care to listen to some stories?” Ethan asked.
“Of course” Irish said eagerly.

“Okay…i loved Carrle so much. She topped the list of people who helped me become successful,her words and advises groomed me into the man i am today. She told me not to depend on my parents wealth but work hard for mine, ‘Hustle like you’re poorest man on Earth’ She always told me,our bond was unbreakable and a lot of people do mistake her for my mother”
“Wow” Irish smiled.

“You should know my parents are billionaires and they were ready to spoil me and my brother but Carrle prevented that, or let’s say she successed in saving me from being a spoil brat, My brother was a expection. She was Gabrielle’s close friend and they do stay in the kitchen together. I should tell you this,the reason Gabrielle never want to leave the kitchen is because that’s where most of her memories with Carrle are. It’s been years now but none of us have gotten over her death”
“I’m so sorry about that” Irish said sadly.

“She died of food poisoning,she was poisoned right in this house and till date, the culprit have not been apprehended. Detectives tried all they could but they couldn’t fish out the person, investigations went on for years until they finally washed their hands off the case.

She died on the same day my daughter arrived the world. She didn’t get to see Arin whom she had prepared so much to meet” Ethan said.
Irish took his palm in hers, seeing how hard he was restraining his tears.
She wanted to cry too.
She didn’t say anything and allowed him go on.

“I was more sad than happy but the belief that Carrle came back to me through Arin consoled me a bit. ‘Bring her up like i brought you up” She had told me,like she knew she wasn’t going to be there .
She was poisoned in the night and she had struggled till morning just so she could see me for the last time.
By the time we found her, it was late and she died as soon as she was wheeled into the hospital. My world shattered at that moment” Ethan finally let out his tears.

Irish felt her throat tighten, she know she’s gonna start crying any moment from now knowing how it feels to lose someone so dear and close to you.

“And do you know my worst regret?” Ethan asked.
“What?” Irish asked, blinking hard to stop her tears.
“Few minutes before her death..she gave me the necklace she cherished most in the world,her grandmother had given it to her mother,her mother had given it to her and it was to be passed that way but she gave it to me even when she had a daughter and i fucking misplaced it! I was so careless!” Ethan said, and Irish wiped his tears with her palm.

She rubbed his back and had to resist the urge of hugging him tightly.
She badly want to, she had never seen him this way and she felt the need to protect and console him.

“Ethan,do wear this whenever you go into my room,that way you’ll feel my presence- She had told me and Indeed,after her death,i do feel her presence whenever i wear the necklace, i cherished it so much until one night, i got drunk,i rarely get drunk. I wonder how it happened. Then the next morning,I’m sure it was stolen cause i had searched every nooks and crannies in this house but couldn’t find it ”

“Who was with you when you got drunk?” Irish asked.
“Catherine” Ethan said.
“She and Carrle never got along and she had denied taking the necklace and it was after she got married to my brother , Morgan that she told me to my face that she took it. ”
“What! What did you do?” Irish asked.
“Nothing, i couldn’t do anything cause there was not enough evidence to back it up. Carrle warned me about her, she warned me not to trust Catherine but i never listened, if only i had known” Ethan said.
“Damn!” Irish shook her head slowly.

“And knowing the only thing that kind of connected me to Carrle was gone, knowing i was so careless with what Carrle cherished most made me so angry and i ordered everyone to stay away from her room.
I do feel bad when i go into her room without her necklace,i realised i do not feel her presence anymore without the necklace so i stopped going into her room.
If there’s anything i ever wish for,it’s for me to get the necklace back. I miss Carrle so much” Ethan smiled sadly.

Irish sighed ” What a sad story, Now i understand the reason no one is allowed into that room”
“Yeah,i wonder what Carrlewould think of you if she had met you” Ethan said and Irish smiled.
“I’m planning on visiting her room soon,will you come with me?” Ethan asked.
“Of course,just tell me whenever you want to” Irish said.

“Okay, i feel so embarrassed to have cried in front of you” Ethan said.
“Com’on, I’m glad you trusted me enough to tell me this, thank you”
“I feel relieved, i feel free letting out what has been bottled inside me for years”
“Come here” Irish stretched opened her arms for a hug and Harold happily hugged her.
Irish pecked him on his hair.
“How come no one in this house ever brings up a topic about your brother?”
“Well… Maybe because he isn’t my brother” Ethan said.
“What?” Irish said.
“Morgan might not be my blood brother but I still take him as a brother. According to my Dad, Morgan was adopted into our family when he was 6 years of age, I was 14 then and had wanted a little brother, then dad considered adopting Morgan since my mum isn’t ready to have another baby”. Ethan said.

“Oh, so what happened? Like the hatred?” Irish asked.
“I and Morgan fought a lot during our days in high school” Ethan stopped and laughed, using his palm to clear his tears.
“Morgan is a flirt and I’m the quit , shy one. His hatred for me started when I reported him to My dad back then that he got a lady pregnant and gave her money to adopt it, The lady died in the process” Ethan said.
“That’s cruel!” Irish exclaimed.

“Yeah. We move out of San Francisco and came down to Australia to start a new life, and I must say since then , Morgan and me became the worst enemies. It get Worst when the lady he had crush on made it clear to him that I was the one she loved. He accused me on back stabbing him, I didn’t argue cause that was a lie. The on my 23th birthday night, I don’t know how but Morgan find the documents that stats he was adopted and was not “Harlow’s blood. Ever since then, We never had of Morgan again. He ran out of home and my parent couldn’t do anything about it. We moved on and it’s been 12 years since then. I gat to see him the day Catherine left me for him. And I guess he did that for pay back!”

“Oh. He’s so cruel and ungrateful!”



“Good morning Arin” Irish said walking into Arin’s room through the adjoining door,she just finished bathing and dressing up.
She wondered where Arin was when she couldn’t find her on the bed and the shower wasn’t running either…

She might be pooping.

She opened Arin’s wardrobe and started selecting her school wears.

She had gone to see Arusha already,he was getting ready for school and he was so excited when Ethan told him he’ll be getting dropped in school every morning and he’ll be picked up too.

The door opened and she thought it was Ethan that walked in,but it was Arin. She entered the room grinning with Dolly beside her.
“I thought you were in the bathroom and when i didn’t heard the shower running,i decided you were pooping” Irish said.
“Pooping? No” Arin rolled her eyes.
“You don’t poop?” Irish teased.
“I do but…arrrgh,stop this poop talk already. It’s embarrassing” Arin said and Irish laughed.
“So where did you go to?” She asked.
“Dad took me to see Arusha”
“Yes”Arin grinned.
“I’m so glad he’ll be with us for a while,he said he’ll be helping me with my homework especially arithmetics”Arin giggled and Irish smiled.

“Well…let’s get you ready for school”


“Aren’t you guys eating?” Ethan asked when he noticed Irish and Ethan were not sitting with them for breakfast.
“We’ll eat in…the kitchen” Irish said
.”Yeah” Arusha said.
“What? Why?” Ethan asked.
“Huh.. Irish said it’s your private dining room” Arusha said.
“Irish com’on!” Ethan said.
“I..we won’t like us to overcrowd the dining room” Irish said.
“Overcrowd? You’re just two!” Gabrielle said.
“Truly,this is my private dining room but i don’t mind Arusha eating with us, have your seats and let’s eat” Ethan said.
“Thank you” Irish and Arusha said and Ethan groaned.

Irish never stops amazing him with her well disciplined character.


” Irish, i totally forgot Catherine will be coming to check on Arin today. Please wherever she wants to take Arin to,make sure you go with her okay?

” Okay Ethan.

“Dress her up nicely, Catherine can be so… nevermind. Just take care.”

” Alright, bye.


“Catherine is here, i need to go. You should continue with the dress” Irish said to Arusha who nodded.
He’s back from school and they were both in her workshop, talking and working.
Arusha had been so happy so see the workshop,he loved it and wouldn’t stop talking about how good Ethan is.
“Okay Irish, don’t be long”Arusha said,he was enjoying his time here and…he had seen several maids eye him.

This is gonna be fun..


“Are you crazy? What do you mean you’re coming with us?” Catherine asked, irritated with Irish’s sight.
“I’m her nanny and i was ordered to do so by my employer” Irish said.
“Not in my car!” Catherine said.
“That’s fine,I’ll go in another car” Irish said and if looks could kill,she would have died by Catherine’s glares.
“Mum, i want Irish to come with us please” Arin said.

Catherine had changed Arin’s dress to a more beautiful pink gown and glittery white shoes,her hair was packed in pigtails with pink hair band.
Arin looked so uncomfortable and Irish was almost forced to tell Catherine.

“Baby girl, we’ll be going to an ice cream parlor!” Catherine said to Arin who didn’t seem excited.

“Well…the car you’ll be coming with should be trailing behind ours.” Catherine scoffed at Irish.
“And is this how you’ll be dressed, you’ll be coming with me dressed that way?” Catherine asked, pretending to almost throw up.
The bodyguards and maids with her laughed.

“How do you want me to get dressed?” Irish questioned, refusing to be intimidated.
“Get into a ball gown with feathers because we’re going to an ice cream shop? You should better hurry, you’re allowed to spend just few hours with her” Irish said and it took all Catherine’s might not to slap her in the face.


“Here baby girl,have your ice cream” Catherine said to Arin stretching a vanilla ice cream to her, Irish sighed inwardly, knowing Arin doesn’t take vanilla flavor.
The Ice cream parlor is a big and expensive one and Catherine’s entrance had caused stirs.
Catherine is a public figure.

“I can’t take this” Arin said.
“Why?” Catherine asked.
“I don’t want this” Arin said.
“She doesn’t take any other flavor asides strawberry” Irish said.
“Will you shut up! And do never interfere in our business!” Catherine said, slamming the vanilla ice cream on Irish’s face.

There were loud gasp and the next thing Irish heard was camera clicks.



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