Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 37

There were loud gasp and the next thing Irish heard was camera clicks.


“Mum! What have you done!” Arin screamed.
“Wow!” Irish sighed, she quickly wiped the ice cream off her face,the coldness was painful.
“Irish,I’m so sorry” Arin cried.
Cameras were still on them and Irish tried hard not to cry, the embarrassment was so hard to take.

She stood up slowly and stared at the fuming Catherine
“Next time, you don’t interfere in our conversation. You’re just a nanny! You’re not worthy to look me in the face not to talk of interfering in my conversation. Hey everyone,this is the CEO of Ana’s fashions and look how she’s rags!” Catherine laughed loud together with her bodyguards.
“Mum! Stop already!”Arin yelled.
“Bye baby girl,see you some other day. Glad to know your favorite flavor is strawberry” Catherine smiled.

“Poor bch!” Catherine said to Irish’s face before walking away with her bodyguards.
Irish stood still, staring on.
“I’m so sorry Irish” Arin rubbed her hand.Will you all drop those freaking phones!?” Carl yelled walking into the ice cream parlor.
He had followed Irish here together with Alex.
Everyone dropped their phones, satisfied they had taken enough pictures and videos.

He led Irish out of the shop, wishing he had been in the parlor with them, Catherine wouldn’t have pulled that stunt.
Now it’s all over the internet, he had seen it before coming into the shop, something that happened just few minutes ago!

He felt so sorry for Irish for the bad publicity Catherine had given her.
“I’m so sorry about that Irish” Carl said when they got into the car.
“It’s fine” Irish smiled sadly.
“Here”Alex passed her handkerchief.
She took it and bursted into tears, Arin tarted crying too and Carl and Alex sighed.

He had actually given her the handkerchief to clean the ice cream on her hair.

“That was so bad of Catherine” Alex fumed as he turned on the ignition.

“It’s fine Irish”Carl consoled her.
“Com’on,stop crying” Irish said to Arin in tears.
“I won’t stop if you don’t” Arin sniffed.
Irish wiped her tears “Look, I’ve stopped”
Arin’s tears came to a halt and she wiped off the ice cream on Irish’s hair..

“My hair and face sure needs thorough wash” Irish smiled and Arin nodded.
“I won’t allow her see me anymore” Arin said.
“What?” Irish asked.
“I won’t allow my mum see me anymore, i will stop going out with her” Arin said.
“No Arin, she’s your mum and she doesn’t see you every time,you shouldn’t do that”
“I will!” Arin said.
“She’s so mean” Arin said.
“No! That’s disrespectful,do not say that to your mum okay.” Irish scolded.
“Okay Irish but i won’t allow her see me anymore and won’t go out with her again”

“Do not try to change my mind” Arin cut her short.
“Arin,she’s your m…”
“Rule number 9! Do not try to make me change my mind once i insist on something” Arin said and Irish smiled.

It’s been long Arin read out a rule to her.


-Catherine Harlow in Dream ice cream parlor!

-Cartherine Harlow emptied ice cream on daughter’s nanny!

-“Poor bch!” Catherine blasts daughter’s nanny!

-The CEO of Ana’s fashions is a nanny!

-Trouble between Catherine Harlow and daughter’s nanny!

-Arin, billionaire Ethan Harlow’s daughter defends nanny against mother!

-disagreements in the Harlow’s family.

-Catherine slaps daughter’s nanny!

-Arin Harlow’s’s nanny leaves ice cream parlor in embarrassment!

-CEO of Ana fashions dressed in what Catherine Weston referred to as rags!!!

“What!!!” Ethan exclaimed.
His secretary had just showed him the ongoing trend.
“Oh…my God!” He picked his blazer.
“You’re going?” His secretary asked him.
“Of course, Catherine is going to pay for this” Ethan said angrily wondering how irish must be feeling now.
“Dmn!” He swore.



“Carl,please don’t let him out,stop him” Irish said to Carl who blocked Arusha way.
They’ve gotten home and Arusha already got wind of the news,he was so angry and he’s ready to go confront Catherine.

“How dare she do that to you!” Arusha taked his hands through his hair angrily.
“Noooo!” He screamed. “I will fking kill her!”
“Arusha!” Irish yelled at him.
“Get inside your room now!” She ordered.
“I mean now!” She repeated herself when Arusha didn’t move.
Irish moved back a bit, surprised to see Arusha this angry.

“Arusha please” Irish took his hand in hers.
“How could you allow someone do that to you. Irish, you’re all over the social media, people are mocking you, your picture is everywhere! I fking know where the bitch live, remember her husband once abducted me. Just let me go… fight for you please.” Arusha said.

“Arusha, no! I’m okay. I’m completely fine,let’s just let it go, please”
“Ahhh!” Arusha bit his lower lip..
“Com’on bro” Iriah smiled, hugging him.
“Geez,you’re getting taller” She teased him and that made him smile.

He kssed her forehead.

“Anyone that hurts you should get ready to face me…” Arusha said and Gladys and Javad cringed from where they were watching.
“I’m just letting this go because i do no want to hurt your feelings” Arusha said and Irish nodded.
“Come,let’s go wash your hair” he took Irish’s hand and they both walked in.

The workers left one after the other astonished by the drama..


“Irish, I’m so sorry” Ethan said walking into her room.
“I’ll make Catherine pay for this, i promise. She’s gonna get arrested!”
“No!” Irish stood up from her dressing chair, she was blow drying her hair when Ethan walked in.
Arusha sat on her bed with her phone in hand.

“I’m fine, you don’t have to do that Ethan” Irish said.
“She freaking embarrassed you, she’ll pay for it” Ethan insisted.
“I’m fine with whatever she did to me,i don’t want anyone to take any action please” Irish said.
“Mr Ethan,just let it go. She won’t allow anyone do anything” Arusha bsaid.
“Ahhh!” Ethan sighed.
“I’m sorry about this Irish, if you hadn’t been working for me,you wouldn’t have been embarrassed that way”
“It’s okay” Iriah said.
“You should go change and freshen up, you look kinda funny ” Irish laughed and Ethan smiled.


“I can’t believe people are starting to order for the dress Catherine called rags” Irish smiled, walking into the living room.

“Doc Luc just called” She heard Ethan said and glanced at him.
His facial expression changed her mood immediately.
“What happened?” She asked.
“There’s a problem” He said.

“What?” Irish asked calmly but she was loosing her mind already.

“Your mum survived the liver surgery!!!” Ethan announced happily and Irish screamed, hitting Ethan all over his chest.
“You’re such a dk!” She laughed and the bodyguards raised their brows.
“Huh!” She exclaimed realising what she just said.
“I’m so sorry,i didn’t mean to say that” irish quickly apologized.
“Com’on”Ethan laughed.
“I’m a dk” He agreed.
“You’re not” Irish said.

“I liked it when you called me that,you don’t have to apologise for it. Look at how cute you are,with your hands on my chest” Ethan grinned and Irish’s cheek grew hot and pink.
She slowly removed her hands from his chest, swallowing hard.

“Well…” She said.
“My mum’s liver surgery was successful” She screamed happily, jumping and shaking the bodyguards one after the other.
Ethan laughed hard.
“Arusha” She shouted happily, rushing out of the living room.
She climbed the stairs hurriedly,almost tripping in the process but she didn’t seem to care.

“Arusha”She called, running into his room.
“Ow! You should always knock” Arusha said covering his butt from her sight.
“Wow” Irish laughed, holding his dressing chair.
“Like you always knock before coming into my room” She said with a pout.
“Well…i don’t but I’m a guy,you shouldn’t barge in on me,I’m a matured guy” Arusha rolled his eyes .
“Ohh… Mr matured,I’m happy to announce to you that Mum survived her liver surgeryyyy” Irish announced in smiles.

“Yes!” Arusha said happily, wrapping his towel properly around his waist before hugging Irish.
They jumped all over the room, shouting happily.
Ethan heard them shouting from the living room and smiled to himself.

“Mr Ethan,aren’t they disturbing the whole house” Javadsaid to Ethan.
“No, let them be”Ethan smiled.
“Okay” Javad said through gritted teeth.

“I’m so happy!” Arusha said.
They’ve stopped screaming,they were now sitting on the bed.
“I’m so happy too. Do you know Ethan is such a dick” Irish said.
“Huh? Your boss?” Arusha asked.
“, can you believe i actually called him that in the presence of other employees”
“Geez!” Arusha chuckled.
“Yeah and he agreed he’s a dick”
“What?” Arusha laughed.

“Yeah,i was on my way to tell him people have started ordering for the cloth Catherine referred to as rags! When he told me Doc Luc just called me and there’s a problem, only for him to announce that the surgery was successful”
“Wow” Arusha laughed.
“But are you serious? People are starting to order for the dress that was called rags?”
“Yes Arusha! I’ve started getting orders for it. ” Irish smiled happily.
“The dress is beautiful, Catherine is just blinded by hate and envy! She even helped you advertise your product” Arusha laughed.
“Yeah, what a foolish lady. I had my reasons when i said no one should take action against her, she’s not worth it,she’s generally known as a bad bch so why should we bother ourselves?” Irish said.
“Ohh… yeah! This is the Irish i know” Arusha said and Irish laughed.

“And moreover,i was more bothered by mum’s health than fighting her” Irish said.
“I hope you’ve accepted the orders, accept as many as you can. I’m here to help you”Arusha said.
“Not yet, but I’m gonna accept them as soon as I’ve completed the ones in my workshop”

“I’m so grateful to Mr Ethan, he’s a life changer” Arusha said.
“Yes Arusha, I’ll forever be grateful to him”
“If there’s any way to repay him,we surely will” Arusha said.

And isn’t she so ready to accept Ethan’s proposal?
She freaking love him, anyone would think she wants to date him because of the help he rendered to her family but hell no! She fking loved Ethan from the beginning but she had failed to admit it and just when she admitted it, Ethan professed his feelings to her!
Isn’t that so great.
She hadn’t had time to think about it cause of her mum’s predicament but now that her mum is okay,thoughts are now welcome!

“Hey!”Arusha snapped his finger in front of her face after noticing how deep in thought she is.
“Hey bro” She smiled.
“Welcome back from whatever journey you embarked on” He teased and she laughed.
“With blushes creeping into your cheeks. Who are you thinking about?” He asked.

“Someone of course but I’m not gonna tell you anything yet,till i decide”
“Hmm, I’m fine with that. So good to see you blush, it’s been a long time” Arusha said.
“’s been a long time you saw me blush” Irish said, knowing she blushes almost every time she’s with Ethan.

“So, when is mum returning to California?” Arusha asked.
“Dunderhead there’s still one more surgery to go” Irish said.
“Ohh…her leg’s?”
“I pray it comes out successful too ” Arusha said.
“Amen, I’m just so glad the most important surgery is successful, mum won’t have to writhe in pain anymore” Irish said and Arusha nodded.

He adjusted his towel and Irish glared at him.
“What the fk are you keeping out of my sight? I do bath you, remember” She groaned.
“That was then, not anymore” Arusha grinned, getting to his feet.
And before he could say Jack, Irish pulled his towel away.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” He screamed before running into the bathroom.
Irish’s laugh filled his room…



“Let’s toast to the successful surgery of Mrs Helen” Ethan said and they all raised their glasses of wine except Arin who raised a cone of strawberry ice cream.
They just finished having dinner and Ethan wanted them to toast to the success of the surgery before they all go to bed.

“I’m so happy my prayers worked” Arin smiled, enjoying her ice cream.
Arusha sipped his wine beaming like a jolly panda, he has never had a wine so expensive as this.
Irish watched him,glad the wine wasn’t alcoholic.

“Arin,she’s gonna have her legs surgery too, pray huh?” Arusha said.
“Okay Arus, i will” Arin smiled.
“Dad, i had the highest score in arithmetics” Arin said.
“Yes Dad, Arusha explained an easy method to me and i even had to explain it to my arithmetics teacher, then she made everyone start using it too, we all loved it” Arin said.

“Wow!” Ethan smiled, glancing towards Arusha who just smiled.
Arin told him already.
“Thanks Arusha” Ethan said.
“For?” Arusha asked,still not letting go of the wine.
“For teaching Arin an easier method”
“That’s the least i can do Mr Ethan,it can’t even be compared to what you’ve done for us. Thank you so much” Arusha said.
“There you go again” Ethan said.

“Irish, I’m ready to go to bed” Arin yawned slightly.
“Ohh…baby girl” Irish got to her feet and dropped her glass cup of wine.
“Good night everyone” Arin waved.
“Good night”
“Good night princess” Ethan pecked her cheeks.
“Night Dad” Arin said.

Irish took her hand and they both headed to her room.

“Arusha,make sure you go to bed soon okay?”
“Okay sis”..



“I don’t freaking know why everything isn’t working out, I’m just so tired of planning planning planning and at the end,the plan doesn’t work out!” Catherine complained bitterly after Javad had called them that Irish’s mum surgery was successful and the whole house is thrown into a celebration mood.
Morgan said they had to make another plan.

“Chill Catherine,we just have to be more strategic this time, i believe this new plan will work out” Morgan assured.

“That’s what you say everytime, just look…i can’t believe people are starting to like those rags that bastard put on. It’s just like i worked in her favour and I’m freaking annoyed about it..arrrgh!” Catherine groaned.

“Who the he.ll is calling me…” She said picking her phone, staring at the screen,she gasped.

“Ethan” She whispered to Morgan who raised a brow.
“What could he! Is he starting to find me attractive again?” Catherine grinned.
She quickly received the call and placed in on her ear.

“Don’t ever! try what you did today again” Ethan shouted.

He just finished changing into his pajamas and knew he had to call Catherine to warn her not to do such to Irish again.

“What did i freaking do?” Catherine barked.

“Slamming an ice cream on someone’s face is so inhumane of you, just because she told you the flavor your daughter preferred.”

” So you called to tell me that huh? You called to tell me a nanny is right to interfere in our conversation huh?”

“Why do you make the job ‘nanny’ look like a filthy thing to do. Anyways,i didn’t call to batter words with you. I called to warn you. I love Irish and if you dare try to hurt her again,I’ll make you pay for it! ” Ethan warned sternly before disconnecting the call.

“What!” Catherine exclaimed…
She hadn’t exclaimed because Ethan shouted at her but because he said he love Irish!

Was that a Mistake?



Ethan dropped his phone on the table and sighed.
He heard a small knock on his door and wondered who that was.
Arin has obviously gone to bed.

He walked to the door and pulled it open. He was surprised to see Irish standing there clad in that nightgown that’d make any man loose his mind.

Her skin looked so creamy and smooth and some strands of her wet hair clung to her forehead, her soft looking lips were parted slightly and her incredible eyes stared into his, giving his heart jitters.

He swallowed hard trying not to get carried away with how delicious Irish looked.
She looked like a night fairy.

So naturally beautiful.
Ability to seduce without even moving.

“I can’t…sleep, let’s go into the library”
“Come in” Ethan said.
“Huh?..i mean the lib..” She was saying before Ethan shut her up with a sizzling kss.


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