Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 50

“I bet Arusha must have unnerved you” Ethan smiled.
“Yeah” Irish agreed.
She’s worried about him though,she has seen blood seep out of his nose and she really hope he’ll be fine.
“You’re worried about him right?” Ethan asked and she nodded.
“He’ll be fine,he’s as strong as i am” Ethan showed off his muscles and Irish laughed.

She touched his muscles and her hand could barely cover it firmly.
“Geez!” She sighed.
“You must be working out real well” She added.
“Not really” Ethan shrugged.
“I must look like an ant compared to you” She sighed and rolled her eyes.
Ethan laughed…”I love it that way, it makes me feel the urge to protect you”

“Woah” Irish blushed.
“I think I’m gonna be breaking a rule now” Ethan said and didn’t give Irish to ask what rule it is before placing his lips on hers.
It lingered for a moment,she didn’t push him away and she was too stunned to return the kss.

“I’m sorry, couldn’t resist” Ethan muttered against her lips and deepened the kss.
He had wanted to be gentle but his hormones got the better part of him.

Irish kssed him back as fiercely as he did and they both bursted into laughter when they stopped to catch their breath.



Arusha’s nose already stopped bleeding before Doc Luc walked into his room.
He had washed his face and pulled off his T-shirt to clean and stop the blood from his nose.

“Hi Doc Luc” He said.
“Arusha,how are you? I can see you are not fine though. Let’s get you treated first” Doc Luc said,he had come with a young nurse who stared at Arusha’s chest in lu$t.

He was pissed to have offended Irish but he didn’t feel a bit remorse about what had happened between him and Jessica.

“Your cuts are little, compared to that of Jessica,her jaw is bruised and broken glasses had bruised her palm and foot,it’s pretty serious, she’ll have to limp for a couple of days” Doc Luc said and Arusha felt sorry for her.
He hadn’t mean to hit her back but he had been so furious,he can’t seem to control himself when it comes to Irish.

He knew he was responsible for the bruise on her jaw but definitely not the one on her palm and foot.
He still felt sorry for her though..

Doc Luc didn’t waste time in attending to his wounds,he gave him some meds after that and left him to rest.
Jessica was asleep by then and her room has been cleaned.

Arusha laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling.
He hadn’t thought any of this would happen.
He hadn’t even expected anything close to it , he was still surprised Jessica was the one Arin always told him about.

Olivia had called and he felt bad he hadn’t returned her call,she badly wants to speak to Irish and he’s not sure Irisj is in the right mood to do that now.
He walked out of his room shirtless and headed to Irish’s workshop.

Heads turned as he walked past bodyguards and female workers.
Their jaw literally dropped in wonderment as they stared at him.
He seems not to notice the stir he was causing as he kept walking.

He walked into Irish’s workshop and Ethan smiled on seeing him.
“Irish,I’m sorry” Arusha said and Irish got to her feet.
“No, You did nothing wrong” She said and pulled him into a tight hug.
“Thanks for standing up for me” She kssed his cheeks.

“But you shouldn’t be rude to an older person next time” Irish said.

“I didn’t mean to but i was just so pissed she couldn’t reprimand her daughter, i saw her when i walked in,she was looking less concerned and even continued eating when Jessica was yelling at you” Arusha said,still upset about Gabrielle’s behavior.

Irish touched the little plaster on his forehead and he winced in pain.
She felt like crying.

“Does it hurt?” She asked and he nodded.
“I’m so sorry Arusha” She said, feeling so bad.
He had gotten hurt because of her.
“Don’t be, and i have something to tell you” Arusha smiled.
“Really?” Irish asked eagerly.

“My husband is arriving tomorrow” Mrs Harlow rushed into Irish’s workshop, almost breathless.
Everyone turned to her.

“Is my dress ready?” She asked Irish anxiously.
She had expected Irene to say no, because tomorrow was actually the deadline she gave her.
So she had come to hasten her up cause her husband is coming tomorrow.
“Yes ma’am, it’s ready” Irish smiled.
“Wow” Mrs Harlow was impressed.

Arusha wondered who she was.
“My mum” Ethan said to Arusha, seeing the confused look on his face..
“Ohh…Hello ma” Arusha bowed in greeting while Irish went to get the dress.

Mrs Harlow studied him keenly for few moments.

“You’re just like Ethan when he was younger” she said and patted his back and even the blind could see that she likes Arusha.
“Yeah,he’s mini me” Ethan said and they laughed.

Irish held out the beautiful dress in front of Mrs Harlow and not only her was stunned, Ethan and Arusha was too.

No one could explain how Mrs Harlow ended up hugging Irish.
Irish was shocked,so as Ethan.

“Thank you so much” Mrs Gabrielle squealed like a kid.
“” Irish said, still shocked by the hug.

“This is so beautiful” Mrs Harlow admired the dress and studied it with keen interest.
She never thought Irish would have completed it and not only that,she made it look so neat and beautiful.
She was so impressed and Irish was glad she had impressed her.

“My sister is still the best fashion designer I’ve ever come across” Arusha grinned.
“She just proved that to me too” Mrs Harlow smiled.
“You are so good at what you do Irish,I’m greatly impressed and you even finished it before the deadline,that’s a good quality of a business woman.”

“Thank you ma’am” Irish bowed.
Her face was full of smiles.
“I need to go order a matching pair of shoes. I won’t be surprised if Walter arrives tonight” Mrs Harlow sighed softly and walked out of the workshop after Irish helped her pack the dress.

“Woah!” Irish sighed in relief, dropping on the chair.
Ethan laughed.
“I’m so glad she likes it and she hugged me?” Irish was still stunned.

As far as she could remember, Mrs Harlow never liked her.
Maybe she was just so impressed with the dress.

“She’s starting to like you Irish” Ethan said thoughtfully.
He knew his Mum, she hadn’t hugged Irish because of the dress alone.
“I think so too and I’m so jealous of Arusha, she liked him almost immediately” Irish said and Arusha smiled.

“I’m cute and likeable” Arusha boasted and Irish rolled her eyes .
“I hope you’ve not started causing trouble in Ivy Royals?” She asked.

“Not at all,I’ve been so cool that i even find it surprising. Lots of girls are eyeing me but I’ve not bedded any of them yet and that’s because i don’t feel the urge to anymore and yes…there’s one more thing” Arusha grinned.

“What?” Irish asked curiously,she remembered he had wanted to tell her something before Mrs Harlow walked in earlier.

“I have a new friend” Arusha announced.
“A guy?” Irish asked and was disappointed when Arusha shook his head.
“Irish, not having a friend his gender doesn’t mean anything” Ethan cleared.
“And i would choose Olivia over hundreds of male friends” Arusha said.
Ethan and Irish stared at him with interest.

‘Olivia?’ Ethan thought.
The name sounded familiar to him.

“She must be one of your numerous girlfriends” Irish said and Ethan nodded in agreement.
“Numerous?” Arusha groaned. “I told you i’ve changed!”
“I can’t count the number of times you’ve said that Arusha,i just hope you haven’t taken any girl to our new apartment” Irish widened her eyes.
“No! ” Arusha said and Irish arched a brow in disbelief.
“Believe me Irish,you can ask Mum” He said.
“She always cover up for you” Irish said.
“Well.. yeah but sincerely i haven’t taken any girl there yet” Arusha said.
“Yet? Are you planning to ?” Irish asked.

“No and even if i want to,it’s gonna be Olivia” Arusha smiled.
“She’s your girlfriend!” Irish accused .
“She’s not!” Arusha denied.
“I believe him, she’s not” Ethan said and Irisj rolled her eyes at the both of them.

“I like her though but she’s not my girlfriend yet” Arusha said.
“Really? You’ve not had anything with her?” Irish asked and Arusha nodded.
“Surprising” Irish sighed, she’s glad Arusha is starting to turn a new leaf.

“Olivia is far decent from any girl I’ve come across, she doesn’t cling to me like magnet, she’s not so affected by my looks and if she is,she doesn’t show it, she’s fun to be with and she’s so generous with her things…” Arusha said and Irish listened to him as he continued.

This is the first time he would talk about a girl this way.
She can clearly see the girl means a lot to him.

“She’s so beautiful and calm,funny,sweet, intelligent, humble to the core and she always make me happy” Arusha said and Irish and Ethan was starting to picture Olivia in their mind.
They both smiled.
Irish is glad he finally has a friend. And with the way he speaks highly of her, she knows Olivia is a great person.
She’s the first girl Arusha has ever spoken highly of.

“People mock me at school for not being up to their standard but she never joined them and she didn’t even mind being my friend despite how most of the students avoided me. The girls chat with me though but that’s because of my looks. Olivia is always mocked too for not having a last name,they do call her father an infamous safecracker”
“That’s mean” Irish frowned.
“She doesn’t have a last name?” Ethan asked, knowing people in the Royal families usually hide their last names in order to keep identity.
“Yeah, I’m going to ask her about it someday” Arusha said.

“You said her name is Olivia right?” Ethan asked and Arusha nodded.
Ethan was thoughtful for a while knowing the name sounds familiar.
She’s Princess Olivia of King City and also the president’s daughter, Her father is a king and a President. Ethan could recall he saw her when Prince Alexandre Louis invited him for dinner in the Royal Palace months ago.

She had sat with them in the dining table including her mother, brother and some of her father’s assistants,she’s the apple of her father’s eyes,he really cherished her and truly she was calm just like Arusha said.


After she had greeted him,she didn’t say a word till the dinner was over, she was so quiet not as loud as her brother.

He’s so sure she’s the one Arusha is talking about cause only the royal families hide their last names.
Arusha is so lucky to have her as a friend and from the looks of things, their friendship is gonna grow into something more serious soon.
She must be really humble, to have made Arusha her friend even after knowing he’s not well to do.

He even remembered Olivia had styled her hair just the way Irish style hers.

He really feel sorry for those calling her father an infamous safecracker.

“Do you know her?”Arusha asked Ethan and he quickly shook his head.
Olivia is gonna reveal her identity to him herself, whenever she feels is right, he isn’t gonna intrude.
“I don’t know her,i was just thinking of some business plans” Ethan smiled.

“Ohh…and Irish,she styles the same style just as you do” Arusha continued.
“Really?” Irish asked.
Ethan smiled…
“Yes”Arusha smiled.
“Wow, i want to meet her” Irish said gleefully.
She was acting the way Olivia had acted when he told her about Irish
Arusha wondered if there’s some sort of bond pulling them to eachother.
Arusha hadn’t even told Irish that Olivia is dying to speak to her.

“She badly wants to meet you too, she has always yearned for a big sister and i told her you won’t mind being hers”
“Oh…my” Irish was overjoyed.
“Hey, you haven’t even met her yet” Arusha said .

“I want a younger sister also! I’m gonna help kick off the asses of those calling her father an infamous safecracker.” Irish said and they laughed.

“I told her I’ll be coming to you today and she said to put you on the phone,she wants to speak with you” Arusha said.
“Really?” Irish was stunned and Ethan was too.

“Call her immediately” Irish said and Arusha eagerly did so.

If Irish had known Olivia was a princess,it would have been concluded that that’s the reason she’s acting this way but she has no knowledge of her at all,yet she’s charmed by Olivia


Olivia sat on her bed, eating the slices of fruits she was served.
She has been checking her phone, waiting for Arusha’s call,she had even called him,he hadn’t picked nor had he returned the call.

Could it be that Irish does not want to speak to her.
Not when she had been so excited about having a big sister.

Jax strutted into her room and proceeded to greet her by licking her face but she stopped him.
“Jax,I’m not in a good mood right now” she said unhappily and told Robbie to take the fruits away.

She was about sulking under her blanket when her phone rang,she picked it up immediately and she was filled with joy when she saw it was Arusha.
She sat up on the bed and received the call.

“Arusha,I’ve…” She was saying.

“Hi Olivia, it’s Irish” Olivia heard and it took all her might not to scream in joy.



“Don’t you think they’re siblings that got separated from childhood?” Arusha said jokingly to Ethan.
“I think so too” Ethan said, faking a suspecting brow. Arusha laughed.

Irish and Olivia had been talking on the phone for minutes.
Laughing,like they’ve known each other for ages.

“We should leave them to enjoy their new found ‘sistership’ have you and Jessica ever spoken to each other in class?” Ethan asked.

“Not really but i don’t think she likes me,she views me as other students do and not only that,i think she also sees me as a competition” Arusha smiled.

“Ohh .. I knew it was gonna happen” Ethan said.
“Why didn’t anyone tell me about Jessica? and it seems no one told her about me also” Arusha said.
“Yeah, we felt there was no need, besides Jessica was rude to Irish so i don’t think Irish would have liked you to know about her” Ethan said.

“Ohh…I wonder how she’s feeling now. Doc Luc said she’s pretty hurt” Arusha said and Ethan sighed.
“She’s so stubborn, She must be sleeping now, i’ll go check on her when she’s awake” He said.

“I need to apologise for hurting her also” Arusha said.
He has been feeling bad about it.

Arusha nodded, though he doubted if Jessica would allow him into her room.
“Mum said to give Arin a sweater, it’s in my room” Arusha said.
“Ohh…” Ethan smiled. “Say thank you to her for me and tell her i need one too”
“Okay Mr Ethan” Arusha smiled,he’s glad Ethan’s now so comfortable with his Mum.

Irish finally returned to Arusha and Ethan after the long call session ended.
She was grinning as she handed Arusha’s phone back to him.
“She’s a sweetheart ” Irisj said, elated.
“I need to go check on Arin” She said and quickly headed for the door.
“Won’t you tell me what you both talked about?” Arusha shouted after her.
“You don’t have to know” Irish shouted back.
“Please” Arusha shouted.
“Okay..we talked about your black a$s” Irish said and Ethan laughed.

“I think Olivia is gonna take Irish from me soon” Arusha panicked and Ethan laughed harder.


Arusha returned home late in the night and he wished his Mum would be asleep so she won’t have to see his plastered forehead and broken nose but she was fully awake, waiting for him in the living room.
She screamed and rushed to him as he walked in.

“What happened?” She asked, deeply worried and scared.
“Mum,I’m fine”Arusha sighed as she led him to the couch.
She made him sit and quickly went to get Ice cubes.
“Mum, i got treated already” Arusha said.
“It’ll help to further relieve the pain” She said.
“No, it’s gonna hurt. I feel cold already and i just want to sleep” Arusha said.
“I demand to know what happened,who hurt you?” Mrs Helen asked and Arusha knew he couldn’t escape it.

He groaned as he started his explanation…



Jessica didn’t allow anyone into her room.
She had locked herself in and only went downstairs for dinner.
Everyone was at the dining table already, waiting for her.

Her jaw was plastered, her palm also and she limped.
“” Gabrielle kssed her as she sat down.
“Are you fine?” She asked and Jessica nodded.
She wouldn’t have come downstairs if she wasn’t starving.

She hated Arusha so much now.
She had tore the apology letter he told a maid to give to her.

Mrs Harlow examined her bruises worriedly, muttering sorry.
“How are you feeling now Jessy” Ethan asked.
“I’m fine!” She almost snapped.
“What happened to Jessica?” Arin asked worriedly.
“Home accident…i guess” Ethan said.

“I’m so sorry about that Jessica” Arin said and Jessica nodded, she has started eating. She wanted to eat fast and get back to her room.

Irish ate quietly,she had wanted to ask how Jessica was feeling but she decided it was better not to.
And if looks could kill,she would have been dead by now with the way Jessica glared at her.
She’s glad she had made Arusha apologize to Mrs Gabrielle before he left and Mrs Harlow seems to be over it,she had patted his back and waved him bye.

“Your father is an a$shole,i can’t believe he tricked me into believing he’s coming home tomorrow” Mrs Harlow said, crossed and Ethan laughed.
Mr Harlow had tricked her,he was coming home on Tuesday…
“I’m gonna kick his ass once he arrives in Tuesday” She said.
“Kiss you mean” Ethan teased and got stoned with fries by Mrs Harlow.

“I haven’t heard from Sarah, She doesn’t want to see me” Arin whined.
“Sarah had a business at hand. Hopefully she’ll come around with Grandpa” Mrs Harlow smiled.

“Okay then. She already called to wish me happy birthday without a gift” Arin said.
“Sarah had never forgotten to get you a gift no matter how late she is. So she will” Ethan said.
“Okay dad” Arin said.



Jessica remained in her room the next day, her mum brought her breakfast and lunch.
She was still so pissed,she felt like killing someone.. Arusha of course.

She stood up and stood in front of her mirror which had been replaced by Ethan.

She examined her plastered jaw.
“Dmn! I still can’t believe that motherfucker will make me have a scar on my jaw! My face was so perfect!” She groaned in great annoyance.

A knock sounded on her door.

“I don’t want to see anyo…” She was saying.
“It’s Javad” She heard and wondered what he wants.
He’s Ethan’s personal bodyguard and they have never really had a serious conversation.

She opened the door, thinking Ethan must have sent him to her.


“Hi” He said almost breathlessly, looking over his shoulders like he doesn’t want anyone to see him here.
“What do you want?” Jessica asked.
“Please let me come in, i have something to tell you” Javad said,still looking over his shoulders.
Jessica was about slamming the door on his face.

“It’s about Arusha, Irish,their mum. Every freaking thing about them” Javad said and Jessica stared at him for a while before opening her door widely.
She allowed him in and quickly closed the door.


“I knew my brother is the one sponsoring his education,his sister nor his Mum could have afford Ivy Royals,they are wretched and everyone knows that” Jessica said after Javad told her Mr Ethan is the one sponsoring Arusha in Ivy Royals.




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