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Chapter 42

Arusha stepped out of the car,in awe as he stared at the school building which looked more beautiful than in pictures.

The magnificence made him feel so little and kinda scared.
The school building is as large as a whole street.

Students walked past him with their heads held high, some girls spared him a second glance but it seems more of a look of contempt.

He barely had an idea of how rich kids behave cause Arin had been so humble but seeing kids yell at their drivers for not opening the car door fast enough, seeing entourages follow students into the school, seeing maids running after some kids with their school bags made him have a rethink.

The girls were extremely hot, they’ll make any other guy drool but not him though.
He’s sure he’s not looking bad either, he had made sure he took extra time to dress up and even Mr Ethan had commended his look.

“Are you going to stand there forever?” The driver asked Arusha, snapping him out of his thoughts.
“Uh” he sighed and closed his car door.
“I hope you enjoy your first day here” his driver shouted.
“I hope so too, bye” Arusha waved.

He walked into the school building after being scrutinized by a camera.
He brought out his map which had been delivered alongside his school wears and started tracing his class room, trying hard not to cry at the sight of the more beautiful interior, he’s getting carried away with the beautiful and expensive things he’s seeing.
None of the students seemed amazed by it, they just walked past.
Well..they must have been used to it or rather they must have seen tons of more beautiful things at their home to be interested in these.
Almost all the students here are from influential homes .

He continued with tracing his classroom until he almost bumped into someone.
“I’m so sorry” he heard a tiny voice said before looking up.
“It’s fine, i should be sorry” Arusha said to the girl who looked shy.
She has a stunning beauty and doesn’t look as proud and rude as the girls he has been coming across.
She’s putting on a pair of pale blue sapphire earrings which was the same color as her eyes.
He smiled seeing she had packed her hair the same way Irish loved packing hers.

Her school uniform signified she’s a student of Ivy Royals and in her hand was a map too.

“Are you also looking for your classroom?” Arusha asked but got ignored as the girl walked past him.

“What!!” His mind screamed.
“Just when he was starting to think she’s different, she can go to hell! He doesn’t care” He mumbled to himself .He finally found his class after roaming the building and asking students who completely snubbed him and few who didn’t asked who his father was before they can talk to him.

He never knew thought the students would be this way.

He sighed as he walked into his classroom.
He got carried away with the beauty of his class that he didn’t even noticed how the students stared at him.
The females were mesmerized by his looks while the males were starting to feel threatened.
“ .” Arusha muttered breathlessly, taking in every inch of his classroom.
If it wasn’t for the chairs and lockers, he wouldn’t have thought this was a classroom, he felt so good, he felt like screaming,he’s so happy to be here, to be in a different world entirely, it’d be nice to spend time with these valuables.

This is just so breathtaking, he’s gonna cry if he keeps staring.
His eyes are starting to hurt from the beautiful things he’s seeing.

“Even the chairs and lockers are ..” Arusha was saying inwardly when he noticed the dozens of eyes on him.
He stared back at them and they all slowly started withdrawing their gazes, he walked to the locker and dropped his bag, not minding the students.
He already made up his mind to ignore them as much as he can, they won’t want to relate with him anyway,he’s a son of a nobody.

Arusha checked for the number written on his school ID on each desks and he finally found his at the middle row.

“Wow” He smiled, seeing his name customized boldly on his desk.
He was overexcited that if he could jump,he would.
He gently took his seat and waited for what’s coming next.

He know they’re gonna be having their first class for the day soon.
He continued feeding his eyes with the splendour of his class.

“Good morning students” A female teacher walked in, smartly dressed and looking good.
“Hi Miss Mitchell” The students chorused.
“Let’s begin our class” Miss Mitchell said, placing her laptop on the table. Arusha knew she’ll be teaching geometry cause that’s the first on the timetable.
He was a bit confused as students brought out laptops, seconds later everyone’s desk contained a laptop each except his and he sighed starting to get nervous.
He had thought they’ll be using notepad and pen!

“Yours is in your desk” A familiar tiny voice said to him and he turned to see .. the shy girl he had bumped into.
Her chair was right beside his, how couldn’t he have seen her.
“Uh?” He widened his eyes.
“Your laptop is in your desk” The girl said and Arusha tilted his head.
He fetched a brand new laptop from his desk with a smile plastered on his lips.
“Thank you…” He was saying but realized he didn’t even know her name.
“Olivia” He added after glancing at her name on her desk.
Her last name isn’t on her desk like everyone else and he wondered if she doesn’t have a last name.
Well…who doesn’t have a last name.

“Thank you Olivia” He repeated and got ignored once again.
“Fuck!” He cursed under his breath before turning to operate on his laptop with the help of the manual.

“Ohh..before we start, there are two new students and I’ll urge them to come forward now” Miss Mitchell said.
Arusha stood up with Olivia and they both walked to Miss Mitchell and faced the students.

Arusha could sense Olivia was nervous and he wanted to hold her hand to reassure her but he stopped himself.

“Introduce yourselves please” Miss Mitchell said.
“I’m Arusha Levine, nice to meet y’all” Arusha said.
“’s not nice to meet you” A student said and most of them nodded.
“I knew he was a nobody” Another male student said and most of them burst into laughter.

He smiled when he noticed it was mostly male students that mocked him.
He knew they feel threatened by his look.

“And i guess you’re a somebody! Just for warning,do not cross my path for any reason or you’ll have yourself blamed , I’ll be forced to show you how crazy a nobody can be” Arusha said and the students gasped in surprise including Miss Mitchell.

No new student had stood up for himself the way Arusha has.
She was glad Arusha had set them straight, they’ll begin to respect him and make sure they don’t cross his path like he had said, they’re all cowards,their mouths just run.

“Introduce yourself please” Miss Mitchell said to Olivia.
“I’m Olivia” She said shyly, staring at her feet.
“She must be here on scholarship” A female student said and they all bursted into laughter.

Arusha was almost forced to reply them but he just kept mute, wondering why Olivia hadn’t mentioned her last name.
“You don’t have a last name?” A student posed the question.
“Maybe her dad is one infamous safecracker ” A student said and laughter echoed the whole class again.

“It’s impolite and rude to say such about her father!” Arusha said and the laughter subsided..
“You should caution them” Arusha said to Miss Mitchell.
“I won’t want to lose my job” She said to Arusha on a low tone.
“Ohh” Arusha sighed.

“I’m Miss Mitchell,your geometry teacher. It’s nice to meet you both. You can both go back to your seats”


Arusha sat in the cafeteria during lunch break, sitting and eating with two girls from his class.
The girls are more nice to him than the guys, he’s trying to avoid any close relationship with any of them as much as he can cause they are obviously more nice to him because of his looks.

He doesn’t want friends like that, plus they’re so proud.

“So, what does your dad do?” One of the girls asked him.
“My dad is dead” Arusha replied plainly.
“Ohh…I’m so sorry about that” The girls chorused.
“Your mum?”
“Still getting over my dad” Arusha simply say avoiding the question of what her mother does.
“Oh…my! So sad. So so sorry about that”
“Thank you, it’s been long anyway” Arusha said, trying not to think about his father.

“I’m Annabelle by the way”
“I’m Danielle and Annabelle is my friend. We both want to be friends with you”

“Ohh…fine” Arusha said with a little smile.
“The way you answered questions in class today was so mind blowing and you’ve got great looks too, i don’t mind your background,i just want to be friends with you and maybe moree” Arusha smiled and winked.

“Count yourself lucky we want you as our friend ” Annabelle said and Damien chuckled.

“Let’s observe table manners please” He said,still looking for Olivia in the cafeteria.
Seems she’s not here.


Olivia appeared after lunch break cause the class prefect was ordered to show them round the school.
She looked reserved as she approached them.
He has never met someone as quiet as Olivia.
She’s obviously someone of few words.

He wanted to ask why she wasn’t in the cafeteria but he doesn’t want to get ignored again.


They returned to class after touring the whole building.
There’s so much to tell Irish when he get home.
This school is another world entirely on it’s own!

Arusha sighted an empty seat as he walked to his seat, with Jessica GB customized boldy on the desk and he wondered if there’s another new student.
Why didn’t he notice the desk before.

“Arusha” Anna and Danielle waved at him and he waved back , smiling.

He had almost forgotten about them…..



“How was school today? I’m sure today is one of your best days” Irish said as she welcomed Arusha
“Arrrgh” He groaned, falling flat on the couch.


Irish laughed after Arusha finished narrating his first day at Ivy Royals.

“I’m just so tired and starved right now” He said, pulling his socks.
“Lunch is ready, Gabriella and i made pasta”
” I can’t wait to devour it, so annoying I’ll have to freshen up first”Arusha groaned.
“And to think you were so excited to resume the school” Irish laughed.
” I was and still am, the school is great,the teachers are intellectual,the activities are mind blowing. In short, the school is a world on it’s own but the students…arrrgh!”Arusha got on his feet and picked his shoes and socks.

“I’m glad you put them in their place though”
“I had to and the girls…are hot” Arusha whispered and ran towards the stairs before Irish could scold him.
“crazy ass!” Irish laughed as she also got up to go dish out Arusha’s lunch.

Arin is back from school already, now taking her nap.

Arusha thought of Olivia as he climbed the stairs, he wondered why he didn’t mention her to Irish.



“I’ve paid for the apartment” Irish said to Arusha as he ate his lunch.
“Really?” His face lit up.

“Yes and we can move in anytime we want, i want the house fully set up before mum is discharged, i already hired someone to do it,i gave her some money for new furnitures too, once she’s done, we’ll just move in our luggages” Irish smiled.

“Thanks so much Irish for catering for us despite how dad treated you even when you were innocent, you’ve been playing a fatherly role to me even without knowing and you’re the strongest lady I’ve ever seen, I’m so grateful sister and i love you so much”Arusha hugged Irish over the table.

She had tears in her eyes as she hugged him back.

“Com’on, i know you’re a cry baby but i don’t like seeing you cry” Arusha said as he wiped her tears.
She smiled and poured more juice for him while he continued eating.

“We’re gonna go check on mum after I’m done right?” Arusha asked.
“No, i came back from the hospital just few minutes before you arrive from school. We’re gonna go check on her tomorrow”
“Ohh” Arusha sulked.
“She needs to rest, if we keep going everytime ,she won’t have the time to and didn’t you told me you have lots of homework to do?”

“You should get to it after eating” Irish said.
“Okay” Arusha said.

“Are you done with your orders?” Arusha asked.
“Not at all” Irish sighed.
“Why?” Arusha asked, knowing how fast Irish could be with her orders.
“I don’t know but i get tired easily this days…” Irish said.
“I guess you need rest, you’ve been through lot of stress lately” Arusha said pitifully.
“Yeah, I’m definitely gonna rest after this set of order” Irish said.
“You should please” Gabrielle said, walking out of the kitchen.
Irish smiled.

“How was school Arusha?” She asked.
“Well…great” he pressed his lips together.
“Mm..seems,it didn’t go well” Gabrielle said resting her arms on the dining chair.
“It did, the students are just so rude and proud. I guess it’s normal considering their status. Asides from that, i so much love the school, everything about it elates me so much. We’ll be swim racing tomorrow” Arusha grinned.
“I’m glad you like the school, it’s actually one of the best..if not the best in California”Gabrielle said.
“Yeah, California is a beautiful place” Arusha nodded as he ate.
“You must be enjoying your pasta” Gabrielle smiled.
“So much”Arusha said.

“I think I’ll make use of a nap myself” Irish yawned.
She gulped some out of Arusha’s juice and got on her feet.
“Help me check on Arin from time to time,she said you’d help her with her homework”
“Ohh… okay” Arusha said.

“You don’t have to follow me,I’m just going to bed” Arusha heard Irish saying to her bodyguards.
“We have to follow Mr Ethan instructions ma’am” They replied her.
“Carl, tell them they don’t have to follow me” Irish said, obviously frustrated.
“Im so sorry Irish but they have to follow Mr Ethan’s instructions” Carl said.
“Arrrgh!” Irish groaned.



“I’m glad Arusha likes his new school” Ethan said.
He was sitting with Irish in the library, they were both staring at the fireplace with novels on their legs.
Irish had come to join him after she put Arin to bed.
He initially wanted them to go to her workshop but she seems tired and doesn’t have the strength to sew or cut clothes tonight.

“He really likes it and won’t stop talking about it” Irish smiled.
“Thank you so much” She added.

“Arusha’s look is actually an advantage for him in that school, normally..those students do not interact with people whom they feel isn’t up to their standard but Arusha got two friends already,on the first day” Ethan said.

“And they are girls” Irish rolled her eyes.
“They asked him to be their friend” Ethan said.
“I really wish Arusha would have a male friend,a close male friend” Irish said worriedly.
“He doesn’t?” Arusha asked.
“Yeah, he had told me they don’t always want to be friends with him just because of his looks,they always feel threatened and inferior to him in looks”
“Wow” Ethan sighed.

“He’s gonna have male friends in Ivy Royals for sure” He added.
“I don’t think so, he said the guys in his class started casting him bad looks already”
“Really?” Ethan laughed.

“And to think he’s in Jessica’s class where the males are also good looking like Jessica do say. I’m surprised they’re feeling threatened by Arusha’s look”
“Jessica’s class?” Irish asked.
“Yeah, Gabrielle’s daughter.”
“Woah! She attends Ivy Royals?”
“Whenever she’s here for summer” Ethan smiled.
“And she’s in Arusha’s class?”
“Ohh… I wish she’s here already” Irish smiled.
“She’ll be coming home soon” Ethan said.

“When is your mum gonna get discharged?” He asked.
“Doc Luc hasn’t told us yet”
“Okay and how’s the apartment going?”
“I already paid for it and i hired someone for the set up, i bought some new furnitures too so right now…it’s in progress and i hope she finishes it before Mum get discharged, i know she will,she’s fast and diligent at what she does” Irish said.

“That’s nice” Ethan said, impressed with Irish going out of her way to make her mum and brother comfortable.
She obviously cares for her family enough.

“We were so lucky with the price of the apartment cause it seems big for the price, it has three bedrooms,a dining room,a kitchen and a spacious living room plus the street is so secure”

“Wow, i should check it out soon” Ethan smiled.
“Yeah” Irish smiled.

“And the apartment isn’t gonna stop me from paying you back, i will as soon as the money’s complete”
“As you wish…” Ethan said, knowing he isn’t gonna accept the payback.
Irish seems serious about it and he wondered why.
He’s helping her like he would any other person.
Or could she be thinking he helped her cause he has feelings for her?

“Irish,i don’t want you to think i helped you cause i have feelings for you…” Ethan was saying.
“No! I never thought of the situation as that, i know you’re a philanthropist…you help people regardless of what you feel for them”

“Then why are you insisting on paying back?”
“Cause i want to, i have to” Irish said and Ethan sighed.

There was silence for a while before Irene finally spoke up.

“I’m in love with you Ethan” She said after gathering all the strength in her.
“Uh?” Ethan asked, hoping he had not heard wrong.

“Yes, i have feelings for you too, you’re not the only one who feels that way,i feel that way too. I’ve always denied the feelings i have for you but when i finally admitted it,i realised I’ve liked you for long,from the very first day…” Irish paused.

Ethan was speechless but his smile could light up the world.
Irish smiled too as she continued.

“I wouldn’t want you to think i admitted loving you because you helped with my mum’s bills…no, i loved you from the start”

“Is that why you always steal glances at me ?” Ethan asked with a grin and Irish nodded.
He pulled her into a hug and she melted in his arms.
Their embrace tonight feels special, it feels like their hearts connected and they felt it deep down in their souls.

“You do steal glances at me too” Irish said after they slowly pulled away from their embrace.
Ethan held the urge to kiss her, he doesn’t want to rush things.
“Yes i do, we both caught each other” Ethan laughed.
“You don’t know how happy i am right now” Ethan said, holding Irish’s hands.

“Ohh” She sighed.
“What’s wrong?”
“I poured out my feelings cause you deserve to know that i care for you too. It doesn’t mean i want us to be together” Irish dropped the bombshell.
“Wh..wh.. what?” Ethan asked and Irish pulling her hands from his made it worst.
“I’m here to be your daughter’s nanny not to catch feelings, moreover we’re just like two different worlds” Irish said sadly.

“Iri…” Ethan was saying.
“No, enough of the “love is not based on one’s status,it’s based on oneself ” you’re my employer, i shouldn’t have anything intimate to do with you. I can’t stand being labeled as a gold digger, i respect you a lot and i won’t want to tarnish your image also.”

” *Billionaire Ethan Harlow has started going out with his daughter’s nanny* ” that headline will make you lose the respect people have for you and i don’t want that,I’m sure you don’t want that too”

“Good night Ethan” Irish cut him short and got to her feet.
“I hope you have a good night rest” She said before walking out of the library with her eyes laced with tears.


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