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Chapter 46

“He got into trouble again?” He asked and she nodded.
Olivia explained everything to him and sighed.
He was not surprised, Charleston was always getting into one trouble or the other.
“Please papa, just get him a letter with your signature on it. I made him promise he won’t cause trouble again” Olivia said and her father was silent.
“Papa” Olivia held his hand and gave him one of her sad looks.
He hates seeing her sad.

“He should leave the car with the cops,I’ll get another one for him.”
“Papa,that’s his favorite car… please” Olivia pleaded, placing her head in his palms, he smiled as he touched her silky hair.

She’s the younger version of her mother and whenever he sees her, his mind wanders to his wife immediately.
“Okay.. I’ll get the letter and signature for him tomorrow”
“Thank you Papa!” Olivia said happily.
“I love you” she kissed him on both cheeks.

“How’s mum?” She asked.
“She’ll be back by weekend, haven’t you called her?”
“I was going to, when i leave here”
Her mum was representing her Dad in a Royal function in England.

Her mother’s ancestors were mostly German with cousins in England,her mother’s native tongue was German but she speaks Italian, Spanish and English as well.
Olivia is still trying to learn Spanish,she knows French quite well and she was almost fluent in German too.
Her father is French, he’s from the two Royal families of France who had been ruling monarchy before the French revolution.
Olivia descended from Royal families on all sides.
It was less likely that she would marry anyone not of Royal birth,her father would never allow it.

The Bourbons and Orleans were all royal highnesses on her mother’s side.
Her mother’s father had been a royal highness as well.

The reigning Prince of King City Prince Alexandre Louis who is her father, is a Serene highness.

Olivia was both Royal and Serene highness, her official title was Serene, they were related to the Windsors in England,the queen of England was their second cousin.
Every single one of their relatives and their ancestors were all of Royal birth.

Prince Alexandre Louis’s assistant entered the room as they finished the coffee the footman had served.

He smiled at Olivia and she smiled back at him, he was just like an uncle to her,he had been working for her father even before she was born.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt you Your Highness” Arthur said.
“You have an appointment with the finance minster in ten minutes, in the White House and we have some new reports that you might have to read before meeting him”

Olivia knew her father would be busy until dinner.
Sometimes she went with him and most times she appears at similar events as the princess that she is.

“Thank you Arthur,I’ll be downstairs in a few minutes” her father said and Arthur bowed to both of them and silently left the room.

Olivia looked at her father and sighed, her chin in her hands.
Her father smiled, he was so proud to have such a pretty daughter and a very good girl.

“Don’t you get tired of what you do papa, you barely have time to rest” Ok I’ve complained with a frown, though her father had never complained about it.

“I enjoy what i do though i hated it at first but it’s an obligation and my greatest joy is to see my city progress” He said as he got to his feet.
Olivia followed suit.

“Would you like to join me at the meeting with our ambassador to the UN tomorrow? ”
“No, i have to cut a ribbon at a hospital”Olivia said.
That’s one of her duties as a princess.

She only appeared in the press at state occasions with her father or when opening hospitals or libraries and when she was out with her British cousins,there was one of her in a ballgown too in an article about young Royals.
She loves keeping low profile…

Her father had warned Charleston that if keeps appearing in the press for bad reasons,he’s gonna cut off his allowance and that was what made Charleston to behave.

“I’ll see you tonight” He said as he hugged his daughter.
“Okay papa” Olivia said.


“He’s going to get you the letter and signature tomorrow” Olivia announces to Charleston.
He swept her into his arms like a baby and carried her round the house happily.
She was laughing hard by the time he finally dropped her.

“Jax is saying hi to you” She teased as Jax appeared in the living room.
Charleston groaned and Olivia laughed.
Jax barked.



“Catherine, count me out of this” Ana said to Catherine over the phone.

“Why are you speaking this way? Don’t you hate her? You said to inform you when we have a new plan. Why all this?” Catherine asked.

“I’m out of this Catherine, Ethan came to my store to warn me not to try to hurt Irish or I’ll pay for it!” Ana sighed.
“What!” Catherine exclaimed.

“Yeah and you know how Ethan is right? He is your ex husband and you always told me he keeps to his words, if anything should go wrong with that lady, he’ll hold me responsible for it and i might not get out of jail,that’s gonna taint my business,i don’t want a bad publicity. I’ll advise you to stop whatever plans you have for her or you’ll have to face Ethan’s wrath,he seemed so in love with that lady”

“ this is crazy” Catherine loosened her ponytail, not wanting to believe what she just heard.
“He seemed to be in love with her? That’s the reason I’m gonna hurt her! I don’t fucking care about what Ethan’s gonna do, at least i would have hurt her before he makes a move” Catherine said wickedly.

“Catherine, Ethan has the right to love anyone after all this years. He was alone for six years Catherine. Six! He deserves this. You’re married and he seems fine with it,why don’t you just leave him alone,even if you stop him from loving this lady which i know will be impossible,he won’t come back to you, so why are you doing all these?”

“Because i still love him!”
“Then you should never have left him!”
“And i did, I’m ready to amend things now”
“I’m afraid it’s too late, Ethan is head over heels with that lady. Didn’t you even see how he was all over her at that dinner party? Give up already Catherine. This is a lost battle”

“It is not a lost battle for me and you should better join us before she have all your customers to herself”
“Do not involve me Catherine, I’m out. ” Ana said with a note of finality in her voice.
“Morgan is gonna protect us if anything happens ”
Ana laughed ” There’s no way Morgan can protect you from Ethan, have you forgotten how he fought for the custody of his daughter? You should know once Ethan is determined, nothing is going to stop him from doing what he wants. You know Ethan better than i do Catherine and you still wanna go ahead with this plan of yours?”

“Just to get him back of course,I’ll do anything to get him back!”
“I personally think you should desist from it, you and Morgan had so many plans for the lady right from the beginning and none worked out…”
“This one is gonna work out!” Catherine interrupted.
“Good luck Catherine. ” Ana disconnected the call.

“Fk! ” Catherine paced the room angrily.
She felt like…she felt like ruining something.
She was so pissed that her hands shook.

She grabbed the mirror facing her dressing chair and smashed it on the floor with a scream.



“What’s going on brother? Why does she have bodyguards of her own?” Jessica asked over dinner.
“You didn’t notice all this while?” Ethan gulped water.
“Dad said it’s to strengthen our security” Arin said, throwing fries into her mouth.

“Well…yeah” Ethan agreed.
“To strengthen security? And she has four bodyguards to herself alone! A nanny has four bodyguards to herself alone?” Jessica said and Irish winced in her chair.
Jessica sighed, starting to get really irritated with all the new happenings in Ethan’s house.


“There’s more reason for it than just strengthening security, I’m gonna tell you about it later” Ethan said.
“There’s no reason for a nanny to have four bodyguards” Jessica dropped her spoon.
“Stop talking about the job ‘nanny’ like its the filthiest job on Earth. It’s a decent job with a decent earning” Ethan chided.

“Whatever” Jessica rolled her eyes.
“That was rude” Gabrielle said.
“I’m sorry brother” Jessica said.
“I was never rude to my brother until you came along!!” Jessica yelled at Irish who was looking like a lost sheep.
“Jessica!” Ethan warned.
“I’m done eating!” She said, pushing her food away.
“She even bring in her so called Dolly dog into your house and you welcomed it. Argh!”
She walked away after giving Irish a heated glare.

“Why did you piss her off?” Mrs Harlow asked facing Ethan but indirectly referring to Irish.
She has been silent all the while cause she was still fuming about eating on the same table with a nanny.

It’s a blow to her ego.
“I did not piss her off mum! She was rude!”Ethan said.
“I wasn’t talking to you” Mrs Harlow said and faced Irish who pressed her lips together.

“Why did you piss her off? She rarely gets pissed when you weren’t here? Are you a demon?” Mrs Harlow asked Irish.

“Mum, leave Irish out of this” Ethan said.
“Of course” Mrs Harlow smiled with just one corner of her mouth lifted.
“Gabrielle, have a maid bring me my dinner.” Mrs Harlow stood up.
“Irish,I’m not being mean but I’m not used to eating on the same table with a lowlife ” Mrs Harlow said, walking away briskly.

“Grandma, what’s a lowlife?” Arin asked running after Mrs Harlow before Ethan could stop her.
Gabrielle quickly ordered a maid to take Mrs Harlow’s meal to her.

“I’m so sorry about that Irish” Ethan said, disappointed at his Mum.
He’s just so glad she wasn’t the one who raised him.

“It’s fine” Irish smiled, surprising Ethan and Gabrielle
“That was the first time your Mum actually called my name” She laughed.
“Are you okay?” Gabrielle asked.
“I’m fine” Irish nodded, trying hard not to make her tears fall.

She’s a low life obviously.
Then why is she being so sad about being called one.

Ethan could see she was hurt beneath her smile.
He almost wished his mum and Jessica hadn’t come.

“Do you think i should continue eating at the dining?, I’ll be fine eating in the kitchen” Irish said.
“NO” Ethan disagreed.

“I don’t want to be the reason Mrs Harlow won’t eat at the dining anymore”
“She will, she’s just pissed tonight”
“No,she’s truly not comfortable with eating with me,she’s not used to it truly,maybe i keep wanting to make her puke” Irish smiled sadly.

“Com’on , don’t say that Irisj, you know i don’t like it when one think low of oneself, I’m fine with you eating with me,that’s all that matters”
Ethan said.

“Jessica and Mrs Harlow are both affected by what Arin’s past nannies have done, they are not always this way. They are one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet” Gabrielle said and Ethan laughed.

“No, they are not nice. Truly, they might be affected by what Arin’s past nannies have done but those ladies are not nice,they are partners in crime,i don’t just know why i love them so much” Ethan groaned and Gabrielle and Irish smiled.

“I shouldn’t be surprised by Mrs r behavior,she’s a billionaire for God’s sake and she always dines with well to do people,she shouldn’t be blamed for finding my presence here annoying,that’s typical of wealthy women,she sees me at other part of the house and never complain,she’s not just used to having people like me eat with her. I perfectly understand her.

But Jessica, i don’t know why she’s treating me that way, if she doesn’t care about my feelings,she should at least consider the fact that I’m far older than her” Irish said, blinking back tears.

“I’m so sorry about that” Gabrielle rubbed her shoulder.
“Just give her time Irish, she’s gonna get used to you and stop being mean” Ethan said.

“It’s fine” Irish said.

“She must have met Arusha” Ethan said, trying to change the topic.
Irish’s face lit up at the mention of her brother’s name.
“She came home today, very pissed” Gabrielle said.
” I guess competition has started” Ethan laughed.

“Competition?” Gabrielle asked.
“Yeah, i guess you don’t know how intelligent Arusha is” Ethan said.
“I do but you know Jessica is intelligent as well” Gabrielle said.
“Yeah” Ethan agreed.

“Don’t you think we should tell her about Arusha? So they’ll work hand in hand in class” Nola smiled.
“No!” Irish said inwardly,not wanting that girl around her brother.

“No,i think we should leave them for now” Ethan said.
“You think so?” Gabrielle asked.

“Will you come with me to my workshop tonight? I have so many work to do” Irish whispered to Gabrielle.
“Yes!” He grinned.

“I hope both of you don’t spend the night there again” Gabrielle said and they laughed.



Jessica stood in front of her mirror as she applied make up,she put on her school wears after that and let down her hair.

She brushed it and moved it to one part of her shoulder.

“Perfect” she grinned.

She indeed looked stunning as she walked down the stairs with her backpack.
She met everyone having breakfast, her godmother wasn’t there though.

“Good morning everyone” She said making her presence known.
Gabrielle smiled seeing how pretty her daughter looked.
“How was your night?” Ethan asked.
“Normal” she pecked him and went to kss her mum too.
“A rules, how was your night?” Jessica smiled as she kssed Arin.

She calls Arin that because Arin loves giving rules,she owns her own rule booklet and always like to live by her rules.

“Great” Arin smiled.
There’s something familiar about the way Irish packs her hair… Jessica thought.
It seems she has seen the style somewhere…
It’s a beautiful style though..

Jessica gulped out of Ethan’s coffee and took his last toast, he groaned and she laughed.
“Bye” She waved, eating the toast as she walked away.
She doesn’t sit to eat breakfast at home,she loves being early to school.

She got outside and the door of her SUV was opened by one of her bodyguards.

She got into her car and two bodyguards got in after her.
The driver turned on the ignition and started driving.

She brought out her phone,still eating the toast.
“Hey wait!” She said before the driver drives out of the gate.

“Go get me a bottle of water inside before we leave” She said to one of her bodyguards and he quickly carried out her order.


“Your highness…”
“Don’t call me that here!” Olivia quickly shut her bodyguard.
“I’m sorry her Excellency” he quickly apologized.
“Arrrgh! Don’t call me that either! Anyone can hear you. Please”Olivia said.
“Okay, i just wanted to ask if i should help you with your backpack to your class” Tony, one of her personal bodyguards asked.

“Tony, you can only do all that when I’m in the palace or at the white house,not here please” She picked her backpack.
“Okay exc..” Tony quickly zipped his mouth and Olivia laughed.
“Bye” she waved at him as she walked into the school.

She’s so ashamed she’s looking so forward to seeing Arusha,they just started talking yesterday and she can’t wait to see him today and talk to him.

And she even brought double of her lunch,she’s gonna give Arusha one so they can both stay in the class and talk during lunch break.

She felt someone’s hand at the back of her neck and quickly turned,startled.
She sighed in relief and almost blushed when she saw it was Arusha.
“Hey” She said.
“I hope i didn’t startle you?” Arusha asked.
“Not really”
“How are you?” He asked with a smile as they both walked to their class.

“I’m great, i can see you are as well”
“Yeah…and i think you look like a princess in some fairytale. You’ve got a calm and beautiful face” Arusha said…
“Huh?” Olivia widened her eyes.

“I’m sorry if you aren’t okay with that” Arusha said.
“No, i am.. absolutely” Olivia sighed softly.

When she heard ‘princess’ she thought Arusha knew her identity already.
The last thing she wants is for anyone to know her identity.
She’s not ready for it yet.

“Are you okay?” Arusha asked, afraid he must have triggered something in her.
“I’m fine, my mind just wandered off” Olivia smiled and he nodded.
He’s always happy to see her smile and he didn’t even know when he started grinning.

“Did i said something funny?” Olivia asked.
“Uh?..ohh, no. I can just be stupid at times” Arusha said and she laughed,they were stepping into the class just then and the whole class stared at them.

They dropped their backpacks and walked towards their seats, ignoring the gazes and murmur, they were used to it anyway, the class is always mocking them.

Danielle and Anna said hi to Arusha as he walked past their seats,he returned their greetings and he was surprised to see a girl wave at him.

He do see her face in the class but he doesn’t even know her name,he stole a quick glance at her desk and saw that she was Paris.
He waved back at her with a smile and Paris nearly gripped Jane’s hand out of excitement.

“What’s wrong with you? You should better back off like Jessica said” Jane advised.

“No! I won’t let Jessica control me anymore” Paris said,with a voice that told Jane she’s damn serious.
“All because of a guy? A poor guy?” Jane asked.

“I don’t mind, I’m gonna make him rich, I’m gonna get a car for him and take him on trips” Paris said dreamily and Jane stared at her with her mouth wide opened.

Paris dad was an assembly man who used to be a judge, he’s famous and incredibly wealthy.
He’s among the top ten wealthiest in California.
Ethan Harlow is the second is the first and he’s Jessica’s brother,that earned Jessica more respect.

“Paris back off, Jessica wants him too” Jane said cautiously.

“Let the best girl win” Paris said with a determined look.


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