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Chapter 49

She stared at him and her anger dissolved almost immediately.
Arusha could see that Jessica has a soft and caring part to her but her fierceness overwhelmed it all.

He stopped staring at her,with the way she stared at him,he could feel she found him attractive.

He would love to have her as a friend though,he would love to bring in her soft and caring part and thrash her ferociousness.

She needs someone to help her pull her acts together.

A loud sound indicated that lunch break was over.
Jessica slowly returned to her seat,she wasn’t feeling remorseful,she was enthralled by Arusha’s charm.
Looking into his eyes had almost stolen her breath away and he had stared at her too.

She glanced at his seat and saw him talking to Olivia,they laughed and she felt pained.
He hadn’t looked at her the way he looks at Olivia,he had looked at her pitifully,not with love.

Who the he.ll is Olivia?
She’s sure as he.ll that she isn’t the daughter of an infamous safecracker like people call her, there’s obviously more to her.
Mr Natalie has never acted that way, he acted like he was scared of her.
And who the hell doesn’t have a last name?
There’s definitely something about her!

“Why didn’t you return to the cafeteria Jessy?” Jane asked.
She stood in front of Jessica’s seat, with Paris.
“I didn’t feel like” Jessica responded sullenly.
“Ohh” Jane said.
“Did you meet Arusha in the class when you came in?” Paris asked Jessica who glared at her.



“You need to stop rolling those eyes or you’re gonna crack my ribs with laughter” Arusha said to Olivia.

“Okay,i will stop but on one condition” she said,all smiles.
“What?” Arusha asked curiously.
“I want to view Irish’s pictures again.. please” Olivia said.
“Woah…you’ve also been charmed by my sister” He laughed .

“I’m gonna tell her about you on Saturday, she’ll be so happy to see i finally have a close friend” Arusha grinned.
“You don’t have friends?”Olivia asked and Arusha shook his head.
“Girls just wanna have a taste of me and they leave after they get it”
“They leave or you discard them?” Olivia asked. She knows the game pretty well,her brother is a full time playboy.

“Well..yeah” Arusha admitted plainly.
“That’s not fair Arusha, girls are not objects,we should be treated with respect” Olivia said and Arusha blinked in surprise.

She sounds like irish just now, Irish tells him that too.
“I know but i do enjoy it…i don’t discard girls though,they leave when they see I’m going out with another person”
“That’s more like it” Olivia rolled her eyes and Arusha laughed.

“I had so much fun with girls at my old school,they were all over me and some sticks to me even when I’m going out with another person” Arusha smiled at the memories.

“That’s not hard to believe,your looks says it all”
“Sometimes, i wish I’m not this good looking, maybe i would have had tons of male friends. I really want one” Arusha said sadly.
“Do you know the reason most of the guys don’t wanna associate with you?” Olivia asked.
“My looks”
“Exactly! They are scared you might take their girl” Olivia laughed. “Not for any other reason,so you shouldn’t be bothered by that,they feel threatened by your looks Arusha,you don’t have to have a male friend,I’m here for you”

“Thank you” Arusha was emotional as he stared at her.
He felt like giving her big hug.

She talks wisely just like Irish, different from other girls he has met, and she’s the first girl he genuinely feel something for. He doesn’t know what it is and he doesn’t even care to know,he just want to be around her always, everything about her excites him. She makes him remember Irish occasionally.
Their traits are almost the same.
Asides Olivia’s beauty, she has a great personality.

“Do i have something on my face?” Olivia teased Arusha, her cheeks were almost pink cause Arusha has been staring at her.
She was trying hard not to blush.

“I’m just so glad i have you as my friend” Olivia said.
“Me too, I’m not lonely anymore, and i look forward to coming to school everyday just because of you” Arusha smiled.
“I’m flattered” Olivia blinked dramatically and they laughed.

“I bet you must have heard that severally, girls must have told you they come to school because of you” Olivia said.
“Yeah, severally”Arusha said but hearing it from Arusha had hit differently.
He had indeed felt flattered.

“I don’t feel like a playboy anymore,girls don’t interest me anymore”
“Yeah or i would have made out with almost all the girls in here” Arusha said and Olivia covered her ears.
They both laughed loudly and didn’t even notice the students staring at them.
“Damn! I’ve really changed” Arusha sighed softly.
“I’m glad you have” Olivia said.
“It’s a good thing to treat girls with respect…”
“They keep coming to me though” Arusha said.
“Then,you gently refuse them” Olivia said.
“What if they keep coming?”
“Then.. they will have to face me” Olivia said and widened her eyes in a fierce way.
Arusha laughed.

“You look so cool that i was surprised you could call someone a bitch” Arushasaid.
“I didn’t mean to,but she needs someone to set her straight , she thinks so highly of herself” Olivia said.
” ‘If anything, I’m the real queen here,i rock with a real crown’ “Arusha mimicked Olivia and it was so funny that they both bursted into laughter.

“Did i really say that?” Olivia asked,still laughing.
Arusha nodded.

“Shuu…Miss Meg is in class already” Arusha said and they both got serious for class.



“I’ll be leaving once im done with breakfast” Arusha told Mrs Helen and she nodded.
“I knitted a pink angora sweater for Arin,come get it when you’re about to leave” Mrs Helen said.
“Okay Mum” Arusha said.

He smiled as Olivia’s call came in.

“Are you there yet?” She asked.
He had promised to put her on phone with Irish when he gets to her.
“You didn’t even say hi to me” Arusha pouted.
“I’m sorry…i guess i want to speak to Irish badly” Olivia smiled.
“You will, soon”Arusha smiled too.

“You eating?” Olivia asked.
” Yeah,I’m gonna leave once I’m done.
📞” should leave you to eat then. Byeee.

He dropped his phone,smiling broadly.

“Tch! You look like a pumpkin with that smile” Mrs Helen said.
“What!” Arusha exclaimed.



Arusha was allowed into Ethan’s mansion without question,he greeted the workers as he walked into the main house.

“They’re at the dining room” Javad told him.
“Thank you” Arusha said and walked towards the dining.

He walked into the dining room the moment Jessica was yelling at Irish.

“Do not fking yell at my sister!!” Arusha shouted in anger.
He was so surprised to see it was Jessica but he didn’t care about that at the moment.
He dropped the sweater Mrs Helen knitted for Arin and approached her angrily.

She’s Mrs Gabrielle’s daughter,the one Arin had told him about.

“You can be fucking rude to anyone else but not my sister! I can be pretty violent when it comes to her,you better be warned” Arusha said through clenched teeth.
He was so angry.
“What…are you doing in my house?” Jessica asked slowly, in shock.
It dawned on her that Arusha is Irish’s brother.

“I’m not here for you,I’m here for my sister and this is not your house!” Arusha stated clearly.

“Irish how could you allow her to talk to you that way? How could you allow her yell at you!?for how long has this been going on? This is so fucking crazy, i can’t believe this!”Arusha raked back his hair with an angry hand.

“Mrs Gabrielle!” He yelled and Irish quickly stood up.
“Arus..” She was saying.
“Do not call me! How does it feel to be yelled at?” Arusha asked Mrs Gabrielle who was stunned .
“Don’t be rude Arusha!” Irish chastised.
“She watched her daughter yell at you and didn’t say a word! What a nice way to raise a child” Arusha taunted and Mrs Gabrielle was too stunned to speak.

“Do not talk to my mother that way!” Jessica stood up, stabbing her fork into her meal angrily.
“Do not talk to my sister that way either! Whatever you do to Irish,your mum gets the same” Arusha said.

Ethan watched the exchange silently,he’s so glad Arin is her room, watching animation.

“Get out this minute” Jessica said menacingly.
“The last time i checked,your last name isn’t Harlow. It’s so funny how people tend to change once given the opportunity to have a taste of wealth. You’re an opportunist Jessica. Quit acting like you own it all!” Arusha said and Irish wanted to take him out but Ethan stopped her.


Jessica shook with anger, Arusha’s words had hit her badly,her hands trembled as she slowly picked an empty glass cup.
She aimed it at Arusha before they could stop her and he luckily dodged it.

Arusha picked a glass cup too and aimed it straight at her,they started throwing things at eachother and the bodyguards quickly stepped in.

Ethan ordered the guards to take Jessica to her room and lock her door.
And she didn’t made it easy for them,they had to take to forcefully take her to her room.

They locked her in and she screamed, banging the door.
She threw things in different directions and shattered the expensive oval mirror.

Her jaw got bruised when she and damien were throwing things at eachother but now the shattered mirror had bruised her palm.
She shouted.

Arusha on the other hand almost got slapped by Irisj.
But Ethan stopped her, she was breathing fast in anger, disappointed at what Arusha had done.
He had stood up for her but she feel he went overboard with it.

Blood seeped out of his nose and he had a small cut on his forehead,his whole face was red and he didn’t look remorseful a bit.

“Do not hit him for expressing himself” Ethan said to Irene.
The maids were cleaning up the whole place,the dining room is a total mess!

“Take him to his room” Ethan said to his bodyguards and Arusha was also taken to his room..
He bent to pick the sweater he had been asked to give Arin before following them.
He was so pissed that he felt like punching someone,he restrained himself and followed the bodyguards quietly.

“Javad, call doc Luc right now” Ethan said and Javad nodded and left to carry out the order.

Irish stood there,not knowing what to do.
“I’m so sorry Mrs Gabrielle, I’m so sorry Arusha was rude to you” She apologized on his behalf and Mrs Gabrielle only nodded,stunned by the whole incidence.
Her cheeks were smeared with jam when Jessica and Arusha were throwing things at eachother.

“Is your brother always this violent?” Mrs Harlow asked in disgust.
“He’s not always violent, Jessica made the violence move first,she threw a glass cup at him!” Irish said,a bit sternly for the first time.
She was defensive of Arusha.

She always have her brother’s back just like he always have hers.
She might not be able to stand up for herself but she won’t watch her brother get insulted.

Mrs Harlow was a bit surprised at the tone of Irish’s voice,she had never spoken to her that way.
She always speak like a scared cat.

“Arusha should at least have respected the fact that she’s a lady! He clearly doesn’t have respect for whomever” Mrs Gabrielle said, spitefully.
“Arusha loses total control when it comes to me,he doesn’t care about gender. If i had know he was coming,i would have warned Jessica beforehand. And he shouldn’t be blamed for this,he would never have attempted to hit her if she hadn’t hit him first” Irish said.

“He has no manners,he was so rude to me” Mrs Gabrielle said.
“I apologized Mrs Gabrielle,I’m so sorry. He was blinded with fury” Irish said.

“Jessica has always been rude to Irish too. Do you now feel the way Jessica makes Irish feel? ” Ethan asked, surprising everyone.

“Irish doesn’t owe you an apology neither do Arusha, you never apologized to Irish whenever Jessica was rude to her. And Mum, you raised Jessica the perfect way” Ethan clapped mockingly.
He got to his feet and told Irish to return to her workshop.
Mrs Harlow and Gabrielle stared at him as he walked to the door.

“Doc Luc will be here to get Arusha and Jessica treated and everyone of you should stay out of it.

I don’t want anyone in either Jessica’s room or Arusha’s,leave them to sort themselves out” Ethan said before walking out of the door.
They all knew he was pissed about the whole thing but he was obviously more pissed at his Mum and Mrs Gabrielle.

He walked towards his garden and his bodyguards stayed back.
He loves being alone in there.

Irish was back in her workshop also,she couldn’t do anything,she sat and stared into space.

Her bodyguards were there with her and no one spoke a word,aware of what just happened.
It had spread among the workers.
She wanted to go see Arusha but Ethan had ordered everyone not to.


Ethan walked into Irish’s workshop and her bodyguards greeted him.
“You all should leave” He said with a very serious face.
Irish has never seen him look this way.

He looked angry and she panicked, he was probably angry at Arusha for causing fuss in his house.

Irish’s bodyguards left immediately.
“Carl,get me my laptop from my room” Ethan said to Carl before he left.

He paced her workshop without talking to her and then sat when Carl brought his laptop.
She turned to him and blinked like a nervous puppy.
He knew she was staring at him but he didn’t raise up his head.

Irish felt sad he didn’t look at her lovingly like he always do,she was convinced he’s probably angry at her and Arusha.

She didn’t say a word,she only continued staring, hoping he would look up at her and say something or even kiss her,she isn’t gonna refuse this time .
He sat there calmly, busy with his laptop.
He regarded her from beneath his lashes and smiled to himself.

It was hard to stop staring at him.
He was putting on a simple T-shirt that revealed his powerful muscles that bunched and flexed as he typed fast.
The blue shorts he wore didn’t do a good job in hiding his long legs either, he has a great body and she almost drooled staring at him.

Of course this isn’t the first time she’ll be staring but he looks more appealing to her right now.

She can’t believe she finds him more appealing when he’s pissed.
There’s this sexiness to his pissed state.

The way he arched his brow almost made her imagine naughty things.

Her gaze left his body and moved to his face.
His long curly hair was parted at his forehead,his narrow straight nose was perfect and his thin lips…Ohh..God.

Why are you doing this to me Ethan?

She kept staring at him, imagining naughty things.
She almost forgot the latest incidence as her mind went back to when they had sex in the car after the dinner night.
She’s so ashamed of herself to be thinking of that now.

“Your eyes might pop out of the socket from staring” Ethan finally said and looked at her with his soft golden eyes.
She pouted…”Are you pissed at Arusha and I? I’m sorry”
Ethan sighed softly and dropped his laptop beside her sewing machine.

He drew her closer to him together with the single chair she was sitting on.
He stared into her eyes and he was lost for a moment,he almost kissed her but restrained himself.
She looked like a scared little thing he suddenly felt the urge to protect her.

Her circled his arm around her waist.
He can’t just explain what her eyes does to him.
“Stop looking like that…it’s killing me. I might just rappe you” He said jokingly and she smiled.

He caught a strand of her silky hair and tucked it gently behind her ear.
“And I’m not pissed at Arusha but you. Arusha did nothing wrong,you started it all”
“How?” Irish wondered loudly.

“I’m pissed at you cause you gave Jessica the chance to talk to you rudely right from the start, you made her feel it’s normal to talk to you anyhow she likes, i keep mute most times cause i wanted you to stand up for yourself,i wanted you to shut her up,i wanted you to yell back at her, i wanted you to break free from her chain but you never for once reprimanded her,you watch her yell at you all the time without saying a word, you might be respecting her for being Gabrielle’s daughter but there are limits to those things. ” Ethan said and Irish stared at him without saying a word.

She now understands why he’s so pissed .
He’s pissed at her dumbness.
Maybe it’s finally time to break free from Jessica’s chain and teach her some lessons.

“I was happy Arusha came, i was more happy he met Jessica yelling at you. I knew there was no way he would allow that and he proved me right” Ethan smiled.

“Jessica is my younger sister and i still feel sad till date that i had allowed my mum raise her,my mum played a huge role in what Jessica became today,she spoilt her.

She didn’t get to spoil me so i guess Jessica received it all but then i won’t blame my mum totally, Jessica is now old enough to know what’s right and wrong, she’s old enough to change her spoilt behavior,she’s rude and she knows it but she has refused to change despite the countless long sessions i’ve had with her. I’m going to have to send her to Africa to help with the outbreak going on there if she refuses to change” Ethan said.
“No! Please, she’s still so young for that and besides, helping with the outbreak is voluntary,you can’t force her to go there” Irish said.

“I know but I’m gonna threaten her with that to see if she’s really gonna turn a new leaf and you need to stop being lenient with her, she needs our help to become a better person” Ethan said and Irish nodded.
“I’m gonna talk to Mrs Gabrielle too and my mum. I won’t allow her take her back to Paris. Jessica will be here with us permanently and she’ll only get to go to Paris during holidays” Ethan said and he looked like he meant it.

“How’s your mum gonna take it?” Irish asked.
“I don’t care, she spoilt her enough already and I’m ready to step in now” Ethan said and Irish smiled.

He’s willing to make Jessica a better person,he didn’t even care if she isn’t his blood,he loves her regardless.
He’s a selfless charming man,he’s always willing to go out of his way for others,he never gets tired of helping people and he’s so hardworking regardless of the amount of wealth he has required,he has a good heart.

Someone like him is rare to come across and she’s so glad to have him in her life.
Not only that,he’s in love with her as she is with him and their love seems to be increasing at the passing of each moment.

His arms was still circled around her waist and she blushed as he stared at her.
“I guess it’s your turn for your eyes to pop out” She said and he grinned.



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