Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 60

They ended up in a restaurant after walking for some minutes.
Olivia was the only one who knew her bodyguards were following them. They even took a table in the restaurant but she didn’t seem uncomfortable with them as she was having fun with her friends.

“Order anything, my treat” Olivia mimicked the way they do in movies and they laughed.
They ordered meals already but it’s yet to be brought to their table.

All eyes were on them but they didn’t seem to mind.
Each of them were used to people staring at them.
A group of girls who look their age suddenly approached their table.

They introduced themselves to Arusha and Ryan and wanted them to join their table.

“How ridiculous, you want them to join your table even after seeing they are here with us” Jessica said, trying to keep her tone calm..

Olivia seethe quietly as she tapped her fingers on her table..

She felt like dragging their hair and slamming them on the wall one after the other.

“Excuse me, I’m sure you two also begged for them to join your table” One of the girls said and Olivia and Jessica laughed.

“You did does not mean we did also. I’m not so dumb and shameless to ask a guy to join my table!”Olivia slammed.

“I think you all desperately need the meals you’re here for, I’ve never seen a group of girls looking like pasta…ahh” Jessica shook her head and Olivia chuckled.

“What did you just say?” One of the girls asked menacingly.
“You heard me right” Jessica laughed.
“Please do not create a scene, return to your table” Ryan said.
“And they did not ask us to join their table, we asked them to accompany us here”Arusha said.

“Whatever! Can you both share your contact please” One of them said referring to Ryan and Arusha.
“No!” Olivia and Jessy said in unison.
“We were not asking you!”
“We answered for them. Now will you stop being like this and return to your table. I’m getting choked”Olivia said.

“Move out of the way girls, a scalded skin together with ugliness is the worst combination” Jessica smiled as the waiter brought their meals.



They left the restaurant hours later and they went to spend some time at the park.
They sighted a claw crane after leaving the park.
Ryan won a table bear for Jessica,he picked it at just one go.

“Don’t worry Olivia,I’m going to win a bigger one for you”Arusha boasted as he continued to try his luck.
“You can do it Arus” Olivia encouraged him and they laughed.
“Ahhhh” Arusha groaned after trying severally without success.
“You tried your best”Olivia rubbed his back.
“You shouldn’t give up already buddy” Ryan said.
“I’m going to try one last time. Olivia have to have one too” Arusha said, rubbing his palms together.

He started again and aimed for the big white teddy bear.
The claw picked it and it slowly started moving…
They all watched, hoping he doesn’t lose it this time.

“I fking did it” Arusha shouted.
“Yaaaaay” They exclaimed excitedly with Olivia jumping high in the air .

Arusha picked the teddy bear and handed it to her.
“Thank you” She said deeply touched.
She hugged him tightly to his surprise.
He smiled,glad he had won one Teddy bear for her, it’s going to make this day unforgettable for her.

They walked out of the place and noticed it was starting to get dark.

“I wish it’ll be day forever” Olivia sighed sadly as they walked home.

“I’m glad we got to take so many pictures before it got this dark. I’m going to upload them on my Instagram page” Jessica said.

“What’s your Instagram handle?” Ryan asked and she told him.
They branched an Ice cream parlor to get ice cream and then continued their walk back home.

“One day, let’s explore the world in a camping car” Ryan said and they all nodded and cheered with their ice cream.

They passed a bar and Arusha stopped.
“Let’s spend some time at the bar before going home ” He suddenly suggested.
“That’s crazy” Jessica said.
“We’re not eighteen yet” Olivia said.
“Let’s go try our luck” Ryan winked.



“So embarrassing” Jessica groaned as they were kicked out of the bar.

They all laughed hard… Arusha and Ryan looked eighteen but their ID cards gave them out.
They all ran out when the owner threatened to call the police.

“Geez! How did it get so dark this quickly” Olivia said,quite sadly.
She wished the day would continue,they are all having a great time.
“You’re going to say bye to Irish before leaving right?” Arusha asked.
“Of course” Olivia smiled.
“I had great fun today” Jessica said.

“Spending time with you girls was more fun than i imagined. ” Ryan smiled.
“I feel so great” Arusha said.

They all shared a warm hug and they know right their that a bond was formed.
One never to be broken.

Jessica and Olivia exchanged numbers with Ryan when they got home.
Olivia hugged Irish and Arin bye, she waved Mrs Helen bye too and went to say Bye to Mrs Marton too.

She would have loved to spend more time with Irish but it was dark already and she needs to leave, if not,her father wouldn’t give her this golden opportunity ever again.



Ryan walked into his apartment and met his brother busy with a magazine.
That’s Kelly’s favorite thing,his room is stacked with magazines.

“Hey bro” Ryan said and Kelly smiled on seeing his brother.
“Mum said your friends came along and you went out with them”
“Yes” Ryan smiled.
“I hope you had fun?”
“Great fun” Ryan said happily. “Where’s Mum?”
“In the kitchen” Kelly replied and Ryan stood up to go help her.

Kelly watched him leave and sigh.
He had seen Olivia when she came to bid his mother far away and instantly recognized her to be Princess Olivia of King City but he doubt if Ryan knew it.



“I’m sorry Arin” Irish laughed hard as Arin hit her playfully.
She had eaten all the strawberry muffins for Arin.
They were both in their pajamas ready to sleep when Arin said she wanted some of her muffins and Irish confessed she had ate it all.

“How could you finish it all” Arin cried.
“I’m sorry” Irish laughed harder.
“I promise Mum is going to make another one for you tomorrow” Irish said and that was when Arin stopped hitting her.
“How did you finish it all without me knowing?” She curiously.
“I..i stole it and ate them in the kitchen” Irish confessed with a grin on her face.

“Ah..I’m going to tell Dad you stole my strawberry muffins” Arin pouted, getting under the blanket.
“Please forgive me” Irish pleaded playfully.
“I’m going to forgive you whenever you stop laughing” Arin said.

“I’m sorry Arin” She said and really tried to stop her laughter this time but Arin”s face looks so funny to her and she bursted into laughter again.



“Dad, Irish stole my strawberry muffins”Arin whined to her Ethan when he came to pick her the next day.
“Really?” He laughed.
“Why are you laughing too, she kept laughing also instead of apologising”Arin frowned.
“It’s just so funny that she could steal your muffins”Ethan grinned.

“Why the sudden urge for strawberry flavor, Irish do prefer vanilla” Arin wondered aloud.
“Well…did you ask her?” Ethan asked.
“Yes but i guess she forgot to answer me. I’ll go ask her again now”Arin said, standing up to go meet Irish in the kitchen.
“No,she’s busy with Mrs Helen. You can ask her when she’s done” Ethan said.
“Okay” Arin said, sitting back on the couch
“So..Did you enjoy your time here?” Ethan asked.
“Yes! Irish got to dress me up again after a long time and the bedtime stories were fascinating” Arin grinned.
“I can’t wait for her to come back to our house” Arin added with a frown. “Why don’t you ask her to come with us now”

“She’s going to be back to the house soon.. probably this week” Ethan said.
“Yes” Ethan said.
Irish had wanted to spend some more time with her family before returning.

“Mr Ethan” Arusha smiled in greeting as he walked into the living room.
He’s just waking up from his nap.
“Hey, how you?” Ethan smiled back at him.
“I’m good, i didn’t even know you were here. You came to pick Arin so soon” Arusha said sitting on the couch.
“She needs to prepare for school tomorrow”
“Or you’re missing her already” Arusha teased and Ethan laughed.

“How’s Jessy?” Arusha asked.
“She’s fine and she didn’t come with me because she accompanied my mum to a jewelry store”
“It was so obvious you guys had a great time yesterday,she came home looking all happy” Ethan smiled.
“We did and we’re looking forward to having more great times together” Arusha smiled.

“Now..tell me, is there a guy she likes?” Ethan asked in a whisper.
“Yes,his name is Ryan,a friend and neighbor” Arusha grinned.
“Wow, really?”
“Yes”Arusha said.
“You should tell him to come over while I’m here, i would love to see him” Ethan said.
“He’s going to come in anytime soon, i chatted him up already and told him I’m awake” Arusha said.

“What are you both whispering to each other?” Arin asked.

“Strawberry muffins” Irish announced with a smile, walking into the living room with twelve strawberry cakes.
It was just brought out of the oven and it looked deliciously hot.

“Be careful,it’s hot” Irish said placing it on the table.
“Did Mrs Helen made some pizza rolls?”Ethan asked.
“Ohh..yes, she made it specially for you and it’s ready also” Irish said.
“Ohh” Ethan smiled.

Arin and Arusha took one strawberry muffin each and started blowing it.
“Should i help you put them in the freezer?” Irish asked already on the second cupcake,she ate it without even blowing it.

“Take it easy” Ethan said and she nodded, fanning her mouth with her palm.
It was so hurt that it burned her tongue.

Arusha bursted out laughing..
“Black ass” Irish scoffed.
“Huh?” Arin asked.
“It’s nothing” Arusha quickly said to her and Irish laughed.
“My ass isn’t black!!” Arusha yelled.
“Wow” Arin glanced at her Dad who was starting to laugh.
“It is!” Irish rolled her eyes.
“Ahh” Arusha sighed.

“Pizza rolls” Mrs Helen said walking into the living room .
“For Ethan alone” She added and Ethan sat up, smiling.
“Thanks Mrs Helen” He said.

“I want one too” Irish whined, going to sit beside Ethan.
“Go make yours” Mrs Helen said.
“The baby wants it badly” Irish pouted.
“Baby?” Arin asked and Irish nearly gasped realising what she just said.

They wanted to tell once Irish had returned to Ethan’s house, they want to surprise her.

A knock on the door broke the silence.
“Come in Ryan”Arusha said and the door opened.
“Ryan” Arin smiled,she seemed to have forgotten the question she asked.
Irish sighed in relief.
“Good afternoon everyone” Ryan smiled.
“, Ethan Harlow!” Ryan exclaimed.

Of course Arusha had told him about their relationship with Ethan Harlow and he even knew he was Arin’s father and Jessica’s brother but he hadn’t expected to see him this easily even though he had been looking forward to seeing the top one billionaire in California!!!

“H..iii He..llo” Ryan stammered and Ethan laughed.
“Com’on, it’s fine. Be free” Ethan smiled.

“I don’t know what to say ” Ryan grinned,he was so happy to see Ethan and did he just talked to him.

“It’s really nice to meet you. I admire you a lot Mr Ethan” Ryan said.
“Thank you” Ethan said.
“I’m Ryan, one of your biggest fans”
“Nice to meet you too” Ethan stretched out his hand and Ryan stunningly took it.

Although Arusha had told him how humble Ethan was but he was still so stunned a billionaire could offer his hand to him.

“Come sit here” Ethan said to Ryan patting the space beside him.

He was impressed with Ryan and he could see why Jessica liked him.
He knew very well that it was rare for Jessica to be over a guy .

Ryan gladly sat beside him.
“Have some cakes Ryan, the pizza rolls is for my Dad” Arin said and Ethan laughed.

“Yes,you can only have some cakes” Ethan said.
He was starting to eat his pizza rolls.

“Quit looking shocked like you just sighted a ghost” Arusha teased Ryan.
“You looked thrice as shocked when you also saw Ethan” Irish said to Arusha.

“I know right” Arusha laughed.
“So Ryan,which school do you attend?” Ethan asked beginning his question sessions just like he had done with Arusha.


_ _

By the time Ethan was done with his questions,he was greatly impressed with everything about Ryan,he’s intellectual and has a great plan for his future.

“I’m impressed” Ethan said and Ryan smiled widely.
“Thank you Mr Ethan and how’s Jessica”? Ryan asked shyly.
“Ohh, she’s fine. I guess you all had a great time yesterday” Ethan said.

“Yes, it was fun” Ryan smiled.
“I wish my brother is home,he has been wanting to meet you too ” Ryan said.

“Ohh…and he’s not gonna be home anytime soon?” Ethan asked.

Ryan shook his head.
“We’re going to see some other time then, i come here often,this place is just like a second home” Ethan said to Ryan and Mrs Helen and Arusha felt so proud.

“Can i take a picture with you,so kelly is going to believe i really saw you and even… touched you” Ryan said.
“Of course” Ethan said and they took pictures together, Arusha also joined.

“What’s Irish still doing in there?” Ethan asked.
Irish’s has been in her room for some minutes now.
“I’m so sure she’s freshening up, the flour on her hair and body is enough to bake some cakes” Mrs Helen said.

Arusha stood up and went to answer the knock on the door.

His eyes widened as he turned back to everyone.

“Mr Ethan,you ordered these packs of strawberry juice!!!”



Ethan walked into Irish’s room while Arusha and Ryan took the packs of juice to the store.
She was blow-drying her hair when he walked in, she smiled on seeing him.

He walked to her and leaned closer,he closed his eyes as he inhaled her fresh scent.
He kissed her neck and went to sit on her bed,she turned the dressing table around to face him.

“What’s up?” She asked, unplugging the hair dryer.
“Dr Luc said you need to return for checkup. We really have to go so you can return to my house” Ethan said and Irish nodded.

“Your lips keeps wanting to make me kiss you.” Irish smiled naughtily, walking to Ethan on the bed.
She jumped on him..
“Be careful,My baby” Ethan said before his lips was seized in a kss.
He smiled, kssing her back.

She was sitting on top him as he caressed her body and they were really about tossing their clothes off when the door opened.

They quickly jumped apart, Mrs Helen stood there and sighed.
She had knew something was going on when it was taking too long for them to come out.

“I’m sorry but i heard Doc Luc told you both no make up sex for two weeks” Mrs Helen said.

“I’m coming back here if i don’t see you both in five seconds” She said walking out of the door and they both bursted into laughter.


___Next day___

“What’s wrong with her?” Olivia asked Arusha.

Jessica hadn’t talked to them since morning and now it’s lunch break and she didn’t even come to join them for lunch,she just sat in her seat.

“I think you should go talk to her”Arusha said and Olivia nodded.
She stood up and walked to Jessica’s desk.
“Hey what’s up?” She asked and Jessica looked at her in a way she has never done, it’s not a look of hate but hurt.

“What’s wrong?” Olivia asked worriedly.
“I thought we were friends” Jessica said.
“Yes, we…are” Olivia said.
“And we’re not supposed to keep things from each other right?”
“Ye..s” Olivia said slowly.
“Okay, Princess Olivia Louis of King City, Her Excellency” Jessica said and Olivia went pale.



Irish and Ethan walked out of the hospital, They were done with the check and was about leaving with they sighted Morgan walking towards them.
“What is he doing here? Is h stalking on us or what?” Irish asked.
“I don’t know” Ethan said as they watched Morgan approach them.

“Hello, Brother” Morgan smirked.
“What do you want?” Ethan said strictly.
“Well I’m not here to see or talk to you, I’m here to see My love.” Morgan turned to Irish.
“Hello darling, What do you’ve to say about my proposal, I’m ready to do anything for you” Morgan grinned.

“Well…Irish isn’t interested in you Morgan! And she’s carrying my baby as well she’s be staying with me” Ethan said.

“I’ll be staying with Morgan Harlow” Irish said and there was silence.
Ethan laughed, breaking the strained silence.
“You are joking right?” He smiled.
“No and I’m not mistaken either,I’ll be staying with Morgan” Irish said, walking to Morgan whose face was almost bursted with a grin.

“Com’on, i know you’re pranking me but let’s go home. Arin and everyone else is expecting you” Ethan said, making to take her hand.
“Let go of me!” Irish jerked her hand away.

“I’m dmn serious! I’m going with Morgan and go ahead and think I’m joking until you see me get into his car!” Irish said and Ethan held on to a chair for support, he looked as shocked as he felt.
Irish was damn serious,he could see it in her eyes.
“OMG!”Morgan laughed so hard.
“I’ve always knew no one wants to be with a dumbass like you” He added with a mockery laugh.

“Irish. please… My baby…” Ethan said with a shaky voice.
“Do you how much you hurt me? I’m sure you don’t even know the amount of pain you made me went through, you dropped me off in the rain like a homeless person and you were even so glad when i made excuses for you” Irish laughed. “You came back like nothing was wrong after causing me so much pain,i bet you must have been so happy to see a dumb Irene welcome you with open arms, no! i had my plans.

I don’t about the baby Ethan or maybe i still love you, you’ll have to go through the pain i went through. Have i ever told you I’m revengeful? I guess I’ve never” Irish laughed.

A pain sharper than a rapier seared through Ethan’s stomach at her words,it took every ounce of will power not to cry out at the agony it caused.
Her eyes had turned dark and gloomy,he had never seen her look this way.
This was another side he hadn’t seen with her.

“I’m going with Morgan,just to cause you pain,not for any other reason. You must feel what i felt. I can’t just let it go and mum even fell sick because of you. I hate you so much!!” Irish screamed.

“It’s okay, you’re going to hurt yourself” Morgan held her.
“Let’s leave here,i still need to get my things from home” Irish said.
“I’ll bring back your baby to you…. In nine months time” Irish added.

Ethan refused to believe all that was happening until the office door was slammed and he realized Irish was really gone..

With Morgan.

Just to make him feel the pain he had made her felt.

He deserves it.



“Call my companies and inform them i won’t be coming till whenever i feel like, they should manage the company as they would when I’m present” Ethan said to Javad who quickly went to carry out his order.

He walked into the living room and met everyone waiting.
They look so disappointed not to see Irish with him, they were all aware Irish would be coming back home with him.

“Where’s Irish?” Arin asked.
“Is she still getting her luggage from the car?” Mrs Harlow asked.
“Didn’t she come with you?” Mr Harlow asked.
“She’s not coming into this house anymore” Ethan said,as calmly as he could.
He couldn’t wait to get to his room and let out all the agony he was feeling right now.
He has never been this heartbroken

“What do you mean she’s not coming into this house anymore?” Mr Harlow asked.
“She left with Morgan to his just to make me go through the pain i caused her” Ethan smiled sadly.

“What are you saying?” Mrs Harlow was shocked.
“Let me be! Everyone should just let me be!” Ethan yelled loudly and they all saw the tears that dropped from his eyes before he walked away.

“She left him” Mrs Gabrielle covered her mouth with her palm while Arin bursted into tears.
“, Arin, your dad was only joking” Mrs Harlow quickly wiped her tears.

“He’s not, he doesn’t cry whenever he jokes” Arin sobbed.
“What the he.ll is going on again! I thought they settled this” Mr Harlow sighed.
“Isn’t Morgan Daddy’s brother? And mummy’s husband” Arin cried.

“I made a mistake…in picking him up from the guitar!” Mr Harlow said


“Irish’s still going to come around okay? Stop crying” Mrs Gabrielle said to Arin.
“Dad said she’s not coming anymore. I don’t want any other nanny” Arin cried kicking her legs in the air.
“What in the world went wrong again!” Mr Harlow said.

“I think you should go meet Javad and Robbins for some information” Mrs Harlow said, knowing Ethan is not going to say anything for now.
She has never seen her son looked that hurt.
He looked so sad and broken like his source of happiness was gone.


Irish had indeed left him for Morgan! She hated her so much now!
How could she cause her son so much pain after making him feel so happy that she forgave him.
She never knew Irish was this heartless.

But she was more pissed with Morgan, how can he be so ungrateful? All he wanted was to see the Harlow’s in pain. Even after everything they’ve done for him.
They picked him up! And gave him life.




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