Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 53

“Did something happen to her? How did you know something happened in school today?” Arusha asked.
“Her eyes were so red and she looked so sad when she came home” Irish said.

“What really prompted her to tell everyone that Harold isn’t her brother?” Irish asked.
“I don’t know honestly,i was surprised when she did so but i think Olivia’s words pushed her to say that” Arusha said.

“Really? What did Olivia said to her?”
“She only advised her openly ” Arusha said.
Arusha groaned ” You ask so much question!”
“Just answer me black a$s!” Irish said and Arusha laughed out loud.

“Why did Olivia advised her ‘openly’ ?” Irish asked.
“I think she got fed up of Jessica’s behavior,she needed to put her in her place”
“Ohh” Irish sighed.
“Is Jessica fine?” Arusha asked.
“She will be. Goodnight” Irish said.
“Good night Irish” Arusha said and dropped his phone.

He couldn’t tell her about Ryan cause he sensed something was wrong.
This is not the right time to do so.



“What did he say?”Ethan asked, he was just returning from her bodyguards and they said nothing happened on the way home,she was just awfully quiet.

“Something indeed happened in school” Irish sighed and she told him all Arusha had said.

“Woah!” Ethan sighed, dropping on a couch.
“Jessica only has a hard cover,she’s as weak as a feather, she has the softest heart and she tears up quickly, she doesn’t have the heart to deal with the betrayals,i doubt she has ever been betrayed” Ethan said sadly.
“She must have felt so terrible” Irish sat down beside him.
She’s feeling so sorry for Jessica.

“For someone like Jessica,it’s just too much to take in. I can’t believe her friends and everyone are all over her just because of me! That’s so crazy. I’m glad Olivia made her see she has no friend after all” Ethan said,so disappointed with how people usually turn out to be.
“It’s just so rare to see someone in a high position have a true friend” Irish said .

“I so much prefer to be alone than have a friend, Morgan Harlow was my brother I don’t know where he could be by now if I didn’t beg my parents to pick him up from the orphanage home, but he ended up betraying me”Ethan smiled sadly.
“I don’t keep friends too, i can’t handle everything that comes with it, i guess I’m used to being alone” Irish said.

“I’m glad Morgan took Catherine away from me” Ethan smiled.
“Uh? Why?” Irisj was surprised.
“I wouldn’t have met you” He said and Irish blushed.

“Let’s go check on Jessica” She took his hand.
“I hope she’ll be fine by tomorrow, i won’t want my sister to visit a psychiatrist” Ethan said worriedly.
“She won’t, she’ll be fine” Irish assured.
“Thanks Irish” Ethan said.
“For?” She asked as they climbed the stairs.
“For caring about Jessica without minding the way she has treated you”Ethan said, he was deeply touched when he saw Irish cry for Jessica.

“I understand Jessica” Irish said.

They got back into Jessica’s room and met Arin fast asleep beside her.



Arusha was glad to meet Olivia in class when he walked in.
He couldn’t wait to tell her about his new friend.

He dropped his backpack in the locker and headed to his seat.
“Hey” He said to Arusha.
“You look happy” she noticed.
“I now have a male friend” He said,even before sitting down.
“Really?” Olivia smiled,she was happy for him.

“Yes, he’s my neighbor. He came around yesterday to ask me to play basketball with him and while we were at the field,he told me things about him,vice versa. We’re going to the play station today after school” Arusha said excitedly, finally sitting down.

“Wow! He isn’t threatened by your looks?” Olivia asked.
“Not at all, maybe it’s because he’s quite good looking too”
“I’m so happy for you” Olivia smiled.
“But jealous too” She frowned.

“Com’on you still remain my best friend,i even told him about you”Arusha said.
“Really?” Olivia smiled.
“Yeah, we were both glad to find each other,it seems he doesn’t have so many friends also”

“ you both clicked immediately” Olivia said.
“Yeah, he’s a great person,fun to be with. I enjoyed his company” Arusha smiled.

“Enough” Olivia rolled her eyes and he laughed.
“Someone is jealous” He teased.
“Oli, you’re more than a friend to me and i wouldn’t even trade you for any male friend,not even Ryan” Arusha said and he was surprised when Olivia pulled him into a hug.
“Thank you” She said.
“Everything” Olivia said and he nodded even though he was confused.

The students seemed to mind their business this morning.
Haha… Olivia really taught them some lessons yesterday.

He brought out his laptop and glanced towards Jessica’s seat.
She was not there.
“Jessica isn’t in school yet?” He asked Olivia.
“No” Olivia answered.
“It’s unlike her, she’s known for coming to school early” Arusha said.
“She might want to digest’s too much to take in” Olivia said and Arusha nodded



“I think she’s not coming today” Arusha said after the second teacher for the day left.
“Obviously” Olivia said.



“Thank goodness!” They all exclaimed after Doc Luc said Jessica won’t have to see a psychiatrist.

She woke up by 11am and Doc Luc was around before then.
Jessica just pulled her Mum into a hug and cried.
They were all aware of what happened in school and they consoled her.

“I’m surprised she pulled through,she’s strong” Doc Luc smiled.
He prescribed some medications for her and left.

“I’m glad you’re fine now” Mrs Gabrielle said.
“They all left me, i don’t even have a friend anymore” Jessica said.

“You do” Irish said and Jessica turned to her.
She feels so ashamed to face Irish because of the way she had treated her.
“I don’t have friends anymore” Jessica a said and her tone was surprisingly cool towards Irish.
They were all surprised.

“Olivia and Arusha are there for you, they will gladly be your friend” Irish said.
“They won’t… I’ve been so bad to them. Irish I’m sorry to have treated you wrongly all along,I’m so sorry,will you forgive me?” Jessica said, remorsefully and this time , everyone was more than surprised.
Mrs Gabrielle smiled happily..

“I forgave you already Jessi, i totally do” Irish smiled.
“I’ve wanted to hug you for sooo long” Jessica said to Irish,her voice childlike as she stretched out her arms towards Irish
“Wow” Irish was all smiles as she hugged Jessica.

“ finally” Ethan felt so happy and Mrs Harlow grinned.

“Why does it feel so weird, i miss your glare and all” Irish joked and they all laughed.
“I’m sorry i made everyone worried yesternight” Jessica said.
“It’s fine”

“I’m hungry mum” Jessica said.
“Yes, we all are” Mrs Harlow said.
They all skipped dinner.
“I’ll go make something for everyone now” Mrs Gabrielle said.

“I’ll help you in the kitchen” Irish said.
“I’ll take care of Jessica” Mrs Harlow said.
“I’ll drink my favorite wine in the living room Ethan said and they laughed.



“Irish sounded worried when she called yesternight” Arusha said to Olivia.
It’s lunch break and they were both eating in the class.
“Yes, she asked what happened to Jessica in school and i told her everything but i sensed there was something wrong with Jessica” Arusha said .

“, could that be the reason she’s absent today?”
“I guess so. I’m going to call Irish tonight and find out”Arusha said.
“You should” Olivia said.



Irish was in her workshop, working alone after they’ve all eaten.
Two of her bodyguards were sent to wait and pick Mr Harlow at the airport and one visited the restroom.

Irish is so happy about Jessica’s change.
She’s really a sweet girl.

“Hi” Jessica walked into Irene’s workshop in a pink short gown,white flip flops and her hair was styled in a ponytail.
She looked pretty good and her eyes looked better.

“Jessy” Irish smiled.
“I was bored so i decided to watch you work, and i must commend you, you’re so good at this” Jessica said and Irish smiled.

“Thank you”
“Wow! Are you done with this ones?” Jessica pointed to a set of newly made wears.
“Yes i am, I’m just gonna pack them and have them delivered” Irish said.
“They are beautiful, how do you pack them. I’m going to help you with it” Jessica dropped her phone and Irish was touched by her kind gesture.

“Thank you Jessica” Irish said and quickly showed her how the dresses are being packed.
Jessica got it almost immediately and they both started working.



“This is so interesting” Jessica said enjoying what she’s doing..
“It’s fun when one starts” Irisj said.
“And you should send your measurements to me” Irish added.
“Huh?” Jedi asked.

“You’re just like my younger sister now,i need to make beautiful dresses for you” Irish said and Jessy screamed happily before flying into her arms.



“Irish, do you think Arusha and Olivia would want to be my friend? I have no friend anymore and i know no one will speak to me in school again” Jessica said.
She was done packing the dresses,she watched Irish as cut and sew.

“Of course Jessica, trust me they’ll gladly forgive you and keep your company in school” Irish said.
“I’m going to apologise to them tomorrow”
“Good! Pass me the scissors please” Irish said and Jessica gladly handed it to her.

She was enjoying this new path she had chosen.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you this,you’re so beautiful Irish and i love how you go all natural” Jessica said.
Irish smiled…”Thanks Jessy”
“I apologise again for any inconvenience i might have caused you”
“Com’on Jessica. It’s fine” Irishsaid.

“I can’t believe that man is arriving in the night,he just keep getting on my nerves” Mrs Harlow sighed as she walked into Irish’s workshop.
Jessica and Irish turned to her,they both knew she was talking about Mr Ethan.
They smiled.

“Ohh.. you’re here Jessy” Mrs Harlow sat on the chair.
“Yes godmother and Irish is going to make so many beautiful dresses for me” Jessica announced to Mrs Harlow happily.
“That’s one of the things you enjoy, having a fashion designer close to you” Mrs Harlow smiled.

She had decided to make Irish her personal fashion designer but she’s not ready to tell her yet.

“And Irish, the olivia you’re talking about,do you know her last name?” Mrs Harlow asked.
The name Olivia is quite rare in California and the only Olivia she knew was Olivia Mails. the princess of King city.

“No, Arusha said she doesn’t have a last name” Irish said.
“ God!” Mrs Harlow exclaimed, getting on her feet immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica and Irish asked.
“Uh.. nothing. I mean,i just remembered something. I need to go” Mrs Harlow said and hurried out of Irish workshop.

Royalties hide their last names in order to keep their identity but not many people know that..
Mrs Harlow is so sure the Olivia in Jessica’s school is the princess of King City or why else won’t she have a last name.
Who doesn’t have a last name!

“Ethan” Mrs Harlow called as she walked into his room.
He was sitting on his bed, working on his laptop.
“Mum” He said, without raising up his head.
She sat on the bed beside him…

“I just made a discovery” Mrs Harlow said,she was still stunned.
“Really?’ what’s that?” Ethan asked.
“Princess Olivia Mails of King City is the one in Jessica’s class!” She said and Ethan didn’t act surprised.

“You knew?!” Mrs Harlow asked and he nodded.
“Wait..i hope you didn’t tell anyone she’s a princess?”Ethan asked.
“Of course not, i know how much they love hiding their identities, i wouldn’t do that” Mrs Harlow said.

“I was invited for dinner in the Royal Palace months ago and i met every member of the Royal family.” Ethan said.
“Oh.. my! You were invited to the palace?” Mrs Harlow was surprised.

“Yeah” Ethan nodded.
“And you didn’t say anything! You should have uploaded pictures and make people know you visited the palace” Mrs Harlow said and Ethan laughed.

“You know i don’t do things like that. Though Prince Alexandre Louis and i took some pictures but i never uploaded it” Ethan said.

“Really?” Mrs Harlow asked and Ethan fetched his phone.
He unlocked it and showed her the pictures.

“OMG! Ethan, you’re an asshole! You know how much i really cherish royalties, I’ve been dying to get invited to the Royal Palace! I’ve only visited the white house once” Mrs Harlow said as she scrolled through the pictures.
She was amazed and happy.

“You should help me get a chance to visit the palace for once Ethan, i know you can do it” Mrs Harlow said.
Ethan sighed. “There’s a Royal ball coming up, if i get invited. I’ll take you along”
“Yes!” Mrs Harlow screamed.
“Mum!” Ethan chided.
“I’m sorry,I’m just so excited” She squealed like a kid.

“I’m going to meet the queen and we’ll take some pictures together,I’ll get to tour that exquisite Palace,I’ll get to speak to royalties and even make friends with queens. OMG!” Mrs Harlow said dreamily.
“Mum!” Ethangroaned. “I’m not sure I’ll be invited yet”
“Who wouldn’t invite billionaire Ethan Harlow,your invite is on the way son” Mrs Harlow grinned.

“I should go tell Irish to make me a beautiful dress” Mrs Harlow said, hurrying out of Ethan’s room.
She slammed the door out of excitement and Ethan shook his head.

His dad should come take her away to Paris already.



Jessica and Irish helped Mrs Gabrielle in the kitchen as she prepared different types of meals for Mr Harlow’s arrival.

The house was being cleaned by the workers, everyone was doing one thing or the other to welcome him.
It was like a king was coming home.

Ethan had said he’s gonna take half of the bodyguards and workers in the house to the quarters, Mr Ethan doesn’t like being surrounded by so many people.
He loves his privacy.

“I can’t wait to see God father again”Jessica smiled.
“Me too” Mrs Gabrielle said.
“He must be a nice person” Irish said.
“He’s just like the older version of Ethan,if not nicer” Mrs Gabrielle said.

“Really?” Irish asked.
“Yes, he’s so nice,funny,down to earth,he’s a disciplinary and doesn’t condone any act of nonsense,so many workers would be fired during his stay here” Jessica said.

“Woah!” Irish exclaimed.
“And he can be pretty blunt too, he says things as they are” Mrs Gabrielle supplied and everything they said got Irish nervous .

She really hope he’s going to be nice to her.
She can’t deal with another round of restlessness.
Mrs Harlow and Jessica were more than a handful.

“I have to go check on Arin”Irish said and walked out of the kitchen.

Arin was still asleep by the time Irish got to her room and she covered her properly with her blanket before leaving..
She met Ethan on her way back to the kitchen.
“Hey there, you look tired” He cupped her cheeks with his palms,she smiled.

“I’m not, i just feel… nervous about meeting Mr Harlow” She said.
“Ohh .. you’re having Mr Harlow’s fever” Ethan laughed and led her to a couch in his private living room.

“Well…my dad doesn’t bite, he’s just a bit blunt. He’s very nice and I’m sure he’s gonna like you,do not worry about him being another version of Mum and Jessica”Ethan said and Irisj laughed.

“And Jessica said a lot of workers are gonna get fired during his stay here” Irish said worriedly.

“Yes, Dad likes things done with total competence, he doesn’t like errors and he’s so quick in firing workers.

Though i do tell him he doesn’t have the right to fire my workers,i hope none of the would misbehave though” Ethan said.
“Woah!” Irish sighed.
“Chill..” Ethan assured.

“Arin is awake, i need to go” Irish said after a hearing a bell sound.



“Hey,look at you” Mrs Helen said to Arusha and Ryan as they walked into the house,damp with sweat.

Arusha grinned as he walked to the couch.
He and Ryan had played football in the field after they were done in the play station.

“Hi, Mrs Helen” Ryan bowed in greetings.
“Ryan,how are you?” Mrs Helen asked.
“I’m fine ma’am” Ryan smiled.
“You both reek of sweat,go get freshened up. I just made soup” Mrs Helen said .

“Thank goodness! I was starving,I’m not gonna freshen up,i want mine now ” Arusha said and Mrs Helen made to give him a correctional knock but he quickly hid behind Ryan.

“Silly boy!” She said while Ryan laughed.
“Buddy, I’ll go get freshened up” Ryan said.
“You’ll be back right?”Arusha asked.
“Yes, for the soup” Ryan smiled.
He wasn’t a shy person,he doesn’t pretend and Mrs Helen liked him for that .

“Okay” Arusha said and hurried to his room after Ryan left.



“He’s on his way already, i should go get dressed” Mrs Harlow giggled happily and headed to her room.
Irish helped Mrs Gabrielle set the table while Jessica and Arin waited in the living room.

“How is it going?” Ethan asked, stepping into the dining room.
“Everything is set” Mrs Gabrielle smiled.

“I hope Mr Harlow’s room is prepared already?” Jessica asked.
“No, he sleeps in the same room with his wife” Ethan said and Irish smiled.

“Grandpa!” They heard Arin scream happily and they headed to the living room.

Irish nervously walked behind Mrs Gabrielle and Ethan.
Her nervousness reduced when she sighted Sarah.

They got to the living room and Irish was instantly aware of Mr Harlow’s height.
He’s a huge man,tall and powerfully built,his presence was almost overpowering.
He was surprisingly looking young,he could pass for Ethan’s elder brother.

He had huge golden eyes, just like Ethan’s,his face was perfectly chiseled.
His black hair touched his shoulders and he looked like an Italian.

He was putting on a real tuxedo,that looked incredibly expensive.

This man is more than good looking.
No wonder Mrs Harlow is totally enthralled by him.

Arin was in his arms and he carried her like she weighs nothing,he was still kissing his grand daughter and didn’t seem to notice anyone yet.
“Arin, how have you been?” He asked Arin.

“I’ve been fine grandpa, i missed you” Arin said and giggled as he tickled her.

Ethan smiled, seeing how nervous Irish looks.

“Hey sister!” Jessica hugged Sarah.
“I missed you all” Sarah whined hugging Ethan and Mrs Gabrielle.

She smiled at Irish.

Mr Harlow finally dropped Arin and Jessica ran into his arms.
While Sarah carried Arin.
” Jes!” He smiled as he kssed Jessica’s forehead.
“I hope you didn’t cause trouble?” He asked Jessica and she shook her head.
“You did…i know you did” He pinched Jessica’s nose.
“Ouch! God father” Jessica whined.

“Mrs Gabrielle,come here” Mr Harlow gave her a hug too.
“It’s so nice to see you again” Mrs Gabrielle smiled.

“Sister you didn’t get me a gift” Arin whined.
“I did, I’ll give it later” Sarah smiled pecking Arin.

“I miss your meals so much and i can’t wait to down it” Mr Harlow said to Mrs Gabrielle and Gabrielle grinned.

“Billionaire Ethan Harlow!” Mr Harlow smiled proudly, he was always proud of his son, Ethan’s success had surpassed his and he’s so glad he has a very hard working son.
“The real Harlow” Ethan smiled as they hugged each other, he patted Ethan’s back affectionately.

Irish noticed,no bodyguard or worker was around.

“Dad, meet Arin’s nanny. Iri..”
“Irish Levine” Mr Harlow completed Ethan’s words and Ethan wasn’t surprised.
His mum might have told him about Irish.

“Hi.. Mr Harlow, it’s so meet you” Irish said.
“Each of them told me how good you are, i hope you are as they said,do not disappoint me” Mr Harlow said.

“I won’t Sir” Irish said.
“By the way,you look beautiful, i find you perfectly okay to be Ethan’s future wife” Mr Harlow said and Irish stared at him with her mouth wide opened.
“Dad, don’t make her feel uncomfortable” Ethan sighed.

“Come here, come give me a hug” Mr Harlow told Irish, he was impressed with her.
None of Arin’s nanny has ever dressed so decently plus she looked calm, beautiful and natural.

Irish went to hug him even if she was so surprised.
His perfume filled her nostrils and she smiled at Ethan as she hugged his father.
He winked and smiled back at her.

“By the way, where’s my wife?” Mr Harlow said.
“She’s here” Mrs Harlow said walking into the living room, she left everyone stunned.

The dress Irish made for her looks so beautiful on her,it suits her like second skin and showed her enticing figure. The crystals glittered hard and clear.

Her hair was styled in a completely different way,that made her face more attractive,she had applied a little make up.

Mrs Harlow simply looked spectacular!

“Darling..come here” Mr Harlow who was speechless finally spoke up and Mrs Harlow almost knocked him over with her hug.

“Let’s head to the dining, they’ll join us ” Ethan said, knowing his parents had no shame whatsoever in showcasing their love.



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