Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 54

“Tony did a great job with your dress, i love it” Mr Harlow said over dinner.
“Well.. Tony didn’t make it. Irish did” Mrs Harlow smiled,she was glowing since her husband’s return.
“Really!! You’re so talented.” Mr Harlow said, one could tell he was deeply impressed with Irish. He liked her.
“Thank you” Irish smiled.

She was greatly enjoying his company,he had cracked jokes and made them laugh and he didn’t seem to mind that she’s eating with them.

“She’s so good at what she does,she’s just the best fashion designer I’ve ever come at” Mrs Harlow said.
“What’s the name of your fashion store? I’ll link you up with some of my friends and boom your fashion store would go worldwide ” Mr Harlow said and Irish was stunned as she answered him.
“Levine fashions”

“Wait! Fred Levine is your father?” Mr Harlow asked and his spoon dropped from his hand when she nodded.

“What!” He exclaimed.

Everyone looked at him anxiously wondering why he did that.
Irish was the most anxious, she knew her father wasn’t a bad person but her heart couldn’t help but beat fast in fear. His father wasn’t a bad person the Jewelry company had tarnished his reputation over the stolen golden necklace.
The expression on Mr Ethan face was inexplicable.

“Come here darling” He said to Irish and she felt relieved alongside everyone else.
She went to him and he surprisingly hugged her tight.

“How’s he doing?” Mr Harlow asked.
“Uhmm, My dad, he’s died. He died in a car accident a month ago” Irish said.

“Oh! I’m so sorry about that” Mr Harlow and others sympathize and Irish smiled then nodded.
Mr Harlow had known her father?

“How did you get to know him?” Ethan asked.
“When I once based in Singapore, I use to order for Jewelries at one of the most expensive story in Singapore. Fred was the one delivering it to me and he had so royal that I’ve no reason to complain. He always deliver exactly what I ordered for. He’s not just a delivery man to me, but a friend too”. Mr Harlow said .

“He’s the most honest man i’ve ever seen, righteous, incorrupt,selfless. Despite being my friend,he never asked for any favour, he turned me down many times whenever i wanted to give him money. He’s the reason i still have my paper company till date, he told me how my employees were planning on taking over the company and i quickly took action against them. I’ll forever be grateful to him. But suddenly he stopped delivering and the new workers who now deliver said he quitted. R er since then I’vent been satified with their delivery and I’ve never seen Fred since then” Mr Harlow said.
Irish’s eyes were filled with tears already and everyone else looked emotional.

“He even stopped coming to my company all of a sudden, i called him, he never picked,i didn’t even know his home address by then. Suddenly,his number stopped connecting,i had new employees then and none of them knew so much about Fred,he’s a very private man,he rarely divulges information about himself or his family, though he told me he had two children and his wife has a fashion store ‘levine” after them. I visited my old employees one after the other and no one knew his home address, I learned he was a thief and had stolen the most expensive jewelry from the company , a year later when one of my old employees told me he came across his wife. I didn’t believe then because I’ve truest Fred so much” Mr Harlow was fighting back his tears as he spoke and Ethan could see how much Irish’s father meant to him.
This is one of the few times he’ll see his father close to tears.

“I know i opened up an old wound in you,I’m sorry” Mr Harlow said to Irish and she nodded.
Mrs Gabrielle had passed her a handkerchief to wipe her tears.
“I’m so sorry about your father’s death Irish” everyone said in unison.
“Thank you” Irish sniffed.
“May Fred’s gentle soul rest in perfect peace ” Mr Harlow and they all chorused Amen.

A minute silence was observed for him before Mr Harlow continued.

“You don’t know how happy i am to meet you, everything i wasn’t able to do for Fred, I’mm gladly do it for you. Levine’s fashions is gonna go worldwide like your father always wanted, you’ll have the most prominent customers, i was told you have a little workshop in my son’s garden. I’m gonna transform it into..”
“Dad,stop” Ethan suddenly said.
“What? Why?” Mr Harlow asked.
Ethan sighed…”I didn’t plan to reveal this, this way but i have plans for Leveni’s fashions already. I’m going to handle it dad”
“We both can handle it” Mr Harlow said.
Irish was still stunned…she couldn’t even process everything, she was still sad in remembrance of her father’s death and tears won’t stop streaming down her face.

She recalled herself trying to hate his father, but she didn’t know how much he father had sacrificed for her and mother, and Arusha too.

“Can i le..ave? I need to,i need sometime to myself” Irish said.
“Yes you can leave, will you be fine?” Ethan asked and she nodded.
“I’ll take care of Arin” Jessica said and Irish muttered thanks before walking to her room.

“Dad, we all know there’ll be nothing left for me to do if you step in. “Ethan said.
“I want to do something for Fred” Mr Harlow insisted .
“Me doing it, is the same as you doing it, I’m your son and Irish is Mr Fred’s daughter,leave it for me to handle Dad,i have so many plans already, please” Ethan said.
“Alright,there are other ways i can help too, I’ll think of other things to do for them” Mr Harlow said.

“I feel sorry for her, she must have gone through a lot”Sarah said.
“A whole lot” Ethan said.
“Sarah, The only person who needed to be pleased her is you. You’re the reason why Arin has the best Nanny now, Thank you for your care Sarah” Ethan said.

“C’mon brother. It’s nothing” Sarah smiled.
“I could still recall how messy she looked when I saw her, She was almost going into depression, I liked her at first sight and though she’d be good enough for Arin, but I didn’t want things to go wrong , so for weeks I kept a close look at her and saw that definitely she’s a good girl, She had even dropped out of school to give her brother a good education.” Sarah said.

“You won’t believe Irish is insisting on paying me back the money i spent on her mum’s surgery” Ethan said.
“Really?” Mr Harlow asked.
“Isn’t she just like her father” Mr Harlow wondered.
“She is, Dad, now i know where she got that rare behavior from” Ethansaid.
“You aren’t going to accept the money back from her, are you” Mr Harlow asked.
“I wasn’t going to. I would never do that” Ethan said.
“Good!” Mr Harlow sighed. He’s so happy to have met Fred’s daughter and knowing she has the same behavior as her father made him happier.

“Arin is yawning already” Mr Harlow smiled at his granddaughter.

“Here Arin, Happy birthday! Sorry I’m late though I got you this gift” Sarah said handing her a parcel.
“Thank you sister” Arin hugged her.

“You might not see me when you wake up!”
“Arin, Sarah has to go home, Her father, your uncle need her to fix something for his upcoming project. She’ll come and stay longer when it’s over” Mr Harlow said and Arin nodded.
“Let’s get you to bed Arin” Jessica said and everyone kissed Arin goodnight.

“I should go check on Irish also”Ethan said and got to his feet.



Irish stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel,she wrapped it around her body and walked to her room.
She just finished having her night shower after crying in remembrance of her father.
She felt a little better now and she proceeded to wear her pajamas.

She let her hair down her back after wearing her pajamas and then got under the blanket.
She heard a knock on the door and somehow knew it was Ethan.
“Ethan I’m fine” She said.
“Are you sure?” He asked outside her door.

“Yes, i need to sleep now” She said.
“Okay, goodnight”
“Good night” Irish said.

She wasn’t even feeling sleepy, she only stared blankly into space and made the memories of her father occupy her head.
Tears started streaming down her face before she knew it.

__ You cannot stay in Singapore with me! You can’t get into the same mess I get into. You need to get a life Irish! Tommorow you’re leaving Singapore, and I don’t want you to come back ever again! Go out and get a life___ Her father’s word rang in her mind .

She now understand what her father meant by those words. He didn’t hate her, he was only trying to protect her and make her see the outside world.
The ringtone of her phone jolted her from her thought, she sat up and she checked the caller ID.


She sighed and allowed it stop ringing before switching off her phone, there’s no how she’ll pick that he wouldn’t sense that something is wrong with her.

She was finally starting to feel sleepy, she got out of the bed and walked into Arin’s room through the adjoining door,she was sleeping beautifully and Irish smiled as she saw her stir in her bed.

Irish had taken Dolly over to her own house.
She covered her properly with her blanket and walked back to her room.


_New day._

“I called Irene yesternight but she didn’t pick,i guessed she was asleep” Arusha said to Olivia after she asked what Irish said about Jessica.
“Ohh” Olivia said.
“If she doesn’t come to school today,then something is definitely wrong” Arusha said.

They were yet to see Jessica.

“She must have been so affected by what happened…i understand” Olivia said.
“Uh…She’s here” Arusha said and Olivia raised up her head.

Jessica walked into the class and there was silence for a while before the students started murmuring and mocking her.

No one greeted her like they used to but she looked like she didn’t care.
She dropped her backpack in her locker and headed to her seat.

Surprisingly she wasn’t on make up and she still looked flawlessly beautiful.
Her hair was packed in a simple ponytail and she didn’t even had that arrogant look anymore.

Her eyes met with Olivia’s and Arusha’s as she sat down.

“Woah” Olivia said.
“I’m wowed too, this is the first time i’ll be seeing her without make up” Arusha said.
“And she looked so beautiful still”Olivia said and Arusha nodded.

“Didn’t you see she’s changed a little…there’s something about her face that looked calm, did you noticed?” Arusha asked.
“Of course i did, i hope she has really changed though..for better” Olivia said.

“I’m glad nothing seems wrong with her” Olivia said.
“Me too” Arusha said.



“Arusha,,come with me, Mr Natalie wants to see you” Mrs Gina Said as she rounded up her class.
Arusha got up and followed her.

Olivia started going through the subject all over again.
Mrs Gina has a way of explaining so fast.
She was halfway through it when she heard a familiar voice.
Cooler though.

“Hi” Jessica said and Olivia slowly raised up her head.
Jessica was standing before her, and Olivia wasn’t surprised.

“Hi” Jessica repeated.
“Hey”Olivia said.
“I know i should have waited till lunch break before doing this but..i just have to do it now that i have the courage to. I’m so sorry” Jessica said.
“For?” Olivia asked.
“Everything” Jessica said.
“I’m not pissed at you over anything, Arusha is the one who deserves your apology” Olivia said.

“I know, I’m gonna apologise to him too but do you think he’s going to forgive me?” Jessica asked and Olivia smiled.

“Did you purposely waited for him to leave before coming?”
“Well..yes” Jessica admitted, she’s so ashamed to face him.
“You think he might yell at you or something?” Olivia asked and Jessica nodded.

“He won’t, he forgave you already. He doesn’t hold grudge. I’m glad you finally snapped out of your oblivion Jessy”Olivia said.
“All thanks to you on that” Jessica said.

“All thanks to you too cause i feel no matter how much i speak to you,if you don’t want to change,you wouldn’t have. Change is a personal decision” Olivia said and Jessica thought she speaks so intelligently.
” I’m so happy i made you consider changing cause i couldn’t even imagine you going that way forever” Olivia sigh.
“I must have been such a bad girl” Jessica said.
“Yeah,you should be called bad girl Jessica” Olivia joked and they chuckled.

“Thank you” Jessica said and Olivia nodded.
Arusha walked into the class and was surprised to see them together, not only him was.
The whole class was.
They’ve been monitoring Jessica’s every movement and they were so pained she didn’t seem to mind them.
Irish had actually told her not to mind them at all.

“So..” Jessica cleared her throat and rubbed the back of her neck.
“Do you still want to be my friend?” She asked Olivia nervously.
She would understand if she says no though.
“I have to go” Jessica said when she saw Arusha approaching and she had gotten to her seat before Olivia could stop her.

“Hey, what’s going on?”Arusha asked Olivia as he sat down.
“She came to apologise to me and she’s worried you might yell at her or not forgive her if she comes to you” Olivia said.
“Ohh…is that why she walked to her seat when she saw me approaching?” Arusha asked and Olivia nodded.

She noticed there was a different look in his eyes though,like he just discovered some piece of news he’s not happy with.

“And she asked me if I’m still interested in being her friend” Olivia said.
“Are you?” Arusha asked.
“Of course, she realised her mistakes already, she has turn a new leaf plus she’s so lonely. I wouldn’t want to make her feel bad by turning her down” Olivia said.
“That’s cool”Arusha said.
“And it’s time for me to also have a female friend, you have Ryan already” Olivia said and Arusha laughed.

“You have to stop getting jealous Olivia” He said.
“I’m not” Olivia said and Arusha arched a brow in disbelief.
He looked cute and Arusha felt her inside flutter.

“Anyway, i still remain your best friend, remember that” Arusha said and it was Olivia’s turn to laugh.
“You’re the one getting jealous here” She said.
“I’m not” Arusha said and Olivia shook her head in disbelief.

“Did Mr Natalie discussed anything with you?” Olivia asked and Arusha hesitated for a while before speaking up.
“Olivia, is there anything you aren’t telling me about you?” He asked and Olivia felt instantly alarmed.

“W..what made you ask that? Did Mr Natalie told you anything?” Olivia panicked inwardly.
“Not really…he only told me to protect you and i keep wondering why he said that” Arusha said.


“Could it be because of my phobia? He might be asking you to protect me from other students so they won’t find out and…ahh” Olivia sighed. She hated lieing to him but she has no choice here.

She doesn’t want anyone to know about her identity yet.
Arusha’s look showed he didn’t believe her and she felt so bad for lieing to him.

“Anything it is, you should tell me soon,i might get pissed when i find out myself. We’re friends and i told you everything about me already,it’s not nice to hide things about you from me when you already know everything about me ” Arusha said and all Olivia could do was nod.
He was obviously starting to suspect.

“I even asked you severally why you don’t have a last name but you refused to tell me” Arusha said unhappily.
“I’m sorry, I’m going to tell you everything once I’m ready to” Arusha said and he nodded..

“Hey, smile” She said and the frown left his face but he didn’t smile.
“Com’on” She whined and then starter tickling him.
“Okay..St.op ” He said in between laughter.



” I feel so ashamed to come to you Arusha but i must apologize, I’m so sorry for everything,for the pains I’ve caused you,the embarrassment..the..” Jessica was saying.
She had finally summoned courage to approach him.
Students were leaving the class to the cafeteria already.
“You’re forgiven Jessy, for everything” Arusha said.
“Really?” Jessica asked.
“Yes” Arusha smiled.

“Thank you” Jessica smiled shyly.

“I apologized to Irish also and she forgave me,she promised to make beautiful dresses for me” Jessica added, her face full of smiles.
She loves dresses.
“Woah, lucky you” Arusha smiled.

“And Mr Harlow is around,will you come over during weekend to see him?” Jessica asked.
“Wow, he’s finally around. I’m not sure i can come over by weekend though” Arusha said.
“I promise I’m not gonna throw things at you, you’ll leave the house in one piece”Jessica said and they laughed.
“Okay, I’ll try to come over then”Arusha said.
“Alright” Jessica said and turn to Olivia,
“I..i asked you a question before leaving earlier” Jessica picked her fingers anxiously.

She has no friends anymore and coming to school and leaving without having anyone to talk to would be so terrible,not when she’s used to having people around her.

“Yes Jessy, We’re friends” Olivia smiled.
“! Thank you” Jessica was touched, she had thought Olivia would refuse.
“Why thanking me? I’m the one happy here to have a beautiful and intelligent girl as a friend” Olivia said as she got to her feet.
She stretched out her arms for a hug.
Jessica’s eyes glistened with tears and she tried to sniff back her tears before hugging Olivia.

Her tears dropped on Olivia’s clothed back and Olivia felt it, tears rushed to her face too but she did a good job in stopping it.

Arusha wondered how easily females cry.
It’s just like they have a pool of water in their eyes, ready to pour out anytime.

They disengaged from the hug and Jessica cleaned her tears.

“Aren’t you gonna ask me to be your friend too?” Arusha asked.
“Hey! Stick to Ryan” Olivia said sternly and he laughed.
“Punch your phone number in here” Jessica handed her phone happily to Olivia and Olivia gladly punched her number.
“Yours too” She said Arusha and he did the same.

“I’m going to the cafeteria, you both are going to wait for me when school’s over right?” Jessica asked.

“Of course, we’ll talk some more and get to know one another” Arusha said.
“Why don’t you join us for lunch break, I’m afraid of how you’re gonna be in the cafeteria” Olivia said.
“Ohh..yes, the students can be silly” Arusha said.

“You mean..i can join you?” Jessica was awed. She also wasn’t ready for what she’s gonna face at the cafeteria.
“Yes”Arusha and Olivia said in unison.

“Thank you so much.. but, Mr Natalie” Arusha said worriedly.
“No problem, i told you to join us right? You don’t have to be worried”Olivia said.
“Mr Natalie’s daughter”Arusha joked and Olivia rolled her eyes at him.
He laughed.
“Are you related to him?” Jessica asked Olivia.
“No,but you’ll know who i am to him soon” Olivia smiled.



Few minutes later, Olivia and Jessica were chatting like long lost friends.

“Arrgh!” Arusha groaned.
“I’m gonna ask Ryan to start attending Ivy Royals” He added and they laughed.



“Ohh.. you’re back?” Irish smiled as Jessica walked into her workshop.
“Yes i am” Jessica grinned.
She not even changed into her house wear yet.

She couldn’t wait to tell Irish that Arusha and Olivia had forgiven her and she was officially their friend now.

“You look happy” Irish sensed.
“I am! They forgave me” Jessy said.
“I knew they would” Iriah smiled, this shows Olivia is also someone who doesn’t hold grudge.
“And not only that…” Jessica sprawled on the chair.
“What?” Irish turned to her curiously.
“I’m officially their friend!” She said excitedly.
“Woah! That’s great, you guys will make great peers” Irish said.

“They even made me eat with them in the class, they stopped me from going to the cafeteria because i might be mocked. ”

“Eat in the class? Isn’t that prohibited?” Irish asked.
“It is but.. Olivia has a phobia of eating amongst so many people. She’s allowed to eat in the class during lunch break, she made Arusha join her and I’m included now too!”
“Ohh” Irish said.

“Yeah…School was much fun than i thought it’d be, i thought I’d be bored with no one to talk to but Olivia and Arusha kept my company and they are the funniest people on earth” Jessica laughed.
“Relatable” Irish smiled.

“I need to go freshen up…and you’ve delivered those dresses?” Jessica asked, seeing the dresses she packed wasn’t there anymore.

“Yes i have and i got great feedbacks” Irish grinned, she’s glad she’s starting to create a name for herself.

“The feedbacks should be great, you’re great yourself” Jessica said.
“Thank you” Irish said.
“Are you okay Irish?” Jessica asked, noticing how pale she looked.

“Yes i am” Irish said.
“Are you sure?” Jessica asked.
“Of course” Irish smiled.
“Okay then, I’m off,I’ll be back.” Jessica said.

“Okay” Irish watched her leave and smiled to herself.
It’s unbelievable to think this is Jessica.
Woah…when people change, they’re hardly recognizable.

Sarah already left early in the morning.

She sighed and rested her head,she doesn’t know why she has been feeling down.



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