Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 58

“Listen Irish, i know you do not like Javad but there’s no way he would betray me,i trust him so much like i trust every of my bodyguards, everyone of them has been loyal to me for years now” Ethan said.

“You never can tell, Ethan! You don’t know what’s going on inside them,you do not know what they are doing behind you, don’t be so sure none of them can betray you,we live in a funny world” Irish said and Ethan stared at her thoughtfully.

He truly shouldn’t trust people so deeply but he can vouch for his bodyguards especially Javad..

“But i still think your dislike for Javad is clouding your judgement” Ethan said.
“No..well, not really. Why did you say that?” She asked.
“Javad wasn’t the only one at the door. Robbins was too”
“Okay well..they are both suspects but i don’t know why Javad came to my mind first and trust me Ethan, my intuitions are always right” Irish said.

“What if it’s neither Javad nor Robbins. What if it’s a nurse that agreed to always keep tab on us after Morgan probably promised to give her a whole lot of money. Morgan knows i don’t use any hospital asides Luc’s” Ethan said.

“Morgan won’t tip a nurse just so he will know what’s wrong with me! It’s definitely someone but I don’t think it’s a nurse. He didn’t even know I’m sick not to talk of going to the hospital. It’s definitely someone near you Ethan” Irish said.

“You might be right!. It could be that too, what are we going to do?” Ethan sighed.
“I can’t say cause we’re not even sure about the suspect yet” Ethan added
“We’re going to check the hospital’s CCTV footage!” Irish said
“Hmm…good thought” Ethan smiled,her smartness amazes him at times.
He hadn’t even thought of that.

“And after checking the footage, we’d know at least someone who seems suspicious, we’ll tell the detectives about it and investigation would begin” Irish said.
“Good but is that really necessary?” Ethan asked.
“Yes! Ethan,a spy can be dangerous, they mostly destroy things behind closed doors and whatever they are bent on destroying would have gone out of repair before the victim finds out. I don’t want anyone hurting you, please” Irish said and Ethan nodded.
“I’m going to meet with the security department of Luc’s hospital” Ethan said.

“How come you’re looking more pretty, is it my baby? ” Ethan asked and she laughed.
For the first time,she was happy to be carrying a baby.
“I didn’t expect you to look this handsome too . I thought the accident would have left some ugly scratches on your face” Irish scoffed playfully.
“I protected my face, i wouldn’t want my baby to grow up to an ugly father” Ethan said and if there was anything Irish wished for most, it’s to spend her life with Ethan
Seeing how happy he looks now brought tears to her eyes.

“Com’on, you have to stop crying every now and then, you’re hurting the baby”Ethan dabbed her tears with his handkerchief and then kissed her lightly on the lips.
She beamed brightly.

“Dmn! You’re not trying to make my breath seize with your beauty,are you?” Ethan groaned and she laughed.
She felt so at peace now.

Ethan leaned forward to kiss her again and this time it was a long sizzling kss.
They both stopped to catch their breath and they laughed seeing how flushed they both look.

“Geez! My mum’s medications. I have to go” Irish said.
“Wait…you didn’t even asked how i knew you were at the pharmacy.”Ethan said.
“I need to get this medication to my mum first” Irish said worriedly.
“Doc Luc is in your house now, taking care of your mum” Ethan said.
“What? How?” Irish asked.
“I went to your house and Mrs Helen answered the door, i noticed she was down with fever and she confirmed it even though,i called Doc Luc immediy” Ethan said.

“I forwarded your home address to him and i made sure he arrived before coming to find you”
“Ohh” Irish said, relieved her Mum is getting treatment.
“Thank you Ethan” She smiled.
“So, how did you know i was at the pharmacy?” Irish asked.
“Your mum told me, even though she seemed angry with me” Ethan smiled.

“Yeah she is” Irish sighed.
“I bet Arusha must be angry with me too. He probably didn’t come to me because i was at the hospital”Ethan laughed.
“Arusha was not so angry and that was because he likes you so much, he understands you and he had even advised me to be patient,that you’re going to come around soon” Irish said.
“Really? Wow! ” Ethan smiled.
“You won his heart already” Irish chuckled.
“Obviously” Ethan said.

“Irish, I’m sorry to have not let you into my ward when you came to check on me. I was still pissed ” Ethan said.
“It’s fine, I knew you weren’t ready to see me then” Irish said.

“I was still burning with rage then but i told Javad to come get you back but you already went out with Morgan” Ethan hissed jealously.
“Went off with Morgan?” Irish asked.
“Yeah, Javad returned to me and said you went off with Morgan” Ethan said.
“I met Morgan outside the hospital truly but i didn’t went off with me, did you actually believed i entered his car?” Irish asked.

“You mean,you didn’t?” Ethan asked.
“I didn’t! Thought I’ve said it before! He only said some thrash about wanting me as her lover and i didn’t even gave enough chance to have a long convo with me before walking away “.
“Uhhhh” Ethan said slowly, wondering why Javad had told him a different thing.

“I seriously don’t know what sort of game Javad is trying to play, I’m starting to think he’s the suspect” Irish said.
“Com’on, i guess he was mistaken. You know how much Morgan womanizes,he might have made another lady get into his car after you left and Javad had thought it was you” Ethan said.
“Oh… really?” Irish said thoughtfully.
“Yeah. I’m so relieved you hadn’t gotten into his car with him though” He said.

She smiled even though she hadn’t agreed to the excuse Ethan gave.
Javad had lied!
But why??

“My parents are aware” Ethan said and Irish’s eyes widened.
“Of everything” He added.
“Huh?” Irish asked, panicky.
“Yeah and they took it better than i thought, they are still okay with me getting married to you” Ethan said.

“What! Are you being serious?” Irish asked and Ethan nodded with a smile.
“I was surprised also” He said.
“With your Mum too?” Irish asked.
“Yes!” Ethan said.
“ God!” Irish screamed,she was stunned!

The Harlow’s still accepted her even with her hurting their son!

She was beyond happy.

Ethan laughed “Com’on,even if they hadn’t accepted you,it wouldn’t have stopped me from taking things further with you. They won’t have any other choice than to respect my decision”

“But their approval really means a lot and I’m glad we got it already” Irish beamed, filled with happiness.
“Yeah right…so will you come back to the house please?” Ethan asked.

“I would love to but i think the Morgan is going to start telling to hurt you or your family. I don’t know why he came up with the love affection just now, he’s cooking up something and staying in your house might affect us all” Irish said

“Irish stop,, it’ll be safe to return to my house, he won’t want to hurt you cause I guess he loves you, You know him so much, Morgan loves to taunt people. I believe you’re never leaving me for him” Ethan said.

“Never”Irish said.


____Ivy Royals___

“I seriously don’t know what’s going on also” Jessica said to Arusha during lunch break.

They’ve both been unhappy over what’s going on between Ethan and Irish, Olivia was unhappy too cause neither Jessica nor Arusha looks happy.

“She doesn’t eat until we have to force her,she cries all the time” Arusha said worriedly.
Olivia sighed. “Do you want me to place a call through her and make her happy for at least a moment?”
“No Oli, thank you” Arusha said.
“He was discharged yesterday and I’m not sure he came out of his room” Jessica sighed.

“Believe me guys, this is normal.” Olivia said.
She and Jessica was well aware of the whole story, Arusha had told them, they were all unhappy.

“I don’t want to get angry at Mr Ethan for making my sister go through all this,but one thing i hate so much is seeing her cry, it breaks my heart” Arusha said pushing his lunch away.

Olivia rubbed his back. “Everything will be fine. They both need sometime alone” She assured.
“Thank you” Arusha said. He was so glad to have Olivia in his life.

She was always ready to comfort him and Jessica,she shared their sad moments with them like a good friend should.

His feelings for her didn’t falter for once, it keeps increasing to his surprise and he had planned to ask her out before all this happened.

“Okay…the both of you have to eat, you won’t want to look like broomsticks once they finally reconcile” Olivia said and they laughed.


____ __

Ethan sat in his office, working.
He has not had a rest or eaten since morning.
He has to catch up on all the works that has been left behind for days.

His manager can do that but Ethan loves doing things himself,he loves doing things to his own satisfaction.

And the great time he had spent with Irish yesterday,made him work happily.

The intercom buzzed and he picked it up.

“Hey” He said.
” Mr Ethan, Morgan Harlow is here to see you” His secretary said.
“Ohh… really?” Ethan asked,not surprised a bit.
“But i told him there’s no way he can,he refused to leave but the securities are on their way to lead him out. I just wanted to inform you.
“Let him in” Ethan said.
“Let him in” Ethan repeated.
“Ohh…okay sir”

The call disconnected and the secretary turned to face Morgan and his multiple bodyguards.

“Uhh..He said you can come in” She said and Morgan gave her a one sided smiled.
“I told you he won’t dare refuse to let me in.” Morgan grinned.
“You’ll be led to his office” She said.

“I know my way” Morgan said and then walked to the elevator with his bodyguards.
He had grown up with Ethan for years and even though hates to admit it, Ethan had a hand in making him this successful today.

“Have you gotten that stuff ready?” Morgan whispered to one of his bodyguards.
“Yes boss” The bodyguard bowed and Morgan laughed as he got into the elevator.



“I’m sorry but you can’t go in with your bodyguards!” Robbins said sternly to Morgan.
“Says who?” Morgan asked.
“It’s not allowed, no one goes into my boss’s office with bodyguards ” Robbins said.
“Move out of the way” Morgan said menacingly.

“Morgan Harlow, you really need to give yourself some respect. I’m sure your bodyguards do follow everything you tell them, you don’t expect me to disobey my boss too. Javad why aren’t you saying anything?!” Robbins asked, quite surprised by Javad’s sudden behavior.

They were both assigned to stay by Mr Ethan’s door.

“Your boss wouldn’t dare tell me not to come in with my bodyguards. Move out of the way” Morgan said.
“I dare tell you Morgan Harlow,not to come into my office with any bodyguard. If you insist, then you can take your leave” Ethan said, appearing at the door.
“Ohh…i can see you gave your bodyguard the opportunity to stand before me and say thrash” Morgan said.
“You gave your bodyguards the freedom to glare at me too” Ethan asked.
“Why do they look so malnourished? I bet Robbins can beat up the ten of them in just few minutes” Ethan laughed.

Morgan looked annoyed “Are you mocking my bodyguards?”
“Of course not but you shouldn’t eat all the meals alone, make them feed well and work out, you know they are the ones meant to protect you whenever you’re in danger,they look so starved they could pass for gatekeepers and even my gatekeeper is not as malnourished as they are.” Ethan said, wearing a mockery smile.

Morgan saw his bodyguards stare at their feet and he was so angry they had allowed Ethan words get to them.
He gritted his teeth and glared hard at Ethan who doesn’t even seem affected by anything.

“And why do you have to go out with ten bodyguards? Are your bad deeds that much that you need ten bodyguards to follow you wherever you go. You don’t feel safe cause you’ve hurt so many people and you’re afraid of being hurt too. I go out with just two bodyguards or none at all, don’t you feel choked with all these people around you?” Ethan asked.

“Keep shut! Fool” Morgan barked angrily.
“Okay kid brother” Ethan laughed and Robbins laughed too.
Morgan had initially thought he’d be the one to make mockery of Ethan but tables are turned already.

“Dmn! Look at that one at the back. Is he eighteen?” Ethan asked pointing to a bodyguard who looked so thin and frail.

“Matcha is seventeen boss” Robbins reminded Ethan and they both bursted out laughing.

“Right! Matcha is seventeen and he’s even more built than this guy. He looks matured,i think he only needs some diet.” Ethan said feeling so sorry for him.
” Before they leave, make Anna write a cheque of $200,000 and give it to him secretly”Ethan whispered to Robbins who nodded.

“I’m so sorry guards, i didn’t mean to mock you all” Ethan apologized and they all stared in surprise.

“If you’re still insisting on coming in with your bodyguards,then you may leave” Ethan said, making to close the door.

“Fine, I’ll come in alone” Morgan said through gritted teeth.
He was so mad his plan just got ruined.

Ethan was seated comfortable on his seat when Morgan walked in.
“Sit” He offered.

“I don’t need to” Morgan said.
“You can stand then. Why are you here?” Ethan asked,he wouldn’t allow Morgan threaten him and push him around like a bushbaby anymore.

“Irish” Morgan said and Ethan bursted into a loud laughter.
“If I can think we, my name is not Irish, and Irish is a lady. Do I look like a lady? Ethan asked, touching his face dramatically.
“I’m not here to joke Ethan!” Morgan yelled, banging the table.

He sent some files flying in the air and that almost pissed Ethan off but he remained calm.

He picked his phone and placed a call across Robbins.
“Send one of Morgan’s bodyguards in now.
“Okay Mr Ethan.

The door opened and a bodyguard walked in.

“Clean your boss’s mess” Ethan said to him pointing to the files on the floor and the bodyguard didn’t hesitate, he picked the files and arranged it neatly on Ethan’s table.
He so much wished he was working for Ethan.

“Thank you,you can leave” Ethan smiled and the bodyguard left.
Morgan’s eyes dimmed with anger ” What did you just do?”
“You were not blind, you saw it all and didn’t stop me” Ethan said.

“You do not have the right to order my bodyguard around” Morgan said.
“I did not, i only asked him to clean your mess. Isn’t it part of their duty?” Ethan asked.

“Whatever! I want Irish. I’ve been interested in her from day one, and I’ve come to let you know that I love her and ready to have her as my wife, not minding that.. thing, or baby she’s carrying” Morgan grinned.

“Okay, have you told her?” Ethan asked, looking so unmoved that it pissed Morgan off.
He had wanted to see Ethan look threatened and scared but the fool is looking otherwise.

“What exactly do you want? Are you here to talk about your so called love for Irish or something else? I have so many work to do.” Ethan said.
“Like i once said,I’m done with Catherine and now I’m moving to Irish”

“You must be a dunderhead to think you can win Irish over that easily. Do you know her at all? Even if you offer her the whole wealth in the world,she is going to remain on her stand. I should give you a hint, you can’t win Irish over with wealth, or material things” Ethan smiled.

“What game are you trying to play Ethan?” Morgan asked suspiciously.

“Game? I do not need to play any game, Irish’s mine already but you are free to ‘shoot your shot’ though” Ethan laughed.

“This was exactly how you claimed Catherine was yours then before i took her away from you” Morgan laughed.
“I know right but can’t you see Irish’s different from Catherine, are you that foolish? How many times have you approached her for sexual affair? Ethan groaned.

“You’re the foolish one here Ethan. Whatever you say won’t make me stop fighting for mr Irish and you know how bloody my fights can be , it’ll be better for you to step down now” Morgan said.

“ God! I’m scared”Ethan shivered dramatically before bursting into laughter.
“You should really desist from threatening people Morgan, you’ve been doing this for years now even when we were little,i thought you’d be more matured by now. I’m so disappointed”Ethan shook his head.
“Step down now Ethan! Or you’ll face the consequences,you know how dangerous i am” Morgan said.
” You’re dangerous right? Then,you shouldn’t be so scared of a weakling like me…gosh” Ethan said.

“Scared?” Morgan laughed. “I’m not scared, i just don’t want to hurt you or people close to you. Especially that miserable parents of yours.”

“I couldn’t fight for Catherine,but now i want to know how it feels to really fight for what you want. I’ll be fighting for Irish and i should warn you to get ready,I’ll not be so nice. And just so you know, she’s carrying my baby”Ethan said and for the first time ever Morgan felt threatened.

“Okay, the battle line is drawn”Morgan said with all the courage he could muster.
“You’re so good in doing things like this right?” Ethan asked.
“Of course, are you getting scared already?” Morgan laughed.

“Scared? He.ll no but don’t be so relaxed thinking you’re going to win this time cause I’m going to make you taste my venom” Ethan said,his eyes darkened to the deepest shade of Jade.

Morgan covered his fear with a scary laughter.
“Really? Then the best should throw the best pitch” Morgan said.

“And starting now, I’m gonna be pitching knives and spares”Ethan smiled slowly and Morgan tightened his fist.

Ethan made him scared for the first time in his life.

“If you have nothing more to say, you may leave. I was working before you came in here” Ethan said.

“And if you dare hurt anyone close to me, I’ll wipe off your entire generation and make you lose the huts you call companies, you know with just a word from me to the press, you’re ruined. The battle is between us, do not let it exceed to our close ones”Ethan said.

Morgan gave him one last look before walking out of his office,Javad was surprised to see Morgan look that way as he walked away with his bodyguards.
What could Ethan have said to him.

Robbins walked into Ethan’s office after he summoned him.

“Did you give the bodyguard the cheque?” Ethan asked.
“Yes Mr Ethan,he was so grateful” Robbins said.
“He’s the worst looking of them all and i know he really needs the money” Ethan said.
“I hope things went fine between you and Morgan?” Robbins asked.
“Very fine! I’m so proud of myself,I’ve never felt this good” Ethan smiled.
“I’m glad” Robbins smiled too.
“I’m starving already” Ethan said.
“I’m going to order lunch right away sir” Robbins said and Ethan nodded with a smile.

He wished he had never made his parents pick up Morgan from the first place, who knows where he could’ve been now. In the guitar?



“OMG!” Irish laughed so hard at the movie she was watching with her stepmum.
Mr Helen stared at her and smiled.
Irish has been so happy since Ethan came around.
She smiled and laughed at everything, she even ate to her full, claiming she doesn’t want her baby to starve.
Arusha was so happy too.

Ethan”s presence really lit up Irish.
She even looks more beautiful now, she had worn a bright coloured dress today and packed her hair in her favorite style.
How she quickly changed after seeing Ethan didn’t surprise Mrs Helen,she was once in love too.

Her only prayer now was for Ethan to stand by her which she know he’s capable of.
And she’s going to start knitting little wears for the baby.

Irish sniffed the bunch of flowers Ethan has sent to her this morning,she smiled and continued watching the movie.

Mrs Helen chuckled softly knowing she can’t even count the amount of time Irish had sniffed the flowers.
Her daughter is so in love..

“Should i make some pizza rolls for you?” Mrs Helen asked.
“No, you really need to rest so the medications can work and i just finished a bag of potato chips not long ago” Irish said.
“Oh.. okay” Mrs Helen smiled.
“Do you want something?” Irish asked.
“No, I’m okay” Mrs Helen said and Irish nodded before turning back to the movie.

“I should switch to another channel already, this movie is going to crack my ribs” Irish laughed hard and quickly grabbed the remote control.


____Ivy Royals___

“I’m so happy” Olivia grinned after Arusha and Jessica told her the couple reconciled already.

“I still can’t believe how Irish changed after Mr Ethan came around,it was so surprising. She ate everything she could lay her hands on yesterday and we even had to stop her at some point” Arusha said and they laughed.
“This is a great news!”Olivia said.
“Yes it is. I’m so happy” Jessica said.
“And Mr Ethan even sent flowers to her before i left for school this morning”Arusha said.

“Awwwn” Olivia and Jessica said in unison.
“Geez! Ladies do have common traits. That was what Irish said after receiving the flower and i almost thought she had turned into a cat” Arusha said and Jessica and Olivia laughed hard.
“Dmn! You’re so funny” Jessica said.
“He is and he doesn’t even know it”Olivia said, staring lovingly at Arusha.

“What’s stopping you both from dating already?” Jessica asked, resting her chins on her palms.
“Huh?” Olivia asked, blushing hard.

She quickly made her hair cover her cheeks and then stared at her fingers nervously.
Damn! Jessica shouldn’t have brought this up now.

“Uhh…” Arusha scratched his hair, stealing glances at Olivia.
“You don’t have to say anything. Jessica was just joking. Right Jessy?” Olivia asked.
“No, I’m not” Jessica shrugged.


“, see how flushed you both look” Jessica laughed and Olivia glared at her playfully.
“Okay, Arusha,how’s Ryan? You’ve not talked about him recently” Jessica said and Arusha laughed.

“Stop pretending already, you like him” Olivia said.
“I don’t” Jessica denied.
“You do” Arusha said, it was their turn to see Jessica’s cheeks go red and they both laughed.

“I only asked cause i…. you haven’t talked about him for days now” Jessica said.
“That’s because of what happened. Ryan’s fine and he asks of you too”Arusha said.
“Really?” Jessica asked.
“Yes, will you come over by weekend?” Arusha asked.
“I will!” Jessica quickly said and realising she had said that too fast and eagerly.
“I will” She repeated very slowly and less eagerly. It made Olivia and Arusha burst into laughter.

“Oli,will you come over too?” Arusha asked and the idea sounded great to Olivia, she’ll get to meet Ryan and even Irish! But she doubt her father would allow her. He won’t allow her step out of the palace.
“Maybe next time” Olivia said.
“Why?” Jessica and Arusha asked in unison.

“I don’t think my Dad will allow me” She said sadly.
“Why? He doesn’t allow you visit friends?” Jessica ssked and Olivia nodded.
“You said he knew about us,I’m sure he won’t mind if you want to hang out with us” Arusha said.

“It’s not even that” Olivia said.
“It’s what?” Arusha asked.
“Okay! You know what? I’ll try to cajole him into letting me come over, how about that?” Olivia asked with a smile.

They continued chatting and laughing as they ate.
Jessica was so glad to be part of them.
They were her best gift!


____NEXT DAY___

Ethan sat in his office at ‘Ethan’s construction’
He was busy with his laptop that the cup of coffee before him had turned cold.
So much is needed to be done and he needs to finish it up.

His phone started ringing and he almost ignored it but he couldn’t after staring at the screen.
It was Irish.
He smiled, he didn’t even inform her of Morgan’s visit.

“Hey sweetheart” He said.
“Ethan..” She said and he noticed how dull her voice sounded..
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“T..the baby,i..j..ust fell. Bl..ood. I’m bleeding!” She said in tears.

“Oh my God!” Ethan nearly dropped his laptop on the floor..
He rushed out of his office and Robbins and Javad hurried after him.
“Is Mrs Helen there?” Ethan asked as he rushed to the parking lot.

“She went to the gr..ocery store. I don’t w..ant to lose my” Irish cried weakly.
“Just hold in there for me okay. I’ll be right there, stay on the call, do not disconnect” Ethan said.

“Get the dmn car ready!” Ethan yelled at his driver.



Ethan arrived at Irish’s house in minutes and he almost fell as he rushed out of the car when his driver wasn’t even fully parked.

He got into the house in a flash and Robbins thought Mr Ethan could beat Usain Bolt at that moment.

“I..I’m in my room. The first one on the left” Irish said.
Ethan threw his phone at Robbins who caught it like he had been expecting it.

He headed to Irish’s room and almost tore the door open.
He walked in and met her writhing in pain on the floor, with her white robe messed with blood.

Her eyes had gone red with tears and she was looking ashen.

“OMG!” He exclaimed, picking her up.
“I..i ” She was saying.

“Don’t say anything” Ethan said, rushing out of the room with Irish in his hands.
Robbins and Javad were shocked to see her in that condition.
They hurried after Ethan.


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