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Chapter 59

He helped her into his car and Robbins and Javad quickly got in too.

No one told the driver before he started driving at a full speed to Doc Luc’s hospital.

Irish cried knowing she had once prayed for a miscarrige which would be the solution to their problems but suddenly she didn’t want that to happen anymore.

“God is punishing me” She cried and Ethan insisted she shouldn’t say anything.
He was scared.

Doc Luc was waiting outside the hospital with some nurses before they got there, Ethan had called him.

They quickly led her into the hospital and took her to the examining room.

Ethan paced the hall, deeply worried.

What if Irish took a abortion pill? No, she said she wasn’t going to tarminate the baby again.

Robbins quickly handed a face cap and sunglass to him.
He sighed before taking it.

“I’ll go get him a new shirt at home” Javad said to Robbins and made to walk out of the hospital.

“Javad” Ethan called him back.
“Yes Mr Ethan” Javad said.
“You don’t have to go home,I’ll send my driver to pick a new shirt for me”Ethan said.
“Allow me go Mr Ethan, the driver won’t be so fast with it” Javad said, he needed to call Morgan to inform him of the recent happenings.

“Robbins,send my driver to go bring me a new shirt” Ethan said, ignoring Javad’s request.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Robbins said.

Javad was bothered but he didn’t show it.
Mr Ethan has never refused him to do things for him.
Could it be that he’s starting to suspect him?

Ethan let out a deep sigh…he was scared.
He wants the baby and he would be so pained if they lose the baby but Irish’s health comes first.
Robbins returned back into the hospital and handed Ethan’s phone to him.
Mrs Helen was calling.

He received the call and placed the phone on his ear.
“I got home now and decided to check Irisj in her room. All i saw was blood! Irish has been hurt and kidnapped by Morgan. Help me out!” Mrs Helen cried over the phone.
“She wasn’t kidnapped Mrs Helen, she was bleeding. I’m with her in the hospital now.
“OMG! I’m on my way” Mrs Helen said.
“Please bring along some fresh wears for her” Ethan said.
“Okay” Mrs Helen disconnected the call.


_ _ _ _

Doc Luc examined her and he could see she was still bleeding but not so heavily.

“Let’s get a sonogram done and see what’s going on?” He said peeling off his gloves.
Irish kept crying.
“You need to stop crying Miss Irish,it might make the situation worst” Doc Luc said.
The nurses put her in a wheelchair and she was rolled down the hall.
“What’s happening?” Ethan asked, looking so worried as he followed them.
“We don’t know yet, go back Mr Ethan,” Doc Luc said.

They took her in for a sonogram right away while Ethan waited outside.

A technician ran the wand over Irish’s belly,they could see the baby on the screen,it was moving and seemed peaceful.

Irish’s heart melted at the sight, she has never seen anything look so beautiful, her heart went out to it and she bursted into tears again.

“There’s a clot but just a small one” The technician said.
“This happens sometimes,it can cause bleeding, it’ll probably resorb all by itself,the baby may have bumped it” Doc Luc said, relieved it was not something serious.

“When i fell?” Irish asked.
“Yeah, you should cool off for a week or two and take things easy and give the clot a chance to dissolve,this won’t hurt the baby” Doc Luc said.

Irish gaze was fixed on the screen, staring at her baby.
She started sobbing “I thought I’d kill it because i didn’t want it”.
“How do you feel now?” Doc Luc asked.
“Scared. I’m not going to be losing it right?” She asked.
“No” Doc Luc smiled.

“Do you want Mr Ethan to see it?” Doc Luc asked.
Irish nodded and a nurse went to fetch Ethan.

“I need to use the restroom” Javad said to Robbins after Mr Ethan left with the nurse.
Robbins nodded, thinking something was suspicious about Javad but he shrugged off the thought.

Javad walked into the restroom, almost breathless.
He grabbed his phone and quickly called Morgan.
” Irish is bleeding and she has been admitted.”
“! I just wish she’ll lose that monster’s baby! Keep me of the recent happenings Javad” Morgan said.
“Ok boss”

Javad tuck his phone back in his pocket,washed his face before stepping out.



They had switched the screen to the bigger,brighter screen in 3D before Ethan came in so he could have a better look.
The baby was still moving when Ethan walked in,he took one glance at the screen and tears rushed to his eyes.
“I love you so much” He said to Irish, leaning to kss her.

“I love you too” She smiled and kssed him back tenderly.
“I was so scared” She said.
“Me too” Ethan said and they both stared at the baby in silence and with joy in their heart.

Ethan felt the baby was his but he doesn’t want to get so excited.
He rubbed Irish’s hair,she wouldn’t stop staring at the screen.
“Look at it’s tiny legs” She laughed and Ethan smiled.

“Do you want to know the sex?” Doc Luc asked and Irene shook her head.
“Not yet” She said, holding Ethan’s hands tightly.
“Are you fine? Do you still feel pains?” Ethan asked.
“No,I’m fine now” She said.
“Yeah,she’s fine. She can even leave for home today” Doc Luc said.
“Really?” Ethan asked.
“Yes,it’s nothing so serious” Doc Luc smiled.
“And she needs to take it easy for a week or two,I’m glad you both are back together but no make up sex,please” Doc Luc said and they laughed.

Mrs Helen was around already and she gave one of the nurses Irish’s wears.
Irish got dressed after that and they were handed two copies of the photo of their babies.
Irish hugged it to her chest tightly and Ethan stared at it tenderly.

They both seemed like blissful parents,not two people who were worried about the paternity of the baby.

“Can she leave now?” Ethan asked.
“Yes and always remind her to take a rest ” Doc Luc said.
“Thank you so much Doc Luc and the nurses” Irish said gratefully.
They walked out and Mrs Helen rushed to Irish.
“Are you okay?” She asked worriedly.
“Yes mum, I’m fine. The baby bumped the clot when i fell down” Irish smiled.
“, I’m so sorry i wasn’t there Irish, I’m not going to leave you alone at home starting from now” Mrs Helen said.
“No, you only need to be taking your phone with you wherever you go” Irish said.

“Thank you so much Mr Ethan, thank you for always being there” Mrs Helen said and Ethan nodded, smiling.



Mrs Helen walked into the living room with a heaping plate of steaming pizza rolls, with sauce and cheese oozing out of the seams.
Ethan was salivating already.
“Mum” Irish sat up. “You shouldn’t have bothered yourself”

“You both need to eat, you’ve been through a lot today and I’m sure you’re starving”
“Thanks Mrs Helen” Ethan smiled.
“My pleasure,which drink do you prefer?” She asked.
“I’m fine with just water” Ethan said.
“Are you sure?”
“He mostly drinks wine and I’m not sure we have his favorite” Irish said.
“Ohh” Mrs Helen said.
“I should get you water then and you, you don’t need to tell me what you want. I know it’s strawberry juice!” Mrs Helen said and Irish chuckled.
“Really? You don’t really like strawberry flavor” Ethan said.
“I guess her baby likes it so much, she has been craving it for days now,she doesn’t drink any other juice asides that now,i went to get some from the store this morning when we ran out of it” Mrs Helen said.
“Ohh” Ethan sighed.

“Arin also likes strawberry flavor so much” Ethan said.
“I know, how’s she? I hope she’s fine,you need to bring her over during weekend so she can spend some time with me” Irish said.
“Could it be that Arin sibling is the one on the way?” Ethan wondered loudly.
“I’m sure it is” Irish smiled.

“Let’s eat before it gets cold or we’re not going to enjoy it” Irish said.

Mrs Helen invited Ethan workers in for some plates of steaming pizza rolls.
They ate at the dining while Ethan and Irish had theirs in the living room, watching TV.



“I think I’m going to resume making Arin and Jessica come with the driver to pick Arusha, so you’ll get to see her everyday” Ethan said.
He had stopped them from coming with the driver.
“That’ll be great and i miss Jessica also” Irish smiled.
“She kept telling me to bring you back because you promised her some dresses” Ethan said and Irish laughed.
“Yeah i did and i was almost done with it before… everything. Make her come over during weekend with Arin”
“Okay,i will” Ethan said.

“Mrs Helen is a great cook” Ethan smiled, greatly enjoying the meal.


Arusha returned from school and was so surprised to see Ethan.
He hadn’t even expected to see him there but damn! He was so happy .

He rushed to him for a hug.



“Papa, please I’m begging you” Olivia said to her dad.
She had come into his office after she finished freshening up.
She has been pleading with him to allow her go out with her friends on Saturday but he’s not having any of it.

“I can’t allow you do that Olivia,it’s dangerous for you” Prince Alexandre Louis said.
“It’s not! None of them knows I’m a princess! Not many people know i am”
“Someone might see you and recognize you”
“I’m going to wear my shades” Olivia said pleadingly and her Dad sighed,signifying he’s not ready to allow her.

“You never allowed me go out with my friends, except to go on important functions for King City or we’re going to the white house, I’m tired! I’m tired of cutting ribbons for hospitals everytime. That’s not fun, and you won’t even allow me spend a day with my friends, have i ever asked for such favour? yet you’re refusing it the first time i asked. I’m so pissed right now” Olivia got on her feet and made to leave.
“Hey, princess” Her father called and she stopped walking.

“You know i hate seeing you sad and you want to use that against me huh? Well..You can go out with your friend, have fun ”
“Really?” Olivia’s face lit up.
“Thank you Papa” she screamed jumping into his arms.
“Ahhh, you now weigh alot” He groaned.
“Thank you Papa” Olivia said again, looking so happy.

“But on one condition” He said.
“Two bodyguards are going to follow you”
“Dad!” Olivia whined.
“I can’t let you go out there alone Olivia, you need someone to protect you”
“Having the bodyguards follow us everywhere won’t be fun and they’ll definitely ask me why bodyguards are all over me” Olivia said.

“The bodyguards would only stay at a reasonable distance,they won’t stop you guys from having fun,your friends won’t even know anything, the bodyguards will only keep a close watch on you from distance”
“Okay Papa, thank you” Olivia smiled.
“Let’s go have lunch”
“I will join you at the dinning,i need to go inform my friends first!” Olivia said bouncing happily to her room.

Her father smiled after her.



“When are you really going to make my dresses” Jessica said to Irish who laughed.
They were seated in the living room some minutes after Arin and Jessica arrived.
Arin was clinging to Irish and hadn’t let her go since they arrived.

“I promise I’m going to make your dresses soon and it’ll be more beautiful cause i just gained new and unique ideas” Irish said.
“I can’t wait” Jessica giggled.
“When are you coming back home?” Arin asked.
“Soon.” Irish smiled at her.
“Is that a promise?”
“Yes baby girl. I miss dressing you up and all” Irish said.
“I miss that too but it’s going to happen again soon” Arin smiled.
“Dad said i can spend the night with you and return home tomorrow”
“! Really?” Irish asked.
“Yes, that took everyone by surprise. My brother rarely allow Arin sleep out without him,he even takes her on business trips whenever he can. Well, i was not really surprised though” Jessica said.

“I’m so excited! Why didn’t you tell me immediately you arrived” Irish said hugging Arin to her chest.
“You were chatting with Jessica” Arin said .
“Ohh and is that the reason you brought this huge backpack ?” Irish bursted out laughing and Jessica joined her.
Arin frowned at the both of them and they laughed harder.

“Laugh all you want” She scoffed playfully.
” I’m so glad I’ll get to dress you up,comb your hair and style it again ” Irish smiled.
“I brought my pajamas, hair comb,two dresses,flip flops,body lotion,hair cream and…a dozen of strawberry muffins”Arin grinned.
“Woah…I can see why you brought this huge backpack. Where are the muffins,let me store them in the fridge for you” Irish said.
Arin opened her backpack and brought it out, it was in a small plastic container.
“Wow” Irish salivated.
“Can i have one please?” She asked.
“Of course but you don’t really like strawberry flavor” Arin said.
“I crave it this days” Irish said, chewing the cake already.
“Why?” Irish asked.
“Huh?” Irish turned to her with a mouthful.
“I mean why do you suddenly crave strawberries…” Arin said.
“Well…uhmm” Irish smiled.
“I’ll help you take the cakes to the kitchen and I’m going to help Mrs Helen and Arusha in the kitchen also” Jessica said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irish said.

“I want you to tell me the bedtime stories” Arin said.
“Arin….” Irish groaned.



“She still doesn’t know Olivia is coming?” Jessica whispered to Arusha who nodded.

They were watching Irish narrate bedtime stories to Arin.
They heard a knock on the door.
“Is she here already?” Jessica asked.

“Nah,I’m sure it’s Ryan”Arusha said and Ryan walked in.
He was dressed simply in a white T-shirt and blue jeans,he couldn’t hide his smile as he saw Jessica who had turned to the TV, blushing terribly.
Arusha smiled.
Ryan said hi to Arin and Irish and went to sit with Jessica and Arusha.

“Hey buddy” He patted Arusha’s back.
“Ryan”Arusha smiled.
Jessica almost melted on the couch,he was seating so close to her that she could feel his warmth.

She nearly cursed her cheeks for going so hot and red.
“Hi” Ryan said to her and her palms turned sweaty.
She swallowed hard before turning to face him and his eyes sent her to the moon and back.

“Hi” She said slowly.
“I’m Ryan” Olivia said stretching his hand forward for a handshake.
“Jessica” Jessica said accepting his handshake.
His palm was one of the warmest ever and she wanted to hold on to it forever.
“You look so beautiful” Ryan complimented.
“Thank you” Jessica found herself smiling and blushing hard.

“I’m outside your house” Olivia read Jessica’s text.
His face were suddenly lit with smiles.

“She’s outside” He said to Jessica.
“Olivia?” Ryan asked and Arusha nodded.
“I will go bring her” Jessica offered and she got to her feet before Arusha could disagree.

“You want to do something outside?” Mrs Helen asked Jessica as she walked into the living room.

“Yes ma’am,I’ll be right back” Jessica said before walking out of the door.
Ryan said hi to Mrs Helen and she responded before sitting.

“Arin and i will be going into the room” Irish said.
“No..wait”Arusha said.
“Why?” Irish asked.
“Wait till Jessica’s back”
“Why?” Irish asked curiously.
“Just wait, she’ll be back soon”Arusha said.
“Okay” Irish sighed and sat back.

The door opened and everyone turned like they were ordered to.

Olivia stepped in, wearing a beautiful and simple scarlet gown with a thin necklace with an emerald pendant.

She wore black sandals that wrapped their leather straps up to her knees and a black plain bag hung on her shoulder.
Arusha was stunned, he has never seen her in house wears and she looks so breathtaking in it.

Even if Irish had no idea who she was,the way Olivia had styled her hair into a bun with tendrils framing her face told Irish who it was.


“ Olivia?” Irish asked, getting to her feet.
“Irish” Olivia smiled and they both screamed and jumped into each other’s arms.

Mrs Helen recognized Olivia instantly but not as Olivia alone but Princess Olivia Louis of King City…


They sat in Arusha’s garden chatting and laughing after they all got to know themselves.

Irish and Arin are taking a nap in the house while Mrs Helen watched the TV with different thoughts running through her mind.

She’s not mistaken.
That’s Princess Olivia of King City.

She has read articles about her several times and seen her pictures in several magazines, what drew her to Olivia was that she was obviously a humble princess who avoids the camera, she’s the opposite of her brother.

It’s so obvious they are not aware of Olivia’s status yet.
She had felt so nervous to have a Royal around her and she almost bowed to Olivia when she greeted her.

What a stunning girl with a beautiful smile, she’s even more beautiful than she is in the papers.
She obviously do not want to reveal her identity to them yet and Mrs Helen is going to respect her decision even though she was kind of surprised. Most princesses do not hide their identity,they always want to be the center of attraction.

And the connection between Olivia and Irish was noticeable strong.
They had talked on and on like they’ve known each other for years and Mrs Helen was surprised to see they even style their hair in the same way.

Irish had helped Olivia style her hair perfectly and even taught her how to be so perfect in the style.

It was almost afternoon when they stopped talking.
Everyone had joined in the conversation and it was so lively and fun.

Olivia hadn’t acted like the princess she was, no one would ever thought she was one with the way she blended in and offered to help severally.
She’s really humble as the paper had described her.

Ryan had invited them to his garden after Irish and Arin went to take a nap.
And they’ve been there over an hour now, Mrs Helen could hear their laughter.



“Irish’s so beautiful” Olivia grinned.
Her blood was pumping in excitement, she finally met Irish, Who had looked flawlessly beautiful.
Irish was as playful as she was over the phone.

“I’m just so happy to meet her” Olivia smiled.
“I can’t count the amount of times you’ve mentioned Irish, I’m sure she’s as thrilled as you are also” Ryan said.

Olivia chewed the cookies Arusha’s mum had made for them.
They had all went into Ryan’s apartment to say hi to his Mum,his elder brother was not home though.

“Ryan, Arusha talks so much about you, it’s so nice to meet you once again” Olivia said.
“It’s nice to meet you too, you’re more beautiful than he had described you” Ryan said.
“Thank you” Olivia smiled.
“You’re going to finish the cookies!”Arusha said to Jessica.
“We’ll get more from Mrs Marton” Jessica said, referring to Ryan”s Mum.
“Really?” Arusha asked.
“ mum would gladly give us more” Ryan said.

“Olivia, come let’s get some flowers for our hair” Jessica took Olivia’s hands.
“We’ll be back” they said in unison before walking away.

“Isn’t he cute” Jessica said finally releasing the breath she had been holding as they walked farther from Ryan and Arusha.

“He is! I never knew he was that good looking. No wonder he had no problem with being friends with Arusha, they are both strikingly cute” Olivia smiled.
“I like him”Jessica admitted to Olivia.
“I know,it’s so obvious” Olivia said.
“Yes and he likes you too, i caught him stealing loving glances at you severally” Olivia winked.
“OMG” Jessica beamed and Olivia laughed.

“You’re very attractive Jessica and i know you’re used to guys falling at your feet, I’m surprised to see you behave this way” Olivia said.
“Ryan is different! Im used to guys staring the heck out of me but his is just so special” Jessica said.
“ i know” Olivia chuckled.
“What?” Jessica asked.
“Nevermind,let’s pluck some flowers and return to them” Olivia grinned.
“Ohh.. okay”



Arusha helped Olivia tuck some flowers in her hair.
“Be careful, i don’t want my hair getting rough” Olivia said. Irish had made the style on her and she doesn’t want it to get rough anytime soon .

“I know right…the hair means a lot to you at the moment, you’re probably not going to loosen it till next year” Arusha teased and Olivia slapped him hard on the chest.
“Ouch!” He groaned, sitting back on the grass.

“I’ll help you” Ryan said to Jessica as she struggled to make the flower lay perfectly on her hair.
“Thank you” She said, handing the flowers to him.
He gladly helped her with it and was done in seconds.

“You’re so mean”Arusha said to Olivia who stuck out her tongue at him, laughing.
“Tch” He rolled his eyes at her.

“Why don’t we go out for a walk?” Ryan suggested.
“Good, let’s take some pictures first” Arusha said.
“We’re making use of Olivia’s phone, the camera is top notch” Jessica said.



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