Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 70

He quickly picked his phone and texted Irish.

“Hi..i kinda spilled it to Morgan that you contacted me, i don’t know what’s going on but from the look on his face, i guess he’s not so pleased to hear that.

Knowing he would get home and probably confront you about it, i gave him an excuse that you only contacted me to remind me of how much you now hate me.

I hope you’re safe over there? And I’m being patient like you told me to. I miss you so much.


Irish sighed and smiled after she was done reading the message.

Her heart was almost in her throat when she read the part Ethan told Morgan that she contacted him but then she felt relieved seeing the excuse Ethan gave Morgan, who’s so dumb to believe everything.

She’s so glad Ethan had messaged her to inform her beforehand or she would have given Morgan a different excuse and he would suspect something was off and try to dig into it.
Ethan acts like he knows of her plans, could Carl have told him? No, Carl wouldn’t do that without informing her first.
Ethan might just be comforted by the fact that she had told him to be patient,he definitely knew she’s coming back to him and she’s glad he’s being patient like she wants.
He’s so understanding and terrific! and she wouldn’t deny the fact that he’s so lucky to have his heart..she’s damn lucky and she isn’t gonna ditch him for anything in the world.

“Get the he.ll out of here!” Catherine yelled at one of the maids and that brought Irish back to reality.
She was still seated with Catherine in the living room who kept changing channels to offend her but she didn’t mind at all cause she wasn’t even focused on the TV.
Her mind and thoughts were far away.
Maria stood beside her,she dared not sit because Catherine was there.

“Do you want water ?” Maria asked and Irish nodded.
Maria quickly left to get water for her.

The close relationship between Irish and Maria was noticeable and that pissed Catherine off, though she feels there’s still a bit of hope to know what Irish does through Maria.
She’s so sure Maria knows something they do not know about Irish and she’s going to ask her about it later.

She watched Irish with great dislike as she gulped the water Maria poured for her.
She’s so angry that Irish who was nothing than a maid in Ethan’s mansion now order her own workers around, she’s even about to take her place!
She would never allow that.
She so much regret she had made Irene feel welcome the first time she stepped her feet in here.

Shouldn’t she have a miscarriage already?
Why is the poison taking so long to work!

They heard cars screech to halts and they knew Morgan was back.
Catherine sat upright, bracing herself.
She sipped a little from the wine in front of her and cleared her throat.

Morgan walked in with bodyguards as usual and he told everyone of them to leave..
“I hope you didn’t make him see how desperate you are for the contract?” Catherine popped the first question.
“No, but obviously i made him take his hands off the contract” Morgan smiled.
‘indeed’ Irish said inwardly.
“So…the contract is yours now?” Irish asked.
“Automatically”Morgan grinned..” Ethan refused to sign it so..I’ll be the next it’ll be awarded to”

“Did you cared to know the reason Ethan rejected the contract?” Irish asked.
“He claimed it seems illegal and he even dared advised me not to accept it so i won’t get myself in a deep shit..he wants me to reject it cause he also did. What a joker” Morgan sighed.
“I would also advise you don’t accept the contract.. Ethan wouldn’t have hesitated in signing it if it was legal” Irish said.

“Just shut up! What do you know about contracts? You’re just a school drop out and a nanny!” Catherine laughed mockingly.
“C’mon Cat” Morgan scolded.
“I’m sorry about that Irish” Morgan turned to her.
“It’s fine, I’m just a school drop out and a nanny like she said.”

“I’ll be going to my room” Irish stood up.
“Are you…upset over what Catherine said?” Morgan asked.
“Not at all..i just need a nap” Irish said.
“Alright,will you be fine?”
“Of course” Irish nodded.
“And Ethan said you contacted him..” Morgan said.
“What!” Catherine exclaimed. “I told you she’s not to be trusted!” She added,prepared to get on her feet.
“Yeah i did,to remind him of how much i now hate him and to erase his thoughts of me ever coming back to him.”
“Lies! You’re a liar” Catherine shouted.
“She’s not, Ethan said the same thing” Morgan smiled, Irish had proved trustworthy once again.
Catherine breathed heavily and glared hard at Irish.

“Can i go take my nap now?” Irish asked.
“Of course dearest” Morgan smiled.

Ethan walked into his living room and Arin jumped on his body immediately.
“Hi Dad” She smiled and Ethan picked her up.
“How are you princess?” He kssed her cheeks.
“Very fine” She said.

“Hey brother, how was work?” Brother asked with a smile, walking into the living room.
“It was great” Ethan smiled at her.
That bright smile is still plastered all over her face.
He dropped Arin gently on the couch and turned to her.
“Come to my room later and tell me the reason you’re looking so bright these days” He teased and Jessica laughed.
“I got some macaroons and cakes on the way, you both can have it” Ethan said and motioned Javad to give it to them.

Jessica and Arin squealed over it while Ethan smiled and walked to his room to freshen up.



“Hey brother” Jessica walked into Ethan’s room while he was blow-drying his hair.
“Little Sis” Ethan said, handing the dryer to her to help him continue with it.
She collected it and stood behind him and then continued from where he stopped.
Ethan stared at her happy face in the mirror and smiled.

“What’s with the glow on your face recently?” He asked.
“Well…” Jessica smiled shyly.
“Hmm…are you up to something nasty?” Ethan teased.
“No, know met with him when you were at Arusha’s apartment” Jessica said.
“Ohh..yeah,the smart guy” Ethan said.
“I’m dating him” Jessica said without hesitating.
“Uh..ohh” Ethan nodded and smiled.
“Do you like him?” He asked.
“So much” Jessica’s face was beaming with love.
“He’s a good guy..from the little i know about him,he’s smart,good looking and ambitious. Good for you” Ethan winked and gave her thumb up.
Jessica grinned.

“But..i don’t want you both doing things you’re not meant to do okay?” Ethan said, sounding a bit stern.
Jessica nodded.. “Trust me brother,i won’t do such”
“I trust you Jessy” Ethan smiled.

“Geez! I still can’t believe that’s the reason you’re glowing happily. You’re a nasty girl, aren’t you” Ethan dragged her nose playfully and they both laughed.



Irish laughed hard at the joke Arusha just cracked.
She was on a video call with him and Mrs Helen.
And Arusha has been making her laugh all along.
She really missed him and can’t wait to see him again.

“When are you coming home?” Arusha asked with a frown.
“Soon, Arusha.
“That’s what you keep saying, i don’t like the fact that you’re in that house,he’s a dangerous man and you’re not safe.” Mrs Helen expressed worriedly.
“I’ll be fine Mum and I’ll be home soon” Irish assured them.
They sighed.

“Irish,you know i like Olivia right?” Arusha asked.
“Of course,I’m glad you finally admitted it” Irish smiled.


“I’m waiting to make sure you’re back safe in the house before…asking her out because i don’t think I’ll want to continue with the relationship if anything happens to you and she’ll be hurt, i really like her Irish and it seems she likes me too,i don’t want to wait anymore,i don’t want to loose her to anyone” Arusha said and both Irish and Mrs Helen could tell he was serious.
Irish felt bad to have being the one delaying him.
“Arusha, I’m so sorry,i promise to be back home soon and safe. Trust me Arusha..I’ll be back home soon” Irish said.

“Okay Sis,i know you’ll be back soon,I’m only worried about your safety in that house” Arusha said.
“I have people protecting me” Irish whispered,only to their ears.
“Really?” Mrs Helen and Arusha asked in unison, and they looked relieved when Irish nodded.

“Now,I’m relieved” Arusha sighed.
“Nevertheless,we want you back home soon” Mrs Helen said.
“Okay ma'” Irish saluted and they laughed.

“Irish,you won’t believe Arusha keeps downing your strawberry juice everyday” Mrs Helen said.
“Geez! I’m so going to kill you!” Irish said and felt like dragging his ears from the screen.
Arusha pouted and hid behind Mrs Helen,who was laughing.

“Hey Irish” Irish heard and turned to see Morgan, standing behind her.
She’s a bit pissed he hadn’t knocked before coming in but she didn’t question him about it anyway, it’s his house.
“Hey” She said to him.
“Isn’t that your Mum and brother? Can i speak to them?” Morgan smiled .
“Ohh.. yeah” Irish turned back to her phone and noticed they had disconnected the call.

“I can’t ever talk to that wench!” Mrs Helen hissed.
“Same here” Arusha groaned.



“Ohh.. yeah” Irish turned back to her phone and noticed they had disconnected the call.

She turned to Morgan, embarrassed.
“I guess they thought you were here to see me for something important and they didn’t want to interrupt” Irish quickly said.

“Ohh..i thought they disconnected it because they do not want to talk to me. How about we go to your house to say hi to them after our date? Morgan suggestion
“A date?” Irish asked Surprised.
“Yeah.. you know, a hangout.. the both of us, I planned to surprise you with it in two days time. Guess I already said it” Morgan said.
He really wanted Irish’s family to love him like they love Ethan
“Oh..Okay” Irish smiled, knowing if her plan works out, Morgan would be going to jail right from the restaurant.
Ah! He’s just making her plan easier.
“Do you want anything?” Irish asked.
“No, just wanna spend some time with you.” Morgan sat beside her and made her rest her head on his shoulder.
“I know you’re uncool about what Catherine said,I’m sorry about that”Morgan said.
“It’s fine seriously. I’ve learned not to take Catherine’s words to heart” Irish smiled.
“You’re just so different from other women I’ve spent time with. You’re special” Morgan said and Irish smiled.
“You’re actually the first man to trust me this much and make me feel so loved. I’m so glad to have made the right choice” Irish said, smoothening his hair.

Morgan’s head felt like it’ll spill into two with love.
Irish could see the effect her words and carress had on him and she knew this is the right time to ask him the about Carrle’s death.
“You were about telling me the similar plan Javad and Gladys carried out for you that turned out to be a success before Catherine interrupted” Irish said.
“Ohh..that?” Morgan asked.
“Yeah” Irish smiled.
“You shouldn’t bother yourself with that, just know they once carried out a similar plan for me that was successful” Morgan said.
“Com’on,are you trying to hide things from me again? Ain’t i part of you guys anymore? Why is everyone treating me like an outcast” Irish said, raising her head from his shoulder.
She turned from him, pretending to be pissed while she quickly grabbed her phone and clicked on the recording app.
It started recording and she stealthily placed it back on the stool.

“Com’on, don’t tell me you’re pissed over that” Morgan said, making her face him.
She reluctantly did.
“Irish,you don’t have to know about our past plans,you should just flow with the new ones” Morgan said.
“Why don’t i have to know? That’s just because you don’t trust me,i only want you to fill me in on the past incidence so i can trust Javad and Gladys to be capable of this plan”
“They are, you’re going to see for yourself when they’re done with it”Morgan said.
“Is it so bad for me to know about that past incidence and you were even about telling me before Catherine walked in yesterday” Irish said.

“I wasn’t going to tell you Irish,it’s something..i shouldn’t just reveal. Trust me,you don’t have to know” Morgan said.
“Alright then! And to think i was starting to feel you’re the only man who has ever trusted me and loved me. I was wrong after all!” Irish said crossly and made to get up from the couch.

Morgan quickly stopped her.
“Alright sit,I’m going to tell you” Morgan said and she almost jumped in the air in excitement but she couldn’t make Morgan see how excited she feels or he’s gonna get suspicious.
She reluctantly sat down beside him.
“The thing is,the first plan Javad and Gladys carried out that was successful was t..” Morgan was saying when they heard a loud knock on the door.

“Just ignore it and continue what you were about to say” Irish said, trying not to sound as desperate as she felt.
The knock grew louder and Irish told Morgan to ignore it again.
“Its one of the maids..i guess” She said.
“Ohh.. okay, so the plan was carried out in…”
“Morgan! I need to talk to you now. Open this damn door,what the hell are you doing in there!” Catherine yelled.
Morgan sighed loudly.
“I’ll be back Irish” He said as he got to his feet.
Irish nodded even though she was so pissed that Catherine had interrupted them again.

Morgan walked out of her room and she let out a loud groan.
She picked her phone and discarded the recording.

Just two days left!
And she’s yet to know the truth behind Carlle’s death and so many other crimes Morgan has committed.
Dmn it.

Is Catherine doing this intentionally!



“What the he.ll did you just performed there Cat!” Morgan yelled at Catherine after they got to her room.
He had dragged her all along.
“Hey, you’re hurting me!” She said and he released his hold on her .
He dropped her hand and she winced.
“I’m sorry” He said.
“Whatever!” She hissed rubbing the part Morgan had held her.

“What do you want Catherine? Did you interrupted us on purpose?” Morgan asked.
“Yes and no”
“Explain that” Morgan said sitting impatiently on her bed.
“I know being alone with her would make you spill things you’re not supposed to? You grow weak like a dead plant whenever you’re with her” Catherine claimed.

“What does that mean? I know the things to say when I’m with her okay? Don’t dare use that as an excuse to interrupt us again” Morgan warned.
“Well..I’ll be leaving for Mexico tomorrow afternoon” Catherine announced to him.
“Really? Again?” Morgan asked.
“Yeah,that was what i wanted to tell you but that witch told you not to open the door and if i hadn’t yelled,you wouldn’t have opened the door. What were you both doing in there huh?” Catherine asked.

“We were not doing anything! Okay.” Morgan cleared.
“I won’t be surprised if you were screwing her, she’s a slut” Catherine said.
Morgan shook his head and sighed. “I can’t believe you’re being this way to her just because Ethan rejected you. You were nice to her from the start”
“That was because i thought Ethan would accept me back but finding out she’s the reason he rejected me made he hate her. He still loves her” Catherine said.
“That’s not her fault! channel your anger on Ethan who deserves it, do not make life unbearable for Irish in here,to the extent she’ll want to leave. Please” Morgan said.

“And that’s the reason, i’ll be going to cool off my head in Mexico” Catherine said but she knows deep within herself that that’s not the reason.
Irish knows she’s being watched by her and Catherine knows, Irish is watching her also, Irish’s being careful not to make a suspicious move in her presence.

Perhaps if Irish sees she’s in Mexico and believe she’s not being watched, she’ll be loosen up a bit and Catherine would know whatever she’s hiding through the CCTV footage that’ll be connected to her laptop.

Irish would feel she’s not being watched anymore and then walk right into the trap she had set.

She so much wish she can set up a camera in Irish’s room,not just the living room and corridor.

But the dmn girl is smart also, she’ll discover the camera like she did the last time and show it to Morgan who would get pissed at her.
The living room and corridor should be okay for now.
She can’t actually wait to see what Irish’s hiding,so she can show it to Morgan who would kill her or kick her out immediately.

“Well..i hope you won’t tell the pilot to stop the plane when the footage goes blank” Morgan joked and Catherine laughed.
“Com’on..I’m really going this time. Perhaps when I’m back,I’ll get to love Irish” Catherine said.
“That’ll be great” Morgan smiled.

“Well..about Irish contacting Ethan,, don’t you think something sounds off about it” Catherine said.
“I don’t think so, they both gave the same excuse” Morgan said.
“Their excuse seems quite dumb to me, who would contact someone just to remind them of how much they’re hated” Catherine arched a brow .
“It happens and that was not the only reason Irish mentioned,she also wanted to make him erase the thoughts of ever having her back again. She’s head over heels with me now” Morgan chuckled.

Well.. she’ll be waiting in Mexico to hear the news that Irish finally has a miscarriage…

“For how long will you be gone?” Morgan asked.
“Two days” Catherine said.
“Will you be watching the house activities on your laptop again?”
“No” Catherine lied, telling Morgan means Irish would also know and that would ruin her plan.
“Are you sure?” Morgan asked suspiciously.
“Of course” Catherine said.
“Alright,will you be needing anything?”
“Nothing..for now” Catherine said.
“Okay,i should go now” Morgan said.
“Yeah, go meet the love of your life” Catherine rolled her eyes.

“ that jealousy I’m sensing?” Morgan teased.

Catherine shrugged as she sat on the bed.
She laid on her back and stared at the ceiling.
“Com’on Cat, you’re still my first and you’ll forever be.” Morgan assured.
“Uh..that? I’m not worried about that,i know I’ll still get to love Irish and we’ll all live happily ever after” Catherine smiled.
“Good!” Morgan grinned.
‘yeah,in your dreams’ Catherine said inwardly.
“I love that” Morgan said.
“Yeah,you should go meet her now,she needs your company more than anybody else” Catherine said.
“Okay Cat,see you over dinner”Morgan smiled before walking out of her room.

Catherine called in her personal maids and ordered them to start packing the things she’ll be taking along with her to Mexico for two days.
She left the room, determined not to make Morgan and Irish have a time to themselves before she leaves for Mexico.
Emily and Jessie walked after her as she made her way to the living room,she stopped by Irish’s door and concluded there was no one in there because she couldn’t hear a sound.
She proceeded to the living room and didn’t meet them there either.

She asked one of the bodyguards who told her they were in the garden.
She headed there fast.

Morgan was sipping his wine while Irish’s glass cup of water was beside her.
Maria and Blaine,one of Morgan’s personal bodyguards stood at a distance.
The novel Irish was reading before Morgan came to join her laid on the grass.

She doesn’t even know how to approach Morgan over telling her about the plan Javad and Gladys once carried out cause it seems Catherine told him something already.

“Why are you looking worried?” Morgan asked.
“Am I?” Iish asked.
“Of course” Morgan said.

“Hello! I thought i should spend some time with you both before leaving for Mexico tomorrow” Catherine smiled, approaching them.

She caught the happy look on Irish’s face even though it disappeared almost immediately.
She’s obviously glad to hear she’ll be leaving for Mexico.

Catherine is so certain her plan is going to work this time.


__Next Morning___

Sunlight streamed into Irish’s room,she’s yet to open her eyes but she could feel the warmth of the sun on her skin.
She remained that way for some minutes before finally opening her eyes and sitting up.

There’s only one day left…that was the only thought that crossed her mind as her eyes opened clearly.
One day left and she’s not fully done with what she’s here for.
She has been here for five days now and even though she has gathered some evidences,she needed more.
Her intuition keeps telling her Morgan knows about Carrle’s death but she’s yet to confirm it.

Catherine keeps cutting in,she’s glad she’ll be off to Mexico this afternoon, she’ll get to coax Morgan into spilling what she wants him to.

She stretched as she slipped her feet into her footwear.
She adjusted her pajamas and walked into the bathroom.


She was fully dressed by the time Maria walked into her room.

“Good morning ma’am” Maria smiled.
“Good morning Maria” Irish said,she was seated on her dressing chair, styling her hair.
“Your breakfast is ready” Maria said.
“Really?” Irish asked glancing at the wall clock.
It’s actually time for breakfast…she had gotten up late.
“Thanks Mariaa, I’ll be at the dining room soon” Irish said and Maria nodded.



“Have a nice trip darling” Morgan kssed Catherine on her forehead.
Irish didn’t say a word,she only sat, impatiently waiting for Catherind to leave already so she can get Morgan to spill those things.
“I want you to see me off to the airport” Catherine said to Morgan.
‘Fk!’ Irish cursed under her breath.
It’s just feels like Catherine knows of her plans already.

“Alright..I’ll be back soon, Irish” Morgan said.
“Okay” Irish said.
Catherine walked out of the living room with two of her personal maids and two bodyguards that’ll be going with her to Mexico.
Morgan stepped out after her and Irish let out a deep sigh.
Well.. he’ll be back soon,there’s still a lot of time.



Irish patiently waited for Morgan in the living room.
She had thought it’ll take him minutes but it’s going to two hours and he’s not home yet.
Catherine left by 4:30 and now it’s 6:31!

She sighed as she picked her phone and placed a call across Morgan.

“Hey Irish..” He said.
“Hey, where are you?” She asked trying not to make him sense the desperation in her voice.
“I’m on my way home already, Catherine stopped by a lot of places to get things, thankfully,she’s gone now” Morgan said.
“Ohh..i was worried” Irish said.
“I’m sorry to have made you worry” Morgan said,with a smile. She’s worried just because she didn’t see him for two hours,that simply means she cares for him.

“It’s fine” Irish said.
“I’ll see you soon at home then”
“Alright bye”

Irish disconnected the call and dropped the phone beside her.
He’ll be home soon, she felt relieved.
She wonder if Catherine is deliberately preventing her from spending some time alone with Morgan.
Well..whatever,she’ll be away in Mexico and without interrupting her and Morgan.


Morgan was about passing the phone to one of his bodyguards when another call came in.
He glanced at the screen and almost screamed in excitement.
The call is from MAI pharmaceuticals!



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