Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 73


“Did you hear Arin call me Mum?” Irish asked Ethan as the car was moving on a free road.
“Yeah i did” Ethan smiled.
“I felt goosebumps but then i thought she might not really mean it”
“She does, i don’t think Arin would say something she doesn’t mean” Ethan said and there was silence.

“Irush, i just don’t know how else to thank you for saving my life while putting yours on the line, it’s just so…” Ethan sighed and Irish held his hand.
“Ethan you seriously need to stop thanking me or i would start thanking you for all you’ve done for me too” Irish said.
“Okay, I’ll stop” He chuckled.

“You look more beautiful today and i had it in mind back at the restaurant that even if you do not want to return to me,I’ll have to drag you along with me” Ethan said and she laughed, throwing back her head.
Her laughter was one of the things he missed also.
“Do you know how happy i am right now? I’ve never felt so happy and fulfilled in a long time” Irish smiled as she placed her head on his chest.
He stroke her hair wondering how his life would have turned out if he hadn’t met her.

We surely meet people in life for a reason or the other and he didn’t regret meeting Irish, he only wished the world would have more of someone like her..
She’s a gem he doesn’t want to lose and would never lose.

“Kss me again” She whispered to him and he chuckled.
Her head was on his legs and she turned her face to him, pointing out her lips.
He laughed.
“Com’on” She pouted and he bent his head to engage their lips in another sizzling kss.



“Irish” Arusha screamed, running into her arms as he opened the door,not knowing what was in stock for him.
“Ouch!” He frowned after getting a knock from Irush who made her face look stern as she walked in.
“What was that for?” Arusha rubbed his forehead as he closed the door and walked after her.
“For taking my packs of strawberry juice like you own it! You deserve another knock” She said, turning to fulfill her words only to see him dashed past her into the kitchen where their Mum was cooking.

“I can’t believe she welcomed me with a knock on the head!” He complained loudly to Mrs Helen and she laughed.



“Dmn it” Arusha sighed after she finished her narration.
Though she had excluded the part Morgan was involved with their father.
“Irish,that was a dangerous mission” Mrs Helen said worriedly.
“Yes it was, though Mr Ethan is worth it but what if something had happened to you”Arusha said, knowing he would never be able to cope with it .
“Well..i guess i was lucky enough to come out unscathed” Irish smiled, chewing fries.
“When did you turn so brave? I’m proud of you” Mrs Helen said.
“Thanks mum” Irish smiled.

“You really made me proud by bringing the bad guys to book,high five sis”Arusha said and they both raised their palms before making it click together.
“It’s a shock to know there were two spies in Ethan’s house for years and they are even planning on killing him, despite how nice he has been to them” Mrs Helen shook her head and sighed.
“They are just ungrateful fellows, attracted to greed and heartlessness” Arusha said.
“Exactly!” Irish nodded her head in agreement.

She yawned..”I really need to go to bed”



“Morning detective Irish” Arusha teased as she walked into the dining room still dressed in her pajamas,she had only brushed her teeth.
Irish scoffed playfully at him and he grinned.
He was fully dressed in his school uniform, and she know he’s going to grab his backpack immediately after breakfast and leave for school.

“Good morning Mum” Irish said loudly,so her mum, Mrs Helen who was in the kitchen could hear her.
“Good morning Irish” Mrs Helen replied.
Irish sat across Arusha and took a bite out of his toast.
“I’m glad you helped Mr Ethan, but don’t ever do that again,i would never be able to cope if something had happened to you.” Arusha said looking at her worriedly.
“I’m lucky not to have gotten hurt or killed and don’t forget I’m detective Irish” She said with an air of pride that made him laugh.

“I love you sis” He said and Irish stood up to kss his cheeks.
“I love you more Arusha” She said.
“Am i missing something?” Mrs Helen asked with a smile as she walked into the living room.
“Mum” Irish went to hug her, burying her head in the crook of her neck.
“I can’t believe you’re acting like a baby while one is in you or…is the baby in you using your face by any chance” Mrs Helen gasped dramatically and they laughed.



Irish stepped out of the car Ethan had sent to pick her from home.
He had told her he’ll be staying home today just for her.
She had called Maria who was on her way with their luggages and Blaine.
They will be here in no time.

“No, don’t bother. I can lift it myself” Irish said to one of the maids who tried to help her with her luggage.
“Mr Ethan, said not to allow you carry anything,he’s going to get pissed at me if i leave you to it ma’am” The maid said.
“Ohh” Irish said and allowed the maid carry her luggage into the house.
She walked after her in a pink short gown that showed off her small tight bump.
She had made her hair fall down to her waist today without styling it.
She said hi to the workers as she walked past them, looking forward to seeing Ethan again like it’s been years they last saw each other.

He was waiting in the living room and he swooped her into his arms immediately she walked in.
They both giggled like kids that had just been bought candies.



“I can’t believe I’m here,I’ve always wanted to work in Ethan Harlow’s mansion,it has been on my mind since the day i came for the interview” Maria said, looking excited as she stood beside Irish in her workshop.
Irish smiled, glad to have resumed sewing.
She experimented the ideas that has been in her head and they came out fine.
She has lot of orders waiting but she started with Jessica’s dress first.

Maria watched her with enthusiasm.
Irish was so perfect in every thing,the way she traced and cut the fibres before putting them together amused Maria.
So fast and efficient.
“I so much missed the sound of my scissors ‘snip-snip” Irish chuckled.
“What do you want me to help you with?” Maria asked.
“Nothing,for now” Irish smiled,there was still excitement written all over Maria’s face and she had screamed when she shook Ethan’s hand, making everyone laughed.
She had helped Mrs Gabrielle in cleaning the kitchen and also assisting in preparing meals.
They all loved her.


And Blaine also who was presently with Ethan getting filled about his work.

“Maria,sit…you’ve been standing since we walked in here” Irish said and Maria shook her head.
“I think I’m still so excited to sit” She grinned.
“And i want to thank you so much, without you. I wouldn’t be here and to think I’m even going to be earning much more,i was shocked when Mr Ethan mentioned the amount of my salary. Thank you so much ma’am” Maria said.
“It’s fine” Irish said.
“I just wonder how Mr Morgan’s employees would cope” Maria sighed.
She had told Irish and Ethan that the police came to search Morgan’s building today and they told every worker to pack their things and evacuate the building because the owner might not be coming back anymore.
“You won’t believe some of the workers took a lot of money from Mr Morgan’s room and also some expensive jewelries from Catheri e’s room” Maria said.
“Wow!” Irisj sighed and shook her head sadly.

“Irish!” Carl excited voice pierced into her workshop even before he walked in.
“T, what’s going on?” Irish asked.
“Mr Ethan, just gave me one of his mansions! Two cars and..i can’t even mention the amount of money he gave me. He gifted them to me for my upcoming wedding and he even promised to sponsor the whole event..i..i don’t know how to thank him” Carl said in tears.
Irish hugged him and she was moved to tears also.


___Ivy Royals__

“You said you had something to tell me” Olivia said to Arusha as they ate their lunch.
“Yeah” Arusha said,he could feel his heart pounding.
Irish’s back home safe and now he’s ready to make Olivia his girlfriend.
Jessica feigned a cough and stood up knowing what it is all about. Arusha had told her about it.
“I’ll be back” She said as she walked out of the classroom.

“Olivia” Arusha started with a shy look.
He’s surprised Olivia could make him feel this shy.
“I like you” He blurted out and Olivia stared at him with an expression he couldn’t fathom.
If only he could place his hand on her chest and see how fast and hard her chest was pounding.

“Olivia, I have feelings for you, strong feelings that i’ve never even felt for anyone. Knowing you is part of what made me change my bad lifestyle, meeting you, getting to know you, being your friend, developing strong feelings for you has been nothing but a great joy and peace to me,you fill up my heart Olivia,you make my heart pound without even making effort to,i look forward to seeing you everyday because you complete me, I’d do anything to see and hear you laugh,the sound of your laughter has a way of making one feel alive. The roll of your eyes always make me want to crack my ribs with laughter. You’re simply one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I love you Olivia,i love you so much and I’m sorry to have taken this long to confess my feelings to you. Let’s share laughter and tears together,let’s soothe each other’s pain,let’s cry together and let’s stay happy together. I want you to be my girlfriend Olivia” Arusha said and he couldn’t even believe the boldness that had possessed him until he was done.
Olivia’s eyes were filled with tears by the time he was done.

“Arusha” She sobbed, hugging him tightly.
He held her in his arms and inhaled her sweet scent.
“I love you so much,my heart beats for you too” She said and Arusha sighed in what seems like relief.
She loves him also.
“I’ll gladly be your girlfriend Arusha” She said and saw that he looked stunned before his lips broke into a smile.
“Olivia, really?” He asked, searching her face to be sure.
“Of course, you didn’t think it’s a one sided love right? I equally love you” She said and looking at him,she knew this was the right time to tell him about her.
She can’t let him get too happy without revealing her true identity.

“I have something to tell you,I’m not sure you’ll still want me to be your girlfriend after telling you this” She said as he wiped her tears.
He looked at her,puzzled.
“Go ahead,but i just want you to know there’s nothing that’ll make me leave you, forgiveness is one of the main keys in a relationship,if i don’t forgive you then it means i do not love you,go ahead let’s solve whatever it is together” Arusha said reassuringly and Olivia felt so happy to have such a guy like him in her life.
He amazes her,his intelligent talks sometimes astonish her, Arusha speaks so wisely.

“I’m a princess, princess Olivia Louis of King City” Olivia said and saw his eyes widen.
“Arusha, I’m so sorry to have hidden this from you,i swear i didn’t mean to. I’m just someone who doesn’t like my true identity getting revealed because i want to be treated like a normal person,I’m tired of having people who are old enough to be my parents bow to me,I’m tired to having dozens of maids at my beck and call,im tired of being treated like a god, school is the only place i don’t get all that and that’s the reason i hid my surname,that’s the reason Mr Natalie allows me eat in class. Arusha I’m so sorry to have kept this from you for long,i was afraid you’ll start treating me differently and i don’t want that. I’m so sorry Arusha,i promise never to hide anything from you again” Olivia said, looking into his eyes pleadingly.

He stared at her,lost for words. He was surprised,she could see it in his face.
He didn’t even look a bit angry.

“My girlfriend is a princess” He laughed, surprising Olivia who had expected questions like.. ‘why did you keep it from me? Didn’t you trust me enough to tell me? Why the hell did you do that?’
“You’re not angry?” She asked.
“Angry? No,I’m excited to know that my girlfriend is a princess and i had loved her even when i was unaware of her Royal status. This is so thrilling” Arusha smiled, pulling her close to him.
Olivia was stunned,she blinked rapidly, trying to see if her mind weren’t playing tricks on her.
“Little wonder you look so beautiful” He chuckled and kissed her on the forehead.

“You still want me as your girlfriend?” She asked.
Arusha laughed “of course, com’on babe,you had a good reason for concealing your identity,I’m intrigued there’s still a princess who prefers a normal life. Though,i would have been a bit pissed if i had found out myself. And, don’t bother about me treating you differently,i would treat you like i normally do except with more affection and romance because you’re now my girlfriend” He said and she grinned, blushing hard.

“Thank you Arusha,for being so understanding,i never expected you to take it without hard feeling, you’re just full of surprises aren’t you?” She teased, pushing his nose with a finger.
He laughed.
“Arusha, do you know as a royalty,I’m not to have a relationship with someone who’s not royal but to hell with that rule, Its going to end from me” Olivia rolled her eyes and Arusha laughed.
“I can’t believe that tradition still exists, well.. we’re going to put an end to this together, we’re in this together”Arusha said, cupping her cheeks with his palms.

“How about you come over to the palace this weekend,I’m going to invite Ryan and Jessica also” Olivia said.
“Really? I’m going to meet the King and Queen?”
“Yes” Olivia smiled.
“Wow,I’m getting nervous already. What if they order someone to throw me out for stealing the princess heart” Arusha said and Olivia laughed.
“My father loves Ethan Harlow so much and if he should know your sister is carrying his baby, he’ll give us his blessings immediately” Olivia said.
“Woah…i think it’ll be better if Mr Ethan follows us instead,then your father is going to make us get married immediately”Arusha said and they both laughed.

Their laugh quieted and they looked at each other with eyes full of affection.
They willingly drowned in the fog of love clasped over them.
Both grateful to have found each other.

The sound of noises made their serene moment come to an abrupt end.
They saw students walking towards them with angry looks and eyes full of questions.
Well.. they’ve found out she eats in the class and they are not planning to take it lightly with her.

__How dare you eat in the class!”

___What audacity!”

___You just broke one of the school rules”

__You’ll be punished!”

__I’m going to inform Mr Natalie of this immediately!”

“Olivia,i tried to stop them” Jessica sighed and Olivia nodded .
She and Arusha were so engrossed that they didn’t knew lunch break was over.
She saw Arusha trying to stand up to address the students but she quickly stopped him.

She stood up instead.

“Well,i didn’t mean to reveal this this way but has anyone ever wondered why my last name is concealed ?” She asked.

__ Because your father is an infamous safecracker of course, and you’re so ashamed of his last name” One of the students said and the rest bursted into laughter, agreeing with her.
Olivia also joined them in laughing and Jessica and Arusha knew the students were in for it.
“Well..that infamous safecracker is the reigning Prince of King City, automatically making me a princess. I’m princess Olivia Louis of King City” Olivia said boldly,she has never felt so proud announcing her Royal status.

The students gasped in shock and before Olivia could utter another word,they all bowed to her in great respect apologising like their lives depended on it for.


A Month Later__

The day dawned blue and gold and sunny,it wasn’t too hot or too cool, perfect atmosphere for her wedding today.
Irish was nervous, she couldn’t even eat the sandwich Maria had prepared for them,she was so excited.
Esther,the hairdresser came at two o’clock to tend to her hair, Olivia’s mother had recommended Esther who was her personal hair stylist and makeup artist to Irish.

“Hey Esther” Olivia said jovially as she walked into Irish’s room with Jessica.
They both went to get the manicures and pedicures done.
They wore matching outfits,strapless wine satin gowns, glistening with crystals. Irish had made it for them and she was glad to see them looking stunning in it,they had both decided to let down their hair to their waists and they wore the same color of shoes,cream. though it’s of different designs.

“Please you really need to make her hair look different and stunning” Olivia said to Esther who smiled.
“I will”
“Esther is really competent,she makes my mum’s hair all the time and she had even made my royal cousin’s hair who wedded last year” Olivia smiled,she was sitting at the edge of Irish’s bed, helping Arin unwrap her candy .
“Wow,I’m assured she’ll do a good job then” Maria said,she was the bridesmaid .
She was putting on a warm beige color dress that hugged her curves perfectly,her hair styled in a simple ponytail and she wore black heels,she looked beautiful.

“Mum’s still gonna look beautiful without even styling her hair” Arin said.
She was wearing a pretty purple gown Irish had made for her with white shoes and different colors of hair clips decorating her hair.
“Of course but she’s the bride,she needs to look different and stunning”Jessica said and Arin shrugged.
“Olivia,help Lucas unwrap hush candy” Arin said after seeing Lucas struggle with the candy wrap.
“Your son is so cute” Olivia said to Maria,who smiled.
She helped Lucas unwrap her candy also and handed it to her.
“Thank you” Lucas gave Olivia a big toothless grin.

Esther started with the make up after she was done with the hair.
It looked beautiful that it already highlighted Irish’s face. Esther is so competent like Olivia had said.

“I’m so excited” Olivia beamed.
“About the wedding or because you’ll be seeing Arusha soon?” Jessica teased and they laughed.
Arusha and Ryan were with Ethan in his hotel.
Etgan’s parents, Mrs Helen,Mrs Gabrielle and Ryan’s Mum were at the wedding hall already putting things to order.
Olivia’s parents and so many other dignitaries would be gracing the occasion, which means the security would be very tight.

“Now,your dress” Esther said after she was done with the simple but eye-catching make up.
Irish got to her feet as her wedding dress was fetched, of course she had made the beautiful magnificent lace gown herself.

They all helped her wore the dress, Arin stood on a chair to assist them and Luca was more concerned with seeing the end of hish candy.

They were careful not to mess her hair or make up as they wore her the wedding dress.
Esther attached the long lace veil to Irish’s perfectly styled hair and they all stood back to examine the beautiful bride.

Gasps trailed from their mouths.



“The bride is coming in…

Irish stepped into the Hall with a twenty-foot train behind her and a cloud of veil covering her face.
Heads turned and gasps filled the whole hall.
She looked like a movie star.

She walked down the aisle in stately elegance and she could see Ethan catch his breath as she walked towards him. It was the most perfect moment of her life.

Tears filled her eyes, wishing her father had been here to walk her down the aisle. Knowing he’s here with her and she just couldn’t see him stopped the tears from rolling down her cheeks.
He’s here and he’s walking her down the aisle and her mother is also seated here.

She smiled back at Ethan who was looking breathtaking in his white suit with gold glitters at every edge.
His hair had been obviously given special treatment,it looked darker,glossier and curlier.

His golden eyes looked striking,they matched with the gold glitters on his suit, Ethan is the most good looking groom she has ever seen.

She stood beside him and he quickly held her hand.
He had resisted himself from running to her and pulling her into his arms while she was walking down the aisle.

“Are we meant to hold hands?” She teased him in a whisper.
“I don’t care,you don’t know how hard I’m trying not to kss you right now” He said and she almost laughed.

They were both facing their guests and Irish was a bit surprised to see so much people.
The male guests wore white tie and the women wore spectacular gowns.
Everyone looked great.
They all stared at the bride and groom adoringly.
Vogue was covering the wedding.

The press were outside begging to be allowed in,the security was so tight and the wedding was strictly by invite.
Arusha and Ryan looked intrigued to see some superstars they had always watched on TV.
“I think I’m going to faint already” Ryan said.
“Me too” Arusha laughed.
“I can’t believe my brother is finally talking to his celebrity crush” Ryan smiled, gazing at Kelly who was in a deep conversation with Elena Scott,one of youngest and most beautiful Hollywood actress.
Kelly’s room is stacked with her magazines.
And it doesn’t look like Kelly is forcing the conversation, Elena is obviously enjoying his company also,she smiled and laughed at intervals.
Ryan felt so happy for his brother.
“I bet your brother isn’t gonna sleep tonight” Arusha said and they laughed.

Olivia shook her head disapprovingly seeing her brother flirt with different girls at once.

“That woman wants everyone to know she’s the groom’s mother” Ethan said to Irish and she chuckled, watching Mrs Harlow welcome guests with her face lit up with smiles.
“Anyone would know she’s the groom’s mother” Irish smiled.
Mrs Harlow was wearing an expensive looking emerald green organza with high-heeled black shoes,her diamond earrings and necklace looked great on her.
Mr Harlow was looking great in his simple black suit, white tie and shiny black shoes.
Arusha and Ryan were looking fly in their tuxedo, ignoring the ladies flirting with them from different directions.
Mrs Helen applied make up for the first time in years and it made her look so young and beautiful, she was putting on a pale blue satin gown,held by a tiny string of rhinestones to her neck, with sparkly white shoes,her eyes were filled with love for the couple.
Mrs Gabrielle, who had been the wedding planner looked quite stunning in a simple pink dress with silver shoes, Jessica had helped her style her hair and also made her wear makeup.

Ella was also seated among the guests, smiling happily.
She looked pretty but slightly overdressed, her make up was dramatic and sxy.
She had stopped working at Morgan’s modelling company after the incident and she’s here for today just for Irish’s wedding, she was so excited when Irish invited her, knowing she’s gonna meet a lot of dignitaries that might probably help her new business grow.
Though Irish was planning to give her some money to refurbish her new bar and guest house into a bigger and more modern one.
Ella threw a wad of pink gum in her mouth and then grinned at Irish when she caught her eyes.

Blaine,Carl, and Rob were standing not too far from Ethan, as bodyguards and also as groomsmen. They looked great in their suits and white tie.
Carl was married already and his wife was sitting among the guests, Blaine’s gaze was on Maria likewise hers on him, they started dating recently,turns out Maria wasn’t the only one having feelings for him,he confessed to have liked her also and he hadn’t even bulged or changed his mind after knowing she has a child, he embraced Lucas into his world instead.
Robbie’s eyed Gemma, Maria’s friend who was also seated in the midst of guests, he had liked her at first glance,she looked elegant, gentle and calm,exactly his type. And her smile was soothing even though it hadn’t been directed to him but Lucas.
“She’s single” Blaine whispered to Rob.
“Huh?” Rob asked.
“Gemma” Blaine winked and Rob grinned.

Irish and Ethan exchanged their vows and rings,they were declared husband and wife and then kssed passionately.
The hall was filled with the sound of cameras,until they reluctantly moved away from each other.



Irish had her first dance with Ethan at the reception and then with Arusha and Ethan’s Dad.
After the dance,it was time to throw the bouquet, all single women lined up in orderly fashion under Mrs Helen’s direction, the men stepped aside and Ethan watched his wife adoringly, waiting impatiently to take her away.

She stood on a little stool so she could throw the bouquet at them.

“If it lands on you, we’re getting married right away” Arusha whispered to Olivia who laughed.
Though she wasn’t on the line with the women, Arusha had just said that jokingly.
He crossed his arm over her shoulder and then pulled her closer to him, glaring at the guys who were staring at her,not only because she was beautiful but also because she was a princess.
He gave them the ‘she’s-mine!-i-dare-you-to-come-close-to-her-and-have-your-balls-ripped-off’ look and they all quickly turned away.
He smiled to himself satisfactorily.

Irishs toss was stronger and higher than expected as it sailed over dozens of women’s heads who were struggling to catch it and then landed on Maria’s chest,who hadn’t even made any effort to catch it,her gaze locked with Blain’s immediately and he smiled and winked at her.

Everyone cheered…the celebration continued.
Irish and Ethan lingered for a while before finally leaving the party, everyone threw rose petals at them before they stepped into the Royal carriage waiting for them.

They waved at everyone before the carriage pulled off.
They were headed straight to the airport,they had planned to spend their honeymoon in Hideout Bali in San Francisco.



“I’ve never seen a place look so beautiful” Irish said to Ethan.
They were snuggled in each other’s arms,naked. The blanket covering them, they just finished the third round of lovemaking in one night.
“I’m actually a genius in picking out beautiful places,no one does it better than me” Ethan boasted..
“Did i just say this place is beautiful..urrgh! It’s damn ugly” Irish scoffed playfully and they laughed.


“We’re gonna go sightseeing tomorrow,there are a lot of beautiful places here that i would want us to visit” Ethan said.
“I can’t wait” Irish said, gleefully.

“We’re finally married, in each other’s arms, far away in one of the most beautiful places in the world, a place so serene that even our minds feel at peace. I’m so happy,i hadn’t even been this happy when i made my first is the happiest day of my life” Ethan said and Irish smiled.
“I’ve never felt this happy and fulfilled” She said.
“Uhmm..why do i feel you’ve done something naughty that you need to be spanked for” Irish said and Ethan laughed.
Irish sat up and the blanket slipped away from her brea$ts and Ethan quickly pulled her close before she could pick the blanket,

“Cheers to more nights to come” He smiled as he made her lay on her back.
He got on top of her and made his hands explore every part of her  before thru$ting into her.
Her mo.ans grew louder and he covered her lips with his.

Irish gave herself in totally,enjoying the blissful moment.

Ethan Harlow had turned her darkness into the brightest star she has ever seen.

*In another’s darkest moment lays the brightness of another*


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