Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 64

Irish sighed as she sat on Morgan’s couch and watched over him.
He was laying on the bed,drunk and ranting.
Catherine said she can leave after he sleeps off but he’s yet to do so.
She’s dressing up for the dinner party.

He suddenly sat up and pointed to her.
“Yo..u you you you” He sang, rubbing his palm on his face.
Irish sighed, she got on her feet.
She sat on his dressing chair which wasn’t too far from his bed.
She wouldn’t want him to get hurt under her care even though she hates being here right now watching over a drunk Morgan.

“Ethan.. i hate him so much. I’m to kill him..kill” Morgan grinned.

“Uh..” Irish surged to her feet,alarmed.
“Y.. you’re going to kill him?” She asked,on getting closer to him.
Morgan nodded, swaying his hair back and forth and laughing.

“Why do you want to kill him?” Irish asked.
“I hate him” Morgan pressed his lips together.
“When do you want to kill him?” She asked and didn’t even realised she was panicking.

“I’ll kill him…” Morgan grabbed her cheeks and shook her head vigorously, her cheeks were red by the time he was done.

“I’m going to kill him after making him see you love me..we both hate him right? We’ll both kill him right?” Morgan laughed.
“Y..yes” Irish said slowly,her heart pounding in fear.

Could he be spilling nonsense because he was drunk?
He could be saying the truth also.
Most people tend to say their mind when drunk.

Her eyes widened as something came to her mind.
“Do you know where Carrle’s necklace is?” She asked.
“It’s in my drawer! That cheap necklace” Morgan shouted and laughed.
Irish rushed to the drawer and pulled it open one after the other, searching for the necklace.

What if it’s not here and he only said that because he was drun…

Irish nearly screamed seeing the necklace on the fourth drawer, laying there peacefully.
Her hands shook slightly as she picked it up.

“Catherine and Javad..” Morgan was saying and Irish froze.

“What the hell are you saying Ethan?” Catherine yelled, bursting into the room.

She was fully dressed for the party and only came to say bye to them when she heard Morgan mention Javad.

She was so busy with the dinner party preparation that she totally forgot Morgan spills informations when drunk.
She glanced at Irish and saw how shocked she looked.
Of course, Morgan had mentioned Javad! And the only Javad known is Ethan’s favorite bodyguard!

“Hey, the Javad Morgan mentioned is my younger brother okay?” Catherine quickly said to Irish who nodded numbly.
She had hid the necklace,she couldn’t risk Catherine seeing it with her.

“And why are you bent over his drawer? What do you want there?” Catherine asked, walking closer to her.
“He..he wanted me to, i wanted to pick his body spray!” Irish said, sighting the spray laying on the floor.
She quickly picked it and rose to her feet.
“Ohh” Catherine said, looking at her suspiciously.

Dmn! How could she have left her with Morgan when he was drunk.
What got into her.

“What other thing did he say to you?” Catherine asked.
“Huh? Nothing..not a thing” Irish shook her head and it was so clear that Catherine didn’t believed her.
“He’s asleep now,you can leave” Catherine said and Irish turned to Morgan.
He was truly asleep.
“Okay..goodnight” Irish murmured.
“Don’t come back to his room until it’s morning okay?” Catherine said after her and she nodded.

She walked out of the room and headed to hers.
Maria followed her gently.
“You can go to bed Mar, goodnight” Irish said.
“ dropped this ma’am” Maria said, stretching the necklace to her.
“” Irush gasped and quickly grabbed the necklace from Maria.
She shuddered, thinking what might have happened if it was Catherine or one of her bodyguards who found it.
How could she be so careless.
“Thanks Maria” Irish said and Maria nodded.
“You can still call on me if you need me,i won’t be asleep yet” Maria said.
“Okay and…can you please not tell.. anyone about the necklace” Irish said.
“I would never do that,you have my words. Goodnight” Maria said.
“Goodnight” Irish said.

She walked into her room and closed the door behind her before letting out a deep breath.


She had almost thought it was Ethan”s bodyguard but Catherine has said it was her younger brother.
What other reason would Morgan have mentioned ‘Javad’ for though.
Did she hate Javad so much to the extent of thinking Javad might be acquainted with Morgan.
Good thing Catherine cleared the air .. The Javad Morgan had referred to was Catherine’s brother…yeah.

Morgan really wanted to kill Ethan.she knew he was dangerous but never thought he would want to kill Ethan who had once been his brother,she had thought he was speaking gibberish but for him to correctly know where Carrle’s necklace was at that moment,that simply means all he had been saying was right.
He truly wanted Ethan dead.

She hoped Max had heard that, Ethan needs to be protected immediately.
She sighed as she sat on her bed.
Maybe, this is more serious than she had thought.
She folded the necklace in her palm,she got what she wanted already,this was the main reason she was here but she wasn’t so happy like she had thought she would be when she finally found the necklace.
She did not only found out about the necklace but also something Morgan wouldn’t have said on a normal day.

And looks like he reveals some informations when drunk.
Or she would never have known his plan for Ethan.
She can’t believe she’s staying under the same roof with someone who wants the only man she has ever loved deeply dead.
She’s into it now and can’t pull out, all she needs to do is help Ethan.
She should call Carl but he might be asleep,she would never want to disturb him.

She stared at the necklace in her palm and smiled.
Ethan would be so happy to have it back.
He would finally be able to visit Carrle’s room with no feeling of guilt.

“Uhmm” She thought of where to keep it safe.
She doesn’t trust Catherine also, she’s capable of ransacking her room.

Okay..looks like the drawer has a lock.
She’s just going to put it in the drawer,lock it and keep the key in the bathroom.



She sat on her dressing chair and dried her hair after getting into her pajamas.
She can’t just wait for morning so she can give Carl a call and know what next to do.
They’ve achieved the first goal by getting the necklace,she can’t believe it was so easy but then it had come with a price,the uneasiness of knowing Ethan is not safe any longer. Morgan always have his way around things.

She almost jumped when she heard her phone ring.
She got to her feet and walked to the bed, seeing the name on the screen,she quickly grabbed her phone and headed to the bathroom.
“Carl” She said, almost breathlessly.
“Irish’ i was waiting for your call.
“I thought you’d be asleep” She said.
“No, i can’t be asleep without knowing how the search for the necklace went”
“I found it and i have it with me!”
“Great!” Carl smiled.
“There’s a problem though” She sighed, sitting on the toilet seat.

“What?” Carl asked, sitting up.
“Okay… Morgan had too much to drink and apparently,he got drunk, i was asked to watch over him cause he tend to hurt himself when drunk and while i was with him. He spilled some things”
“Ohh… he’s the type that leaks informations when drunk. Go ahead, I’m all ears”
“He’s planning to have Ethan killed soon”
“What!”Carl sat up.
“Yes,He’s just waiting for me to fall in love with him, then he’ll get Ethan killed”
Carl sighed,a bit relieved knowing Irish’s never going to love Morgan.
He hope they would have gathered enough evidence to send Morgan to jail then before he can make a move on Ethan.

“We have three days to gather the evidence before then and hopefully,we would send him to jail before he can make a move on Mr Ethan.
“Why don’t you try to double the security around Ethan?”
“Irish,even if we triple the security around Mr Ethan,if Morgan wants to get to him,he will, easily. Morgan is smart. And are you sure he wasn’t speaking gibberish because he was drunk?”
“I thought that too but then he correctly showed me where Carrle’s necklace was,it clearly means everything he had said was right.
“Ohh, I’m sure Max would have filed what Morgan said about killing Ethan soon.

“Carl, what if Morgan decides not to wait till I love him back, though it’s never going to happen” Irish said.
“That’s why you’re going to join him in the plan.
“Huh? I don’t seem to get you.”
“Irish, you’ll have to join Morgan in the plan to protect Ethan till then. Surely,by tomorrow,he’s going to know he spilled some things to you, you’ll make him earn your trust and tell him you want to be included in the plan too, you’ll remind him of how much you hate Ethan now and you’re also ready to do anything to hurt him. With that said,he’s going to trust you and fill you in on the plans he has for Mr Ethan, you’ll have to make him believe you’re totally in, you’ll even make some suggestions’ll get back to me and I’ll pass the information to Max,then we’ll know how to protect Mr Ethan that day”

“Woah.. Carl” Irish smiled, intrigued.
“Why are you a bodyguard? You should apply for secret service immediately” Irish said and Carl laughed.
“I’m just a good planner, that’s all”
“Sure you are,i hope it goes as easy as you stated it”
“Nah, don’t expect it to go that easily, it won’t,he might not trust you so easily, you’ll have to apply all you can to convince him. Morgan is a rogue”
“You seem to know so much about him” Irish said.
“Well…i once worked for him, before working for Mr Ethan” Carl said.
“Really?! How come you never mentioned it?” Irish was surprised.

“There was no need to. Morgan has gotten so many people killed when i worked with him and I’m sure he hasn’t stopped,i can’t watch him keep killing helpless victims and that was the reason i want to reveal his deeds and make him pay for the lives he has taken, he do not only kill people but swindle them,he’s a big time fraud and has caused a lot of people sadness,he doesn’t deserve to be happy too” Carl said and Irish sighed.

Her hatred for Morgan increased and she felt like pushing him to jail almost immediately.

“I knew he was dangerous but never thought he was this inhumane. I’m going to do all i can to fight for the helpless victims whose lives were wasted and didn’t had anyone to fight for them. And for the ones he’s planning to hurt,I’m going to make sure i stop him, and escort him to jail.
“Yes! That’s the spirit!” Carl smiled.
“I’m glad i got the main thing i came here for though,all thanks to Morgan’s drunken state” She laughed.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow, i can’t wait to be done with all this,i can’t wait to leave here,i can’t wait to whisk Morgan to jail and finally i can’t wait to be back in Ethan’s arms” Irish beamed.
“Mr Ethan is so lucky to have you,not everyone can go through the risk you readily went into just to make their loved one happy, you’re making a huge sacrifice for Mr Ethan. I’m glad you came into our lives Irish,you changed everything for good” Carl said.
“I’m flattered” Irish grinned.
“I’m glad i have you all in my live also , everything changed for better the moment i stepped into that mansion. Merci Carl” Irish said and Carl laughed.
“You should go for French class after all these” He teased and she laughed.

“There’s something else, though i do not think it’s necessary.
“Com’on,you need to fill me in on every detail, whether it’s necessary or not”
“After Morgan showed me where the necklace was…He mentioned Catherine and Javad before dozing off”
“Javad?”Carl asked.
“Well..i thought that too but Catherine said the Javad he mentioned was her brother” Irish said.
“Brother?” Carl wondered. “Although I’ve not been here for so long but i do not think Catherine has a brother named Javad”
“Yeah, but we can’t be so sure. I’m going to ask Mrs Gabrielle tomorrow and get back to you” Carl said.

“What if.. she doesn’t have a brother named Javad”?” Irish said.
“Then there’s definitely something she’s trying to hide and we’re gonna dig into that too” Carl said.
“Okay, i should go to bed now so I’ll wake up early and sound tomorrow” Irish said, surprisingly feeling excited about her new task.
“And remember,be very careful. Catherine has people watching you” Carl said.
“Okay Carl. Merci” Irish said again and Carl laughed.
She wanted to ask how Ethan was doing but she decided not to, she doesn’t need distractions.
“Mr Ethan is fine” Carl said,as if sensing her thought.
She smiled..”I’m glad he is”
“Bonne nuit Irish”Carl said and Irish groaned,his voice sounded terrible in French.
“You’re the one who needs to go for French class” She teased and he disconnected the call, laughing to himself.

Irish smiled as she walked out of the bathroom.
She dropped her phone on her dressing table, she stared jumping, counting as she did so.
She needed to energise herself for tomorrow..she said to herself.
She dropped in bed on the twentieth count and sighed deeply.



“Fabulous!” Morgan commented with a smile as Catherine walked into his room, beautifully dressed.
It was 9:30am and he was just waking up, he’s hungover and doesn’t think he’ll get out of bed anytime soon.

“If Ethan should resist you today,then he’s a bastard” Morgan said.
“He sure can’t” Catherine smiled, spinning to make Morgan take a full look at her.
“Woah.. you’re going to make me fall for you all over again” Morgan said and Catherine laughed.
“How was the dinner party?” Morgan asked.
“Great! Morgan,you really need to learn to curtail your huge mouth when drunk!” Catherine groaned.
“Wh..what happened? Did i spill anything?” Morgan asked, trying to remember but his memory was blank.
That dmn alcohol was really strong.

“You mentioned Javad to Irish yesterday!” Catherine hissed.
“Oh my God!” Morgan sat up.
“And you were ready to spill more,if i hadn’t walked in. But it’s nothing to worry about. I told her,the Javad you mentioned was my brother and she believed it”
“Ohh” Morgan sighed in relief.
“I’m not going to take that drink!” He $wore.
“I’ve heard that over a thousand times, good thing i walked in on time” Catherine said, checking out herself in Morgan’s mirror after spending minutes in front of her own mirror.

“But what if she finds out you don’t have a younger brother named Javad” Morgan said.
“She’s never going to find out except she has ulterior motive and i have people keeping watch on her, if she makes any suspicious move,I’ll look into it immediately” Catherine said.

“So far,she hasn’t made any suspicious move. I think she’s to be trusted” Morgan said.
“She’s only been here for two days Morgan. I don’t know what love is doing to you, when did you started trusting so easily,it took months before you finally trusted me, remember” Catherine said and Morgan sighed.

“Whatever..just don’t let your guard down, we’re not to trust any body okay?” Catherine said and Morgan nodded.
“I’ll get going” She said.
He glanced at the time..”isn’t it too early?”
“It is, but I’m counting on the morning god to make Ethan trip for my charm. Now is the best time to go” Catherine winked.
“I should get going”
“Bye and i hope the morning god will make him yours back” Morgan said after her.
“Amen” She shouted and he smiled.

He was brought coffee few minutes later and Irish walked into his room as he sipped it.

“Morgan” She called smiling and once again,he was lost staring at her.



“What do you want to say about Arin?” Ethan asked Catherine with a straight face.
He had allowed her in because she mentioned Arin.
“Well..there’s nothing to say about her,i only said that to make you allow me in” Catherine smiled softly.
She was sitting opposite him and he was looking more handsome that she could hardly take her eyes off him.

Ethan sighed. “First, i think you should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of your daughter’s name,that’s very good of you as a loving mother”
Catherine rolled her eyes and set her red purse on his table.
“I’m not here for that Ethan…see,I’m a changed person. I miss you and… ”
“And you want me back” Ethan cut her short and she nodded like her head was going to fall off her neck.
“Yes!” She grinned,glad she’s getting somewhere,she never thought it’d be this easy.
Ethan finally understood her!

“You want me back or you wanna $educe me back into your heart. Catherine,why on Earth would you put on a dress that’s almost making your b.oobs fall it part of your seducing trick? I will never fall for it..this is just so low of you to think you can make a man want you by exposing your body. You don’t have to do that,as a matter of fact,one doesn’t have to do anything to earn the love of another,love is just a natural feeling,we love who our heart choose and once our heart picks a particular person, it’ll be hard to love anyone else. My heart chose Irish already and there’s nothing i can do to it anymore” Ethan said,much to Catherine’s chagrin.

She was seething and her fingers cut into her palm as she tightened her fist.

“I don’t know what on Earth Morgan did to you… Catherine,with the way you’re dressed right now,no one is going to respect you. You own two top Modelling companies in California, you’re a mother,a wife, a successful business woman but your appearance doesn’t look any of those,you look like a slvt,I’m sorry for being blunt but you really need to know. Do not damage the reputation of your companies with your appearance,trust me,when the reputation of a company is damaged, it’s so hard to put back in place. You’re damn beautiful, you’d steal a man’s breath without even exposing any sensitive part of your body,i don’t know when you turn this but this is very disappointing and shameful” Ethan said and Catherine threw her purse in his face angrily.
The sharp edges of the purse tore his skin a bit and he felt blood drip from his forehead.

“Motherfker!” Catherine screamed angrily and Javad and Robbins rushed in.
“Get the first aid box” Javad said to Robbins who quickly did so.
Ethan sighed,his forehead sting painfully and the blood didn’t even stop dripping.
“Go to hell! Son of a bch, the lady you so fking love is getting s¢rewed every night by Morgan whom you shamelessly lost to. Loser!” Catherine spat, grabbed her purse and walked out of his office.

Robbins returned with the first aid box.
“Im so sorry Mr Ethan, I’ll make the security stop her and we’ll have her arrested immediately” Robbins said.
“No, let her go” Ethan said.



Catherine walked angrily to her car with her escorts.
“Ma’am, you have a call”
“Throw the fucking phone away” She sighed.
“It’s from Ben and i think he has some information about Irish”
Ben is one of the bodyguards she had put in charge of monitoring Irish.

She grabbed her phone from her escort and received the call..

“Say whatever you wanna say!” She said into the phone.
“I was checking the security footage of yesternight and you really need to see this. Irish is not to be trusted”
“I’m on my way” Catherine dropped the call and told her driver to drive fast .



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