Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 65

He was brought coffee few minutes later and Irish walked into his room as he sipped it.

“Morgan” She called smiling and once again,he was lost staring at her.
She was putting on a pink satin gown and has her hair packed in her favorite style.
“Irish” He smiled, dropping his cup of coffee on his bedside table.

“How are you? I hope you’re fine now?” She asked sweetly, walking closer to him.
“Yeah,even if i wasn’t fine, seeing you now just boosted my energy” Morgan said and she smiled.

She sat beside him on the bed,took his hand and kssed it, Morgan felt on top of the world.

“Do you remember anything?” She asked.
“I don’t,I’m trying to but my memory is blank” He groaned.
“Ohh…Thanks so much for the gift” Irish said with a smile.
“Gift?” Morgan wondered.
“Yeah,you gifted me a necklace and i really love it”

“A necklace? Ohh..that” Morgan laughed even though he didn’t remember gifting her any necklace but seeing how happy she looked,he felt glad to have given her whatever necklace she was talking about.

His drunken state had made him earn more of her love.
“Thanks drunky-Morgan” He said inwardly.

“You told me to check your drawer for a necklace, that you got it for me. And i really loved it” Irish smiled.
“My drawer?” Morgan asked and gasped, realising that was Carrle’s necklace.
Irish knew about Carrle!
But she couldn’t possibly know about the necklace.
“Did i..did i mention any name or say anything else” Morgan asked,close to panicking.
“No, you didn’t mention any name. Does the necklace belong to someone?” Irish asked, feigning ignorance.
“! I bought it for you” Morgan smiled,glad he hadn’t mention Carrle’s name.
“I’m so touched you could buy such a beautiful necklace for me, i think my love for you has increased. This is the first time I’ll ever love anyone so fast..ahh” Irish sighed.

Morgan’s heart felt like it would burst with love anytime soon, he gripped her hand tightly and slowly stared into her eyes with his heart pounding fast.
He leaned forward to kss her and she quickly moved her lips, his kiss landed on her cheek.

“Uhm…i feel it’s too soon for that,the kss on the cheek was great too,we should just stick to that for now” Irish said.
“As you wish dearest” Morgan winked and Irish thought he looked like an owl.
“Well.. Catherine mustn’, you shouldn’t make Catherine see the necklace” Morgan said.
“Why? Didn’t you gifted me so i could wear it?” Irish asked.
“Yeah i did but..yunno, Catherine is a very jealous person,she’s going to get mad seeing i bought that expensive necklace for you” Morgan said.

Sly fox!!!
You had called it a cheap necklace!

“Ohh..okay” Irish said.
“But it’s just for a while, she’ll be leaving soon” Morgan said in a whisper.
“Leaving soon? To where?” Irish asked with keen interest.
“She’s going to tell you herself when it works out” Morgan smiled.
“Ohh” Irish nodded, wondering what Catherine was up to.


“Okay, said something else yesternight that i was so happy about” Irish said.
“Really?” Morgan asked.
“Yeah, something about killing Ethan” Irish smiled.
“What! Di..d i said.. I didn’t say oh my..” Morgan sighed.
How could he leak that!
Dmn! He would never take that dmn alcohol again.
“Yes you did, don’t be so bothered about me knowing cause i really love the plan” Irish said.
“What…Really?” Morgan asked in surprise.
He couldn’t believe she’s fine with the plan to kill Ethan, she must really detest him now.

“Yeah, Ethan really hurt me and i’ll do anything to hurt him back. He fking left me stranded in the rain and even made my mum fall sick. I really hate him now” Irish said and Morgan smiled.
“I hate him also and that’s why i want him gone” He said.
“ that we share the same feeling towards him, why don’t you include me in the plan” Irish said.
“Huh?” Morgan asked, looking like he doesn’t trust her enough.

“What?” Irish asked.
“You don’t have to be included in the plan irish,I’m going to handle everything on my own” Morgan said.
“I thought you said you trusted me,this is just so heartbreaking” Irish said, looking like she would burst into tears anytime soon.
“No..Irish, i trust you, believe me” Morgan said.
“Then why can’t you involve me,i want to be included also, please” Irish blinked at him like a puppy and he almost fell for it.
Her eyes does unexplainable things to him.
He feels like he’s trapped in them.

“Do you really hate him that much?” Morgan asked.
“Of course” Irish quickly said, “why else would i want to be included in the plan to get him killed”
Morgan looked like he was scanning her face.
“, you still don’t trust me. I should leave your house then” Irish sniffed, getting on her feet.
“, wait” Morgan pulled her back gently.

“It’s just so sad that the man I’m starting to love doesn’t trust me, i should leave” Irish said.
“Look… Irish, i trust you but you don’t have to be included in the plan, you want him dead also,you don’t have to know how we’re going to do it,trust me,I’ll handle it perfectly”Morgan said.
“But i want to be included also, I’ve lived with Ethan for some time, i know his weaknesses and strength, I’ll even be of help to you, the things I’ve known about him would make the plan work out easily” Irish said convincingly.

‘Right,she might be of help to them’ Morgan thought.
But involving her in the plan means she’s definitely gonna know about Javad and Gladys, though he has no problem with her knowing them since she hates Ethan now and even want him dead like they do but Catherine would never allow that, Catherkne would never want her included.

“I can see you still don’t trust me enough to have me included, that simply means you do not love me. I should go back to Ethan who truly loves and trust me” Irish said and got up.
She jerked Morgan’s hand away and started walking to the door.
“I’ll have you included in the plan, i really trust you Irish,i swear. But Catherine….” Morgan trailed off.
“Catherine?” Irish asked, turning and walking back to him.

“Yeah, she’s kinda included in the plan also, though she’s not in support of me killing Ethan cause she still wants him and believes she’s going to get him but she said if she refuses to get him this time,i should go ahead with the plan and I’m damn sure Ethan won’t want her back. Well..i can’t be sure until she’s back…”
“Until she’s back?” Irish asked.
“Yeah,she went to Ethan’s office and I’m not sure he’ll be able to resist her this time ” Morgan said.
“Is that why she’s dressed that way?” Irish asked, she can’t deny the fact that she’s panicking,what if Ethan thought she was really gone and then accept Catherine back into his life.
No! He won’t do that.
“Yes” Morgan said.
“So… if Ethan doesn’t want her back, she’s going to give you the ‘go ahead’ to proceed with your plan?” Irish asked.
“No, i don’t need her go ahead, even if Ethan accepts her back,I’m still going to kill him anyway” Morgan said.
“Ohh..great” Irish smiled.
“I’m not sure Catherine wouldn’t want you involved in the plan, she doesn’t trust you” Morgan said, he’s ready to involve Irish but Catherine would never allow that.

“Then she doesn’t have to know” Irish said.
“Huh? How?” Morgan asked.
“You’re just gonna fill me in on the plan without her knowing,since she doesn’t want me involved,that’s what we’re going to do” Irish said.
“You’re right, she doesn’t have to know” Morgan nodded completely smitten.
“So…when do you plan on killing him and how are we going to do it?” Irish asked taking Morgan’s palm in hers.
“When he had gotten over you” Morgan said..
“No! We have to do it now he’s still hurt”
“That’s what i planned from the onset. I find it intriguing that we share the same opinion”
“Yeah,so how are we going to go about it?” Irish asked.
“Poison. So it won’t arouse suspicion” Morgan said.
“Ohh..great,but how are you gonna poison his meal, he rarely eat out” Irish said.
“Well.. you’ll have to meet our two accomplices then, they are the ones that’ll get the job done”
“Really? Will i be meeting them soon?” Irish asked.
“Yeah,I’ll make them come over whenever Catherine’s not home” Morgan said in a whisper.
“I can’t wait” Irish smiled.

Morgan just hoped she wouldn’t be shocked.
Well..she might be but she’ll go with the flow now that she’s involved.

“Thanks so much for involving me Morgan” Irish smiled, kssing his cheeks.
He grinned hard,glad he made her happy.
She’s gonna be head over heels in love with him soon.
Should he just call Javad and Gladys over now?


“Say whatever you wanna say!” She said into the phone.
“I was checking the security footage of yesternight and you really need to see this. Irish is not to be trusted”
“I’m on my way” Catherine dropped the call and told her driver to drive fast .



“Here it is, Madam Catherine” Ben showed her the footage.
Cartherine saw Maria giving something to Irish and Irish had looked around and quickly grabbed it from her hands like it was something not to be seen by anyone else.

“Zoom that part” Catherine said to Ben and he quickly did so.
The hallway was quite dark and she couldn’t even see what Maria and Irish was passing to each other.
“And it looks like she told Maria something, can’t you find out what she told her?” Catherine asked.
“We can’t ma’am, their voices weren’t loud enough” Ben said and Catherine sighed.

“What could Maria have given her?” She wondered aloud.
“Whatever Maria had given her,it seems Irish owns it cause she had grabbed it from Maria’s hands”
“Check if she was holding anything before going into Morgan’s room” Catherine said and Ben quickly did so.

The footage of Irish going into Morgan’s room after he got drunk surfaced and her hands were dangling free when she walked into his room.
“I’m damn sure whatever she had took,it was from Morgan’s room” Catherine said.
“Switch back to the moment she walked out of Morgan’s room” Catherine said and Ben quickly did so.

Irish walked out of Morgan’s room and Maria walked behind her, Maria suddenly stopped and picked something from the floor.
“Pause! Zoom that part” Catherine said.
“Dmn!” She swore, they couldn’t see what Maria picked.
“I think it’s time we replaced those lights in the hallway” Catherine said.

Whatever Maria had picked seemed like Irisj had dropped it.
There was nothing with her when she walked into Morgan’s room.
She had definitely took something from Morgan’s room.
Whatever it is, seems to arouse suspicion.

Was that why..she was bent over his drawer?
But she had indeed picked Morgan’s body spray from the floor.

“Get Maria for me” Catherine said.
“Maria is off for today ma’am”
“Damn! Once she’s back tomorrow,i want to see her in my room” Catherine said before walking out.
She was still so mad over what Ethan had said to her.
And now! She’s not going to care about what Morgan does to him. Morgan can kill him! to hell she cares.

But she really need to inform Morgan about the suspicious move Irish made yesternight.
She knew from the start that the lady is not to be trusted.
She gave one of her escorts her purse to drop in her room and then headed straight to Morgan’s.

He was standing in front of his mirror, brushing his wet hair.
Looks like he just finished having a bath.

She sat on his bed with a sigh and he turned.
“Huh,you’re back” He said and seeing the look on her face,he knew it hadn’t gone well.
“I guess he resisted this time again” He said.
“The motherfker was lecturing me! I was so pissed that i threw my purse in his face” Catherine groaned.
“Really? Don’t you think he might have turned homosexual?” Morgan asked, sitting and facing her.
“No! It’s all because he’s still in love with Irish” Catherine said, breathing heavily.
“What! Well..good thing Irish doesn’t love him anymore, i think he hasn’t gotten over her yet,you know it took years for him to get over you”

“Whatever! I don’t freaking want him back anymore, you can go ahead with the damn plan! ” Catherine said.
“As you wish Catherine” Morgan bowed dramatically. “But how could someone resist you? Damn! He must be blind”

“Of course he is! And looks like Irish has started showing some suspicious move,i told you she can’t be trusted” Catherine said.
“Huh?” Morgan asked.
“You need to see yesternight footage” Catherine said.
“Footage? Tell Ben to bring it to me immediately” Morgan said.



Morgan watched the footage keenly and sighed.

“I think it was the necklace i gifted her” He said.
“Necklace?” Catherine asked.
“Uh..yeah,i noticed her love for i bought one for her” Morgan said.
“Ohh…” Catherine sighed. “But why had she grabbed it from Maria and she looked around before doing so,like she doesn’t want anybody else seeing it”

“She told me it was really beautiful and she loved it but i never thought she loved it to the extent of not making Maria hold it for long,it must be so precious to her” Morgan smiled.

“I’m still going to ask Maria to be sure if it was really a necklace” Catherine said.
“I’m sure it is,what else could be that tiny” Morgan said and Catherine was a bit disappointed.

Looks like Irish doesn’t have any ulterior motive.
She just want to hurt Morgan like she had said.

“Looks like she doesn’t have any ulterior motive” She said to Morgan.
“I told ya! We can trust her” He said.
“Hell no! I’m not trusting her yet until i confirm from Maria” Catherine said.
“What if Maria confirms it’s a necklace” Morgan said.
“Then, maybe I’ll start trusting her” Catherine shrugged.
“And then we can even involve her in our plans” Morgan said.
“What! Involve her in what?! Hell no, i hope you’re not planning to do that. You must be so crazy if you’re planning to do that” Catherine said.
“C’mon, I’m not planning to” Morgan said.
He knew Catherine would never consent to it.

“Good. So I’m planning to go to Mexico for few days,to just clear my head” Catherine said, Ethan’s words had indeed gotten to her.
“Oh..great”Morgan said, he’ll get to invite Javad and Gladys over when she’s gone.



Irish walked out of the bathroom after speaking with Carl,she had told him everything she and Morgan discussed and they’re both waiting for the accomplices Morgan is going to introduce to her.
Carl is yet to confirm from Mrs Gabrielle if Catherine really have a brother named Javad and he’s going to do that now and call her back immediately.

Her phone started ringing the moment she dropped it on the bed.
She quickly picked it up, thinking it was Carl but her heart raced on seeing the caller ID.


This would be the first time he’ll be contacting her since she left with Morgan.
She dropped on the chair with a sigh,still staring at his name on her phone and just like she was being controlled. She received the call.

“Irish” His voice melted every damn part of her body.
“Ethan” She said and felt like crying.
She really missed him.
His next question made her raise her brow though.
” Irish, is Morgan really screwing you every night?” He asked.
“What! Who told you that?” Irish asked.
“He doesn’t right?”
“Hell no!” Irish said. “I won’t even allow him kiss me”
She smiled when she heard him sigh in relief.

Jealous dk.

“Wait..why did you pick my call? And you aren’t even yelling at me” Ethan said.
“I’ll be hanging up now then” Irish said.
“Wait.. please, Irish I’m so sorry for every damn thing i did to you that day,for making your mum sick..”
“You didn’t made her sick,she was down with the flu.”
“ know that!? Does that mean you’re pissed at me because i dropped you off in the rain? I’m so sor..”
“No, i know you did that to protect me.”
“You know that also, then why are you doing this to me?!” Ethan asked and she could sense the pain in his voice.

“Just wait Ethan…be patient, it’ll be over soon”
“W..wh..what are you talking about?” He asked.
“Bye” She said and quickly disconnected the call.

She smiled, speaking to him always delight her.
She just hope with the little she told him, he’ll live with it and really be patient like she had said.
Ethan is wise,he would have known she’s up to something.

Her phone started ringing again and this time it was Carl.

“Hey Carl” She said on getting into the bathroom.
“I just confirmed from Mrs Gabrielle. Catherine has no younger brother named Javad. Infact,she’s the only child of her parents.
“What!” Irish exclaimed.
“Then who is Javad?”” She asked slowly.
“I think he’s one of the accomplices Morgan is going to introduce you to soon”Carl said.

“I Can’t wait” Irish said.
“I just hope it’s not what’s on my mind” Carl said.
“Are you.. thinking what I’m thinking?” Irish asked.
“About Javad..yes but then there are hundreds of Javad in the world”
“”Yeah..i can’t wait though” Irish said.
“Irish,after today, we just have three days left,you need to hasten Morgan to introduce you to the accomplices.
“Yeah but he’s being careful because of Catherine though. I pray she goes out tomorrow,then I’ll make him invite them over.

“Good and don’t you think Morgan was about to reveal something important,that was why Catherine had lied about having a brother named Javad.
“Exactly! Should i ask Morgan about it?
“No, he’s going to get suspicious,i still think we should wait till you finally meet the accomplices.
“Okay then.

” Alright, gotta go now.
“Bye Carl.

She walked back into her room..
Catherine had lied about having a brother named Javad.
Because she doesn’t want the identity of the so called Javad revealed.
Who is he?
And what was Morgan about to say?

Her head is spinning with unanswered questions.
This is just so hard.

Well..she should wait till she meet the accomplices like Carl had said.



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