Authoress Berry Juli

Chapter 68

Catherine walked out of the bathroom in a white robe with a towel tied around her wet hair.
Her five personal maids bowed as she sat on the dressing chair.

She removed the hair towel and Aimee, one of her maids plugged the hair dryer and started drying her hair immediately.

Ravin,another of her personal maid,attended to her nails while Susan, who’s a fashionista prepared her outfit.

She knows Catherine won’t be going out,so she’s to prepare a simple wear.
Emily and Jessie stood at a reasonable distance,ready to go on any errand.

Catherine stared at herself in the mirror as her hair was getting dried.

She looks equally beautiful, why are the men all over Irish?
Could it be because she wears no make up?
Do men love natural ladies these days?

“I won’t be wearing makeup for now Susan” Catherine said.
“Yes Madam Catherine” Susan bowed.
They were surprised but didn’t dare show it, they knew Catherine rarely do without make up, except when she’s going to bed.

“Jessica, get Ben for me immediately” Catherine said.
“Okay Madam Catherine” Jessie bowed and walked out of the room.
Ravin proceeded to Catherine’s toe nails and then brought out a set of nail polish when she was done.
“Which would you like ma’am?” Ravin asked.
“What’s the color of the dress I’m putting on Susan?” Catherine asked.
“One-piece black stretch jumpsuit” Susan said.
“Okay,use the black glossy one” Catherine said to Ravin who bowed.

Aimee was braiding Catherine’s hair when Jessica walked in with Ben.

“Good afternoon Madam Catherine” Ben bowed.
“What went wrong with the CCTV, it was blank for some hours” Catherine said.
“It w..” Ben was saying.
“Say nothing but the truth” Catherine said sternly.
“It was system error ma’am” Ben said and Catherine turned to him.
“System error? That has never happened” Catherine said, looking at him suspiciously.
“It has, ma’am, severally. You wouldn’t know because today is actually the first time i connected it to your laptop,it happens when the system is fluctuating and it always take a while before it becomes stable” Ben said convincingly.

“ mean, whatever happened during the period the system was fluctuating would be wiped off?” Catherine asked.
“Yes ma’am”
“Is there no way it can be restored?” Catherine asked.
“No ma’am”
“That’s bad” Catherine sighed.
“You can leave” She said to him.
“Okay Madam Catherine” He bowed and turned to leave.
“If i find out what you told me is not true,I’m not going to spare you,trust me” Catherine said and Ben nodded.
“Anyway,get me one of Morgan’s bodyguards on your way out” She said and watched him leave.

Looks like he’s saying the truth but she’s not fully convinced yet.
“Emily,get me a glass cup of water” Catherine sighed.
“Okay Madam Catherine” Emily bowed before rushing out of the room.

Blaine walked in and bowed before Catherine.
“Blaine .. how are you?” Catherine smiled.
“Fine ma’am” Blaine said, maintaining his calm expression.
“Okay, i want to ask you a question and I’ll be glad if you tell me the truth” Catherine said.

Blaine panicked, thinking Catharine already knew about what he told Irish.
But if she knew,she wouldn’t be smiling.
She would have probably ordered him to get killed immediately.

“What happened while i was gone?” Catherine asked.
“I mean..what happened? Who came in? Who went out? Like..what the he.ll happened?” Catherine asked with a sigh.
“Nothing unusual happened ma’am, no one came in,none went out” Blaine answered.

Catherine studied him to see if he was telling lies but his expression remained the same.
She sighed frustratedly..maybe nothing had happened.
Maybe it was just system error like Ben had said.

“Are you sure?” She asked Blaine.
“Yes Madam Catherine”Blaine said.
“Alright,you can leave” She said, he bowed and turned to leave when Emily walked in with a glass cup of chilled water in a small tray.
She was breathing heavily as she approached Catherine and Catherine knew instantly that something was wrong.

“Will you stop breathing in my water! What’s wrong?” Catherine asked.
“Madam Catherine, i just heard from one of the cooks that Irish ordered Maria to empty every pack of strawberry juice in the kitchen…into the sink!” Emily said.




Irish walked into her room and wondered where Maria was.
She picked her phone on the bed,where Maria had dropped it and then unlocked it..
It displayed the pictures Mariaa had been viewing.

Where was she then?
Ohh..she might be in her room, probably using the restroom.

Iridh smiled as she sat on her couch.
You’re such a good actor Irish,you gained Morgan’s trust already. Totally.
She never thought it’ll be this easy and fast.
Catherine seems to be the only hard nut now and she knows she’s watching her every move so she can find something suspicious about her and then inform Morgan so he would stop whatever trust he has for her.

She should be very very cautious now so Catherine won’t ruin their plan cause she seems so determined.

She wished Catherine hadn’t walked in when Morgan was about telling her the similar plan Javad and Gladys had helped him carry out successfully.
She can’t ask him again today cause he’ll really wonder why she desperately wants to know and start getting suspicious like Catherine wanted.
There’s still three days to go…

Ahhh…she’s really craving strawberry juice.
“You need to start taking vanilla flavor, strawberry is out of the picture for now” Irish said to her baby.

“Okay mummy” She said to herself in a tiny voice and then laughed.

“Ma’am” Maria called, walking in.
“Mara” Irish turned to her.
“Madam Catherine requested to see me and i went to her, i wanted to inform you before going but i thought you might be having an important conversation with Mr Morgan and i wouldn’t have wanted to interrupt ” Maria said.
“Okay..what did she call you for?” Irish asked curiously.

“Seems she was informed about the juice you ordered me to empty in the sink”
“Dmn!” Iish sighed.
“But there’s nothing to worry about,she asked me the reason you ordered me to do such and i said the only thing that came to my mind at that moment..” Maria paused.
“What?” Irish asked anxiously.

“I told her you discovered the juices has passed their expiration date…” Maria said.
“Wow!” Irish sighed, exactly what she had planned to say but Carl had said Catherine would find out.
“I know that was a bit petty but that was the only thing i could say at that moment,if i didn’t talk immediately,she would suspect you knew”
“Thank you Mara,you did the right thing. Thank you so much” Irish said.
“And she asked of the empty packs so she could be sure the juices truly expired”
“And what did you tell her?” Irish asked.
“I told her i disposed of them…like i truly did but I’m afraid she might ask her workers to go dig it out and bring it to her”

“Gosh!” Irish sighed.



“What’s this? What’s going on?” Catherine asked after seeing Mara serve Irish a different meal for lunch.
“I was craving chicken casserole” Irish said.
“And why did Mara serve it to you? Aren’t there cooks to do that?” Catherine asked.
“Because she made it” Irish said.
“What! She wasn’t employed as a cook! Why would she make your meals?” Catherine asked wondering what was going on.

First the packs of juice she had poisoned were emptied into the sink, and now Maria made Irish’s lunch and even served her.

“She’s my personal maid,which means i can get her to do anything i want, i discovered she’s a great cook and that’s why I’ll allow her to start making my meals and serving it” Irish said.
“Ohh” Catherine nodded, now sure something was indeed going on.

“Maria wasn’t employed as a cook so she’s not allowed to make your meals,we have enough cooks already. This should be the last time you try to make a meal in my kitchen Maria” Catherine said, authoritatively.

“You do not have power over her anymore Catherine,she’s my personal maid now, she’ll do whatever i order her to” Irish said.
“I employed her, and i stand by my words,she’s not allowed to make a meal in my kitchen”
“She’s allowed to..and it’s not your kitchen,you do not own this house” Irish said.
“Whatever..She’s not allowed to”Catherine yelled.

“Enough! This is my house Catherine and Irish has the same right you have here. You allow your personal maids do whatever you want them to do,why don’t you want Irish to do whatever she wants with her personal maid also.” Morgan said and then turned to Maria.
“Do whatever Irish wants okay?,she’s your boss” Morgan said and Maria bowed.

“Ohh… really” Catherine said, pushing back her chair.
She got to her feet.
“Trust me Morgan, the lady you trust so much will turn out to be your Achilles heel” She said and stared at Irish menacingly before walking out.

“We found the packs of juice ma’am” One of her bodyguards said and she stopped walking.

“Let me have it” she said and the bodyguard handed it to her.
She checked the expiration date immediately and was almost shocked to see the juice hadn’t expired.
It still had a month to go.

What the he.ll!

She turned back and headed to the dining room.
Irish and Morgan were already eating when she walked in and that made her even more furious.
Morgan hadn’t even come after her after she left the dining room,he hadn’t cared,he only cared about eating with Irene.
She slammed the empty pack of juice on the dining table furiously, startling Irish and Morgan.

“What’s this Catherine?” Morgan asked.
“I’m not here for you who had turned a dummy overnight! Maria,why did you lie to me about the juice exceeding their expiration date?” Catherine asked and Maria looked at her, stunned and not knowing what to say.
“She didn’t lie to you, i told her the juices expired and ordered her to empty them” Irish asked, building up all the excuse she can because obviously, Catherine had found the packs of juice and had seen they hadn’t expired.

“Why the he.ll did you do that? Is there a sort of blindness that makes one sees packs of juice as expired when it still has a month to go?” Catherine asked.


Catherine watched her intensely knowing something was definitely off for Irish to empty the packs of juice and even lied that they had exceed their expiration date.
Could it be that she knows about the poiso..
No! Only one of her bodyguards know it and she could swear he was loyal to her.

“Well..the juice tasted sour and i believed it was expired,i didn’t even bother checking the expiration date” Irish said.
“You wasted ten packs of juice because one of them tasted sour?” Catherine asked, wondering if the poison had made it taste that way.
Did she put a lot?
Well..that simply means Irish had taken it!
She had taken out of the juice before emptying it!

But she’s meant to be taking it continuously, taking just a gulp might not work but it’ll indeed take a toll on her body.
It might affect the baby…she so much wish it will but she still have to confirm from Nurse Tasha who had given her the stuff.

“It truly tasted sour, you would have emptied it if you were me” Irish said.
“Just a pack tasted sour, you shouldn’t have emptied the ten of them.” Catherine said.
“The thing is..i do not crave strawberry juice anymore,the smell now almost make me puke” Irene sighed.
“Which juice do you prefer now?” Catherine asked.
“None” Irish said.
“Whatever your reason is,you shouldn’t have wasted the ten packs,you didn’t buy them”

“Neither did you. Morgan bought them,just for me and I’ll do whatever i like with it. You’re interrupting our lunch please” Irish said with a roll of eyes.
“Wow!” Catherine exclaimed. “You’ve really got guts, haven’t you?”
Irish continued eating, ignoring her.
Catherine glanced at Morgan who had continued eating also, he hadn’t even contributed in their exchange,he only watched them, looking coy.
God! What has Irish turned him to.

She left the dining room and walked to her room.
“Get me my lunch” She said to Emily who bowed before leaving.
She was starving and hadn’t even had breakfast before leaving for Mexico.
Maybe she really needed to go cool her head and think.
And she can watch the house activities while she’s there.

“My phone” She said and her phone was passed to her with a bow.
She placed a call across Tasha.

“Hey Tash.
“Madam Catherine” Tasha said.
“Well the damn girl emptied the packs of juice”
“What! Without taking anything?”
“Well..i guess she took a gulp and concluded it tasted sour”
“Did you added more than the portion i asked you to?” Tasha asked.
“I guess so” Catherine admitted slyly.
“You shouldn’t have, it’ll indeed taste sour”
“Ohh” Catherine sighed.

“But you said she took a gulp right?”
“Yeah,that was how she knew it tasted sour”
“Well..since you added more portion of the poison than i told you to in each pack and she took a gulp, the poison would definitely have a toll on her though it might not kill her like we wanted but trust me…it’s going to damage some parts of her body” Tasha said quietly, looking around, she wouldn’t want anyone to hear the conversation.
“Well the thing is..she’s pregnant” Catherine said.
“,the baby would pay for it then. How old is the pregnancy?”

“Two months and some weeks”
“The poison is gonna kill the baby for sure and even leave some damages in her system”
“Exactly what i wanted!” Catherine grinned.
“Thanks Tasha”
“Alright ma’am, gotta go now”



“Catherine I’m sorry…” Morgan said as he walked into her room.
Her maids left the room immediately.
“What do you want?” Catherine asked with a mean tone.
She was sitting on her bed and surfing through the internet when he walked in.
“Are you here to remind me of how Irish and i now have the same right in this house?” She asked.

“C’mon” Morgan said, sitting beside her on the bed.
“Don’t come closer, you disgust me now” Catherine said flatly.
“Catherine…what problem do you have with Irish? Do you just dislike her or you’re truly suspicious of her?” Morgan asked.
“Both and i don’t dislike her,i hate her” Catherine clarified.
“Okay..i understand the fact that you hate her, you’ve hated her since she started working as your daughter’s nanny but why are you suspicious of her even without having an evidence?” Morgan asked.

“Morgan,my intuition is always right and you know that,i feel she’s here for a reason,not just because she now hate Ethan. She has an apartment,why come here instead… think deep like you used to Morgan” Catherine said.
“Well…” Morgan sighed. “So far, we haven’t noticed anything off about her, she’s been here for four days Cat”
“I’m damn sure if we had successfully set up a CCTV in her room,we would have definitely found whatever i think she’s hiding”
“I still do not think she’s hiding anything”

“You’re not thinking straight Morgan,this is not you” Catherine said and Morgan sighed.
“This is me Cat..this is me! you don’t expect me to make a move without finding anything suspicious about her, find something suspicious about her and see if i won’t make a move immediately”

“Really?” Catherine blinked.
She had thought he was blinded by love.
“Of course…i love Irish,you know that but if she dares betray me,she’s gone. I won’t allow my feelings for her cloud my judgement,you know i don’t spare betrayals” Morgan said.
“Yeah” Catherine nodded…So,the reason Morgan’s still being nice to Irish is because he hasn’t found anything suspicious about her yet.

She really needs to double her effort in finding out what she suspected Irish is hiding, and once she shows Morgan the evidence, he’ll get rid of her immediately. He truly does not spare betrayals, regardless of their relationship with him.

“And it seems you’ve really given her the boldness to stand up to me. She now talks like she’s the legal wife here and that’s because of you!” Catherine said, crossly.
“Hey,i never told her to stand up to you,she did cause she wanted to. It’s between the both of you, don’t drag me in” Morgan said.

“And why were you taking her side? I told Maria not to make meals for her in this house anymore but you went ahead to tell her otherwise, right in front of me,just to please Irish”

“Catherine, we need to make Irish feel comfortable in this house also. She wants her personal maid to continue making her meals, there’s nothing wrong with that,it isn’t going to affect you in any way”

“Whatever” Catherine rolled her eyes.
“Com’on,are you still pissed at me?” Morgan asked.
“Of course, you ridiculed me in her presence” Catherine frowned.

“Cat, I’m sorry” He said and she shrugged.
“Okay…how about we go shopping in Ana’s store later, i’ll foot the bills” Morgan offered.
“Aww… really?” Catherine’s eyes widened in excitement.
“I love you Morg” She kissed him and he smiled, knowing she has forgiven him already.

He can’t bear to see her pissed at him.
Catherine has been his partner in crime and he’s not ready to lose her.
She’s the mastermind of their plans and she always make sure the plans go smoothly.

“Do you want Irish to come with us?” He teased.
“Hell no!” Catherine hissed and he laughed.
“Alright,go get ready then,so we’ll be back before dinner” He said, knowing how long Catherine takes in shopping, she’ll almost empty the entire store.



“Irish we’ll be right back…we are visiting Ana fashion store, do you want me to get anything for you?” Morgan asked.
He was dressed for the shopping and Catherine was impatiently waiting in the car.
“No” Irish said.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yeah” She nodded and wished he won’t be taking Blaine with him so she could get him to contact Carl.

He kssed her cheeks and waved her bye.
She waved back at him and watched him walk out of her room.

Mentioning Ana’s store reminded her of her own workshop in Ethan’s house.
She so much missed it,that place gives her comfort and inspiration.
Staring at the flowers in the garden makes her think of new beautiful designs.
Even if she has a big store one day,she’s still going to make wears in that little workshop of hers.

Her customers were beginning to send in tons of messages, ordering dresses and she always gave them the excuse that she’s on a trip and will be back soon.
So many orders are waiting and she can’t wait to get back home.
She missed Ethan’s house.

“Here’s your fruit ma’am” Maria said, walking in with a small bowl of sliced watermelon.
Irish’s still so scared to take anything ‘strawberry’ in the house or she would have preferred strawberries to watermelon.
“Thanks Mara” She said as Mariaa dropped the bowl in front of her.

“Are you okay?” Maria asked, noticing her sour mood.
“I’m fine..just worried about my business and other things”
“Ohh..worry less, everything will be back in place okay?” Maria assured her and she nodded.
“And speaking of business…what type of business is it?” Maria asked.
“I’m a fashion designer and i have my own workshop” Irish smiled.
“ i understand the reason there were pictures of multiple wears on your phone..did you made every one of them?” Maria asked.
“Of course”
“Oh my God!” Maria exclaimed. “You’re that talented?!”
“’s just something I’m good at” Irish said proudly.
“And to think you never for once boasted of being such a talented designer..Wow, you’re a role model Irish” Maria said, intrigued.
Irish smiled.

“You should know Ana…” Maria said.
“Yeah” Irish nodded.
“She boasts every time she’s here and always made it clear that none of the workers here could afford her. I dislike her so much” Maria frowned and Irish laughed.
“And..judging from the pictures of wears i saw on your phone,you’re far more talented than Ana. Do you also have a store where you sell them?”
“Not yet, i only cut,sew,design and package in my workshop and then deliver it to each customer’s location”
“Ohh, that’s great, you seems like a hardworking person Irish,a very hardworking person” Maria noted and Irish smiled.

She was starting to eat her fruit.
“I know you don’t have a fashion store yet but you should have a name…” Maria was saying.
“Ofcourse Levine’s fashions,you can check it up on the internet and order a dress and i promise you’ll have it delivered to your doorstep” Irish joked and Maria laughed.

“Levine’s fashions.. isn’t that the brand that has been trending for some time now? I can’t believe you do not own a store and your brand is trending already! Wow”Maria exclaimed.
“I will…soon” Irish said,she has saved up some money for it and once she’s done with all these, she’ll start the preparation of her own store.
Her customers are growing every minute.
She’ll forever be thankful to Ethan who had brought her out of those weak shells and made people see what she can offer.

“Maria,can you help me check if Blaine went out with Morgan and if he did not, tell him i want to see him” Irish said.
“Okay ma’am” Maria grinned, blushing hard as she left the room.
Irish shook her head with a smile.

She pushed the watermelon away.
Dmn..she’s so craving strawberry.


Maria walked in alone few minutes later and Irish was disappointed Blaine had left with Morgan.
She was wondering why Maria was still blushing when Blaine walked in.

“Good afternoon ma’am” He said and Irish smiled.



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