Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 69

It was almost dinner time and Morgan and Catherine were yet to be back.

Irish sat in the room,buried in the novel she was reading.
Maria was in the kitchen preparing Irene’s dinner while the other cooks prepared Morgan’s and Catherine’s.
They sneered at her as she moved in the kitchen.

Blaine had agreed to contact Carl even though it took quite an effort to convince him.
Carl had called her few minutes ago and told her Blaine contacted him already and they spoke at length.

Blaine promised to protect her in the house and also watch Catherine’s moves, he said he’s doing it because of Ethan and nobody else.

The door of Irish’s room open, bringing her back to reality.
She raised up her head to see Maria walked in with a pack of chilled strawberry juice and a glass cup.

Irish swallowed hard and felt like grabbing it from her hand,tearing it open and then gulp it as fast as she could.
Her baby really loved this.

“Where did you see this? Didn’t you empty the packs like i told you to?” Irish asked.
“Well..i did, i visited the grocery store to get some things before making dinner and got this for you after i noticed how much you’re craving it,i stored it in the fridge while i made dinner and that’s the reason it’s so chilled” Maria said.
“, thanks so much Mara,but you didn’t tell me you’ll be visiting the grocery store” Irish said.
“ isn’t so far,plus i wanted to surprise you with this” Maria smiled.
“Ohh… thank you” Irish smiled.
Maria nodded and helped her uncap the juice before pouring some into the glass cup.

Maria smiled as she watched Irish lift it to her lips and then gulp it down her throat.


“Thank you so much Maria” Irish said pouring herself more juice.
Maria nodded..”I should go back to the kitchen”
“Alright” Irish said,embedded in the sweetness of the juice,she could even feel her baby dance and she laughed hard at the imagination



Maria returned to the kitchen,all smiles.
She was glad to see the happy look on Irish’s face when she gulped the juice.
She had noticed how Irish was secretly craving strawberry juice and she had went to the grocery store and specially bought one for her.
The satisfaction in her eyes after she gulped the juice made her so happy…
She’ll do anything in her might to please Irish and make her happy.
Irish is just one of the nicest people she has ever met.

She makes her happy and it wouldn’t be so bad to make her happy in return.
Her life had been at ease since Irish stepped into this house.
Life made more sense to her because Irish eased her burden and made her comfortable.
She rarely open up to people about herself and her child but she hadn’t found it difficult to open up to Irish.
She sees Irish just like the older sister she never had.

“Thanks Eryn” Maria said to one of the cooks she had pleaded with to help watch over Irish’s meal while she went to serve her the juice.
Eryn nodded.. “it’s so obvious you cherish Mrs Irish so much”
“Of course, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met,she doesn’t even treat me like the maid i am,all thanks to salary got increased, i can comfortably pay my daughter’s fees and assist with the rent and still have some money with me.. Mrs Irish deserves to be cherished” Maria said and Eryn smiled, wishing she was the one in Maria’s place,she so much wished to be close to Irish also.

“Will you stop the chit chat and get here to wash the dishes” The head cook said to Eryn in a firm tone and she quickly scurried over.



“Good morning everyone” Ethan greeted as he walked into the dining room.
“Good morning” …
“Good morning princess” He smiled and pecked Arin on both cheeks, she giggled and touched his hair fondly.
“Good morning Daddy, how was your night?” She asked.
“Great” He smiled.

“Good morning brother” Jessica said and he noticed her smile were different these days.
They were brighter and happier,she looks happy every time he sees her and he knew something was going on. He’s going to ask her about it later.

“Good morning Jessy,how was your night?”
“Serene” Jessica smiled.
“Obviously”Ethan nodded .

He joined them as he took a seat and they all started eating breakfast.



Jessica and Arin left for school after breakfast while Ethan also left for one of his companies.

His employees greeted him as he walked past them with his bodyguards. Javad and Rob.

Moira, his secretary placed a cup of coffee on his table and set a box of sugar cubes, alongside a carton of cream with a plastic spoon few minutes after he got settled in his largely furnished office.

“Thanks Moira” Ethan said to her and she smiled before walking out of his office.
He prepared his coffee as he wanted and sipped it as he worked on his laptop,he doesn’t have much to do today.
He would have preferred to stay home if Irish was still at his house.

Staying home without her is just like being bored to death and he’ll keep thinking of her every second.
He’ll get to see her again…he’s assured she had told him to be patient but his patience is wearing thin.
He missed her so much.
The house doesn’t even feel the same without her.
He doubt if he’ll let her go after he sets his eyes on her. And to think she’s carrying her baby! Oh…

Irish hadn’t left him for Morgan because he dropped her off in the rain nor because her mum fell sick.

She is obviously doing this for a reason and he hope she’ll be done soon and come back to him.
She had assured him to be patient, meaning she’ll be coming back to him even if it’s not soon but eventually and he has been patient like she’d said.

He had crossed paths with Blaine in ,one of Morgan’s bodyguard that he had given some money to take care of himself.

He hadn’t even remembered Blaine when he greeted him,it was Rob who reminded him.
He had went out with Rob and decided to stop by a jewelry store and get some for his mother and Mrs Gabrielle.

Blaine had thanked him profusely for the money and Ethan was even glad to see he had added some weight,he had put the money to good use.
He told him Catherine had sent him to her jeweler and that he needed to run along.
Ethan wondered how Irish would be coping in Catherine’s den and had told Blaine to please protect her.

He made Blaine know he’s free to refuse,he shouldn’t feel indebted to him because he had once given him cash,he should do whatever is proper but Blaine had agreed to protect Irish without hesitation and Ethan was glad, knowing Irish will be safe.

The knock on his office door jolted him out of his thoughts.
He noticed his coffee had gone warm and the cream now floated on the top.
He drank it anyway.

The knock sounded again and he almost scolded himself for forgetting it was a knock that has jolted him from his thoughts.
Someone was by the door.
It should be Moira or Javad or Robbins.
He hadn’t given anyone appointment today and even if someone wants to see him, Moira would have called him to inform him beforehand.

“Come in” He said.

It was Moira.

“Mr Ethan, someone dropped this and left without waiting to see you” Moira said holding an envelope with the words ‘private and confidential’ printed on it in bold letters.
“Ohh..drop it and did you said the person left without a word?” Ethan asked.
“Yes Mr Ethan,he only told me to make sure this gets to you” Moira said.
“Alright,you can leave” Ethan said.

This isn’t the first time he’ll be receiving such.

He picked the envelope after Moira left and tore it open.
He opened the piece of paper in it and it reads;

“If you sign MAI pharmaceuticals contract, you’ll get a deposit of eight million dollars and a yearly pay of over ten million dollars for trademarks right.”
Please consider.


Ethan smiled, knowing there’s more to the contract than money, he would never sign it.
He crumbled the paper and rolled it into a ball before thrashing it in the thrash can, deposited at the edge of his office.

He has never involved himself in illegal deals and he would never do such.
He called Moira and asked her to come in.

“The envelope was from MAI pharmaceuticals again..they want me to sign their contract and offered a huge sum of money”
“Ohh..” Moira sighed, knowing it’s not something unusual,it happens almost every time.
Ethan might have been thinking of signing the contract but now that they secretly sent him that offer twice,he would never sign it, regardless of the money involved.
They only ruined their chance of partnering with him.

“This is the second time” Moira said.
“Yeah!” Ethan said.
“I think they’re not aware that if they really want to partner with you,they should do it the right and legal way” Moira said.
“Of course and please help me make research on the pharmaceutical, and get back to me,i want to know the reason they badly want me to sign the contract” Ethan said.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Moira said,she picked the tray she had served the coffee before walking out of Ethan’ss office.

Ethan called Javad in and told him to go to the security department and check the CCTV for the man who came to drop the envelope.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Javad said.
“And gather every information you can, about him” Ethan said and Javad nodded before walking out of his office.

Name~~ Liam Perrine.

Age~~ 34

Height~~ 5’8

Address~~ 44 hope Street. California.

Job~~ Secret service agent.

“Ohh..he’s only a secret service agent hired to do as he’s told” Ethan said after going through the profile Javad bought him.
“Yes Mr Ethan” Javad said.
“Alright,you can leave” Ethan said and he noticed Javad hesitated.
“What?” He asked.
“I just wanted to ask how Irish is? Have you contacted her?” Javad asked,not feeling worried as he looked.
“Well no”Ethan said,he knew how much Irish did not trust Javad, and he wouldn’t want to tell him anything about her.
“Ohh..well you look like you’ve heard from her, you’re looking happy these days” Javad smiled.
“ can leave now Javad, I still have to tend to some work” Ethan said.

Javad nodded and quietly walked out of Ethan’s office, he had thought Ethan had contacted Irish or what else would make him look less sad, has he gotten over her already?
He still doesn’t trust Irish being part of them.
She seems so good-hearted to involve herself in the killing of Ethan,the man she loves.
Even if she now hate him,he doubt if she’ll ever want him dead.
He wishes Morgan would really think deep about involving Irish.

Well…he has already.



“What did you just say?” Morgan shouted on the phone and Catherine and Irish stared at him.
They were watching a movie when he received a call and from the look of things, something is wrong.

Irish continued staring at the TV even though her mind was not there.
It’s just two days left and she’s yet to get what she really wanted,she’s yet to confirm if Morgan or Catherine is involved in Carrle’s death.
Catherine now stuck with Morgan, deliberately preventing her from having a private moment with him.

“I can’t believe this” Morgan said as he dropped the call.
He was looking so angry.
“What’s wrong?” Catherine asked.
“You won’t believe the MAI pharmaceuticals contract i badly wanted and even spent money on was offered to Ethan on a platter of gold and the dmned man rejected it” Morgan barked furiously.
“Really?.. Gosh!” Catherine sighed, this isn’t the first time this would be happening.
Morgan spends a lot to be awarded a contract and they end up begging Ethan for it which Ethan mostly refuses.
That’s actually one of the reasons Morgan detested him…he hated the fact that Ethan easily got things he strives hard to get.

“I’m going to his office now!” Morgan rose to his feet.
“You mustn’t create a scene there, don’t make him see how desperate you are for the contract okay?” Catherine advised and he nodded.
Irish sat without saying a word and Catherine looked at her menacingly.

“Didn’t you hear what just happened huh? Morgan lost a contract worth millions of dollars to Ethan who ended up rejecting it and you couldn’t utter a word of consolation” Catherine accused fiercely.
“I was about to…” Irish said.
“Indeed” Catherine rolled her eyes.
“Ethan rejected the contract, there’s still some hope it’ll become yours. You don’t have to…go to his office” Irish said to Morgan.
“I need to, before he gets swayed by the offer and accept the contract wholeheartedly” Morgan groaned and Irish sighed, knowing Ethan wouldn’t even go back on his words,he must have had a reason to reject the contract and what offer would make the wealthiest man in California sign the contract he had rejected.
Morgan knows that also, he’s just obsessed with jealousy.

“I should go get dressed” Morgan said.
“Put on the tux you got from Ana’s store yesterday” Catherine said and Morgan nodded with a smile.
He hurried to his room and came out fully dressed after some minutes.
“You look great” Irish smiled, knowing Morgan is about to go get spanked with Ethan’s savage words.
“Thanks Irene”Morgan smiled.
Seeing how dressed he is,one wouldn’t believe he’s about to go scavenge for a contract someone else had rejected and not just someone but his ex brother and raw enemy


“You should make him see you’re not desperate for the contract..just make it clear to him that you only want it,he’s a nice dummy,he might talk to them on your behalf and you’ll be awarded the contract” Catherine said.
“Okay Cat,i should hurry along” Morgan said.



Ethan was a bit surprised when he was informed Morgan was around and wanted to see him.
He knew he came to taunt him about Irish being in his house but Ethan let him in anyway.
He sometimes wonder how petty Morgan can be at times.


“Good day” Morgan said as he walked into Ethan’s office.
Ethan glanced up at him and smiled..he was determined not to allow Morgan mock him.
“I’m so glad you didn’t made a fuss today about coming in with your battalion”Ethan chuckled and Morgan glared at him.

“I’m not here to joke Ethan” Morgan said.
“Okay,what do you want?” Ethan asked.
“MAI pharmaceuticals contract..i heard it was awarded to you and you rejected it”
“Are you here to fight me over that?” Ethan asked.
“I just have to let you know that i spent so much to be awarded that contract”
“Ohh..and it didn’t end up getting awarded to you.. that’s pretty bad but do you actually have to spend money to be awarded contracts,why don’t you let your works and reputation speak for you. You don’t need that Morgan” Ethan said.
“What i do not need right now is your stupid words of sermon!” Morgan said.

“ did you came all the way to tell me you spent a lot on a contract and it wasn’t awarded to you in the end? And…looks like you’re going to a party after leaving here” Ethan said scanning Morgan’s wear.
He was wearing an expensive looking tuxedo with great shoes and his hair was styled in a cool way.
He obviously didn’t dress this way just to come to his office.

“Whatever…that contract,i want it” Morgan said.
“Then go pay more money”Ethan taunted.
“ that you’ve rejected it,I’m sure it’ll be awarded to me”
“Then you should go wait till it’s awarded to you, you shouldn’t be here.” Ethan said.
“I wanted you to know of my intention,so you won’t go back on your words to sign the contract”

“I can’t do that, the offer sounded illegal and i would advise you not to also take the contract so it won’t put you into deep sht” Ethan advised, Morgan was his kid brother and he wouldn’t allow the feud between them make him watch Morgan get himself involved in a deep sht.
“Save your advice for later, I’m taking the contract”
“That’s your business..i guess you’re done with what you’re here for. You can leave” Ethan said.

“ does it feel to know Irish’s in my place after you bragged about not loosing her to me, she even came to me” Morgan mocked.
“Are you done?” Ethan asked and Morgan was disappointed to see Ethan wasn’t a bit affected by what he just said.
“Have you gotten over her already? I guess you didn’t really love her like you claimed. I knew how you wept for Catherine for months like she was dead” Morgan said and Ethan laughed.

“Just so you know,i love Irish more than i loved Catherine” Ethan said.
“But you didn’t seem a bit affected that she’s gone” Morgan said.
“Do i have to look affected? Well..maybe it’s because she contacted me” Ethan smiled.
“What! She..did?” Morgan asked, trying to believe he had heard wrongly.
“Of course, while in your house” Ethan grinned, enjoying the look of despair in Morgan’s eyes without realizing what he just did.

There was silence for some seconds and that was when Ethan sensed he had said something wrong.

Perhaps, Irish doesn’t want Morgan to know she contacted him and now he has spilled it just to prove he still has a stand in her life.
Damnit.. Irish might be so pissed.
When did he turn a blabbermouth?

“Well…she contacted me to remind me of how much she hates me now..i was so hurt” Ethan feigned a pained expression and Morgan smiled.
“I knew she would never contact you for any other reason, She hates you so much now,with passion and it’s so great to tell you she’s now in love with me”Morgan grinned.
“Wow, congratulation brother…” Ethan said.
“I wish you mean it” Morgan smirked.

“I can see you’re done with what you came here for, can you kindly leave now,there’s so much work to do”Ethan said.
“I can’t believe a billionaire like you is still alternating shifts in his companies and working hard like a pauper. You still haven’t changed”Morgan groaned.

“You can get people to do this shits for you,you don’t have to work everyday” He added.
Ethan shrugged “I can’t get people to do run my companies for me when I’m still so strong to and of course i have managers in each of my companies and they do their works,that doesn’t mean i should sit at home ideally knowing how much my effort would contribute to the success of my companies. And you should know i like doing things myself..only then am i satisfied” Ethan explained.

“Everything you stated is nothing but a silly excuse…You’re just used to working hard like a nobody right from when we’re Young!”
“Wow..that’s a huge compliment ” Ethan smiled.
“You should tend to things yourself if you really want to succeed” Ethan added.
“As much as i hate to admit it you’ve succeeded already”Morgan scoffed.
“No,this is just the beginning” Ethan said much to Morgan chagrin.

Hearing the wealthiest man in California say ‘this is just the beginning’ pissed him off.
Does he want to take over the world!
He’s glad he had made plans to clear him off this Earth!
So,there’s nothing to worry about.
Ethan is going to continue his hard work in hell…the thought alone brought a smile to Morgan’s face.

“Are you done?” Ethan asked.
“Of course and it’s a pleasure to easily rob you of the two women you’ve ever loved” Morgan said with a smirk before strolling out of Ethan’s office.
“Dunderhead” Ethan said under his breath.


Oh my! What have Ethan did? What if Morgan asks Irish if she contacted Ethan, and Irish did say the same thing?!


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