I did not know what my mom was driving at but i
knew she would tell me about my dad (a story i
have always wanted to hear). Due to my mom’s
delay in telling me about my dad, i always had
the thought that probably i am a rape product or
the son of a drunk not worthy enough to call a
father. I held my mom’s hand and asked if she
really wanted to open up to me. She smiled
weakly and said “Kelvin, I have to do this in order
not to carry the sadness to my grave. Everyday
you increase in age and struggle to give me a
better life and yourself a better future. I blame
myself for all you are going through. I need to
clear myself son, please forgive me, i did
everything out of love”
I could not utter a word, i just looked at my mom
and waited for her to continue. My mom stood up
from her sitting position and moved to the window
side. She adjusted her glasses and started to tell
the story of her life and my life.
Kelvin’s Mom
My name is Mary Adam and i am a native of kogi
state. I came from a very poor family, we were as
poor as a church rat. I had four younger sibling
and i am the only daughter. My father was a
farmer while my mother was a full house wife. An
unfortunate event occurred when i was eighteen,
the event that made me leave my father house
with sorrow and tears.
My immediate younger brother was very sick, the
herbalist requested for things to cure my brother.
My dad could not afford the things requested for
and he had to meet a popular commissioner in
our local government. Back in the day, he was
the commissioner for finance. Nobody meets the
commissioner without going through his wife, his
wife was know for her wickedness and cruel
character. My dad met with the commissioner wife
and instead of her taking my dad to her husband,
she lend the sum of ten thousand naira to my dad
and he was suppose to return the money in four
market days. My dad collected the money with
the hope of returning it before the appointed time.
My brother was treated but he never got better.
Unfortunately for my family, the farm produce was
not as good as expected and getting five
thousand naira was a thug of war, talkless of ten
thousand naira. My dad met with the
commissioner wife and she gave him two options.
It was either he would bring double of the
previous amount with a week or he would sell his
female daughter off. My dad was left with little
choice agreed with the first option. Our family
worked hard between the period of a week but we
could not provide the required amount. On the
Saturday of our week of grace, my brother died. I
could remember how it all happened, it was just
like yesterday. We were still mourning my
brother’s death when the commissioner’s wife
came to our house with two police men. She
requested for her money but we could not provide
it. We knelt down and pleaded with her for a
grace of another week but she refused. Been the
only female child, she forcefully took me away and
told my parent to forget about the money.”
kelvin: I could not help but fold my fist in
annoyance, i wished i could see the
commissioner’s wife and throw my hard earn
salary into her face. My mom had tears in her
eyes already, i moved close to her and wiped her
tears. She smiled weakly and thanked me before
continuing with her story.
I wept out of my father house with the sorrow of
my brother’s death and the slavery i was about to
start. I cursed poverty and promised my parents
to come back rich and powerful ( a promise i
could never fulfil till they passed on).
I started to work with my new boss and her
brutality was out of this world. Though we lived in
the same locality, i could not visit my parent, it
was a life i never wish for my enemy.
The commissioner was absent when i was
brought in but when he returned a week later he
was suprised to see a new maid. He got furious
when he found out i was forcefully taken from my
parents just because of ten thousand naira. He
had a loud exchange of words with his wife and
he finally said i should be taken back to my
family. I happily went into my room to pack my
bags but i was stopped by one of the police men
on my way. He asked why i was happy and after
telling him, he sighed and said “young girl i am
advising you because i take you as a daughter. I
will advice you to tell the boss that you want to
remain here because if you leave. Madam will find
you and waste you” I frooze immediately, i did not
want to get killed so i decided to stay.I went
back to the commissioner and I told him i would
stay and pay my family debt. He smiled at me
and promised to treat me like the child he never
had because of my bravery. That was how i
started my slavery under a kindhearted
commissioner and a wicked wife. Life was filled
with ups and down”

To be continued