Chapter 31

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“It’s been weeks Denise, I haven’t seen Racheal around? What’s going on?”Christopher asked as I tucked the sheets around him


“Racheal is fine, the poor thing was so frightened, it took me days just to calm her down and have taken her to a boarding school, I Just went there yesterday, the poor thing is very happy there”I said starring at him

“Really? I would like to speak to her my self Denise, I don’t want her to think that we blame her for any thing”He said pointing to the phone and I went to it to pick it up.

“You don’t have to worry Chris! She is doing well okay, I will take care of all it, all you have to do now is to get some rest, you are still feeling ill from the operation you had, just stay still and try to get better, let me take car of Racheal, I might have hate her mom but I don’t the child,she didn’t do any thing to be hateful of”I said as I switched off the phone.

“Fine then, deal with it, the only thing I want to know is if she okay and since you have assured me, I will take a rest now, once you go and visit her again, get her to take pictures of the school with you,I want to see”he said

“I will my dear, just get some rest”I said softly as I left the room.

I went to the other room and saw Cade sleeping soundly in the room.

This wouldn’t have happened if that stupid child hadn’t been sick in the head as to $tab him and the thought of her being pregnant for him just gets me angry, I thought as I left the room.

It’s been a week since have seen that stupid girl, I better go and have a look, I thought as I left the room and head to where she is staying.

The car stopped in front of the old and dilapidated house, well it’s not that old and dilapidated again, after all people are now living there and have gotten people to come clear the house and it will look brand new.

I walked into the house only to see Lucy and Racheal together and they were looking at a baby magazine.

They haven’t noticed my presence yet and I stood watching the stupid girl whose stomach have started to show due to the child in her.

Apart from getting rid of her mom, I wanted to do the same with the child but having her here all the time and seeing her like this gets me angry so much.

“Oh! You are here”Lucy said starring at she stood up

Racheal quickly hid behind Lucy and I smiled.

“If I want to kill you, I would have done it a long time ago ,so you hiding behind Lucy wouldn’t get you any where”I said and she looked away..

“What’s her progress so far?”I asked Lucy

“Well she is doing good and the child is growing to healthily and all that is left is for it to be born”She said

“Okay then, keep me well informed of how the child is growing in her, I want to know all of it “I said and turned to leave only for her to call me back

“It would be much better if we moved the both of them out of this house, it’s not that……..”

“Do you have a better place to go to”I asked and she Shaked her head negatively.

“Then just stay here and keep your mouth shut, you are being payed for your work Lucy, so all you have to do right now is to take care of her and her child”I said and she nodded softly

“No games okay! I don’t mind having to kill your entire family, as have said, your brother is still in my custody and any mistake coming from you will be his death”I said making my threat known to her.


Months passed by and Christopher got well, Cade left the island,going to the states to further his studies and I kept on visiting Lucy and Racheal.

No one knew about this and I kept it hidden because I had a plan of my own with that child in Racheal.

Month went by and soon it was time for Racheal to give birth.

The guards had called me that day and I got there only to see Lucy getting every thing ready.

“It’s not her due date yet but the child is already coming, am scared madam”Lucy said

“Just do what you have to do, the child is coming already “I told her nastily and quickly she began the whole thing.

I stood back watching Racheal give birth to a beautiful baby girl and as soon as she was cleaned, Lucy gave her to me while she attend to Racheal who was Unconscious.

The child looked so much like Cade but my son is not ready to be a father yet and I won’t let this child and her mom come in the way to ruin my son’s life.i thought as I kept on starring at the child.



“Mother! Mother! Mother!”Isabel yelled as she ran all way into the study room

“What’s wrong?”I asked

“She is awake! Emily is finally awake!”She yelled as she kept on breathing fast.

“That’s good, get every thing ready Isabel, you know what to do?”I said and she nodded

“Do not fail me, my husband not getting mad at me and Cade not hating me forever depends on this”I said

“I won’t ever fail you, I promise !”she replied and then she left the room.

This time there should be no failure, my life depends on her death! I thought.



“You look a bit weak”Cade said as he wrapped his arms over me.

He was on the bed with me and though it was quite uncomfortable,i enjoyed having him seat with me.

“Am just feeling tired, you have been asking me a lot of questions but you haven’t really asked me the one bothering you, ask me now before I fall asleep again”I said holding him close

“I didn’t want to bother you with it now but since you have caught me, I will just keep up with it” he began

“On the day you were kidnapped, was my mom involved?”he asked and I was silent for a while.

“Tell me! Was my mom involved?”he asked again and slowly I nodded

“She drove the car that David used in kidnapping me”i said

“I knew it! I knew she was lying and yet when I asked her, she kept on lying, what sort of mother is she?”Cade said as he got off the bed pacing around

“I warned her! I told her that if you confirm my suspicions,I will dis own her as my mom,the more I find out about her evilness, the more I want her to stop and the only way to stop my mom is by cutting off her wings which is by putting her in jail”he said

“You do agree with me on that right? She has to pay for this crime” he added and i wasn’t given a chance to answer because the doctor and a male nurse walked into the ward.

“Sorry to intrude Mr Callaghan but I came to check on your wife”he said

“You can do it, I will just be out side if you need me”He said as he left the ward

The doctor checked my vitals and every other thing but when he saw that I was perfectly okay, he left the nurse to finish the rest.

Just then the nurse went to stand by the window,gazing out side.

I found it odd and I decided to call him back to attention when he closed the window bind.

“Why did you do that?”I asked starring at him

“You don’t need to know”he replied as he went to the door to lock it too

Okay this is getting me freaked out! I thought as I reached for the been which called for the nurses

Immediately he was at my side and he took the beep away and threw it on the floor.

“What are you doing ?”I asked starring at him

“Why the hell did you close the window, lock the door and also throw away the beep !”I yelled again when he wasn’t answering

He brought out a thin rope and fold it tightly on his hand

“You should never have come back,you should have died when you fell off that cliff, you should never have meet Cade again and you should never have come back to this island, you should have forgotten every thing but your stupid brain had to remember it all and having no choice you will have to die now, your time has been due enough and it’s time you died”He said and quickly I got off the bed

“Who the he.ll are you?”I yelled at him

“Am some one who have been sent to kill you and also those things I said to you earlier were what your killer wanted me to tell you, am just doing her a favour by telling it to you and so now,come to me and let’s do this quickly or I go to you and do it the hard way”he said

“Don’t you dare come close to me, some body help! Help please!”

“If you are calling for your husband, he will be long gone with the doctor, all I have to do now is to kill you and oh ……she asked me to deliver this message too…….say hi to my grand child when you see him”He said and began to walk towards me.


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