Chapter 41

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I woke up due to the noise coming from down stairs.

I reached out for Emily only to find that she is not there, where could she be? I thought as I went out to look for her


Where is she? I thought as I got out of the bed heading down stairs.

I got there only to see every where in a mess, the chair and table have been turned up side down and the room was all littered with the house ornament

I was about to head out side when I saw some one laying on the floor,it was Emily mom, I thought as I ran towards her.

“Mrs Wilburn! Mrs wilburn”I called

“Save… daughter “she said softly and gave up the ghost.

Her eyes were opened and I shut it close and then laid her on the floor.

I went out side only to see her father dead on the floor, he had also been shut.

Where could Emily be? I thought as I ran down the streets searching for her but as it turns out she was no where to be found.

I was about heading through an alley when I heard her call my name.

I turned only to see her in David arms, he had his arms around her and he had a gun pointed on her head too

“No don’t ,please don’t kill her”I begged and just then a car stopped by and my mom walked out too

“Do it David! Just do it!'”she yelled at David

“No please don’t do it, what ever you want I will give it to you”

“She runined our lives David, we have been waiting for this day,just kill her already “she yelled at him and did as she said

He shot the gun right through her head and the last thing I saw of Emily was her falling to the ground like a limp doll.

“Cade! Cade! Wake up, Cade!!!”on hearing her voice I opened my eyes and when I saw her starring down at me having a worried look on her face,I sat up and hug her tight.

“What’s wrong Cade?”She asked as she held me close

“It’s a night mare, a bad night mare”I said as I held her tight.

“Can you tell me what it is?”She asked as she pulled out of my arms

“It isn’t some thing you would want to know”I replied still reliving the dream in my head

“Just tell me, you were crying out my name, it must have been serious” she said

“It was! You died there Emily, David came back and killed your parents and right in front of me, he killed you too”I said

” Is that all?”she asked having a smile on her face and I nodded gently

“It won’t come to past okay, after all David is dead,he can’t come back to kill me” she said as she careessed my cheek

“What about my mom?”I asked

“She won’t be able to do a thing too and if she dares, am ready to fight back”Emily said trying to reassure me

“Stop fretting over nothing, i will be fine okay”she said and I nodded a bit.

“I came to wake you up, break fast is ready, do you want freshen up first or would you like to eat it now?”she asked

“I would like to freshen up”I said.

“Then hurry up or the food will be cold”she said giving me a smile before walking out of the room.

I got out of bed still thinking about the dream, is it a sign that I should take as a warning or is it some thing I shouldn’t be worried about? I thought as I paced about the bed room.

I took my phone and dialled the number of the family investigator.

“I need you to work on some thing for me and I want you to be as discreet as possible, not even my father must know about this ” I said softly

A while later I walked down the stairs, fully dressed and ready for the day ahead,I was about going in when I heard Emily laughing.

I stood behind the door starring at her and her parents.

They were so comfortable with one another and it’s been long since have seen Emily laugh out like that.

Is her mom right by saying that I don’t deserve her? That ever since she came into my life have been nothing but trouble for her and that dream, what If it’s really the reality.

No! I shouldn’t think of that, I will never lose Emily, I won’t ever lose her, I thought as I forced out a smile and walked towards them.



“You haven’t told me where we are going to yet ?”I asked as we both sat in the car heading to some where in particular

“We are going to see Laura”he said and I stared at him

“Really? But you said we should still wait a while, for your mom to be found and also……..”

“Have changed my mind Emily,the earlier we find our child the better for us”he replied stiffly.

Ever since he had dreamt of some thing bad happening to me, he has been acting weird.

I wanted to have a little shopping spree with mom and he accompanied us even when we had the guards with us.

He was so over protective at the mall, looking around and suspecting any one who came close to us.

And as soon as we got him, he head to our room doing God knows what.

And when I went to check up on him,I find that the door was locked, I could hear him talking to some one on the phone and when he finally opened the door and I asked who he was talking to,he denied the whole thing.

This dream of his isn’t making me worried but he himself is! I thought as I kept on starring at him.

He turned to me to say some thing too but when he saw that I was starring at him, he let a sigh and held my hand.

“What’s wrong?”he asked

“You are making worried Cade, you have never act like this before, not even when we were at the island”I said gently

“I am sorry that am scaring you but I have to be on alert now more than ever” he said

“Is it because of what you dreamt of? I already told you that it’s nothing, David is dead, there is no way that he can kill me”I said again

“I know that but to be on a safe side, I will keep on acting this way, I would rather die than to lose you, so promise me that you will never go any where with out taking the guards”He said

“I promise”I replied and he pulled me to him giving me a kiss

“I love you ”

“And me too”I replied cooly

The car stopped abruptly and we pulled apart from each other.

I stared at the house that belonged to Laura, Denise friend and some how it made me shiver, it looks so cold on the out side and am sure that the owner of the house will also be cold.

I thought as we both got out of the car and head to their house.



“They are here ma’am “My maid walked into the room and slowly I put away the remnant of my cigar and got up

“Hope you have done what I asked of you”I asked and she nodded quickly.

It’s time to face them,I thought as I went down stairs after spraying some perfume on my body.

I saw Cade and his wife seated like a fool waiting for my arrival.

“You must have waited long”I said as I went towards them to give them both a hug

“I was surprised when Denise told me you got married, she is really beautiful, you chose well Cade”I said starring at Emily

“Thanks Laura, well actually we came here on a purpose”he began softly

“We believe that years ago my mother brought to you a child, a child that belonged to the both of us, please tell us where that child is?”Cade asked softly

“A child, that was years ago, Denise brought to me a girl, asking me to watch over her for a while and i did but I never knew that the child belonged to you”I said

“The child is ours, please tell us where our child is ?”Emily asked this time and I stared at the both of them

Time to tell them the truth, I thought as I began softly.


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