JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode three

” What’s up with you, why do you look like you are about to kill someone, ” Lisa asks as i walk over to her on the counter.

” Nothing, just do me a favour and serve that table for me, please? ”

” How can I say no to that, just look at those two hotties!”

” Don’t bother, especially not with the one on the right, he’s very rude.”

” You know I love them rude girl! ” she says as she adjusts her b©©bs and walks towards them $eductively.

Those b©©bs are fake though and she already confirmed it. Despite her being young, she’s done multiple implants and I never understood why. Why should I go through all that pain and waste money, just to please a man who doesn’t give a fuck about me?

shouldn’t someone just love you the way you are?!

Anyway who gives a shit about love, definitely not me!

I watch Lisa as she serves them smiling and flirting with the guy on the right, was it Alex? Yeah, I think that’s what his friend called him.

That’s lisa for you. She’s actually from a very decent family. She ran away from home with her boyfriend to the city when she was 16, and the stupid guy left her stranded after a year. She couldn’t go home for reasons known to her and thats how she ended up here.

She’s always been flirty and seductive and if you ask me, I think she was born that way.

She’s just too good at it and her beauty doesn’t fail her either!

Her charm seems to be working on him, since he’s kind of smiling and holding a conversation with her.

I thought he didn’t come here to chit chat with sluts!

oh well!

I continue working and find myself stealing glances at him from time to time, I just can’t help it. I can tell he’s already drunk by the way he is talking and laughing. He might be rude but he’s clearly a sight to behold.

” Hey vee, go get ready. You need to be on stage in ten minutes. ”

” Okay Boss. ”

” Call me nick vee, stop playing. ”

” Okay, Boss nick. ”

” I give up, ” he says shaking his head and walks away.

Nick is the bosses son. He’s been incharge of the place for over five years now, and is actually the one who gave me the job. He’s a kind soul and we all love him and respect him alot.I even had a crush on him once but too bad he’s already taken.

I go back to the dressing room and put on a tight silky red dress for the show and also retouch my face. I sigh softly as I take small steps heading to the stage which is at the right end of the bar. I know should be used to it by now but I still get nervous before every performance.

This was not the kind of life I was looking forward to but we all know beggars can’t be choosers. Its not like I don’t enjoy singing or dancing, Lord knows it was always my dream! but not in this kind of environment.

” Hi people, Let’s show some love to our beautiful singer vee,” Nick announces and there’s applause as i take the last step up the stage.

I start my performance immediately eager to get over with it. I sing my heart out swaying my hips from left to right just to keep them entertained. As always there’s a crowd of people dancing around.

I spot Alex looking at me with disgust , a very bored expression on his face and I look away fast, afraid of getting lost in his eyes and forgetting all my lyrics.

Believe me, he’s that hot!

But why is he so rude? If he doesn’t like my performance, he can just leave right? It’s not like someone is holding a gun to his head forcing him to be here.

A drunk guy tries to pull me from the stage but Nick and some bouncers grab him, kicking him out of the night club. This happens a lot and so it doesn’t affect my performance in any way.

After my performance,which usually lasts for two hours, I take a quick shower and go back to serve in the bar.

” Hi, ” some one says from behind me and i turn to look.

It’s the guy that was with Alex.

” Hi, can I get you something?

” No, Am George and you are? He asks giving me his killer smile.

” Dmn that smile! It can really be contagious,and did he just say his name is George? Well, i think I already like him.

” Am violet. ”

” Am sorry about my friend. He’s not a bad guy, he’s just going through something right now. ”

” Don’t worry about that, Am kind of used to it around here. ”

” But you shouldn’t, why do you even work here? Aren’t you too young for this? ”

” Not trying to rude but that’s none of your business. ”

He maybe the nice and all , but no one gives him the right to interfere with my private life.

” Am sorry, I didn’t mean to be nosey, ” he says a very sincere look on his face.

” It’s okay, excuse me, I have to get back to work now, ” i tell him as i start walking away.

” Wait, can you please bring us some more beers? ”

” i don’t think am ready for your friends rude remarks again, especially now that he is drunk. I’ll get someone to do that for you.”

” Okay, you have a very beautiful voice by the way, it goes hand in hand with your beauty, ” he says with a smirk.

” Thank you, ” I tell him as i walk away smiling.

I told you his smile was contagious or am I blushing?

Men! I’ve got to get my shit in order!

The next few hours go by so fast. It’s almost five thirty in the morning and I have to be at the law firm before six. It’s a thirty min drive and I have to leave now before am late.

My eyes are roaming the place, trying to find Lisa. We usually go to the bus stop together.

” Hey Nick, gave you seen Lisa? I can’t seem to trace her.”

” She’s already gone. She left with one of your first customers. ”

” Really?!

” Come on vee, there no surprise there. You know of she does that most of the nights. ”

I know but am not surprised because of her, anyways bye boss, See you later.

” Bye vee. ”

I rush out heading to the bus stop to catch the morning bus.

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