JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode Four


Why are girls so wicked? What do they actually want huh?! I have given Stacy everything I could but that was never enough. How dare she cheat on me with my own father! I was really shocked when I saw them that I think I almost had a heart attack.

George offered to take me to a night club and there was no way i was saying no to that. I didn’t want to commit a crime tonight and the only option was to drink my sorrows away.

” You didn’t have to be rude to her, ” George says after I was rude to a waitress, who actually deserves it .

I saw how she was checking me out and she had the guts to show me attitude when I called her a slut. I mean, right now to me all girls are sluts, especially the ones that work in a club. The least she can do is accept that.

” Excuse me? Didn’t you see how she gave me attitude? Who the hell does she think she is? ”

” I thought you liked girls who can defend themselves? Isn’t that what you loved most in Stacy. ”

” And yet look at what she did to me. I gave her my heart and soul. My family took her in after she lost hers in the accident and this is how she repays my mum? ” I slam the table in anger.

” Hey, calm down. You are letting your frustrations out on the wrong people. What she did was crazy and I hope you don’t forgive her this time around. ”

” Am not that stupid, I will surely make her pay .I won’t let her off the hook that easily. ”

I was such a fool to think that she would change after I caught her cheating with Max, who was one of my close friends. Why does she always have to go for the people closest to me?

” Hi cutties, here are your drinks, ” a new waitress said placing our drinks on the table and batting her eyelashes.

At least the other one had the guts to stay away, I give her that.

” Would you like anything else? Just ask for anything and you can have it, anything. ” she says biting her lip $eductively as she leans over close enough for me to check out her cle avage.

She is wearing a tight short skirt with a tight fitting blouse that dips just right on her b©©bs and men! those things are gorgeous! At least she knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show it, not like that immature waitress.

” Thanks but that will be all, ” George says trying to dismiss her but there was no way i was letting her go that easily. She would be the best distraction for the night.

” I might need some company for tonight if you are up to it, ” I say to her forcing a smile.

” You don’t have to ask me twice handsome, Just call me when you are ready, ” she says winking at me.

” I’ll be sure to do that. ”

” Okay.” She says as i watch her walk away swaying her hips $eductively.

This girl sure knows how to use her gadgets. Dmn!

“” What are you up to now, I thought you said you were done with one night stands,”George says.

” That was when I was crazy in love with that hoe Stacy. Nothing is holding me back now, ” I say.

” I Don’t think it’s a good idea. ”

” Hey, support me for once, am the one who’s heartbroken here, and don’t you think I dint see you checking out the first waitress. I know you are thinking of taking her home tonight.

” I’ll admit she’s gorgeous ,but she doesn’t look like a one night stand kind of girl. ”

” Are you kidding?! She’s definitely like her friend. She’s just playing hard to get or do you actually think she is a vrgn .”

” Stop it okay, you might not like her but at least admit that she is gorgeous. Her looks are almost similar to Stacy’s, didn’t you notice that? ”

” Okay, now you are clearly loosing it, ” I say rolling my eyes as I continue drinking.

A few minutes later an announcement is made that a so called singer, is about to perform and to my surprise, the first waitress walks up the stage and the crowd goes wild.

She’s wearing a dress that reaches mid thigh and hugs her tightly, showing of her sxy curves.

” Okay, I admit that she’s breath taking ,” I say to George, who is busy watching her like she just dropped from the sky.

” Yes she is, ” her says not taking his eyes off her .

I watch her sing and dance like a pro and she is surprisingly good. Our eyes lock for a second but she quickly looks away. I guess am the last person she wants to look at right now. A drunk guy tries to take her off the stage but the bouncers are quick to grab and throw him out.

The funny thing is, she continues with her performance unaffected as if nothing happened. I guess she’s used to it. This girl is nothing like innocent, she’s just like all the other gold diggers who will do anything for money.

” Wow! That girl has got talents, ” George says as soon as she leaves the stage.

” Yeah, I bet she’s also talented in bed to. You should try your chance with her, maybe you’ll get lucky tonight. ”

“Will it sound crazy, if I tell you that I don’t want her only for tonight? I know i just met her but I can’t seem to get her out of my head. ”

” That’s definitely crazy! She’s not the type of girl to take home to your parents. You just witnessed how she was dancing like a $tripper just to please men and make some money and I can see that she already got you under her spell. ”

” Why are you so against her? She hasn’t done anything to you. ”

” I just don’t like her okay, and speaking of the devil, ” I say as spot her at the counter.

” I’ll be back, ” George says and walks to her.

This guy has definitely lost it.

I watch in amusement as he flirts with her. This is so unlike George. He’s never been the kind of person who falls for someone at first sight, especially not in a club.

They hold a conversation for a few seconds.

“Are you taking her home tonight? ” I ask as soon as he gets back.

” What do you think? ” he says sounding disappointed.

“So she’s just playing hard to get? I should find her and teach her a lesson she won’t forget. You know i can get her in my bed today if I wanted to and that will teach her, ” I say standing.

“Sit down and don’t you try to mess with her. I like her a lot,so please don’t ruin this for me. Let’s go, I think you’ve had enough. ”

” Okay but I have to find my girl for the night. I’ll see you later. ”

I walk towards her at the counter and as soon as she spots me, she comes over and we leave. Am planning on having a lot of fun with her tonight. Enough to get rid of all the pain from the betrayal.

There’s no way am taking her to my apartment, so I book a room not far from the club.

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