JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode seven


Thirty minutes later Lisa comes back from the office. She doesn’t look worried or stressed out so am guessing she still has her job.

” Hey Lisa ,” I call out as I walk I her. ” What happened? ”

” Nothing much. Nick just gave me a last warning, and he was so damn serious that I actually got scared for a second, ” she says with a soft laugh.

” You have to be careful, you know you can’t loose this job, ” I say trying to make her see sense.

Lisa had always been a joker, not giving a dmn about anything, and I knew there was obviously a story behind it. She was never one to cry around or show any emotion like any other normal girl, but I know she really needs this job.

” I know that but that crazy bch was the one who attacked me first. You know am not a violent person but I wasn’t going to let her get away with it. I still don’t even know who she was talking about. ”

” I think I do, ” I say and she looks at me curiously. ” Alex is the guy you spent the night with yesterday. Remember him?

” What?! Well I guess now i get her. If that angel was mine, I’d never let anyone else touch him. ”

” What angel?! That guy is the devil himself,” I say rolling my eyes.

” I know you don’t like him for reasons I’ll never understand! but you can’t change the truth sweet heart.That guy is a sexy god, there should be a stature of him, ” Lisa say smirking foolishly .

I know that she is right but to me, beauty comes both ways and Alex was clearly rotten to the core.

” I don’t pay you ladies to stand around all night, ” Nick says almost angrily from behind us.

” Sorry boss, ” I say walking past him as i get back to work. There’s no way am loosing my job over Alex, who is clearly non of my concern.

Am so happy it’s Sunday, simply because am not working tonight. I can’t wait to get home and relax the whole day.

” Wait up, ” Lisa shouts as am about to exit the club.

It’s early morning and it’s still kind of dark outside, so it’s nice having someone to walk with .

We are not far gone from the club, when I get this crazy feeling that we are been followed. I stop and look over my shoulder and see two big and muscular guys speeding towards us.

Talk about giants!

I start to panic grabbing Lisa’s hand ,who’s still has no clue of what is happening . I pull her with me as i try to cross to the other side but they easily catch up to us.

” Hey there, pretty little things. Didn’t your mum teach you never to walk alone in the dark, ” one of them says standing in front of us, while the other is behind.

” What do you want?” I ask trying to act tough but deep down am shaking. ” We don’t want any trouble. ”

” No one I here for trouble doll face, we just want to have some fun, ” the one from behind us says laughing as he grabs Lisa and covers her mouth to keep her from screaming.

” Hey stop…… ”

I try to scream but my mouth is covered and am knocked to the ground. I get up and try running back to the club for help , but he grabs me and carries me over his shoulders.I try to kick him with all my might but he’s way to strong for me. I can hear Lisa screaming as she is been dragged away.

Where are the stupid bouncers when you need them?!


A few seconds later am thrown to the ground roughly, almost smashing into the wall, and I swear i broke something!

” Please don’t hurt us, we can just talk and reason this out like the adults we are, ” Lisa tries pleading with them but they just laugh like they are possessed.

” Am sorry girlsl, We are just doing our jobs, no hard feelings. It was actually supposed to be with one of you but I guess we got lucky. ”

” What job? Are you going to kill us? Who sent you?! I yell, scared that it was him.

Has he already found me?!

” What’s with all the questions? Relax, we are not going to kill you. We just want to make sure that you don’t mess with people’s boyfriends again, you sluts, ” he hisses at us.

I was relieved for a moment, thanking God that it wasn’t him. I thought he had found me and came to finish what he started. That would have messed up my whole life and everything I had worked for.

” Just look at you two. Aren’t you very young to be messing around, ” one of them say walking over to lisa. He puts his hand on her thigh, pulling up her skirt. ” Delicious, ” he says licking his lips.
I watch in h©rror as he slaps her, hard! and she screams out in pain, completely scared.

All this takes me back to the past and it instantly feels like de javu. Everything I was trying so hard to forget is now coming back to me.

” I can’t let him hurt Lisa, ” I say to myself as i crawl over to them, yelling for him to leave her alone.

The other guy rushes to me but before he can reach me, I remember something.

My Dads gun!

I always had it with me, incase my uncle caught up with me someday.

I reach for my bag, which is lying on the ground and quickly take the gun out.

” Step away from her, ” I say my voice full of rage.

They look at me theirs eyes and mouth wide open. I guess they weren’t expecting this.

Lisa stands quick and rans to me.

” You have a gun? This was not part of the plan, we have to go dude, ” The one who was with Lisa says fear showing on his face.

” So now you want to run to mummy? Who thought such a big guy like you, can be such a pussy, ” I say smirking at them. I can tell that didn’t quite fit well with them because their faces are full of rage.

” I bet you don’t even know how to use that thing, ” the same guy says taking step after step towards us.I shoot on the ground, missing his feet with just an inch. They both freeze obviously scared.

” Do you still want to bet? Now go back and tell whoever sent you that if they don’t want any one messing with their boyfriends, they should lock them in their closets and throw away the fucking keys.

After am done, they ran away as fast as they can and Lisa let’s out a huge sigh.

” And next time pick on someone your own size, you coward, ” Lisa shouts at them and then gives me a really tight hug. “Thank you for saving me. ”

” Any time, ” I say pulling away from the hug as i return the gun.

” You never told me you had a gun, where did you get it? ”

” It was my Dads ,he gave it to me for protection. ”

” Wow, that was really crazy. Thank God for the gun, right? ”

” Yeah. ”

I really liked the power and the courage I possessed when I had the gun. I mean, this thing has saved my life twice already. It was the best thing that Dad left me and i was so glad I had it or who knows what could have happened to us. It was my saving grace.

” Do you think it was that crazy woman who sent them ?” Lisa asks.

” Are you seriously asking me that?! It’s obviously her. Just stay away from that Alex guy, I told you he was trouble. ”

” You are right vee, this is too crazy, even for me. ”

” Good! Now lets go before those crazy idiots return. ” I say as we ran out of there.

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