JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode eight


Lisa is still kind of shaky after what happened, and I make sure I get her home and leave her in the care of her roommate.

When I get home, I have a hot long shower and creep to bed so as not to wake up the girls.

I toss and turn and I can’t seem to get any sleep. After what happened, I can’t help but think about my m©nster of an Uncle Peter.

I know that he has already destroyed everything my parents worked so hard for and I hate the fact that i can’t do anything about it.

The thought of ever seen him again, sends cold shivers down my spine.

It was really hard forgetting everything he did and moving on but I had to do it for Maya. She’s the only reason i wake up everyday and act like everything is good.

I decide to go for a run. That always calms my nerves.

” Hey vee, ” Someone says as soon as am out the door and am almost startled.

” Mike! what are you doing here? I don’t remember ever telling you where I live, ” I say glaring at him.

” Come down and before you start thinking the worst, Lisa gave me your address okay? Am not stalker. ”

” Why would she do that?!

” She told me what happened and i just wanted to make sure you are alright. ”

” Okay…. Let’s pretend for a second that I believe you, why would you care if am okay or not? We are not even friends. ”

“I know but that doesn’t stop me from caring about you. Maybe it’s time we became friends, am not as big a jerk as you think,” he says stretching out his hand to me .

” Am sorry Mike, am not in the mood to make friends right now, I have to go. ”

I start walking away and he follows me.

” Why are you following me? Don’t you have anything better to do? For someone who wants to be friends, you are sure making all the wrong moves.”

” Am sorry but can I join you? I just want to make sure that you’ll be fine. “He walks close to me taking my hand and I give him a ” what the hell look” but he still doesn’t stop.” After what happened, I realized I don’t want to loose you vee. ”

” Loose me?! What are you talking about? I really don’t have time for this Mike.”

” I know you see me as a joke vee, but I really have it bad for you. I want to be there for you even if it’s just as a friend. Please just let me. ”

” You like me?!

” Yes, for a while now but I just didn’t now how to tell you. Am not asking for much, I just want us to be friends, talk and laugh about everything and anything, like you do with Lisa and Nick, please vee. ”

Am surprised by what he said and i can’t seem to get anything out of my mouth. He looks so vulnerable right now and i kind of feel sorry for him. For the first time ever since I met him, I feel he’s been sincere. I know i can never trust anyone, but been friends won’t hurt, right?

” Okay…… friends, but don’t you dare fl irt with me. ”

” Okay, ” he says grinning, his eyes shining with excitement. ” Let’s get going then, ” he says and I follow him.

We jog for an hour and stop at the park. It’s not very crowded, since it’s still morning and a lot of people are on their way to church.

” I’ll get us some water, ” Mike says and I nod at him, walking over to a nearby bench.

As i sit there my eyes roaming around, I catch a glimpse of Alex and I just can’t seem to look away. No matter how annoying this guy is, I can’t deny that he is the sxiest man alive!

He’s only in casual clothes but damn !

He seems to be arguing with the tall dark guy he is talking to and is kind of pissed off. I wonder why he’s always so grumpy? In all the three times I’ve seen him, I’ve actually never seen him smile and I really don’t get why.

What is he even doing in this side of town? I know everyone has the right to movement but this is not his kind of place.

As am still taking in the amazing sight in front of me, Alex suddenly turns and our eyes meet. Am mesmerized for a second but I look away as quickly as possible and I heave a sigh of relief, when Mikes joins me.

” Are you okay? Mike says handing me my water.

” Yes, why?” I ask, aware of Alex’s eyes on me.

” You look kind of tense. ”

” It might be because, I haven’t slept yet, anyways, tell me more about this friendship you want us to have. I hope this isn’t one of your tricks to have me on your bed because you are wasting your time here.”

” That is exactly why I want us to be friends. I mean, I don’t get how you can say no to me, Do you know how many girls would literally kill to be with me?”

” Nope, ” I say press p. ” But I know one thing for sure. ”

” And what’s that? ”

” That am definitely not one of them. ”

That kind of amuses him for reasons unknown to me and he smiles nodding his head. I take this moment to analyze him and he’s actually kind of hot. It’s not like I never noticed he was attractive but I really like the” not so flirty ” side of him right now.

” So you just can’t seem to stay away from me, huh? ” a voice says bringing me back to my senses. I look up and only to see Alex staring at me. ” Why are you everywhere I go, Am starting to think that you are actually stalking me. ”

” Am starting to think the same thing and just so you know, I live around here.”

” You think am stalking you?! ” he asks with a smirk, pocketing his hands. You really are full of yourself aren’t you? ”

” Who are you, and what makes you think you can talk to my girl friend that way? ” Mike asks standing, and I look at him confused.

So now am his girlfriend?

” Girlfriend?! ” Alex asks disgustingly. ” Why would you date someone like her? She’s practically slept with every guy in the city. Let me give you some free advice, this kind of women are not for keeps. She’s a crazy psycho and you better run for your life before she fks you up. ”

” I think I know my girlfriend better than you and the only one who should run for their life here is you before I mess your pretty face up, ” Mike says furiously walking closer to him, his fist ready to attack.

I get up quick and stand in between them my back facing Alex.

” Mike don’t, he’s not worth it. Let’s just go, “i say taking his hand, but before I walk away, Alex grabs my hand turning me around.

” Where do you think you are going? Am not done here, ” he says that silly smirk still on his face.

” Don’t touch me, ” I say gritting my teeth and give him a hot slap and he looks at me anger boiling in his eyes. ” I don’t care what you think about me but don’t you ever touch me again. ”

” Wow! I really didn’t see that coming but now it’s time for pay back, ” he says pulling me to his hard chest, kssing me fiercely.

That catches me by surprise and I just stand there frozen my eyes wide open ,while his tongue tries to get access to my mouth. His lips are really soft against mine and for a second am actually tempted to kss him back just to taste how sweet they are but luckily Mike pushes him off and punches him hard on the face.

” Mike no……! “I tell pushing him back. He fists both of his hands furiously and then takes a deep breath in attempt to calm himself down. ”

” See…, ” Alex says smiling. He’s not angry or affected by the fact that he was just punched, it’s like this is some kind of game to him. ” She didn’t even try pulling away from the kss. I told you she was a bch, she’s going to play you left and right. ”

” I guess it takes one player to know one, don’t you think Alex, ” I say facing him.

” What are you talking about? ”

” Aren’t you engaged to be married and yet here you are sleeping around and kssing me. Who do you think you are judging me? ”

He seems to be surprised by what I just said and he stares at me, contemplating on what to say.

” How did you know that? and yet you say you are not stalking me. ”

” Oh please, get over yourself! ” I say rolling my eyes. ” Your fiancee came to the club last night to mark her territory. She even started a fight with Lisa, your one night stand and that’s not even the worst part, she sent two gigantic looking guys to sxually assa ult Lisa just so she would leave you alone, and you call me a psycho!”

” What? ! So, she was the one who sent those guys after you?” Mike asks.

” Who else could it be? It’s no coincidence that we were attacked the same night she came to the club and threatened Lisa. ”

” I don’t think it’s wise to accuse someone of such a crime with no evidence, ” ALex says, his voice low.

” I don’t care what you think ! Just Stay away from me and Lisa, you are nothing but trouble, ” I say walking away and Mike falls into step with me.

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