JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode nine


” Stacy…. Where are you? ” am shouting as soon as i get home. Stacy is now living in my parents house after I kicked her out of my apartment .

Believe it or not, she still has the guts to live in the same house as my Dad after what they did! still asking for forgiveness. If I were her I’d run and hide before my mum finds out, that will really be messy!

How dare she hire someone to rape Lisa?! I never thought she was this wicked and am so glad she is out of my life. Now I get the saying, Everything happens for a reason. If she didn’t cheat on me, I’d have spend my life with a psychopath.

Am so glad I ran into vee, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this. I can’t believe that Lisa hasn’t told me yet but what is more had to believe, is that her friend actually has a boyfriend. What does he even see in her, I get she’s beautiful but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a rude little $lut.

I really can’t stand her and why am I even thinking about her?!

” What’s wrong son, “Dad says rushing down the stairs. ” You Almost gave me a heart attack.

” I wish I did, ” I say walking past him.

” That’s no way to talk to your father, I thought I taught you some manners. ”

I stop and spin to look at him.
” Well, I guess you thought wrong. ”

” I know I hurt you and am sorry son. Stacy kept on $educing me and i couldn’t take it anymore, am only human you know. ”

” Don’t give me that only human crap! ” I shout walking back towards him. ” You’ve cheated on mum like a million times and turned her into a m©nster. She’s always chasing after your hoes, threatening them left and right. She doesn’t even have any self respect left all because of you. ”

” It’s not my fault that she doesn’t want to leave me. I’ve asked her for a divorce a thousand times but she actually believes in till death do us part sht! I actually don’t blame her, just look at me, am a sxy mother fker, where do you think you got those looks from huh? He says smirking at me.

I fist my hand trying my best not to lash out on him. What a jerk! He was given the best woman in the world, a woman who loves him with all she’s got but he doesn’t see it. he’s a total waste of time.

” I don’t know how am going to do it, but I’ll make sure that she divorces you? ”

” Good luck with that. ”

” You know at some point in my life, I wanted to be just like you, ” I say shaking my head. ” but now I wish that you were dead, no wonder Ava ran away from this cursed place. Do you still remember her?!

” You know I haven’t stopped looking for her. It’s been Six months and every second that passes by my heart breaks a little. I know you can’t see it now, but you two are the only things I care about in this life. ”

” And what a nice way you have of showing that, ” I say rolling my eyes and turn heading back up the stairs.

I go straight to Stacy’s room and I don’t bother knocking. She’s sitting on the b ed completely nked, a smile plastered on her face.

” I knew you’d miss me at some point, ” she says getting up and walking to me.

I always found her body gorgeous and nothing has changed. My mind is a blur right now and all I want to do is kss her. She’s using her $eductive power over me and am afraid she’s winning.

She’s now hugging me tightly.

” Don’t you want to touch me Alex? I remember you loved touching me all over, praising how perfect they are, ” she says

” This is not what I came here for, ” I try to say but my voice comes out as a whisper.

I dont even remember what brought me here!

” She looks up to me, a wicked smile on her lips.

” I told you you’d come back to me sooner or later. ”

That kind of snaps me to reality and I push her off me.

What is wrong with me? This bch slept with my Dad and am busy falling back into her trap again!

I quickly get off the b ed face palming myself as i get dressed.

” What are you doing? ” Stacy asks as she takes my hand but I push her back on the bed.

” Don’t touch me, I wont allow myself to fall for your lies again. ”

” Are you sure about that? ” she says winking. ” No one ever says no to me. :

” I’ll be happy to be the first, ” I say grabbing my shirt from the floor and put it on.

” You won’t be able to last that long without me. And the only one who knows what you want and need, am your fucking soul mate Alex, the sooner you realize that the better, ” she says anger flickering in her eyes as she takes a robe and covers herself.

” How can you be my soul mate when you don’t even have a soul? ” You have the guts to send people to rape someone who hasn’t done anything to you. ”

” She trying to take you away from me and i won’t let that happen. You are mine and will always be, until my last breath. ”

” How did I get myself involved with such a crazy person like you? You were the one who pushed me away with what you did. Don’t you dare hurt her or you’ll have me to deal with, get that?! ”

” Why are you defending her, are you already in love with her? ” she asks searching my eyes for an answer.

” That’s none of your business, ” I say as I start to walk away.

” Wait, you can’t leave me like this. Just give me one more chance and I promise I won’t fk up anymore, ” She says crying down on her knees.

” You realize this is exactly what you said the last time right? ”

” I know better now Alex, I wont be able to handle the thought of you with someone else, please forgive me. ”

” Am sorry but your acting wont work on me this time, ” i say as I smirk at her walking out.

” You know your father will quench my thirst right? She shouts as i bang the door behind me.

It’s hard to believe she is the same girl who was begging for my forgiveness seconds ago. She’s is clearly bipolar and it’s sad that am still in love with her.

Fk this feelings!

I also have a thirst of my own to quench and so I take out my phone and call the only person who can help me right now.

” Hey cutie, how can i help you, ” Lisa says and tell she’s smiling by the way she’s talking.

” Can we meet up at our usual place? ”

” You don’t have to ask me twice, ” she says and I hang up, smiling to myself.

” Leaving so soon,” My Dad says and I don’t even look at him as i walk out.

” I go straight to my car and in a few minutes am in the motel and Lisa’s already waiting for me.

Am all over her as soon as we are in our room and we have sx like crazy. I love how she doesn’t talk a lot like her friend and gives me exactly what I want. I hate that am using her to get rid of my stress but the fact that she doesn’t seem to mind pushes the guilt away.

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