JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 11 To 20

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode eleven


” Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I really appreciate it. ” George says, his perfect smile never leaving his lips. “I really would love to get to know you better. ”

” Oh come on! You sound like you just got promoted or something and just to give you some heads up, there’s nothing interesting about me, ” I say as we are served our drinks.

He looks at me for a few seconds, analyzing me and i can’t help but get kind of uneasy.

” Are you trying to get out of telling me more about yourself? ”

He..ll yeah I am!

” Of course not! but I’d rather you tell me about yourself first. So, ” I say placing my hand on the table and holding my chin. ” Who is George? ”

It’s no secret that he knows what am doing here and am relieved when he doesn’t insist.

” Well, George is no other than the person you are looking at right now. Am 24 years old and I was born and raised here by a single mom. My dead beat dad left us when I was only two years old and got married again. I didn’t have a lot growing up and I had to work so hard for everything I have now. My mum has always been my pillar of strength and I know I couldn’t have made it this far without her. I love her a lot, ” he says with a smile, looking lost and I just sit there waiting for him to continue. ” I also love been here with you right now, I still can’t believe it. ”

” Okay….you have to stop doing that. ”

” Doing what? ”

” Talking about me like am some kind of celebrity. ”

” You are actually more than that vee, I feel as if am in the presence of a goddess. I mean, have you seen yourself?! ” he says gazing at me as if i was the monalisa and I can’t help but smile.

” Well, your friend doesn’t seem to think so. ”

” You know what they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but what I think is that he is just to angry at life right now to see it. He is really not that bad if you get to know him, ” he says and before I can protest, I spot Alex walking in the club with Lisa.

Speaking of the devil ! As if I haven’t seen enough of him already, today.

Why is he everywhere? And what in the world is Lisa doing with him?!

Urg! This girl never learns!

” Are you okay? ” George asks, noticing my mood change.

” Am fine, but I beg to disagree with you about your friend. I just don’t like him, anyways, What do you do for a living? ”

” Am a lawyer and I actually own…………. ”

” Well, well, well……Alex suddenly cuts in on George .” Look what we have here, am sorry to interrupt but can I join you? ” he asks .

He pulls a chair from a nearby table and joins us, a wide grin on his face.

” I hope you don’t mind. ”

” Of course we don’t, ” I say faking a huge smile. ” Make yourself comfortable. ”

” Why, thank you me lady, ” Alex says and I roll my eyes for the umpteenth time today. George is just sitting here silently watching us.

” I have to go now George, I don’t want to stay out late, ” I say getting up.

” Wait, I can take you home if you want, ” George says his face hopeful.

” Thank you but I’ll be fine. ”

” Oh come on! ” Alex says shaking his head. ” Stop putting on this good girl act violet. You know you want him to drive you home and much more, you ain’t fooling anyone. ”

” Stop Alex, ” George warns glaring at him.

” Don’t mind him, am actually kind of used to it by now, ” I say trying to act as unaffected as i can , but deep down, am beyond affected.

” The only reason you are not affected is because you know it’s the truth. You already have my friend here wrapped up around your fingers so stop playing hard to get already! It really doesn’t suit you, vee……. ,” Alex says stretching out my name.

” Am not trying to trap George in anyway, okay? And just so you know, only my friends call me vee, ” I say almost shouting.

” So you don’t consider me your friend? Am so hurt, ” he say sarcastically.

” Alex, please just leave! ” George says trying to control his boiling anger. He looks like he’s about to explode any minute now.

” I thought you were smarter than this George. She’s just going to hurt you okay, am just trying to look out for you. ”

” Am not a child and I clearly know what I want. Why are you so bent on hurting her? She hasn’t done anything to you !”

I really hate the fact that this two friends are fighting because of me and as i try to walk away, George gets up and grabs my hand his eyes begging me not to go.

” Let her go already, you know you can do better than her and I really don’t like her. ”

” Well guess what Alex, the only person who needs to like her here is me, and am more than sure I like her enough for both of us. ”

” Okay……. But just so you know, she kssed me,” Alex says and I quickly turn to him, my eyes wide open.

How dare he? he kssed me!!!

” What? ! George and Lisa both ask in disbelief. I don’t even remember the exact moment Lisa joined us.

” I know I don’t owe anyone here any explanation, but just to clear things up, he is actually the one who kssed me. ”

” Why would you do that to me? You promised me that you’ll leave her alone, ” George asks furiously.

” It wasn’t on purpose, I just did it to teach her a lesson after she slapped me and she didn’t even try to pull away from the kss. That says alot about her character and proves that what I’ve been telling you is true, don’t you see that?! ” Alex says looking at me, disgust in his eyes.

I really don’t get this guy, what did I ever do to him?

I can’t listen to this anymore and I practically run out of the place, tears threatening to fall down my face . I know am a fighter but today is not the day.

I have no more fight left in me today!

I thought by coming here I would ease my mind and maybe think a little but it turned out worse than I had imagined.

The universe is surely ganging up on me today.

I have so many battles to fight with no armour for protection.

what am I supposed to do now?!

Hot tears are already flowing and as am about to walk out of the club, Lisa calls me from behind.

” How could you kiss him vee? I thought you didn’t like him!” Lisa yells walking over to me , her eyes burning with anger.

” I told you he was the one that kssed me and anyway I thought you were going to stay away from him after what happened this morning, are you trying to die or something?! ”

” He promised to protect me from that crazy bch and i trust him. ”

” Don’t you think trust is a bit of a strong word? You barely know the guy and we both know he is just using you to blow off some steam! ” I lash out on her.

” I don’t care if he’s using me. I’ll be there for him whenever he needs me as long as he needs me, so back off. ”

Lisa has never been this crazy about any of the guys she slept with before, in fact, she has never been with the Same guy more than once and I really don’t get why Alex is so special.

Yes, I get her looks like Thor, but is he still worth loosing herself respect over?

Or is she maybe falling for him?!

” The guy is engaged to be married. ”

” No he’s not. He broke up with his fiancee and that’s why she’s acting crazy. He told me he’s already talked to her and she won’t do anything to me. I really like him vee and I don’t think it’s polite for you to go around kssing your friends future husband. ”

Is she serious?

” He told you that and you believed him? I mean, what world are you living in Lisa?! That girl is a psycho and there’s no way she’ll leave him alone. You want to risk your life for someone who doesn’t even love you? He only wants sex and you are thinking about marrying him! No wonder you fell for your stupid ex boyfriends trap and ran away with him to the city, with no plan. ”

” Who the he..ll do you think you are judging me? We are supposed to be friends but I barely know anything about you! Who knows what kind of shit you are hiding from me, huh? You know what, am starting to think that you don’t want me close to Alex because you want him all for yourself, ” Lisa says and I chuckle shaking my head.

” Look Lisa, am only trying to be a good friend here but if you don’t want my advice, then am done giving it……Do whatever you want, its your life anyways,” I say walking away.

I think I’ve just lost the only friend that I ever had!

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