JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 21 To 30

Just The Beginning💜

Episode twenty one


I am not in the mood to start any more arguments and so I turn to Nick and ask him if we can leave and he nods. As am about to slide in the car, Alex takes my hand and gently pulls me out and I swear my body warms up just by his touch.

What is happening to me?

” What the fuck men! ” Nick says furiously walking towards Alex , but I stop him.

What is it with men and fighting all the time?!

” Nick it’s okay, ” assure him as i turn back to face Alex.

” Wow vee! You have so many defenders huh? Where do you get them from? I think i should get me one to, ” Alex says the silly grin still on his face.

I don’t get why am always bumping into him. Am really starting to think that he’s actually a stalker. I mean, why else would he be everywhere I go?!

Can he be maybe staying here?

Well that’s a possibility since he’s a spoilt rich brat.

” What do you want and why are you everywhere? “I ask calmly trying my best not to lash out on him.

“I was actually about to ask you the same question. Isn’t this your boss? I had no idea you two were dating, I thought you never mix business with pleasure? ” he asks still smiling.

” I don’t give a sht what you think,okay?”

” Hey, calm down. Am not trying to start any trouble, ” he says raising his hands up in surrender, making a silly but cute face.

” Then stay away from me. I don’t want anything to do with you. ”

” Hey don’t get it twisted here. It’s not like I want anything to do with you either, I was just trying to be nice but you are to hard headed, jeez! ” he says and I roll my eyes.

” You…. trying to be nice?! You’ve been nothing but mean to me, since the first day we met! ”

” But… I apologized. ”

” You only did that because George asked you to, that was no sincere apology. ”

” So what’s a sincere apology to you? Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg for forgiveness? ” he asks shaking his head. ” But you are right though,i only did it for George and my opinion about you is still the same, especially now. I mean, one minute you are with that Mike guy and the other you are busy cuddling with your boss and you still want to be treated like Virgin Mary?! He says and that kind of hurts.

His words always seem to affect me and i don’t get why, but this time I won’t hold myself back. If it’s war he wants, then war he gets.

” I guess we are the same then, aren’t you engaged and still here you are chasing after Lisa and God now’s how many other girls. ”

” Just to make it clear, I don’t have time to chase after hoes. It’s actually the opposite, I mean have you seen me?! He says with a smirk.

ugh! He’s so full of himself.

” So just because you look good you think you can play around with peoples emotions and just leave them to rot in hell, like you did with Lisa? You literally ruined her life! ”

” What are you talking about? Lisa knew what she was getting herself into.”

” Lisa was fired Alex! and am sure your fiancee had everything to do with it, ” I say and he’s shocked for a second. ” She lost her job all because of you. ”

” Shouldn’t you be blaming your boss for that? ” he says pointing at Nick.” He’s the one that fired her.”

” I had nothing to do with that? ” Nick defends himself.

” Yes, it wasn’t his fault. His father owns the place and he asked him to fire her out of the blue, just a few days after your girlfriend threatened to destroy Lisa’s life. There’s no fucking way that it’s all a coincidence. ”

” I didn’t mean for that to happen but don’t worry , I’ll find a way to fix it, ” he says sounding sincere.

” Good! It’s your mess anyway, and in the mean time, Stay away from me! ” I say but before I can get in the car, a very attractive girl runs screaming and jumps on Alex.

Her hair is red and tumbles over her shoulder. One can easily tell that she’s a model by her shapely figure and how she’s dressed.

She hugs him tightly with no sign of letting go but Alex pushes her back gently, a fake smile on his face. He looks so uncomfortable right now that I can’t help but smile.

Atleast now we are sure that he didn’t lie when he said that girls are always after him.

If only they knew he was only attractive on the outside!

” I missed you handsome,” she says with a wink her palms all over his chest.

She doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that we are right behind her.

Are we invisible or something?!

I roll my eyes for the umpteenth time today and get in the car as Nick follows suit. I can feel Alex’s eyes on me but I don’t dare look back as Nick drives away.

” So… What was that all about? Nick asks as soon as he gets to the main road.

” What was what? ”

“You and Alex. That was the best lovers quarrel I’ve ever witnessed, ” he says smiling and I glare at him.” What?…. It’s so clear that you two have a thing for each other but you haven’t realised it yet. ”

” Don’t be stupid! I fell nothing but hatred for Alex. ”

” Are you sure? I saw how jealous you got when that pretty looking girl was all over him. ”

” What? I was not jealous! You clearly should have your eyes checked because you are starting to see things that aren’t real. ”

” My eyes are fine vee. Maybe you should have yours checked. You are the one who can’t see what is in front of you, ” he says and I don’t get why he can’t just let it go.

” Nick, would you please just drive, ” I say and am glad when he’s finally quiet.

The thing that is bothering me now is that he’s not the first person to imply that I have something for Alex. I mean, that’s just absurd! There’s no way I’d ever like that guy, not even if he was the last man on earth!

Nick drives me back to my house and leaves a few minutes later. The girls are no where to be seen, and instead of sitting all alone in the house, I decide to give Lisa a visit.

” What are you doing here? ” Lisa asks, her hands across her chest.

She’s glaring at me and I’ve never seen so much hatred in her eyes.

” We need to talk,” I say walking in.

” I have nothing to say to you,.” she takes a seat but I remain standing.

” Are you sure? As far as I remember, you had a lot to say to me last night. ”

She gets up and walks towards me, standing inches away from me and stares at me.

” I didn’t come here for a staring contest Lisa. I want you to tell me all the bullshit you were talking about last night, to my face! ”

” You know everything I said was nothing but the truth vee, so stop putting on this good girl act around me. I already know the real you! “she says with so much rage. “You got me fired so you can have Alex all to yourself bch, but I won’t let you have him, ever!

When did she turn into this hateful person in front of me? This is so not the Lisa I know.

” Am not intrested in Alex and you know I don’t have the power to get you fired. ”

” Sure you do. All you have to do was let Nick in between your legs. ”

” Nick is not like every other guy you sleep with. You should know that since you tried to seduce him but he turned you down. Does you friend Chloe, know you tried to seduce her boyfriend?”

” Oh please, I don’t give a fuck about Chloe. I just used her to get back at Nick for what he did to me. ”

” What you did to him was not okay! Nick gave you a job and also let you stay at his place when your boyfriend dumped you, Lisa. You know how much he loves Chloe but you still went ahead and destroyed their relationship, how could you? ”

” Well, you are the one who’s always telling me that people aren’t to be trusted vee, so I don’t get why you are shocked, ” She says sitting back down and crossing her legs.

” Yeah, you are right. I shouldn’t be surprised, ” I say shaking my head. ” I just hope you get back to your senses soon and tell Chloe the truth. Nick doesn’t deserve this and you know it!” I say walking out.

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