JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 31 to 40

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode Thirty one


I open my eyes slowly when I feel hands pinning me on the bed and focus on staying awake, trying to fight him off but I can’t move!

My eyes can barely stay awake, but I can see a figure hovering over me and it keeps switching from Mike to my uncle. His fingers move to undo the buttons on my jeans as i let out a scared whimper, trying to scream for help but nothing comes out.

Apart from not been able to move, I think I’ve also lost my voice!

” No one is coming to your aid, so there’s no use in fighting this, ” Mike says grinning like a maniac.

” Yes vee, ” another voice says from somewhere in the room and I turn slowly to look and I can’t believe it. It’s my uncle!

I swallow dryly. Am so h©rrified!

He walks over grinning at me, his eyes hard and cold as he pulls my jeans off me, tossing it to the floor.

” Oh wow! ” he says staring at my nkedness while licking his lips. You’ve surely grown to be as sxy as he..ll! How about we bring back old memories, huh? ” His hands are now travelling up my thighs making me feel disgusted and dirty.

” Please don’t do it, ” I try to say but nothing comes out.

Tears stream silently down my face as I watch him unhook his trouser, taking it off. He walks closer to me parting my legs roughly and is now on top of me.

I am totally terrified and I immediately start to scream and shout for help as i kick him off me and it hits me that I can actually move and speak again!

I take this opportunity and kick him hard ,screaming my lungs out.

” Vee, wake up, ” a voice says from a far and I instantly open my eyes, quickly sitting up sweating and panting heavily.

” It’s okay ,it was just a nightmare, ” the voice says again and I look up to see Alex staring at me, worry clear on his face. He pulls me to him but I move back scared and confused.

” Don’t touch me! Please don’t hurt me, ” I say trying to get away from him.

” Hey, am not going to hurt you okay? Everything is going to be fine, it was all a night mare vee, ” he says in a soothing voice, trying to calm me down.

” What am I doing here? Am holding my knees to my chin completely scared.

Is he going to hurt me to hurt me to?

” Calm down,” he says slowly moving closer to me.” Am not going to hurt you, okay? Am here because i heard you screaming for help but you were only dreaming . You are safe with me. ”

” It was a dream? Fk it was a dream! ” I say to myself, relief washing through me as i wrap my arms around him, tightly, tears flowing from my eyes.

I don’t know how long we stay like that but I finally pull away, and look around. Everything is still fuzzy and my head is pounding like crazy.

” Are you okay? ” Alex asks and I turn to look at him.

His face is inches from mine and his warm breath is fanning my face.

” Am fine ,” I say leaning back against the bed. ” What happened? And why am I here? ”

” You don’t remember anything? ”

” I remember being in Mike’s apart………,wait ” I say as everything comes back to me.” Mike drugged me! Please tell me that nothing happened? ”

” Don’t worry, we got there on time and that ba$tard is in jail now. ” His voice is full of anger.

I release a breath I dint know i was holding.

” How did you find me?”

” I was with Ava when you called her asking for help and then suddenly you went silent. We tried calling you back but your phone was off and we knew you were in trouble. We had no idea where Mike lived and so I called Nick and he took us there . That idi©t will rot in prison for a long time. ”

” Thank you for your help. Am glad I had a lucky escape this time. ”

” What do you mean, this time. ”

” Nothing. ”

I try to get up from the bed but suddenly feel dizzy and it also seems like my legs are numb.

” Where do you think you are going. ”

” To the hospital. I need to see Maya. ”

” Ava is taking care of her and you need to rest. You are still very weak.

Yes am weak. I am weak because I opened up my heart and let people in, and look at what happened?

I knew better not to trust anyone, but I still did. What was I thinking?!

” I don’t care! I have to see my sister even if I have to drag myself to the hospital, ” I say trying to get off the bed.

” This is not the time to be stubborn! I promised Ava to take care if you and I won’t let you leave. ”

” Don’t tell me what to do Alex! Don’t you think I have enough problems to worry about without you adding to them? And how dare you try to stop me from going to see my sister?” I yell.

Alex spears to be surprised by my out burst and doesn’t say a word making me feel guilty.

” Am sorry that was so uncalled for, ” I say touching my head, which is still throbbing. ” I know that you really helped me out and am grateful but i really need to see my sister. ”

” I understand where you are coming from but you are still not feeling well and anyway, it’s already late. I promise to take you to the hospital first thing tomorrow.”

” What do you mean late? How long have I being asleep? ”

” Since yesterday and it’s almost six in the evening. ”

” Oh no! ”

” Don’t worry, just rest and I’ll make you something to eat. ” Alex say and I look at him surprised.

” What? ” he asks a crease forming on his brow.

” You can cook? ”

” Of course i can, I bet even better than you, ” he says raising his eyebrows.

I smile despite myself.

” You wish. ”

” There’s only one way to end this argument, ” he says his hand on his chin.

” Okay.. What way? ”

” A cooking competition! Since you are going to be living with us, we can surely have one anytime you are ready. ”

” I bet that’ll be fun especially when I beat your ass, ” I say as he smirks shaking his head. Thank you for letting me stay here. I promise as soon as Maya gets better, I’ll find us a place to stay. ”

” Wow! I never thought it would be that easy to convince you to stay but am glad though. This will make Ava so happy and don’t be in any hurry to move out. This house is yours as much as it is mine. ”

I can’t believe that this is the same Alex I met two weeks ago. He’s surely showing me a side of him I never thought existed, just Wow!

” Why are you being nice to me? Just hours ago you couldn’t stand the sight of me,” I really can’t help but ask.

” Relax okay, I don’t have any hidden agenda if that’s what you are thinking. I just realised that I was wrong about you and want to make up for all the times that I hurt you.”

” Sincerely speaking, i never thought I’d ever hear those words come out of your mouth. ”

” Me neither, now go back to sleep. ”

” I don’t think I’ll be able to. ”

” I can help with that, if you want. ”

” How? ”

” By laying down with you until you fall asleep. ”

” What?! No thank you. ”

” Why? Are you scared you won’t be able to control yourself, ” he teases while winking and I roll my eyes.

” Get over yourself already. ”

” Never. ” He climbs on the bed facing me. ” Come, ” he say pulling me to him.

Am to lazy and tired to fight him and so I lay my head on his chest and he wraps an arm around my waist, pulling the duvet over us.

He pulls me closer, one of his hands running through my hair. I feel a myriad of sparks all over and I close my eyes, savouring the feeling of his body against my feminine one.

” The crazy thing is that i feel very safe and relaxed, something I never thought I’d ever feel in any man’s arms, especially not with Alex!

I really don’t know what’s happening to me!

Relaxing in his hold, I close my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep.

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