LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 11 to 20 (American Story)

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 11

By : Kebby NG

The car drove into the palace and I found myself starring at its beauty and surrounding.

The engagement party will be taking place in the palace and so we had to come early to get prepared

Ever since I woke up have been feeling so down.

I will have to put on an act tonight too, Having to lie and try to pretend that am some one who am not only makes me feel tired and guilty,If only I can just get away from every thing and every one

As soon as the car stopped and we got out , I saw the maids and other workers outside all waiting to welcome us.

The king and queen stood by the door also waiting for us, Seems like the whole house came to welcome us Except for one person in particular

Dora parents and I bowed in respect to the king and queen and then we were led to the room where we will be using.

While two maid went with Dora parents , I was taken to mine with just a maid.

“Here is your room, Lady Dora” The maid said and immediately went off

I went in and was surprised to find a lady sleeping on the bed

Is there some mistake? Have I been brought to the wrong room, I thought as I went close to the lady sleeping

As if sensing my presence, She opened her eyes and when she saw me, She stood up and got off the bed

“Am sorry, I shouldn’t be here….I will be going now”She said and I held her hand

“You can’t go”I said


“You are shaking all over, At least stay until you are feeling better”I said as I pull her back to the bed

“I shouldn’t be here! You don’t understand,I have to leave” she said again but I was adamant too

“No miss,You are not looking okay to me and if I let you leave this room like this, I will feel guilty, So just stay”I said and she nodded gently

“Please no one must know that you saw me here” She said

“But why? Why are you here and why don’t you want me to tell anyone”I asked

“It’s because…….because…….because am a maid, Yes,Am a maid here and while cleaning the room, I slept off”She said

“It’s no big deal, You were tired and so you slept off, That would hardly cause problem for you”I said and she gave me a nervous smile

Just then the door opened and Dora mom along with the make up artist and two maid walked in to the room

“Who is she?”Dora mom asked

“She is a maid here and I called for her because I needed her help”I lied starring at her

“Well whatever, The make up artist are here, It’s time you get dressed for the party”Dora mother said

“The party?” The girl asked

“What do you mean by the party? Don’t you know that a party will be held today,What kind of maid are you when you don’t even know that important detail”Dora mom lashed out at her

“Not everyone will know, Don’t blame her”I said

“Well every thing will surely change, Once you are the queen, You will certainly teach the maid and every other worker in this palace how to behave”

“Queen? You are the bride to be”The girl questioned again and we all stared at her.

If she is a maid and is working here, She should know all this, Why is it all new to her, I thought still starring at her

“My God! This maid is really getting on my nerves”Dora mother said breaking the silence

The door opened and a lady who introduced herself as the head of the worker walked in

“Thank God you are here, Take this maid away from here, Give her some thing else to do, She is getting on the future queen nerve”Dora mother said

“But she isnt”I replied quickly

“Don’t listen to my daughter, just take this maid out of here”Dora mother said

“But she can help me too”I said trying to stop them from taking her

“I….I will rather go with them and besides you have them here, I will go and do some thing else”The girl said and began to walk off

“Wait! I didn’t get to know your name”I said and she turned to stare at me

“Its Nina”She said and I gave her a smile which she didn’t return and then she left.

Some how I felt that we would both meet again.

As soon as I got to the palace, I began to head to the guest room

I just hope that she is still there? I should have at least stayed with her but due to an emergency, I had to leave, I only hope that she is not up yet.

I wasn’t expecting Nina to call me or to try to see me again but last night she had called and knowing Nina, She had called me because it was important.

I left with some of my guards and went to the bar where she was at that time and She was dead drunk

I couldn’t take her back home, So instead I took her to the palace and left her in the guest room.

It hurt seeing her that way, Nina is some one who Hates alcohol but to try to forget that the man she loves is marrying some one else, She got herself drunk.

If there is a way to stop her from getting hurt, Then I will certainly do it because seeing her that way only makes me want to cancel the whole thing.

“Brian! I can’t believe you aren’t dressed yet”My mom said as she walked towards me

I bowed before answering “There was an emergency mom”

“Fine then, But hurry up ,The party will start soon and your bride is already waiting in the guest room”

“The guest room! Why is she there?”I asked

“Because it’s the room where she would be getting dressed , We have…….where are you going Brian” She yelled after me but I wasn’t listening

If Dora is in the same room with Nina then what will Nina be doing, I thought as I ran to the guest room

Without bothering to knock, I went in only to see Dora all alone in the room

“Oh it’s you “She said starring at me

I went in and looked around but no sign of Nina

“Where is she!”I asked feeling so angry


“Don’t play dumb, Where is the girl you saw here?”I yelled and she stared at me In surprise

“You must be talking about Nina right”Dora asked having a smile on her face

What did she do to Nina? I thought as I stared at her

“Where is she?”

“She will be at the maid quaters” she replied and I got so very angry

How dare her call Nina a maid,Without thinking I held Dora by her clothes,Pushing her to the wall

“What the hell did you say to her?”I asked

“I….. I did nothing, She said she is a maid here and she left with the head of the maid”She said scared now

“And you let them take her away”I asked

“I…I tried to stop her but she said she preferred going, Please let go Brian, You are hurting me”She said and I let go of her

“If Some thing happens to Nina, Then prepare yourself, I won’t ever let you be in peace”I said leaving the room.

I went to the maid quaters and every where else but I didn’t see her, Where could she be? I thought sadly…..

I just can’t believe what happen now? Why had he stormed in like that? Why had he been furious about that girl and why did he get so angry that he man handled me?

I stared at the clothe I had worn for the party and it looked creased now and it’s all thanks to him for pulling it.

Nina, Did he know her and why did he behave that way?

“My God Dora,What happen to your dress”Dora mom said intruding my thoughts

“It’s nothing”I replied

“It is some thing, Look at the front,It’s all creased now, This won’t do,Take it off,I will get a new one for you”She said

“No,I don’t want a new dress, I will be wearing it to the party”I said


“You heard me right! I won’t change it”I replied and went out of the bed room

He ruined the dress, I won’t give him the satisfaction of changing it.

While every one went into the room where the party is being held

I stood outside waiting for him to show up, According to the organisers,We will be the last to enter the hall

“You really don’t want to change it”Dora mom said behind me

“I don’t, Stop nagging me about it”I said and she stared at me in surprise, Giving me a nod,She went in.

I was still waiting outside when I saw Nina bringing in the tray.

I quickly went to her “hello “She said giving me a smile

“When Brian came back to the room,He got so furious when he didn’t see you there? You must be some one very important to him right? Tell me, What relationship do you have with him”I asked her ……….

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