LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 31 to 40

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 40

By : Kebby NG

I stood in the palace along with Brian parents

After the argument we had , I came back’ to the palace to know what happened.

I was waiting for him to arrive when his parents came saying that Brian had asked them to be at the palace,

If he had asked them to be there,Then is he planning on telling every one about me,I thought

Just then he walked in along with Natasha and he looked so very angry

“What happen”His father asked

“Dad,I don’t know what has gotten into Brian,He beat up my husband and left him there with out any help”Natasha said as she cried into her Mother arms

“Brian what happen?”The king asked his son

“I will explain later,Mom please take Natasha away to calm down”He said to his mother

And she took the crying Natasha to the room.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” The king asked

“I found out that Micheal is the one who have been trying to kill me”He said

“Micheal,Natasha husband bu……but why?”his father asked

He starred at me before answering his father

“I also don’t know the reason yet and that is what am going to find out soon”He said

“So where is this ba$tard!”The king yelled

“By now he will be in jail, the beating I gave him made him pass out,That will give the police enough time to get there”

“Good,A man like that needs to rot in jail for the rest of his life”His father said

“Don’t tell Natasha about it,She really loved him even though he doesn’t deserve her”Brian said to his father and he began to head to his room.

I followed him silently and when we finally got to the room, I lashed out at him.

“Why did you do that to him”I yelled at Brian

“Do what?”

“Micheal is very dangerous and you having hurt him, he will surely retaliate”I replied

“Retaliate with what? The bastard needs to be in jail and don’t worry,I haven’t forgotten your part in all this, As soon as am through with Micheal, You will be next”He said

“I don’t care what you do to me! What I care about right now is How Micheal will retaliate”I said

“He has nothing to hold over me,So if he has to retaliate,He should do it behind bars”

“So easy for you to say! I had begged you not to do any thing,You said he has nothing to retaliate with,Well he has my father with him! That is what he has used to black mail me,That is the only reason why am here doing what I hate most in the world and that is lying” I yelled at him angrily.

“What do you mean by he has your father, Your father left for a business me…….oh that’s Dora father,Tell me which father are you talking about ”

“My birth father Brian,To you this might be a joke but to me it means so much” She said looking so worried and agitated

For the first time I wondered if I did the right thing

She sat on the bed,looking scared and agitated

“Micheal is not some one to be cross with! He took my father hostage and forced me to do this, if I didnt do it,My father dies, I thought that I could convince you from not going to confront him but you did and to make matter worse,He will know that I told you about it and to take revenge on me,He will hurt my father”

“Don’t exaggerate, Micheal already knows you and he won’t want to do any thing to hurt your father”I tried to reassure her

“If I hadn’t bother to save you in all of the attacks you faced, You won’t be here right now”She said

I was about to respond when my phone began to ring

I picked it only to get bad news from one of my guards

“We are really sorry your Highness but we lost Micheal”The guard said

“But how the he..ll did that happen?”I asked angrily

“We had him with us for a while but we lost him, We really are sorry your Highness”The guard begged

“I don’t care how you do it but you better find that man and you do it as soon as possible”I said and switched off the phone

I stared at Emma to find her starring at me, “He ran away right?”She asked

“Yes”I replied and she slipped off the bed into the floor

Quickly I knelt in front of her,Holding her hand

“I told you! Micheal will surely come back to get his revenge and My dad…..My dad will surely be the one to pay”She said crying

“Nothing will happen to your dad”I said

“So easy for you to say right? For the past 3 months,I have been living my life constantly worrying about him,Do you know that he is In a coma and yet Micheal took him, Using his illness as an excuse to force me to work for him?”She said

“And yet,not having the heart to kill you,I defiled Micheal and I kept on saving you, Knowing that you were Alive Even when you didn’t love me was enough for me, That was why I risked my life just to protect yours but it seemed like I did wrong”She said wiping off the tears on her face

“Do….I hardly even know what to call you?”i said starring at her

“Just call me by the fake name,No matter what we need to continue”She replied

“Why not just come out clean and tell every one about it”I asked

“Not until I know that my father is safe and you can’t guarantee me that, So I will just have to do it myself” She stated

“What will you do?”I asked

“Its none of your business”She said standing up from the floor

“Hey don’t go and do any thing stupid,Micheal is dangerous”I warned her

“Thanks for the warning,I already knew Micheal way before you did, After all he was my step brother, I would only ask you to keep my secret until I get my father back in my custody”She said and left the room

Did I over react by going to Micheal house to beat the ba$tard up.

“Yes you did”My conscience taunted me silently .

“I will just have to find a way to keep her safe, I thought as I quickly brought out my phone

“Keep an eye on my wife and you must not lose her”I said into the phone

“Yes your majesty”He said and switched off the phone.

“just fix my face and stop starring”I yelled at the frightened nurse,Who stood watching my swollen face

“I don’t know if it would work”she replied

“It must work okay,It certainly must work or else you won’t leave here alive” I said angrily and immediately she got to work

“Boss,The police are still searching for you along with his Highness guards”one of my men who just came in said

“That ba$tard”I said hitting the table

How the hell had Brian found out the truth,It could only have been Emma who told him.

The ba$tard had taken me off guard and had beaten the hell out of me but his mistake was leaving me there, Did he think that I will still be there Unconscious

He didn’t think we’ll, I thought as the nurse cleaned up my swollen face.

Just then the door opened and Two of my guards walked Nina in

“What’s going on?”she said as she was pushed on the floor

“Did you help that bitch in betraying me, Did you tell Brian about our plans”I asked angrily

“Of course not,I did no such thing”She said quickly

“I will take your word for it, So Emma did betray me”I muttered

“Yes she did and it’s time you wake up and see her for who she really is” she said as she stood up

“I told you that girl will be a problem for us but you never listened”She said as she came to stand beside me

“Well she will certainly cease being a problem for us because I will certainly make sure she pays for betraying me”I said

“What are your plans for her?”

“Just some thing that am still thinking”

“What ever it is just count me in okay,I would like to watch Brian face when he realise what we are doing to the girl he loves”She said and I held her hand in a tight grip

“What did you just say?”

“What exactly?”She asked back

“The part about Emma being Brian love”I asked

” Oh I didn’t bother to tell you because I was very busy but Emma loves Brian, She fell for him and Brian did the same too, Though they haven’t confessed to each other yet, I think Brian is holding back or Emma is doing ,I just don’t know,all I know is that They love each other”Nina said

“Why didn’t you ever tell me this!”I yelled at Nina making the nurse jump

“Tell you what?”She asked looking shocked her self

“That Brian loves Emma”

“Its because it skipped my mind and I never thought you will be interested?”She replied

“I am very,When it pertains to Emma,I am very interested, Emma belongs to me and no one else”I yelled angrily

“What do you mean by that Micheal?”

“It means that Emma is mine and i won’t share her with any one else”

“Have you been in love with Emma too?”She asked

“I watched her grow up,I kept on bullying her, but when she grew up to be perfect in her teen, I wanted her,She is the reason why I left, I had to make money and then go back to her but life had to throw Natasha my way and I had to get married”

“All I wanted from Natasha was her money but her jerk of a brother kept on holding it, He never gave me the chance to do any thing and then I thought of this plan and thought of her,That was why I brought her into this plan”

“So you are saying you sincerely love Emma?”

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“I don’t believe in love but I do believe in Lust, Have always wanted her and I won’t let a creep like Brian take her from me, I won’t”I said angrily.



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