LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 31 to 40

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 32

By : Kebby NG

I didn’t feel like going to work today,so I decided to stay home and work from there.

I was busy in the study when one of the guards walked in

“Your Highness this arrived a bit late”He said putting the file on the desk and then he left the room.

Having gone through the rest ,I decided to check on the last one which was brought in

I opened it only to find the paper in it bloody, on it was bodly written ‘ I WONT REST UNTIL I HAVE YOU SIX FEET UNDER’

on reading this I threw the paper away and at the same time I called the guard who brought it in

“Who brought this?”I asked

“I actually don’t know your Highness,All i know is that it was found in the mail box outside and it was brought to me.

“Take this away and for the main time don’t take in any mails for me”I said and immediately he did what I asked and he left .

Who wants me dead,I thought as I sat down on my seat contemplating

The door opened and My PA walked in “Am sorry to disturb you your Highness but the ministers of finance are here and have taken them to the balcony just as you have asked “He said

“Fine then”I said rising from my seat.

The ministers and I were in a deep discussion when the tea was brought in.

The maid came to me and gave me the tea and I was about to drink it when I heard Dora voice

“No Brian don’t drink it !!!” And before I could even stare her,She had already hit the cup away from my hand.

“Are you okay? You haven’t drank out of that tea right? Talk to me Brian!”She said holding my arms

“I haven’t “I managed to say and before I knew it, She hugged me,Holding me tight.

“Thank God,I came on time”She said gently still holding onto me.

I found myself holding her back, Once again she has saved me,I thought holding her tightly.

“Please forgive me your Highness,I didn’t mean to do it, I was forced”The maid who had brought the tea said as she knelt on the floor bowing.

We realeased each other and I stared at the culprit.

“Why did you do it?”I asked

“I can’t tell you that too, Have made a vow not to say any thing”She said while two of my guards held onto her

“You can as well take her away”I said to the guards who were holding her.

“Why don’t we make the meeting another day”My PA said leading the ministers out of the room leaving only Dora and I.

I stared at the rug which the tea had poured on and I saw that it had dried up

There really was poison In the tea and I would have drank it if it wasn’t for Dora.

I stared at her and saw her wipe away a tear, How did she know that there was some thing in the drink, This is not the first or the second time she will save me, Just who the hell is she and how does she know when am in danger?

All this question needs to be answered and she will certainly answer it

“I will be heading back to my room”She said moving away but i was quick in puling her back.

“How! How did you know that I was in danger once again?”I asked and I saw the shocked look on her face

“I…….I just happen to be ………”

“No more lies from you Dora, The accidents and you saving me wasn’t a coincidence right?”

“I….I don’t know”She replied

“Fine then you aren’t ready to tell me the truth then you leave me with the thought that you are the one who have been planning those accident”I said still holding on to her arm

“Really? After going through the trouble of saving you,That’s the only reason you could think of?”She yelled at me

“Then talk to me,Tell me who wants me dead cause there is no doubt that you know who the person is!'”

“You have no right to demand any thing from me, I owe you no explanation “She said jerking her arm free and before I could stop her, She ran off.

I knew how to get her to talk and the only way I would be able to do that is by forcing the truth from her but first I have to confirm some thing.

I kept on running until I got to the room and I closed the door behind me, Breathing in heavily.

Why don’t I think before diving into some thing, Due to my stupidity Brian already knows that there is some thing am keeping from him.

What should I do now? Should I call Micheal? That’s a bad option, I thought as I sat on the bed

When ever he is in danger,I just don’t think right! I only think about saving him and I don’t think about the consequence.

The bath room door opened and Nina walked out

“My God! What happen to you? You look like a mess”She said starring at me

“You knew! You knew that he was in danger and yet you did nothing”I said starring at her

“Why should I bother when he has you, his saviour here”She said

“How can you say that feeling so calm, The man that almost died……loves you”I said

“But I don’t and what does it matter! He is still alive “She said starring at the mirror.

I walked to her and turned her to face me,”How can you be this cruel?”I asked

“Me cruel? This is not be being cruel, This is me trying to survive, If Brian is not with me then i won’t be any thing”She said

“You were doing perfect before you ever met Brian, Your mother wouldn’t like to know that you turned out this way” I said

“Don’t talk about my mom, You know nothing, so just mind your business”She said

“Not when it comes to Brian!”I replied

“Ahhh…….have forgotten that you are in love with him”She said

“Yes I do love him and I won’t sit back and watch you hurt him, It’s just a pity that he fell for you when you don’t love him”I said

“That’s how life is and for the record…..”She moved close to me and whispered.

“I had put the poison in the tea,I had to know if you were still willing to save him knowing that you will only receive his hatred until the very end”She said silently again

I pushed her away angrily “how could you? ”

“To put you in your place my dear! No matter how hard you protect him, He will never see you the way you want him to see you because I will always be the one he loves”She said and taking her stuff,She left the room and I sat on the bed feeling sad.

“It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t love me, I can live with that but what I won’t be able to live with is if some thing bad happen to him “I whispered to myself.

My phone began to ring and when I saw that it was Micheal, I threw the phone away and layed on the bed crying.

“Won’t you pick the call”On hearing Brian voice, I raised my head to see him standing by the door.

Immediately I stood up from the bed and picked the phone, Switching the call.

“Nina is not here but if you want to bring her here, I will leave then”I said wanting to walk past him but he held me back

“Are you feeling okay?”He asked and I stared at him in surprise

“You were only thinking about my safety and you didn’t think about yours,Hope nothing is wrong with you”He asked holding my hand

I pulled my hand from his and said ” Am fine, You don’t have to concern yourself with me”I said and walked off quickly.

Why is he suddenly being nice? Is it a way to get his answers from me, I thought.

Later that day we were to have dinner with his parents who had come to see us .

We were all eating and I was politely answering his parents each time they asked me a question

Just then I stared at Brian and found him looking at me

He has been looking at me,making me feel uncomfortable and I kept on wondering why?

While Brian went out with his parents, I went to the garden waiting for him to arrive so he and Nina will be in bed before I go in.

I was still thinking when I saw him arrive, Not wanting him to see me, I hid behind some bush

He was heading in when Nina came to him.

“Where did you go to,Have been waiting for you!”She said hugging him and for the first time I saw that he didn’t hold her back

“Hey what’s wrong with you” She asked as she stared at him

“I want to be alone tonight, Go back to the maid quaters , I will call you when I need you”He said and walked off

This is the first time am seeing Brian behaving this way with Nina, What happened to him?.

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