LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 31 to 40

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 36

By : Kebby NG

(20 years ago)
“Will this be my new house daddy” the little girl clutching onto the older man hand asked as they got out of the taxi

“This will be your new house,Do you like it?” The older man asked

“Yes I do”The little girl answered taking hold of the man hand again

“Am glad you like it, Common let’s go in so you can meet your new mom”He said holding the little girl hand

They were about to get to the door when the door burst open and a scary lady walked out

“I thought I told you not to bring her here!”she said

“I just can’t leave her, After the accident the poor thing has been suffering in their hands, We can’t take her back there” He said holding the little girl

“Its either she leaves or I take my child and leave instead”She yelled at him and went back into the house

The little girl watched the man sighed and she pulled his hands

The older man starred down at her and bent to her level

He pulled her to him and hugged her fiercely

“Dont worry kiddo you will be living here with me, Don’t mind that lady, She is just angry a bit”He said smiling

The little girl pulled him and hugged him fiercely……..

(Present time)
I woke up feeling so tired and rest less

It wasn’t morning yet and Brian was nowhere to be found

Its odd though,I saw him sleeping peacefully beside me on the bed,So where is he? I thought as I stood up and went in search of him.

I found him sitting on a chair,throwing some sticks into the fire to burn and as always,His guards are always with him.

I went to sit beside him And i could tell from his expression that he was thinking about some thing.

“Why are you here?”I asked as I stared at him

“I couldn’t sleep”He replied still starring at the burnt fire

“Why”I asked

“If it’s because of the auction,It went well right?”I asked

“Of course it did and am not thinking about that”He replied and for a while I wondered if he was thinking about what Lisa Brandon said, Could he still be doubting me, I thought as I starred at him

“Its some one I owe an apology” he said gently

“An apology?”I asked

“Yes,For a while I forgot about the ordeal with her, It wasn’t until Lisa Brandon mentioned the name Emma that I remembered”He said and I grew uneasy

“Why does the mentioning of Emma name makes you feel guilty “I asked

“There is some one I knew who bared that name and I did something bad to her,I along with my family”He said sadly

“What did you do?”I asked

“Some thing that shouldn’t be heard of, When I realised that what i was doing was wrong,I stopped but I was too late to apologise because after the accident,I didn’t see her again”He said sadly

“If you are saying accident,Is it the fire out break that happened twenty years ago?”I asked

“Yes,You seemed well informed”

“If am to pass the coronation day,I have to know every thing,so…….tell me what happened to that child?”I asked

“The fire fighters report was that she was burnt to death along with the fire but I know that she didn’t die,That she is still out there some where” He said fiercely

“But if she is still alive,You have the chance to apologise,So why are you being this way”I asked

“It’s because I did some thing bad Dora! I know that if I were to see her today, she won’t ever forgive me”

“Tell me ! How old were you when you did some thing bad to her?”I asked

“I was just eight”He replied and I smiled

“You were very young then Brian, Am sure that if you met her again, She will forgive you,After all you were all just kids” I said

“Kids! I became an adult at that age”He said looking sad

Never have I seen this side of Brian,He looked so guilty and i wondered what really happened twenty years ago.

“Hey cheer up,It’s not the end of the world and this is the first time am seeing you this way,It feels some how “I said smiling at him

“What about you Dora”He said suddenly

“What about me?”I asked

“I told you what’s bothering me, Don’t you think it’s time you did the same”He said and the smile on my face disappeared

“I…… I think I will go to bed”I said standing up and he did the same thing and before I could walk far,He pulled me to him.

“What are you hiding Dora,Why can’t you tell me about it”He asked

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Am feeling sleepy already,I would like to sleep now” I said not looking at his face.

He held my jaw and brought my face to stare at him

“Fine,I will just have to be content with what you say”He said

“Can I go back now”I asked as he still held unto me

“Not until this!”He said and before I could stop him

He kssed me, The kss was as gentle and brief as possible

“Good night Dora”He said and walked off.

I went back to the tent feeling a bit cheesy, What happened just now? Why did he kss me? I thought as I layed on the bed

“Don’t think too much of it,It might be a thank you for me listening to him tonight.

Yes it’s a thank you kss for me listening to him, I thought as I tried not to think of some thing else.

I slept off and woke up quite late, Brian wasn’t beside me, Didnt he sleep last night,I thought as I went out of the tent.

“Your Highness,His Highness has asked me give you this when you wake up”one of the guard said bringing to me a sheet of paper.

I thanked him and as soon as he left, I opened the paper

‘I decided to go to the sea,If you feel like coming,Come but if you don’t just stay at the camp’

I smiled as I starred at the letter,Did Brian just invite me to join him,I thought as I went into the tent to change.

I stood at the sea,Starring at the water which was sparkling bright because of the Sun

“I really want to go and see the sea” the little voice kept on taunting me

“That will never happen because you will be here forever” Those were the response I had given to her

I turned to see Dora walking up to me , She had a smile,A smile which I returned.

What I told her last night was some thing I never told any one.

Not even to Nina,There is some thing strange about her

Maybe is because I found out that she loves me,Maybe it’s because I feel happy knowing that some one out there cares for me ,I just don’t know why.

“The sea is nice”She said as she got close to me

“Yes,I would have ask you to watch the sunrise with me but you were fast asleep”I said

“You should have woke me up” she said

“So I can get cursed at later,no thanks”I said

“It would have been nice to watch the sun rise,you know this is my first time coming to the sea”


“Yes, Dad never really took me out that often,there was a time I told him that I wanted to come to see the place but he never took me there” she said sighing sadly

“But it’s a good thing that I finally get to see it”she said giving me a smile

“And while am here,am going to dip my feet into the water, Have heard that it feels really good to put your feet in the water” quickly she ran into the water.

“It feels so good Brian,Come over here,Come try it out”She said laughing and i found myself starring at her.

There is some one she reminds me of I thought as I starred at her.

“Hurry and come over here! You need to feel the water”She said waving at me

“I would rather stay here”I replied.

Sighing heavily,I walked back to meet him on the sand.

So far so good it has been going on well between us and i know that sooner or later a fight would occur and once again we will be uncivil towards each other

That is why am trying to savour this moment, Even though it’s for a little while,I will cherish it forever

“Common Brian ,Come try out the water”I said pulling his arm

“No Dora”He said but I was not listening and I drew him until he was in the water

“Doesn’t it feel good”I asked throwing the water on his face.

“Don’t do that! You will wet my clothe”He said still not wanting to come in fully

I moved towards him and push him and he fell right into the water

“Dora!”He yelled

“Just wanted to see you wet”I said, laughing

“Fine then you want it that way, Then you leave me no choice”He stood up and carried me in his arm,Dumping me in the water.

“That was unfair Brian”I said as he began to laugh.

A laugh which I found to be sexy and I won’t deny that he looked more handsome when he had water all over him,I wondered why Nina couldn’t have love him genuinely, If he had loved me back ,I would always want to show him off,I thought starring at him.

He brought me back to reality when he took a handful of water and poured it on me and I did the same, We played a bit in the water and then we head back to the sand.

While Brian took off his wet shirt,I went back to the sea to get my sandals.

I began to head back only to see some one hiding behind the bush on the island.

The person also had some thing with him and when I saw that that thing was pointed towards Brian , I ran straight to him but I was too late because the shot had gone off.

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