LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 31 to 40

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 37

By : Kebby NG

I stood starring at Dora as the gun was shot, She had run into my arms before the gun shot sounded

I kept on starring at her until she began to slip in my arms.

“Dora”I called as I held her up

It was then that I realised that she had been the one who was shot.

She kept on slipping and I held her tight “Call for help”I yelled at the guards

I knelt on the floor,Holding her to me, She looked so pale and she was about to lose consciousness

“Dora! Look at me,Do not close your eyes,Just keep on starring at me”I said gently and she starred back at me

“You ……a…..are….not… ……..rt” she whispered gently

“How could I have gotten hurt when you took the shot for me”I replied and she smiled

“Th…….that’s a relief,To k… that you are not hurt……is a big reli……..”she couldn’t complete her words because she lost consciousness.

“Dora open your eyes,Open your eyes”I yelled at her but nothing happened.

Immediately I carried her in my arms and began to head to the camp with the guards coming after me.

Feeling so anxious and worried,I didn’t want to wait for help to arrive.

As soon as we made it back to the camp,Our car was parked outside already

With the help of the guards,we settled her in the car and soon we got to the town nearest hospital.

While I waited in the waiting room, It felt like the most unbearable moment of my life

Not knowing how she is doing and without any one telling me a thing makes me feel helpless.

Once again she had protected me,She had risked her life to save me where as I haven’t done any thing for her, it really sucks just knowing that

Just then my phone began to ring and without looking at the caller,I answered

“Your Highness this is investigat………..”

“Not now please,Not now”I said and switched off the phone.

The doctor walked out then and I went to him

“How is my wife?” I said with out even noticing that I had called Dora my wife for the First time

“Fortunately,The bullet didn’t hit any vital part and we have managed to get it out, She will still be under observation,We still dont know how her body will take the medication your highness”He said

“Fine doctor,Just do your best to save her”I replied

“We will your highness,We will”He said .

I woke up to find myself in an unfamiliar room

I tried to remember what happened but it just won’t come

Where am I? I thought trying to get up when I felt a pain in my back.

It was then that I remembered what happened

The shot and every other thing,I hope Brian is save,I thought

The door opened and Brian walked in looking as healthy as ever

Seeing him got me relieved,At least he is not hurt, I thought as I stared at him

“You are finally up?”He asked walking towards me to take my hand in his

For the first time,I saw care in his eyes, Does he care for me now because I saved him from dying, I thought

“What happen Brian?”

“You were shot or let me rephrase that,You took a gun shot for me and you were brought to the hospital”

“Luckily it didn’t hit any vital organ,So as soon as you are doing well,we can leave”He replied

“Since when have I been here?”

“Two days”he said

“Have been sleeping for two days?”I asked

“You have”He replied

“What about my parents?”

“They were here awhile ago but they left soon”He Said

“Why do I feel like you are lying to me?”I asked

“Why would you think that am lying?”

“Because I know, You are not a good liar Brian,They didn’t come right?”I asked again and he nodded

“They said they were busy and that when you are out of the hospital,They will come visit you”He said

“You don’t have to worry Dora,They will still come to see you”

“Don’t try to sugar coat me with your words, I know that they won’t come”I said smiling at him

Suddenly He looked down at me with so compassion and before I could stop him or do a thing, He kssed my forehead and I found myself blushing

“Why did you do that?”I asked and again he took hold of my hand.

“I know that my life is in danger and though you know some thing about it,you are not willing to tell me,I will understand but each time,you risk your life to protect me, I worry a lot and I know Have never said this before but I will now”He said pushing back a strand of my hair

“Thank you Dora,If it hadn’t been for your protection,I would have been dead by now”He said and I kept on starring at him like he was some sort of stranger

I gave him a smile and he returned it “Now I will be the one doing the protection,Don’t get hurt okay?”He said and I nodded gently

Brian might not love me but if having his care will be the only affection I ever have, then I will settle for that, I thought smiling at him

(At the Baxter house)
“This is driving me crazy! Can’t I go and see my child” Mrs Baxter asked her husband who stood beside the window

“You know we can’t, What if we get there and they require some sort of blood donor, We will be found out and let me tell you this,We will pay for it by going to jail”Mr Baxter added

“Until when will this continue? Shouldn’t we just tell her the truth!”

“You must be crazy! Don’t you know that she must never find out the truth”

“But I just can’t take it any more, she is at the hospital,Am suppose to be by her side but here I am doing nothing and its very frustrating “She said

“Then you keep on tolerating it,If Dora ever finds out the truth,it’s all over”He said gently

‘”do you think that when she knows the truth,She will forgive us?”

“I don’t know and that is why we must never tell her the truth?”

“Fine then,I will just stay here and wait for my child return”She added

“stop that Brian,It’s ticklish”I said hitting his hand as he kept on massaging my leg

“Your muscles should not be a problem for you, The doctor told me give you a massage whenever I can”He said smiling at me

Just then there was a knock on the door and Nina walked in carrying a bouquet of flower.

Seeing Nina right now made me remember when last I saw her and what she was doing at that time

“I thought every one had gone back to the palace,Why are you here?”Brian asked

“I came to see Dora”She replied

“Now that you have seen her ,you can leave”Brian said

“No don’t leave! Not just yet”I said starring at her

“But the doctor said you can’t be stressed”

“She won’t stress me and besides I have to talk to her”I replied

“Fine then, just call for me,I will be out side”He said leaving the room.

“Hope you are doing well? What are the doctor saying?”Nina asked

“Drop the act Nina,It doesn’t suit you”I said and immediately she sighed

“Thank God you noticed,I thought I was going to play the nice and worried friend part but seeing that you have caught me,I don’t have to”She said

“Why did you do it?”I asked

“Do what?”She returned

“Don’t pretend you don’t know! Tell me why you wanted to kill Brian”I said

She was the one who shot me, when I saw her running off, I knew it was her but why did she want to kill Brian.

“That gun shot was meant for you, I never wanted to kill Brian”

“But I saw you pointing the gun at him, You were going to shoot him”I said

“Well I won’t deny I thought about shooting him but I stopped and shot you instead”She replied

“Did you have fun doing it?”,

“I had so much fun Emma,seeing you like this gives me so much satisfaction”she said

“You took away my man,So why don’t I just take away your life”

“Killing people brings you joy right?”

“Not when that person keeps on intruding in my life”She yelled at me

“I won’t rest until I destroy you Emma,You have taken away Brian and I will get revenge by taking away your life and you will be helpless to do a thing about it”She said starri g at me like the devil her self

I stood in the waiting room wondering what Dora could be talking about with Nina

Just then the door open and she walked out

“I will be leaving now!”she said Gently

“Fine then”I replied walking past her to go and see if Dora is alright

“You don’t love me any more right?”She asked suddenly

“Its not the right time to talk about that “I replied

“Tell me the truth, please!”She said and i turned back to stare at her

“I don’t love you any more”I replied and she nodded gently and left the hospital.

I was about going in when my phone began to ring,I answered on seeing the caller

“Yes investigator”I said

“I have some thing very important to tell you,If you can spare me some time”

“Can’t you tell me over the phone”I asked

“It can’t be talked over the phone, I will come to the hospital”He said

“What is it about?”

“Its about your wife,I will tell you every thing when I get there”He said and switched off the phone.

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