LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 31 to 40

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 38

By : Kebby NG

“Be careful with her”Dora mother said as the nurse lifted me out of the bed and into the wheel chair

“This is not necessary, am only injured in my arm”I said

“You are a patient here no matter what your injury is, You have to use the wheel chair”Dora mother replied and I sighed

Getting into an argument with her would only lead to nothing, She will always want to be the victor.

Its been three days since I woke up after the accident, I was surprised to see Dora mother coming to the hospital.

I thought she couldn’t make it and I never really expect her to come to the hospital,Who i kept waiting for was Brian.

For the past three days Brian hasn’t come to the hospital and I wonder why?

I couldn’t ask Dora mom because she might notice some thing is wrong

But they were times that I tried to asn only to be told that Brian is busy

Work was more important to him than me,What was I even thinking when I thought that we were getting close.

For a while I thought that Brian would see how much I love him and change his mind about me but that will never happen,After all he doesn’t love me, I had also thought that his care for me will grow into some thing but he has made it clear now.

As soon as we got out side , The guards helped me into the car and soon we were on our way home.

I kept on wondering what Nina next plan would be,After all she had made it clear to me that she will destroy me.

I wonder if I should tell Micheal about Nina behaviour

The fool might think of it as some thing good,He might even ask her to do some thing to harm Brian, So telling him is a no no, I thought as the car stopped in front of the palace

We got out of the car only to be greeted by the guards and maids who were there outside waiting for our arrival

While Dora mom deal with my stuff, I began to head to my room.

A part of me was hoping to see Brian, Hoping that he might also be waiting for me but he wasn’t there and that made me more sad.

I got to the room only to find two guards there,It was odd,There are always two guards at the entrance only if one of the Royals is in the room.

Could Brian be there,I thought as the guards bowed at me and then they moved out of the Way for me to pass through.

I opened the door and found him in the room, on the bed and he wasn’t alone, He had Nina in his arms.

They were both asleep and naked in each other arms.

Just seeing them this way made my heart shatter.

He knew he was going to be this way with Nina again yet he made me think that he cared about me

As quietly as possible,I left the room and went back down stairs.

“What’s wrong? I thought you will be relaxing upstairs,”She asked

“I changed my mind,Can we just go back home instead”I said wanting to leave here as soon as possible

“What do you mean by going back home?”She asked

“Brian isn’t here to keep me company and every one is busy preparing for the coronation,They will hardly have my time so why don’t I just go back home with you”I said

“Are you sure that you want to go back home,”She asked

“Yes,Just for a while”I said and having no choice she agreed and then together we left the palace.

It was late in the evening and I stood in front of the window,Starring out side.

No matter how I tried,I just can’t forget what I witnessed today.

I could still see them wrapped up in each other arms and that still gets me angry

Just then my phone began to ring and I picked with out looking at the caller

“We need to meet”Micheal said

“Why?”i asked

“Its time for us to proceed with the plan,Have been patient enough Emma”He said

“What do you have to tell me”I asked

“A car will be waiting for you at the court yard of your parent house, All you have to do is to get into that car, I will be waiting Emma and if you don’t show up then I will come get you my self”He said and cut the call

If I don’t go Micheal will surely put his threat into action and I don’t want him to come here

Quickly I got dressed and then I head down stairs only to stop when I saw Brian in the sitting room talking to Dora mother .

Why is he here? I thought as I starred at him , I intentionally left the palace not to see him and now here he was ,I thought still starring at him

“My dear,His Highness is here for you”She said

“Oh really! Well he will have to leave with out me because I have some where to be right now”I said

“Where can be more important than your husband?”She asked

“To see some old friends,I will be back as soon as I can,If he can wait,Then fine but if he can’t,He can just leave” I said as I left the house .

I was heading towards the court yard when I was pulled fiercely

“What is wrong with you?”I asked as I tried to pull away from him

“I should be asking you that! What is wrong with you? Why did you lie to your mother that there was no one at home when you knew that I was”He said

“I just didn’t feel like telling her and why should I disturb you when you had the lovely Nina in your arms”I said

“Is it because you saw Nina and I together that you are behaving this way?”He asked

“No,Why should I behave like this when am no one to you, Just go back to Nina and pretend that am not here”I said about to leave but suddenly he pulled me back to him,Starring at me angrily

“Why do you pretend to be jealous when you feel nothing for me?”He yelled at me

I do feel some thing for you,That is why am being this way

“Am not jealous and I feel nothing for you,Do be rest assured about that , When am feeling okay,I will return to the palace,Now please leave”I said and without waiting for an answer i went to the court yard and got into the car.

A while later ,I was led to a table by a waiter in a discreet restaurant

As soon as I got to the table,I saw Micheal there,Waiting for me.

I took my seat and stared at him angrily.

“You could have just tell me on the phone”I said

“I could but I didn’t want to,You were hurt a few days ago,Who did it?”he asked

I can’t tell him that Nina did it,”I don’t know too,Why don’t we just forget about it and tell me why you called me here”I said changing the subject

He brought out a file and passed it towards me

“What’s this?”

“All you need to do is to give Brian to sign, It will make you the sole owner of all his wealth”

“But wont he want to read it,it will be hard for him to sign it”I said

“You must get him to sign it,That’s your only mission for now,As soon as it’s done,We prepare to kill him”He said and I starred at him in shock.

“Does it have to be this soon?”I asked starring at him

“It has to be this soon, You know we have waited enough for this day”He replied

“But I still don’t get the rush,We can still wait a little while “I said

Micheal stopped eating and he gave me a very angry look.

“If you don’t do as I say Emma,You will live to suffer the consequence”He said

“I know okay,You don’t have to threaten me any more”I said

“Am glad you understand,Now do as I say and make sure he signs this paper”

“What if he reads this and know what it is about?”I asked

“You will make sure he doesn’t read it,No matter what Brian must not read the content and as soon as the document is signed you will bring it to me”he said and gently I nodded.

I just hope that some thing comes up before I give Brian the document .

Later that evening I was walking back to the mansion,Thinking about what Micheal said,I didn’t notice that Brian was even there until he held my and I stopped to stare at him

“Where have you been?”He asked
“I don’t think I owe you an explanation”he replied angrily

He turned me to him and pulled my shoulders roughly

“Where the hell have you been?”He asked again looking very angry

“I went to a friend house”I said

“And perhaps could that friend be Micheal?” He asked suddenly

“Wh….at are you saying ,Why would you think it is mi……..”

“Stop with your lies,Just stop it! Have had enough EMMA CHADWICK!!!”He said calling me by real name and I stared at him shock.

How did he find out?.

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