LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 41 to 50

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 42

By : Kebby NG

As soon as I left Brian in the entrance, I went to the room to think of a way to leave the palace

He had told me he loved me, if he had told me he loved me before finding out my secret,I would have believed him but he already knows my secret.

It’s impossible for me to reciprocate that feeling knowing that am just an imposter here,I thought.

Just then my phone began to ring and when I saw the caller,I quickly closed the door

“Where are you? Where did you take my father?”I asked angrily

“Firstly if you are inside one of the room in the palace,Leave there right now”

“What are you saying?”I asked

“Just do as I say Emma,What ever am going to tell you shouldn’t be said inside the palace”He said

“But this is a call,Just talk to me right now”

“Seems like you don’t want to know where your father is right?”He asked

“I do! I do want to know where he is,Just tell me where is he and stop torturing me.” I said

“Go to the court yard,We can talk more freely there”He said and immediately I left for the court yard

As soon as I got to the court yard,I looked around to confirm if any one was there but there was no one.

“Are you there yet?”

“Am at the court yard ,Now Tell me where my father is?”I asked

“Your father is here with me,Like seriously Emma,Why the hell did you have to get caught”

“Its not some thing that I can hide for the rest of my life, Brian has been suspecting me for a long time now”I replied

“And so you made it possible for him to catch you red handed right?”He asked

“Would I be that stupid,I know that my father is with you,So how Brian knew the truth j don’t know,I never told him ”

“Well the deed is done,I want you to leave that place as soon as you can”He said

“If I leave will I get the assurance that my father will be there waiting for me “I asked

“Your father is right here with me,Still under my protection,So you don’t have to worry,Just come to me and all will be fine”

“We will be having a bit of a problem ”

“If you are going to tell me about Brian keeping you locked up that should not be a problem,You have to find a way to get out of there”

“But Brian wouldn’t let me leave!”

“I don’t care how you do it,Am giving you only today,Leave the palace, Do your best to get out of the palace and your father will be fine”He said

“Fine I will find a way just don’t hurt my dad!”

“I won’t until you arrive,I will be waiting for your return my dear”He said and cut the call

For a while I stood starring at the phone.

How am I going to get out of here with out any one noticing, I thought as I sat on the chair.

He wants me to leave today and am sure that Brian had tightened the security so I won’t get the chance to leave.

What am I going to do,I thought as I closed my eyes,Wishing a way out of this mess.

Just then some one pulled me up and before I knew it,I was in his arms

“No matter what happens Emma, don’t you dare leave me,Don’t!” Brian said as he held me tightly

What has gotten into him,I thought as I stood still in his arms

“Brian I…….”

“Just stay still, stay in my arms for a while”He said pulling me close.

Knowing that he wouldn’t let me go until he have had l his fill,I held him back

I won’t deny that I enjoy being in his arms too and am sure that this will be the very last time that I would be held by him.

I have a feeling that once I leave,Micheal wouldn’t let me come back

“I got a call from Micheal, The bastard wants me to let you go to him and I won’t let that happen,I won’t let you go,Not now that I know that I love you”

“But how? How can you love some one like me,Am a liar,I took up some one else identity, I pretended to be her and I lived her life, You shouldn’t have love me”I said sadly

“But you love me, What is the harm if I love you ”

“There is okay,Micheal knows that my father is my weakness, once he knows that you also are one of them,He will do his best to harm you and I don’t want that”

“Have told you already that I will protect my self from now on and I will also protect you”He said

“One thing Micheal asked me not to do when I started this was to fall in love with you and I did my best,I did all I could not to but I still did and am sure that once he knows about it,He will do……..”

“He already knows”

“But how? Did Nina tell him some thing”I asked

“Nina? What does Nina have to do with this?”I asked

“Not…nothing”I replied quickly

“Please Emma tell me, There should not be any secret between us”

“Well Nina,Nina have also been working along with Micheal”I said

“Nina! But how did she meet him?” He aaked

“I don’t know, All I know is that Micheal wanted her to be the one who married you,Took your money and then killed you but when she made him believe that she loved you,He removed her from the plan and brought me into it”I said

“So Nina had also been a part” He asked

“Yes,I found out that she didn’t love you and that she had made Micheal believe that she loved you so that only she could have all the money and stupid Micheal fell for it,How I wish she had gone ahead with it,I wouldn’t have been a part”I said wistfully

“And I wouldn’t have met you,what ever happen, i will always be grateful to Micheal”


“Because he sent you my way,If you hadn’t come Nina would have married me and I would have been dead by now,You were my saviour,My destiny, You belong to me just as I do to you”He said

“Oh Brian,You are too good for me,I don’t deserve you or your love”I said and was rewarded with a kss

“You belong to me Emma and I won’t let you go,Promise me that no matter what,You won’t leave me”He said hugging me again

I knew I couldn’t promise him that cause no matter what I had to get my dad.

“Believe me when I tell you that I will bring your father back to you “He said and I nodded gently

“I know you will” But that will be too late,Micheal would Have done some thing to harm father and I don’t want that

Am sorry Brian,But I will have to leave,I have to go…… I thought with in me

“Tell me how did Micheal know that we both love each other”I asked changing the subject

“He has his spy checking up on us”He replied

“Do you mean that some of the workers here are working for him too”I asked

“Yes,But don’t worry,Am already having that investigated and once I know who it is,I will make sure one of them pays”

If one of Micheal Spy was here,I have to get him to help me escape,I thought as I faked a yawn


“Yes,I just need to sleep it out”I said

“Should I come with you?”

“No… you shouldn’t, dont worry do your thing while I take a rest,Come get me when it’s time for dinner”I said and kissed his cheek gently before walking off

As soon as I got to the room, I called Micheal

“Brian is bent on not letting me go,You have a spy here right? Get him to help me out of here”I said

“That fool doesn’t want to let go of you yet?”

“He doesn’t,So you need to help me now that he is busy”I said

“Fine,I will talk to him and get back to you,don’t play any trick on me Emma,If you do,you know what will happen”

“I know,You don’t have to remind me”I said and cut the phone.

I stood up and went to take a picture of Brian which had been placed in the room.

I took it and stared at it, knowing that after today I won’t be seeing him again I began to cry.

It had been torture for me when I started this lie and now that I do have a reason to stay am being forced to leave.

It hurt so much,Hurt to know that in a few minutes time,I would be leaving the man I love so much.

I was still crying silently when the phone began to ring

“Hello miss,I am the spy THE BOSS placed in the palace,He gave me your number and asked me to call you”The stranger said

“Yes,So tell me, How would you help me escape”I asked.

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