LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 41 to 50

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 43

By : Kebby NG

As fast as I could,I worked on the important document.

I wanted to be free of any work,So that I can focus on Emma.

Knowing that she is willing to stay with me even when her father is in the hands of Micheal made me happy and I will do my best to help get her dad out of micheal clutches.

I just finished talking to the police and they made it clear to me that soon enough they will catch him, I even offered to help but they refused saying they could handle it all on their own.

I was working on the last important document when suddenly my PA barged in

“What’s wrong?”

“Her Highness gave me this,She said I should give it to you,She was acting kind of strange”He said

“How strange?”

“She said I should only give the letter to you when she leaves and she was holding a bag”He said and immediately I stood up

“Where did you see her pass?”I asked

“She went through the back yard”He said and immediately I began to head to the back yard.

I got there only to find no one, I was about leaving when I saw a guard walking out of one of the bushes

“Your Highness”He said bowing quickly

“Where is my wife? Did you see her pass here?”I asked

“I……I….. “I pushed him away and went through the path he just came out from.

And then I saw her, She was about to get into a car.

“Emma!”I called out to her and she turned to stare at me

I ran towards her and pulled her by the arm

“You said you wouldn’t leave,Why the hell are you going?”I asked breathing in heavily

“I have to! Don’t try to stop me because I won’t stay no matter what you say”

“But you promised that you would stay,Why the sudden change of mind?”

“My father! And I never promised to stay,I never did ” she said

“Well I won’t let you leave,You are my wife”

“No am not,I only stood beside you in the church but the name on the registry is Dora’s not mine”

“I don’t care if the name on the registry isn’t yours,All I know is that I got married to you”

“Don’t make it hard for me to leave Brian, Just let me go”She said as the tears slipped from her face

“You really want to leave!”

“Don’t you realise that is not Micheal who is hurting me more,It’s you Brian!”

“I can’t wait until the police find Micheal and what guarantee do I have that he wouldn’t have killed my father before the police finds him, The more I stay locked up in here hearing no news,I will go crazy with worry”

“Am worried that I might blame you for not letting me leave when I had the chance or worse I might hate you if Micheal do kill my father,So please Brian let me go”She said and gently I let go of her.

“You don’t really love me,If you did,You would have stayed with me “I said sadly and turned to leave

“Brian……I……I do…….the guard you saw just now is the spy Micheal put in the palace, Make sure you arrest him” she said but I didn’t turn back to look at her.

As soon as I got back to the back yard,My P A along with some of the guards stood starring at me

“Your Highness,Did you find her?” he asked

“No I didn’t”I lied.

I saw the guard whom Emma had told me that he is a spy..

“Grab him, He is a spy”I said and immediately the other guards held onto him.

“You know what to do”Was the last thing I said before going back to the study.

I saw the letter which she had given me and I opened it

‘if you are reading this I will be gone already ,I don’t know how to tell you that I was leaving so I decided to write to you.
Am sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise, I have to leave to protect my father from Micheal,If you were in my shoes you will certainly do the same, forgive me if I causing you pain but believe me when I say that am more hurt, Brian take care of your self and I will always love you’

As soon as I finish reading the letter,I clutched it to my chest, No matter what,I just can’t let go,I let her go like that,I thought sadly.

The car which had been sent by Micheal stopped right in front of a building

After hours of driving through unfamiliar roads,We finally got to our destination.

I cleaned the rest of the tears and got out of the car .

As soon as I did,Two of Micheal men came to drag me

“I can walk by my self,Let me go!”I yelled at them but they didn’t listen

Nina walked out starring at me ” You shouldn’t have come,You should have stayed with Brian”

“So you were here hiding”I asked

“Of course I had to,That stupid Brian doesn’t feel a thing for me and it’s all thanks to you”

“I did nothing,It’s just so bad that your stone of a heart couldn’t love him the way he deserve,It’s a good thing he found out the truth,people like you don’t deserve love”I said and she laughed

“That makes the two of us Emma,People like us don’t deserve love and am sure that Micheal will make sure of that,After all you are his property”She said

“What do you mean by his property?”I asked

“You will know soon,take her in”Nina said and they took me into the building

All through the way,I kept on wondering what Nina meant by me being Micheal property.

I was expecting them to take me to meet Micheal but I was surprised when they took me to a room and locked me in there.

It was dark and I couldn’t see a thing, I began to knock on the door frantically but no one came to open up

I stood by the door,Hoping that some one would open up when some one wrapped his arms around me

“Ahhhhhh………..”I screamed

“Shhhhhhh…….it’s just me”Micheal said pulling me into his body

“Am glad that you are here my dear”He said calling me his DEAR for the second time.

Angrily I pulled away from him and moved back to the door

“Stop with your rubbish and tell me where my father is?”I asked and I heard him laugh.

He moved towards a table and turned on the light

I could finally see his face and I saw that we were in a bed room and judging from the way it looked,I could tell that the room belonged to him.

“Your father?”he asked starring at me

“Yes my father,I agreed to come only to see him “I said

“Am sorry to say but you won’t be seeing him for now”

“What did you just say?’

“You heard me perfectly Emma, if you want to see him,You will have to be a very good girl”

“You bastard,You promised me!”I said already regretting coming here.

It felt strange,Micheal had never addressed me as his dear and now, The way he was starring at my body got me feeling scared.

“I never promised you any thing but on the other hand if you promise to give me what I want I might just change my mind”

“What do you want me to promise you?”I asked and he walked towards me and stood in front me.

He was very close and it made me uncomfortable, I would have moved away if he hadn’t pulled me to him

“What are you doing Micheal”

“Am trying to show you what I want from you in exchange of you seeing your father”He said and before I could stop him, He kssed me

It was the most disgusting kiss ever, Have always thought of him as a step brother and him doing this now only made me feel disgusted.

I tried to pull away but he drew me close and he punished me by kissing me more roughly

When I couldn’t take it any more, I bit his lips and he let go of me

“You bch!!!!!!” he yelled at me

I turned towards the door and tried to open it but it was locked

“There is a reason. Why they brought you to my room,Did you think I would be so foolish and ask them to not to close it”He said and I turned to look at him

“Let me out right now!”

“You still don’t get it right? I didn’t ask you to come back here so you can see your father but I did for my self Emma,I want you and now that you are here,I will have you ,No matter what”He said starring at me lustfully .

It finally dawned on me what Nina meant by me being his property

The ba$tard wants me to sleep with him, I wish I had listened to Brian…….

Now more than ever I needed him.

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