LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 41 to 50

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 46

By : Kebby NG

I woke up to find myself in an unfamiliar room.

I sat up only to see that I was being given a drip.

This must be an hospital,I thought as I starred every where.

What had happened,I thought as I tried to remove the drip from my hand.

Just then the door opened and a nurse walked in

“What are you doing your Highness, You can’t take that off”She said as she placed the drip right in my hand

“Who are you and why am I here?”

“From what I under stand you only suffered from a blow in the stomach,That wouldn’t have made your forget simple things,Can’t you tell by the uniform that am a nurse and if am a nurse, You are suppose to know that you are in a hospital”

“And as for why you are here,I don’t know the full detail but all I know is that you were both rescued by the police and was brought to the hospital”


“You and his Highness”She said

And just then every thing began to come back to me.

How Micheal took me as an hostage and how he asked Brian to come to his hide out, Them beating him up and him being all bloody and unconscious.

Immediately I threw the bed sheet covers away

“Where is he? Where is my husband? Where is he ” I said asked as I tried to get up but the nurse held me back

“Your husband is fine,You have to stay in bed,Please stay in bed”She said as she kept on pushing me back on the bed

Just then the door opened and some other nurse and doctor walked in

“What’s wrong?”The doctor asked

“She insists on seeing his Highness”The nurse replied

“Please doctor,let me see my husband,The last time I saw him,He was all bloody and unconscious”I said crying

“Your husband is doing fine your Highness,Just a while ago he was with you watching over you but he had to leave for some important matter”He said

“Are you sure? Your not saying that just to make me believe that he is fine right?”I asked

“Am not, one of the nurse is already calling him , Ever since they brought you two in three days ago,his Highness gained back his conciousness but youve been Unconscious for three days, Seems like the shock was too much”

“We were worried that if you didn’t wake up on the third day,Then some thing was wrong,Your husband has been by your side since then,He was always here with you, So don’t worry, Just keep on resting, As soon as he receives the call,He will be here soon”He said

“Thank you doctor and please as soon as he comes tell him to come see me”

“As have said he has been worried about you for the whole three days that you have been unconscious,He hardly ever left your side,So tell me your Highness,If we call him now and tell him that you are finally awake,How do you think that he will react?”The doctor asked giving me a smile

“We both know what the answer is,So kindly wait for him, Your Highness”He said and left the room.

I layed back on the bed, Thinking about what had happened days ago.

Just remembering being kssed and touched by Micheal made me feel disgusted.

“Don’t think this is over,I will come back for you Emma,You belong to me,Only me!”

Each time I think about that scene,I always think that’s it’s all just in my imagination

But now I realise that it’s just not my imagination.

While he was being taken off by the police,He yelled those words at me

Though I was in the ambulance,Being checked on I had heard when he said it and those were the last thing I heard before I finally lost it.

Just knowing That Micheal will be finding a way to come back for me, made me feel scared

I was still thinking of Micheal threats and action in the past when the door opened

At first I was scared to look at the person who just walked in,I thought it was Micheal, That he had managed to come back for me

It wasn’t until the person touched me and I screamed that he finally spoke up

“Its me Emma”On hearing Brian voice, I turned to see him there looking at me

His face still had bruises on it but no matter how much bruises he had ,He always looks so hand some to me, I thought as I kept on starring at him

Immediately I pulled him to me and hugged him tight

“Thank God you are safe,I thought Micheal and his men succeeded in harming you but am glad they didn’t”I said holding onto him

“Yes,They didn’t succeed, After all you didn’t want me dead, You wanted me to stay with you,So I didn’t die” He said smoothing back my hair

“You looked a bit scared when I walked in a while ago,Could it Be that you were thinking of Micheal?”

“Uh? Some thing like that,I was just scared,hold me tight Brian,I feel much more safe in your arms” I said holding him fiercely

“You know when you were Unconscious for the past three days and I sat down here taking hold of your hand,I felt scared,Scared that you will never get to wake up again, Scared that I will never get to show you how much I love you,Scared that I will forever live in regret of not being able to save you”

“But you did save me and you did come for me,Even though I told you not to come, Thank you for coming Brian, For being there for me”I said clinging unto him

“Even if it happens again, I will always be there to watch over you”He said

“It won’t happen again,Now that Micheal is behind bars for good,We can live in peace”I said happily and I did not notice the change of expression on Brian face

“And yes the papers you signed, As soon as you can,draw up another contract and I will sign every thing back to you, that ba$tard wanted me to get your money and I didn’t want that,That was why I kept it away and I never asked you to sign it”I said

“I know, If you truly wanted my money, You would have managed to get me to sign those papers but you didn’t and I love you more for it”He said making my heart flip flop.

“And you don’t have to worry,Those paper aren’t real any way”He said

“You mean it’s a fake?”

“A duplicate,I made it just for Micheal alone”He said laughing

“Oh you are so smart, Why didn’t I just think of the same thing”I said laughing up at him .

“And as for finding you,I didn’t need him sending me an address,I had put a tracker on you my self”

“A tracker! When?”I asked

“When I caught you leaving in the court yard,If I hadn’t made that deal with Micheal, I would have come get you My self”He said and that made me smile

Gently I pat his head “you really are a sweet husband” I said laughing up at him

He held my hand and pulled me and before I knew,He was kssing me, at first I was taken aback by it but I held onto him and kissed him back.

With no more Micheal and Nina,I can finally be with the man I love, I thought as I kept on kissing him

“Don’t you ever leave like that! Did you know how devastated I was when I saw you in the room with Micheal,You looked so scared and i felt so worth less,Worth less because I couldnt save you at that precise moment”

“From now on dont go any where with out my permission okay!”He said and i nodded gently

“As soon as you can stand on your feet,I want to take you to meet some one”He said


“You will know once the doctors say that you are okay to leave the room” He said and when the doctor checked on me and gave us the assurance that i was fine.

He got me a wheel chair and gently carried me into it

“You know that I can still walk”I replied

“I know but I want to make you feel like a queen”He said

“As long as you keep being my king”I replied stretching forth my hand to him.

While the maid pushed my wheel chair, Brian held my hand and when we finally got to a certain room ,He stopped the maid and guards and then he pushed my wheel chair in .

Some one who I didn’t see his face properly layed on the bed.

And when I did see the person face,I stood up from the wheel chair and sat down on the bed

“Daddy”I said as I hugged his frail body, He had been the reason why I went to Micheal place.

“How did you find him?”I asked

“It wasn’t that hard, He was also in the same building with us and the police found him” He said and I gave him a smile

“Thank God”I said gently

“Tell me will you be telling every one the truth, That you are Emma and not Dora?”He asked

“What will be the point of telling them, No one except you know my real identity and since you know it,Am fine with it but I can’t stop being Dora Baxter, If I have to bear this name to repay the real her,Then fine, Micheal killed the real Dora and so it’s only fair to be her, to make her parents happy and also to make every one happy. if I have to give up my own name then I give it up,Right here,Right now” I said meaning each and every word.

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