LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 41 to 50

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 48

By : Kebby NG

“Answer me Brian! Is Micheal out of jail?” I asked hoping that he would deny what I just heard

“Yes he is out “he replied gently

“Oh no,no”I yelled and quickly Brian was standing beside me holding me

“Its okay,It’s okay”He kept on saying as he held me close

“If Micheal is out of jail,Then it can’t be okay,Micheal would certainly come back for revenge”I said crying

“Don’t worry Emma,I won’t let him come close to us,If that is the last thing I do”He said

“But your protection alone wont stop Micheal,You know he is crazy and he won’t stop at any thing to make us pay,Why didn’t the police pay more attention to him”I said angrily

“Come here,Come have a seat”He said pulling me to the bed

As soon as I sat down he crouched in front of me

“As have said, I will always protect you from now on,As soon as I can,I will make sure I keep your father save”

“How?”I asked as I cleaned my tears

“I have a house in the East region,I will make arrangement for him to be taken there with a doctor and nurse watching over him twenty four seven”

“Thank you Brian but there is still some thing that bothers me,What if he targets your own family”I asked

“I doubt if he will be able to do that,After all he is now a fugitive” He said

“What if he manages to do some thing at the coronation tomorrow'”I asked

“He won’t be able to,I promise you my love” He said and I pulled him to me Hugging him tightly

“I don’t know if I should tell you this but I have to, On the day Micheal was caught and you were Unconscious, Am still not sure but I feel that I really heard him saying it”

“What did he say?”he asked starring at me

“That he will come back for me,That was what I heard him say,He said he will surely come back for me”I said

“That s¢um…….don’t worry, As long as am here,Nothing will happen okay,just trust me okay”he said holding both my cheek to stare down at me

“Okay”I said and he kissed me.

“And by the way,why are you here? “he asked

“I came to see you,I couldn’t go on staying under the same roof as you with out seeing your hand some face,So I came and I don’t care if am breaking the rule”I said and he laughed

“You are the first queen to be who has broken a rule” He said

“And it’s all because I had to see you,Don’t you like it,I can just go back to my room”I said standing up

But quickly he pulled me back and hugged me close

“You know I don’t mean it that way, i like it that you are here and thanks for being here”He said as his arms tightened around me

“Then while am here,Enjoy my company cause as soon as I leave, You won’t be seeing me until the coronation ceremony”I said holding him back and I heard him laugh as his arms around me grew tighter

“I love you,Never ever doubt that okay”He said and I nodded and with out waiting for him to initiate it,I kssed him.

I sat in my room, Thinking about what just happened

Who on earth knows what happen 25 years ago and why is he trying to bring the past to the present,I thought as I walked around the room feeling restless

I did all I could to bury every thing,I did every thing so I could get to where I am today and I won’t let any one take that away,Not when Brian is about to take over

I killed,Lied, Threatened just to get to where I am today.

Just then there was a light knock on the door

“Your majesty, Mr Baxter is here”My escourt said

“Let him “I replied and soon Baxter walked in looking scared and uncomfortable

“And to what do I owe your visit”I said after he had greeted me

“Your majesty,I received a strange call”He said and I turned to stare at him

“A strange call?

“From a man who knew what happened 25 years ago”He said

“So you were also called too?”I asked as I gently took a seat

“Yes,did he call you too” Baxter asked

“He did and it was to Threaten me about what happened 25 years ago”i said

“But who do you think it is? Could it be that child?”Baxter asked

“Stop saying rubbish, We all know that she ended up dying in the fire”I said

“But how can we be sure,The fire men never said any thing about a child burnt body being found “he said

“And so,We both know that when the fire started the child was trapped inside her room,So there is no way that she would have survived”I said

“So then who is threatning us,Who else knows about what we did 25 years ago ?”

“That is what we have to find out”I said

“Am getting scared your majesty,If I had known that what we did in the past will come back haunting us this way,I would have refused back then”He said

“Just shut up and think straight Baxter,Nothing will happen if we get to find this mysterious caller and am sure he would hardly have any proof to what we did in the past”

“You are so sure of your self because you are the king,Am sure that you will manage to find a way to clear your name out of it while I will take the whole blame, I don’t want that your majesty,I still have my wife and child to protect” He said

“Have told you to put your mind at rest,I will surely find a way to get us out of this mess,No one will dare bring up the Secret that have long been buried for 25 years,I won’t let that happen”I said assuring Baxter father

“If am correct if your brother hadn’t been taken out of the way,That child would have been the one sitting on the throne right?”He asked

“Yes,She would have but she can’t because my son is the one there now and no one not even this strange man who just called us now will be able to take the throne from him,Have worked very hard to get to this place and I won’t let any one take it from him and you should also be careful of what you say,Your daughter will also be crowned the queen along side him”

“With my son as the king and your daughter as the queen,No one will be able to stop them,No one at all,So all you have to do right now is to keep shut and if he calls again, Be brave,Don’t let him sense the fear in you “I said

“Fine then,Since you are assuring me that all will be well then that’s fine with me,I will take my leave now,Your majesty”He said and bowed at me before leaving the room

I picked my phone and dialled the number of a private investigator that I knew and trust.

I layed on the bed Sleeping beside Brian, I would have had a peaceful sleep if Brian murmuring hadn’t wake me up.

“Please! Daddy please save her, please”he said as he held the sheets tightly and with his eyes close

He was having a night mare and judging from the tears dropping from his face,He was having a bad one

“Brian! Brian”I called out to him gently

“No the fire might kill her dad,She might die, No,please forgive me,Forgive me Emma,Am sorry”he kept on saying

Getting scared,I began to shake him “wake up Brian! Wake up!”I yelled and he opened his eyes

“What happened?”he asked starring at me

“You were having a night mare”I replied

“And it wasn’t a good one Brian”

“It must have been the same Night mare, Its been so long since I dreamt about it,I don’t know why am suddenly dreaming about it today”He said as he used his hand to cover his face

“Would you like to talk about it? Cause I can see that this is really troubling you,I never knew that you frequently have bad night mare*

“That’s because I didn’t want any one knowing,This constant night mare and you are my only weakness and besides it much safer if I don’t talk about it”

“But you called out my name, You said forgive me Emma”

“It isn’t you,It’s just some one bearing the same name,I met her years ago, she was just a kid but I….. I”

“You what Brian?”

“I helped my father in ruining her life”He said using his hand to cover his face

“I can’t tell you any more Emma,If I do you might hate me, I already hate my self for it,If you should hate me too, Then I don’t think I can cope “He said sadly

I pulled him to my arms and hugged him tightly

“Its okay,I won’t ask you to tell me and there is nothing you will ever do that will make me hate you”I said kssing his fore head.

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