LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 41 to 50

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 49

BY: kebby NG

“You shouldn’t have come here, You know that the police are looking for me too”Nina said as she sat on the couch of the poor hotel she was living in

“You are my only hope and when I called you shouldn’t have answered”I said

It had been hard getting away from the cops but I one silly mistake opened up the opportunity for me to get away and I did.

I had no where to go because thanks to Brian,Every thing I had was confiscated and i won’t rest until every thing is back in my possession and with that I need Nina help

“I didn’t know it was you and besides I was shocked to find out that you were out of jail”

“Those fools let down their guard and I took the chance and I don’t regret it one bit “I said

“You did well in escaping but I can’t have you here,As you can see am barely managing,So please leave “Nina said to me

“So now that I don’t have any thing,You are turning your back at me?” I asked

“This is not me turning my back ,This is me trying to survive”she replied

“Well then we will have to survive together,You and I are going to have to stick together cause I don’t plan on ending it all this way”

“Don’t tell me you are still thinking on going after Emma and Brian,The minute they see you,You will be back in jail”Nina said smiling

“I plan on doing just that”I said and the smile on her face disappeared

“Are you joking right now?” She asked

“Does it look like I am?”I asked

She stood up and turned towards me “That will be a crazy thing to do, if you want to be free forever,You will have to ignore them thoroughly”She said

“But I don’t want that, can’t you see that we have been made a fool by the both of them,Don’t you think we should have our revenge”I said

“Do we really have to have our revenge” She asked

” Yes we do, Brian pulled a fast trick on us but where we would hit him most would hurt a lot”I said

“And how do you plan on doing that?”She asked

“By taking Emma”

“By taking Emma? Are you really serious?”

“Yes,I am”

“How would taking Emma get us to achieve our goal?” She asked

“Emma is very much in love with Brian and Brian too is In love with her, Love is the strongest feeling of all and it’s also the weakest feeling, By taking Emma,Brian would be so devastated that he will do any thing we ask him to do and that is when we will cease our opportunity and after getting money from him,We kill him And then take the money,That will be our revenge to Brian”Micheal said

“So what do you say? Will you join me or would I have to search for willing partners on my own”I added

“Fine then,So when will this revenge begin”


“Tomorrow? But it’s their coronation tomorrow!” Nina said

“I know and that is why it must happen tomorrow”I said

“I still don’t know !Am not sure yet”Nina said and that got me annoyed

“You better be sure now,Cause once I call for the men who will help us then there is no going back”I said

She stared at me looking a bit worried but knowing Nina and her love for money,I am sure that she will surely support me,After All who really love money!

“Fine then, Am in”She said and I gave her a smile

“Good then shall we will begin the plan”


“You look so very beautiful your Highness”

“Utterly lovely”


The maids who had came to help me with the dress complimented

I smiled and starred at myself in the mirror,I did look gorgeous,lovely and beautiful,I thought to myself

After end less hours of having to pick up a clothe for the coronation,They finally came up with This and I won’t deny that I really really love the gown.

Just then the door burst open and Dora parents walked in

“Look at my dear angel”Dora mother said coming me to hug me

“All dressed up and looking like the future queen “Dora father said

“Am no angel and am not even the queen yet”I said

“In a few hours time,You will become the queen “Dora father said

I gave them both a smile and together they walked me out side

By now the palace was parked with a lot of people

The reporters,The ministers,The higher rank army officials and other important figure

Never would I have thought that I will be here going through this moment but here I am,I thought as I was led to the a very high seat.

I sat on the chair and waited for Brian entrance

And when he did walk in,He looked so very handsome

I had my mouth wide open when I saw him,He is fit enough to be the king just as am fit enough to be his queen.

Just then a memory flickered into my head, I didn’t quite see or under stand what it was but I knew that it was some thing bad ,I thought as I gently tried to shake the memory off.

But it won’t go away, I keep on hearing faint voices.

“My dear child! You look beautiful,Fit enough to be a princess”A voice said

“Of course mommy,Aren’t I your princess”I heard a little voice which I had no doubt that it belonged to me say.

Gently I shaked my head and those images were gone.

I looked up to find that no one had noticed me

They were all just focused on Brian who was reicieving his crown.

I also tried to focus but each time I kept on remembering what i just thought of

The lady who I had referred to as mom had a sweet gentle voice and she didn’t sound like Micheal mother

That’s odd,Have only ever knew Micheal mom as my mom and although we started on the wrong footing,She accepted me and she took care of me.

But who has this strange voice and why am I referring to her as my mom,I kept on thinking and I didn’t notice that Brian had walked up and joined me In the seat

It wasn’t until he took my hand in his that I knew that he was here beside me

I turned to stare at him and I saw that he was starring back at me

He gave me a smile which I returned and at that moment every other thought vanished

Soon I was called and I was crowned as the queen.

If some one had told me that I will ever get to be a queen, I would never have believed but here I am today being crowned as a queen.

As soon as the coronation was over,,every one moved into the hall and the party began.

“You look very beautiful my queen”Brian said as he came to stand behind me at where I stood at the balcony

“And you look Very hand some my king,”I replied as I snuggled into his arms

“Wish every one was gone already”He said suddenly

“And why would you wish for that”I asked

“So that I can have you all to myself”He whispered into my ear and I shivered a little

“Don’t you think that we should take it slow,I mean we just found out that we are in love and we are still working on our relationship ,I don’t think we should take it further yet”I said a bit nervous

“Oh I see,You want us to it slow”He said smiling

“Well I think we should urrrgh…….”

“Emma are you still a virgin?”he asked suddenly and at first I was shocked and I didn’t reply

Quickly I pushed off his hand and turned to face him

“You don’t ask a lady some thing so personal”I said and began to walk off

“Hey Am sorry if I offend you with my question”he called after me but when I did not reply ,I heard him say

“No matter what,I still love you and I sincerely respect you for being one”

On hearing that I stopped and turned to stare at him and I gave him a smile before walking off

A while later,I left the group of gossiping ministers wife and began to head to my room

I needed to take some thing, I thought as I kept on passing through the midst of the guest

As it was a party today, The security team has been asked not to escourt any one of us.

I got to my room and walked in ,It was kind of dark but I knew what I was looking for and i knew where I kept it.

As soon as I reached it, I realise some thing was wrong and before I could figure it out

Some one hands wrapped around my mouth,Stopping me from screaming.

“Didn’t I tell you that I will be back,Well my love am back for you”Micheal said and I stood still in his arms,Scared for my life and scared for what he is going to do to me.

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