LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 1 to 10

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

(American Story)

Episode 10

By : Kebby NG

Knowing what might happen if I don’t do any thing,I quickly scrambled out of bed and ran towards them holding Brian

“Stop it please”I said as I pushed him back and he did let him go and I felt so relieved

“What I was trying to say your majesty,Is that you should have been here when her highness was sick” William said straightening his shirt

“And who told you that I didn’t want to be here? You make it sound like I intentionally didn’t come home”Brian said

“Oh did I ? Well then am sorry if it had sounded that way,I didn’t mean to offend you or her highness” he said bowing

“Just leave , Get out”Brian yelled at him and with one last stare my way,He walked off

I moved away from Brian feeling very angry, apart from him being late,He also had to act like a j.erk to some one who took care of me

“You didn’t have to be harsh towards him”I said angrily

“Didn’t you hear what he just said ”

“Was he wrong about it? Where were you when I was sick? Where were you when he stayed to take care of me? You weren’t here by my side Brian,Some one else was and that is what makes you angry” I said

“So you also think that I intentionally didn’t show up”He asked

“I don’t know! You explain,Tell me where you had been when I needed you “I said

“What’s the essence of telling you when you have drawn up your own conclusion”He said and with that he left the room.

Feeling sick a little,I went to sit down on the bed.

This is the first fight we will be having since a while now

If only Brian hadn’t react that way, If only he had acted more reasonably,I would have believed him

The reason for his lateness certainly had to be Alicia, He just didn’t know how to tell me,That was why he had gotten angry.i thought sadly.

I walked through the path that led me out of the palace.

I stood thinking about Dora,what is happening right now with her darn husband,I thought as I remembered what took place between us when she was high with the fever

“Don’t go,please,Don’t go”she said when I first stood up to leave

I tried to leave again because I needed to get the towel that I will use for her but she held my hand

And Having no option,I sat down and held her hand in return

I stared at her for a very long time,soaking in her beauty,Even when I had met her years ago,I never thought that she will grow up to be this beautiful

She really took after her mom,Her mom was just as beautiful as her,I thought as I held her hand tightly.

Just then she began to moan again ,Crying in her sleep,Seems like she is having a bad night mare

“Please Mommy,don’t leave me,Please”She said holding my hand tightly

“You must have gone through a lot”I whispered gently

“But am here now and am ready to protect you Dora, and I won’t let any one hurt or harm you again”I vowed gently

“Stay with me please,Stay with me”She said as she tugged my hand.

Standing up I sat down on the bed and held her hand tightly

She stopped shaking and she didn’t let my hand go

Being so close to her,Some thing have always dreamed for for years,I couldn’t resist the temptation

I bent slowly and kssed her lips, a brief touch of my lips on hers.

Have always watched her from a distance and each time I see her,I always wondered how her lips would feel on mine and now that I know I crave for more.

Am going to take it slow,Get her to trust me and be my friend and then when am sure that she trust me completely,I will tell her the whole truth,Let’s see how Brian handle it then,I thought.

I got to where my car was parked and was about to enter when I heard Brian calling me

I turned and stared at him “what can I do for you your majesty”I said

“What is your deal with my wife,Why do you keep on hanging around her “He asked starring at me

“I wouldn’t be hanging around her if you were there, Yesterday she had gone out of her to surprise you,Yet you stood her up ,You didn’t figure that she being in the rain might have a consequence, She came back from the hospital looking pale,She could hardly walk,I had to carry her to her room and to top it all up, The royal doctor wasnt around to care for her,I had to do it all on my own,You shouldn’t be attacking me,You should be thanking me your majesty” I said

“Very well then,Thank you and as you leave,Don’t ever come back”He said


“You heard me,You are no longer needed here,I hired you only because They told me that you are the best but you keep on sticking your nose In what is none of your concern”he said

“You can’t just fire me like that”I said

“I just did”He replied

“And all this is because you are jealous?”I asked and he starred at me with anger

“Well am sorry your majesty,I won’t leave! we have a signed contract and am going to fulfil it”I added

“A sign what?”

“Seems like your PA didn’t tell you any thing right? Its best that you ask him,I will be here tomorrow to begin”I said and got into the car and then I left the palace.

If he thinks he can keep me away from Dora then he is wrong,She is the only reason why am here and she will be the only reason why I stay.

“your Highness,you look a bit sad,is some thing troubling your mind”Grace the only maid whom I trust and confide in asked

“Yes some thing is troubling me”,I replied as I stared at her

“Did you have a fight with his Majesty”She asked

“Yes,A small row”I replied as she helped me to comb my hair

“You can tell me about it,I might be of help”She said

“Help?how?”I asked

“You can get it off your chest,Keeping some thing in you is not good”She said

She was right,I needed to talk to some one,I thought as I stared at her

“I had a fight with his majesty”I said

‘but why?”

“Well he wasn’t around when I was sick and even when he knew,He didn’t show up,Not until this evening and by then I was okay again”I replied

“And do you know why he wasn’t around” Grace asked

“What else,He was busy as usual”i replied

“But that was not what I heard from his PA”Grace said

“What did you hear then?”I asked

“That they were both caught up in Athens, His majesty was travelling to Athens but when he got the call that you were sick, He decided to come back but due to the bad weather they had to wait”She said

“Really? Is that what happened'”I asked as. Stared at her

“That’s what James told me ,did you ask him what he had been doing when he came back this evening”Grace asked

“I didn’t,I Just jumped into conclusion and he didn’t bother to correct me about it”I said feeling guilty

“Well then your Highness,I think you have an apology to make”Grace said smiling

“But he was so angry when he left the room,Saying sorry wouldn’t do”I said

“Then do some thing,I don’t know,Prepare a dinner surprise or buy him a gift and say sorry,All that is important is that you ask for his forgiveness and make him see that you are genuine with it”Grace said

“You are right, an apology and also a romantic dinner,You will help me with it right”I asked and she nodded.

“If you look closely your Majesty,You will see that the contract is real and that you signed it your self”

“I know my hand writing okay and as you have explained,I know that am the one who signed it”I said

“And you must also know that there is no way we can cancel the contract”James said

“There has to be a way,I don’t want him to be my architect anymore “I said

I dont like the guy,He is always around Emma and that gets me angry,I don’t want him near Emma,I thought

“But we have signed a two year contract with him,We can cancel it,He might sue us and the last thing we want right now is any problem”James said

“,So I have to let him work for two years in the palace”I asked

“For as long as it takes to finish doing the house and what caused the change of mind, just Yesterday you were pleased with his work your majesty”James said

“That was yesterday but it’s different today,is there really not a way to get rid of him”I asked

“Am sorry your majesty but we can’t do any thing”He said

Just then there was a knock on the door and Grace, Emma personal maid walked in

“What’s wrong?”I asked

“Her Highness wishes to see you your majesty”She said bowing

Why does she want to see me,I thought as I kept on starring at her

“Tell her I will be with her soon”I replied

“She won’t be waiting in her room your majesty,She asked me to bring you to where she is” she said

“And where is she?”I asked

“Its not some thing I can tell you your majesty,You just have to see it for your self” She replied

I felt intrigued,I wanted to know what Emma is planning though I was still mad at her for choosing to jump into the wrong conclusion

“Fine then take me to her”I said




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