LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 1 to 10

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

(American Story)

Episode 3

By : Kebby NG

“your majesty, Your son is here to see you”the great king royal guard said As he opened the door for me to go in

My father was standing by the window when I went in

“What brings you here?” He asked

“Have decided to get some one who will give me a child”I said

He turned back to stare at me “so you are saying you will get married again and have your own child?”

“I will certainly have a child but I won’t be getting married”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I already have a wife…….”

“A wife who is barren”he said

” And so? She is my wife and no matter what I won’t marry some one else, So if you want me to have a child,I will only have one with a lady who is willing to be my qmistress”I said

“What do you think people will say when they find out that the king not only have a wife but also a mistress?”

“It isn’t want people will think that matters,Its me having a child,isn’t that what you want”I said

“Yes I do want you to have a child but how will the child mother feel,If you are just going to have her as a mistress”He asked

“She doesn’t have a choice,If she wants to be the mother of my child,She will only be known as my mistress and if she doesn’t like it then we will just cancel the whole thing,I don’t mind not having a child as long as I have my wife with me”I said

“Fine then,If this will be the only way you will become a father,Then so be it,we will prepare every thing and pick a suitable mistress for you”He said and with one last bow from me,I walked out of the room

Just thinking about having another woman in my arms made me feel strange

But by doing this I can have a child and it will stop Emma from feeling more guilty,I thought

I know that she telling me to get married and have a child is because she. Feels guilty and if she can’t have a child she wants me to have one at least.

Why did it have to be her? She has gone through a lot and yet she still gets punished by being barren.

I was walking off when I saw her in the garden, Seems like she was talking to some one on the phone

“Still the same right! Just continue to keep watch over him”She said into the phone and judging from her conversation,I knew she was talking to the doctor who was in charge of her father

“I would have love to see him but am very busy,Maybe next time,Thank you doctor”She said and caught off the phone

She turned around and when she saw me she gave me a surprised look

Walking towards her i pulled her close and hug her very tight

“I love you”I whispered gently

“And I love you too but what’s with this su…….”

“I just want to hug you”I said holding her very close

“Were you missing me that much ?” She asked gently

“You know that If I don’t see or hear your voice for an hour,I get agitated,No matter what don’t you ever leave me,With out you I don’t think I will be able to live”I said and gently she moved out of my arms to stare up at me

“And I too Brian,So you must never ever fall for any one else,I must be the only one in your heart, Forever”She said

“Forever”I replied and she laughed

“Tell me have you spoken to your father?”she asked

“Yes I did and he has agree to find some one suitable,Will you be fine with this?”I asked and she nodded in return

“I will, you just focus on having a child and I will just be by myself”she said sadly

I hate seeing her this way,I love her and I won’t want her to be here when I bring in the new mistress

Just then an idea popped into my head “why don’t you go and visit your father at the hospital”I said.

“What? But I can’t,There is still a lot of work for me to do and we both know that I just can’t be going to the hospital,They will recognise me and once they do,They might find out about my father “She said

“That is why you won’t be going as The queen,You will disguise yourself and go to the hospital,it’s been a while since you have seen him just go and try to forget what’s been happening in the palace and you can also use that opportunity to walk around the city” I said

“Really? Can I really disguise my self and leave the palace for a while?”I asked

“Yes you can”I said

“Common let’s go get you your disguise”I said

I walked into the hospital dressed in a black sweater coupled with a black jean and cap

I smiled knowing that no one will be able to recognise me

Its been so long since have visit my father ,there are times that I would want to come but I can’t because I don’t want any one to know the truth about me.

But today I can come and it’s all thanks to Brian

I walked up to the nurse desk and enquired about my father

She starred at me not able to recognise me at first but when I moved back my cap and she saw my face she quickly knew who I was

“Am here to see him”I said and she nodded saying she would take me there.

I got to the room and saw my father comatose body in the bed

Its been three years and still nothing ,When would he ever wake up,I thought as I sat down beside him and held his hand

“Daddy I miss you,You don’t know how much I need your hug and support right now”I said kssing his hands

” Its so sad to know that I can’t get pregnant, Every one blames me but my husband doesn’t,I want him to have a child even if I can’t give him one,So I asked him to get married again”

“I must be a fool right? I did that knowing that I will get hurt but it won’t matter as long as I can help him fulfil one of his wish,I love him daddy and if having a child will make him happy then I will also be happy”I said as the tears poured

“I wish you will open your eyes and talk to me,to tell me if am doing the right thing or not,To give me strength cause I really don’t think I will be able to cope”I said as I layed my head on his chest.

Through it all I didn’t notice that his fingers moved a little.

I stayed like that for a while longer and then I kssed his fore head and left the room

As soon as I got out, i saw two guards who had been stationed by the door starring at me

“Who are you?”one of them said and instead of answering I ran off

Seems like Brian forgot to tell those two that I will be visiting my dad but in disguise.

I kept on running because one of the guards was coming after me

Why didnt I just show them my face,Why did I have to run off, I thought as I kept on running

I turned to another lobby only to see a dead end, I stopped,Maybe it’s about time that I show him my face

But before I could do that some one pulled me into a room and closed the door.

I tried to fight the stranger ,Thinking he was going to do me harm but I stopped when I heard what he said

“Am not going to do any thing,am trying to keep you safe”

I looked up at him and saw him starring down at me.

When he saw the guard,He quickly bent down and I followed suit

We were crouched so close to each other that I could smell his cologne

Just who is he?I thought as I secretly starred at the stranger

We stayed like that for a while and then he stood up and checked out side

“All clear,He is gone”he said and I stood up and walk back into the lobby

“Thank you” I said starring at him

Looking at him now made me see how hand some he is.

Fairly hand some but not as hand some as my Brian,I thought

“You shouldn’t have run,You should have just told them who you were” he said suddenly and I stared at him

Did he know me? I thought starring at him

“Why should I tell them? Its not like they know me and besides why did you help me ?”I asked

Instead of answering on time,He began to walk towards me

I moved back until I felt the wall behind me

“What are you doing?”I asked

He pulled off my cap and my hair tumbled out of its band spilling all over my body.

“Because I think…… that have fallen for you” He replied starring down at me.

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