LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 1 to 10

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

(American Story)

Episode 4

By : Kebby NG

“what!”I asked starring at the hand some stranger who kept on starring at me

“You heard what I just said miss and you aren’t some one who is dumb not to under stand what I just said “He said still having that smile on his face.

“That have fallen for you “his words kept ringing in my head and I found myself not believing any of it

He is just trying to play a trick on me,I thought

I smiled up at him and gently moved out of the corner he lured me in

“You helped me when I needed it and am grateful for that but there is no need to go as far as that,So if you will excuse me now,I will just take my leave”I said and turned to leave

I walked head on with out looking back,luckily I didn’t run into the guard who was pursuing me earlier and am sure that if they were to inform Brian about it, He will make it clear to them that I was the one.

As soon as I got out of the hospital,I took a sneak peak at the hospital and when I didn’t see any sign of the stranger,I began to walk down the streets.

He was just playing a trick on me,looking for some one to have his way with.

Well he chose the wrong girl because I am not a gullible fool Neither am a prostitute and to top it all up, Am married,Happily married at that,I thought

I just hope I don’t run into him again I thought as I kept on walking down the busy streets of London

The driver who had brought me was secretly following Behind me

I tried each and every restaurant that came my way.

I bought some things ,Cheap though, I couldn’t afford to buy expensive things

They might Rob me and I certainly don’t want that,I thought as I bought a watch for Brian, Am sure that he would love it.

I payed the customer and turned to leave but I stopped when I saw a lady with her husband

She was pregnant and it , Seems like she went strolling with her husband.

“Be careful love”I heard the husband say

“Of course I should! You aren’t the one carrying the child,I feel like a pumpkin and I feel like dying!”She said sighing

“Stop saying that,You know we must have this child, It’s our only hope of getting the money”the man said

“That’s is the only reason why am putting up with it, As soon as the money is in our hands,I will get rid of this child”she said and with out athinking I went to her

“How can you say that? The child in you is a blessing,There are some out there who can’t give birth to a child,Who long for a child and yet here you are wanting to get rid of it,That’s being unfair”I said with so much emotion

Just the thought of some one trying to terminate a child,Made me feel so very angry

“Who are you and why were you eaves dropping on us?”the husband asked

“And who are you to tell us what we can or can’t do with our child?”the wife questioned again

“Am some one who cares about children, While others are looking for ways to make a child,Here you are wanting to kill it,How cruel can you be?”I Said again

“Oh now I get it”The husband said laughing

“You are some one who isn’t fortunate to have a baby right?”he asked

I looked away, Feeling embarrassed about being caught by them

“Why don’t we do this,if you are so desperate for a child,We can give you the child when we get what we are after” He said again

“Not on your life,Am not giving my child to a crazy lady! Let’s leave”The wife said pulling away her husband.

I stood there for a while thinking about what they just.

It hurts,Hurts to know that while some are wishing for a child very badly,Others are treating it like thrash,Ready to use it for their own personal gain.

The tears began to fall gently and no matter How hard I try to stop it just kept on falling.

I used my face cap to cover my face and I began to look for some where to stay,Some where I could cry my eyes out

I was about to walk round a corner when suddenly some one pulled my hand.

I looked up and saw that it was him,It was the same guy I had met at the hospital

“If you want to cry,Do it some where more ideal”He said and began to pull me off

I couldn’t resist,I knew that if I said some thing,I would burst out crying and I didn’t want that,I didn’t want to cry in front of this stranger.

We got to a park where there was hardly any one

He made me seat down and he sat down beside me too

I held back my tears and starred ahead,I could feel his gaze on me but I didn’t turn to stare at him

Gently he pulled off my cap making my hair spill out

“You know some one once told me that,It’s okay to cry some times,You don’t have to bottle it all in,Just cry !”He said softly and that did it,It broke my resistance and I began to cry hard.

I cried for about a while and when there was no more tears to shed,I stopped and he gave me his hand Ker chief

I took it gently and wipe off my face “Thank you”

“You can talk about it too?”He said suddenly


“You can talk about what is bothering you”

“I don’t think that is a good idea”I said

“Why is it not a good idea,Talking about some thing makes some one feel good and besides am a stranger to you,After today,I won’t be seeing you again and we don’t know one another,There is no harm in telling me”He said and I stared at him wondering if he was sincere or if he was lying.

Feeling so burdened by every thing,I knew I had to talk to some one before I go crazy and like he said,He is a stranger,After today,I won’t be seeing him again.

“My wedding with my husband was an arranged one”I began and he stared at me

“You are married?” He asked

“Yes I am”I added gently

“But I thought…….it doesn’t matter, Continue”He said

“Well it wasnt a love match at first because he was in love with some one else,I thought it would never work between us but every thing changed when we both fell for each other,We went through a lot before we could be happy together”

“But some thing else is now hindering your happiness right?”He asked and I nodded

“Well you see,I can’t …..can’t give birth”I said confiding in him

“Oh! Am sorry about that”He said holding my hand in his

“It doesn’t matter and you don’t have to pity me,Have been coping with it for a while now”I said as I tried to pull my hand away but he held it tight

“I wasn’t pitying you,One thing I never do in my life,Is to pity some one and you won’t be the first to break that In me.”He said

“Fine then”I replied crisply

“So tell me,What has your husband been doing about it?”He asked

“He has been supportive,Understanding and very kind,Even when his parents are now turning his back on me,He is still there supporting me”

“He has been my shield and the only reason why I keep on living in that house,I love him so much and if I were to leave him,I think I might die”I said

“So what do you plan to do?”He asked

“We have decided that it’s best if he gets married to some else,She would be able to give him the child he wants so much”I said

“And are you fine with it?”He asked and I starred at him

“No, I try to be brave,To make him think that am okay with it but I just can’t do it any more,The mere thought of him with another lady drives me mad but I can’t do a thing, Brian has to be happy about it”I said

“While you suffer right?”He asked softly and I starred at him

Gently he wiped off my tears and kept on starring at me

“If I were him,I would never,ever marry another bride,You are the only one that I will stay with over and over again”He said starring at me so intently

Making me feel so nervous, I stood up and starred down at him

“I think it’s time I head home now,It was nice meeting you and I hope that my secret will keep on being a secret with you too”I said

“It will but I……..”

“Good bye then”I said interrupting him and running off.

Its better this way! After all I won’t be seeing him again,I thought as I got into the car.

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