LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 1 to 10

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

(American Story)

Episode 5

By : Kebby NG

It was the same path I took when I was going that i took when I was coming

No one must see me,After all am the queen and no one must know that I left the palace just to go and see out side for a while

I was walking past the garden when I looked up and saw Brian waiting for me.

As soon as he saw me,He opened up his arms and I ran into it,.Hugging him fiercely

” Enjoyed your day?” He asked as he held unto me

“Yes I did,it was fun and am glad that I saw my dad”I said as I starred up at him

“Its so good to see you smile like this”He said

“Haven’t I always smile?”I asked starring at him

“Its been a while since I saw you smile like this,Am glad that you went out to see the city,It has really put you in a good mood”He said

I thought about the stranger I had met earlier and I wondered what Brian would have done of he had seen the guy with me .

“Yes It did and I hope that the next time we do this,You will come with me”I said and he nodded gently putting his fore head on mine.

Some one coughed gently and we both turned to see who the person is.

“Sorry to disturb you your Highness but The great king wishes to see you” Brian PA said starring at me in a odd way

I didn’t understand why at first but when I realised that I was still in the same attire I had on when I was leaving the room, I under stood then

A queen isn’t permitted to wear some thing like this,I thought as I stared at Brian who had gone silent all of a sudden

“Tell him I will come see him”He said to his PA and quickly the man went off to relay the message

“Why do you look like that? Is he calling you because of your marriage to the other Bride” I asked

“Yes,It seems like it”He replied starring at me

“Would you be fine?”He asked

“You are always. Asking me that question and I keep on telling you that am fine,am fine with it”I assured him giving him a smile

“Fine then,I will go and speak to my father”He said and I turned to leave but he pulled me back kissing my lips

“No matter what happens,never forget that I love you”He said and that almost made me cry,Forcing a smile to my lips,I nodded

“Go now”I said gently pushing him

With one last look,He walked off,I knew he was doing some thing he didn’t want at all but he has to

That’s the only way he can have a child and as have said I must be fine with it,I thought sadly.

“You can go in your majesty,His Highness has been waiting for you”The Great king guard said As he opened the door

I walked in and with out waiting for him to usher me to a seat,I sat down and waited for him to tell me about what I asked him to do .

“I did my findings son and have found some one who is ready to be your mistress”He said

” Who ?”I asked

“Alicia ray”He said putting a picture of her in front of me

I picked it up and starred at it,She is quite beautiful and sexy but not even miss world would make my feelings for Emma change.

“Tell me about her?”

“She has been living in the states with her brother, They had both lost their parents and have been living with what her brother makes for a living.i heard that Alicia was in the hospital for a while and two years ago she left,It was then that she started modelling and she has made it big,She is being sought out by a lot of company”

“I never thought that she would accept once we told her about it but she did immediately,There were others who accepted too but I don’t just want any one to be the mother of your child,I chose Alicia because she is the perfect option”He said

“So because Alicia Is a model and because she is beautiful you decided to chose her over the rest”I asked

“Yes,I did,Is there any problem?”He asked

“None at all,I just wondered why you chose her,Well you have chosen her just bring her here,So I can get started” I said non chanlantly

‘”Talk like this all you want but don’t you dare talk to Alicia like that,She is a very fragile girl,You shouldn’t mess with her,Though she might be your mistress,You can also show her some love”He said

“Love! Didn’t you tell her that I have a wife who I love so much! I doubt it,Just make it clear to her that she will just be the mother of my child and nothing else”

“But Brian!!!!!”

“But nothing dad, You wanted me to have a child and that is what am doing,If you still want me to have an heir then don’t pester me,If you continue to do so I will stop the whole thing” I said and left the room.

I went straight to my room and found Emma sleeping.

The poor thing looked so worn out, Though she tells me that she is doing fine,I know that she is not.

I layed on the bed and pulled her into my arms

She snuggled close and held me tight.

“Did the meeting with your father go well? “She asked gently

“Yes,It went well”I replied

“Did they at least pick a beautiful bride for you?” She asked with sadness in her voice

“Beautiful my foot,Just by looking at her picture,She looks so ugly”I said and she laughed

“But she will be the mother of your child,don’t you tell her that she is ugly,She might get angry”She said softly

“I don’t care,In my eyes you are the only beautiful lady in my heart,I love you and only you”I said and she opened her eyes to stare up at me

Lost in her gaze,I pulled her into my arms and kssed her senselessly.

The whole family sat together for break fast,it is the only thing we do together as a family.

Eating break fast,Though I would have loved to skip today .

I couldn’t bare seeing the king starring at me guiltily while the queen stare at me maliciously

“Hey love,Eat” Brian said bringing my wandered thoughts back to the Table.

“The meeting will be today” His father said abruptly and that stopped Brian

“Isn’t it too early?” he asked

” Is it not too early for that “Brian asked as he dropped down his spoon in anger

“The earlier the better son,You are not getting younger any more”His mother said starring at me

“So she will be coming today right?”He asked getting angry

“Yes,I called her myself and asked her to be here!”The queen said

“Knowing that today is our wedding anniversary,Yet you chose today to be the day I meet her”He said hitting the table

Quickly I held his hand,Starring at both his parents.

I knew he was angry for my sake and I have to calm him down

“Its okay Brian”I said

“No it’s not, Can’t you see that they did it on purpose”Brian said angrily

“But you have to meet her some day”I said

“Not today,Not when it’s a day sacred to the both of us”He said

“Can you please just calm down”I begged gently

“I don’t know how you can sit calm and tolerate all this”He said and walked off.

I sat starring after him “You should know that we didn’t do this on purpose”The king said

“No matter what you are his wife and you will always be the queen,Even if he has a mistress “The king said again

“A mistress? What do you mean by a mistress”I asked

“Don’t tell me That my son didn’t tell you about it”The queen said

“He didn’t tell me any thing,Please tell me what you meant by his mistress”I asked starring at the king

” He agreed to do this only if he doesn’t have to marry her,He prefer having her as his mistress than as his wife” the king explained

Not waiting for more explanation from them,I went in search of him.

I went straight to his study,He was standing by his window and was starring outside.

Knowing that he decided not to marry her made me feel happy

He had agreed for her to be his mistress rather than his wife.

“What do you want?”He asked and quickly I went to him and hug him from behind

“Thank you”I whispered gently

“Why are you thanking me now?”He asked

“For deciding not to marry her,For preferring to have her as your mistress than as your second wife”I said as I held him tightly

“you shouldn’t be thanking me,I did that only because I didn’t want to have two wives”He said

“Liar! You did that because you don’t want me feeling hurt”I said

He turned and stared at me ” I love you okay and if she were to have my child,You will always be the one I love and want”He said

Just then the door opened and the man I didn’t expect to see again walked in.

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