LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 1 to 10

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

(American Story)

Episode 8

By : Kebby NG

I sat on the chair waiting for Brian to show up.

Its been a while now and he should be here already,I thought starring at the garden hoping that he would show up soon.

He couldn’t have forgot that I asked him to come to the garden right.

I picked up my phone and dialled his number again and still nothing

“Your Highness should I bring the food now! Its getting cold already” The cook asked

“Not yet,Let’s just wait a little more”I said and he bowed and left the garden

I stood up and began to walk around hoping that he would be here soon but still nothing

Did he forget or better yet did he just get busy with Alicia that he forgot about me,I thought as I crouched on the floor still waiting for him.

I stood up and dialled his number and it was the same response I got,I thought as I kept on starring at the entrance.

I heard the sky rumble and before I knew it the clouds open and the rain began to pour.

As the rain kept on falling,I knew then and there that he wouldn’t show up

Slowly I began to pack up the wet decoration and the tears began to fall gently

He is busy with Alicia,I thought as I bent to pick up a spoon that fell off

I raised my eyes only to see some one standing in front of me

I looked up and I saw William starring down at me with an umbrella covering the both of us

I stood up and stared at him “you said you will be fine right,You said you will try,It’s just the first day and you are like this already”,He said gently

I put the spoon on the table and stared at him

“Am fine,please go”I said as I walked out of the umbrella back into the rain to continue with the arrangement

“You will catch a cold,Just leave it until tomorrow”He said still standing there

“Pay no attention to me and just leave”I said icingly

I continued clearing up and suddenly he pulled my hand and began to walk off with me

“Let me go!”I yelled at him trying to pull my hand

“Getting sick will only worsen things,It wont bring him to you”He said and that angered me

I pulled my hand away and yelled at him ” And how do you know that? You have only met him once,You don’t have the right to talk about him,Neither do you have the right to meddle in my life! Just leave me alone”I yelled and crouched on the floor crying hard

I thought that he would leave but instead he crouched down beside me and hugged me close,Gently tapping my back

” You aren’t doing good at all,You aren’t Dora”He said calling me by my name and I cried into his arms.

“What’s going on here”Brian said behind us.

I stood up quickly starring at him,While William took his time before he got up.

He was standing under an umbrella that was held by a guard

He took one look at me and when he saw the way I looked,He quickly walked towards me and hugged me tightly

“Sorry am late”He said holding me tight

I stood passive in his arms starring straight ahead

“If you are caught up in some thing or you are very busy,I suggest that you tell her highness,She has been waiting for you to show up even when the rain started, if you had her in mind,You would have found a way to come to her no matter what!” William said

Brian released me to stare at him “For being by her side before my return,Thank you but we don’t need you here any more,Now leave”He said and then pulled me to him again

I didn’t look up but I knew when William has left.

“Was all that meant for me”He asked starring at the decoration

“It was,I need to finish packing them up”I said as I walked back into the rain to finish clearing the docoration

“Just leave them there, The workers will do it “Brian said

“The decoration light will be ruined,I have to remove every thing before the rain destroys them “I said not wanting to look at him,I didn’t want him to see my tears,I didn’t want him to see that I was hurt.

“We can buy a new one,Just leave the rain”He said

“I will be fine,Just head in first,I will be right behind you”I said still not looking at him

“Liar,You lied to me”He said suddenly and I turned to stare at him

“What do you mean by that ?”I asked

“You said you will be fine! You said you are fine About it ! but it’s all a lie right” He asked and I looked away not wanting to look at him

He walked towards me and stood in front of me

“I didn’t come to the garden not because I intentionally missed it but because Alicia got hurt and i had to take her to the hospital and my phone wasnt with me,James didn’t accompany me and I had no one to help me send a message to you,Am sorry if I made you wait long” He said and I stared at him and hugged him fiercely.

“don’t you ever make me wait like this again”I said lightly

“I won’t,I won’t ever make you wait”He said.

Later on while we both had dried off and were wrapped in each other arms on the bed, I finally asked him how Alicia got hurt.

“I don’t really know,we had finished talking and i was walking away from her and the next thing she was calling for me and I saw that her head was bleeding,I just had to do some thing,I took her to the hospital and it was there that I got delayed”He said

“So how did you leave her before coming to me?”I asked

“The doctor said she will be fine”He said and pulled me close to him

“Tomorrow I will go and pay her a visit”I said and fell asleep in his arms

I stood in front of the hospital door wondering if I should go in or not

After thinking about it ,I finally decided to go in,I opened and found Alicia on the bed, She was busy reading but on seeing me,She sat up and starred at me

“Hello,I heard about your injury yesterday”I said placing the flower I came with on the table

“Really? And why did you come”She asked

“To see if you need Some thing,it must have been hard for you'”I asked wanting to be friends with her

But with the look she kept on giving me,I doubt it

“You must have come to see whether am alive or dead right?”She asked

“No,I only came to check on you”

“Well you don’t have to,Am Waiting for Brian,He will be here soon and it’s only him that I want to see”She said and I smiled gently

“Your job in that house is to get pregnant not to try to steal Brian affections”I said

“And who told you that am trying to steal your husband affection?”She asked

“There is no need for any one to tell me,I saw you okay,I saw the way you kept on starring at him yesterday”I said

“Ahhh……so you caught me,He is very hand some and sexy, I couldn’t resist it, He looks so hot and I can’t wait until the time we both start making babies” She said

I knew she was trying to get me mad but I won’t let her succeed in doing that,I thought as I starred at her

“You can crave my husband all you want but it’s me he loves and he will keep on loving me”I replied

She glared at me and if looks could kill I would already be dead

“Fine then,You really want to see me take away your husband right? Well then you are on”She said

“This is not some sort of game okay,Why are you even doing this,I doubt if you love him”I said

“You are right! I don’t love him and I only agree to do this just to get back at you “she said

“Get back at me?”I asked confused

“Yes,You can’t remember what you did right? Well I won’t enlighten you about it,All I can say is that I will make sure your husband falls for me and me alone”She said meaning each and every word.

Just then the door opened and William walked in

“What did you just say Alicia?”He asked starring at her and she looked away

“You are only there to help her not to cause more problem between her and her husband”he said

“I don’t care, The real reason why I came here is to have Brian and I won’t rest until I have him”She said starring at me

“Well I think that for your own good,You better stop, cause I doubt if he would ever see you”I said

“You don’t know me Dora,When I make up my mind on some thing,I have it no matter what”She said starring at me with anger

So she is declaring war and she is not even pregnant yet,I thought

With out bothering to say any thing,I walked out of the ward and went back home.

Why did I even bother coming here, Now she have told me what her real aim is,I just hope the love Brian and I have for each other is able to fight it all.

As soon as the door closed,I went to see if she had gone and then I closed the door again

“Was my acting Skills that bad?”She asked starring at me and I nodded in return

“Very!”I said and we burst out laughing

“Tell me how did you manage to delay Brian”I asked

“Very simple,I saw a piece of broken glass and I used it to cut a bit of my skin and it worked perfectly” She said

“I take back what I said,You are very good in acting”

“I have to be,After all have been preparing myself for this moment for two years”She said

“You have been preparing for two years but have been preparing myself for a very long time now and I won’t rest until have made all of them pay most especially Brian and his family”He said

“But my fa……..”

“Do not even mention him,Have told you that he will also have to suffer because he took part in every thing,He even helped them and when you were in a coma in a foreign land, Where was he? Before that thing happened,He never loved you nor pay attention to you,So don’t you dare feel compassion towards him because he will also suffer “I said and she nodded

“You are right! Every one who took part in ruining our lives will also have to suffer including Dora!”She said starring at me

“Including her”I replied.

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