LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 11 to 20

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 12

By : Kebby NG

I woke up feeling good,After last night I was sure that Brian will always love me,No matter what.

As usual the bed was empty and there was a paper on the table.

I picked it up and went through the content

‘went to work early,Didn’t want to wake
You from your beauty sleep,Have a sweet day my love, Promise to be back

I smiled after reading it and then I went to bathe and to get ready for the day .

“You have the orphanage home to visit and also the charity auction”Grace read Me my schedules for the day

“Just two things to do?I thought I would have more than two schedules today”I said

“That was what the queen ordered”Grace said

“The queen ,Do you know why?”I asked

“I don’t,She just said that this will be your own work for today”Grace said

It seemed a bit odd that the queen will be doing all the work

In the past I had always been given many duties, That was the work of a queen.

She would often say to me but today it’s different,Why is she doing the rest and giving me a meagre part,Is it to spite me more.

Just then I saw James pass and quickly I called for him.

He ran towards me and bowed gently “you called for me your Highness”He said

“Yes I did” the other escourts moved away while I talk to Him

“Were you coming to call me at the garden yesterday”I asked

” yes I was but the great queen stopped me saying she would call you her self”He said

So the queen had stopped him and She didn’t come to call me,I thought.

She wanted me to get angry at Brian but I didn’t,that will some how be a lost for her,I thought.

With my permission James left and stood in front of the palace waiting for the car to arrive

Just then the queen along with Alicia came to join us too.

On seeing her I bowed and she smiled at me in return

“Going out your Majesty”I asked

“Yes, Have decided to do some of my duties,Having every thing piled up on you is really stressful right?”,She asked

“Not at all, I am the queen and am expected to do all of it”I replied

“But since Alicia Is here now,you shouldn’t worry, She will be helping you out”She said

“I thought that you were the one who wanted to do it”I asked

“Not me exactly,Alicia will”She said

“And is it a good idea to have Alicia going to all the functions”I asked

“Why? Why can’t I go? Is it because you are the queen and I am the mistress?”Alicia asked

“Mainly because of that”I replied wanting to pay them back just as how they have been doing to me

“How dare you?”Alicia asked

“I am the queen here ,The one Brian loves,You are just here to have his child and nothing else”

“It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been barren”The great queen retorted

“But I am barren and you can stop using those words on me,It wont work again and as you have said if it wasn’t for me,She wouldn’t be here and just as she has come,I can easily get her out,Just one word from me to Brian and she will be gone,So I suggest you know what you are doing and know who the real queen is'”I said leaving them speechless

Just then the car arrived and with one last bow at the great queen I got In and left

“That was great your Highness”Grace who was sitting beside me said

“The only thing they know how to is to get on some one nerves”I said feeling angry

“You really put them in their place, Especially the great queen,She is always saying things about you,It’s time she has a taste of her own medicine”Grace said and I laughed

We got to the orphanage home and like every other day,I was welcome well

This is the orphanage home that brian is having built another one

The kids here were lovely and each time they tell me about their story,How their parents had abandoned them,I always felt bad for them.

While grace and the guards stayed out side,I was in talking with the head

“Seven new kids have been brought here and I didn’t want to say it because of how the king and you had help us but we are in need of more rooms,Every day there is a parent who abandon their child and some of them are brought here”She said

“You shouldnt feel shy to ask,The king and I are here for you,So if you need any thing,Just ask us”I said

“Oh thank you your Highness, Believe me when I say that you both are our angel,Am sure that other orphanage doesn’t receive this much help,Thank you “She said

Later on I stood in the midst of the little kids playing with them,I didn’t notice that apart from grace and the guards,I had another audience.

The girls had asked me to dance for them and while I was dancing to a song they were singing,I finally noticed the audience and it was none other than William.

While the teacher took back the kss attention I went to him

“You are really good with kids”he said

“They are just so lovely,What are you doing here?”I asked

“I came for business,Don’t worry I didn’t come to see you”He said

“Like I didn’t know”I replied and just then a lady ran towards us

“Your Highness,there is a child,He just won’t stop crying,I don’t know how to placate him any more”the lady said

“Take me to him”I replied and went after the lady,I didn’t notice that William had followed too.

We got to where the child had been placed,he was crying

“He is just a baby”I muttered as I quickly went to carry the crying child

“He is part of the child that was brought in by the social care workers,”the lady said

“They said they had found him in one of the trash can on the street,The cruel parents had left the poor child to die”She said again

I felt so sad And touched for the child, I did all I could to pacify the crying babt but he kept on crying

“Give him to me”William said taking the child from me

I watched him pacify the child and the child stopped crying

Before we knew he went back to sleep and we all left the room

“Thank you sir William and also you your Highness,Without you guys,we would have been lost on how to take care of the child”The teacher said

“There is no need to thank us and besides mr William here did all the work”I said

“You don’t have to thank me,I just don’t like to see children cry”He said smiling and i studied him

I would never have thought of him that way,He really surprised me today,I thought as we both walked out silently

“You must really love kids”I asked

“Oh not really, when our parents died,It was just me and Alicia,I practically took care of her when she was a baby,So am used to it”He said smiling

Just then Grace came to me “your Highness It’s time to put up an appearance at the charity auction”She said

I turned to stare at William “I will be taking my leave now”I said and then I left.

The charity auction was just starting when I arrived.

I was taken to the front seat,The auction went well and before I left I had them a lot of money.

I was talking to the auctioneer when she looked up and smiled at some one who was approaching

“Its you again Mr William”The lady said

“William!”I called surprised

“Don’t tell me that this is the second appointment you were coming to”William asked

“Well it is ,why are you here though,I never knew you come to this kind of place?”I asked

“Well I have a soft heart for the unfortunate, I go to every charity auction I can find”he said

“Apart from you Your Highness,Mr William has also given us a large sum,We really appreciate it”The lady said as she bowed and left.

“You really surprise me today”I said

“Really? How?”

“I never knew you were some one who could give,I judge you by A…….”I stopped short when I realised what I was about to say

“You judged me by My sister behaviour right?”he asked

“Well yes but today I know you are some how different, whenever I see people who give to the less unfortunate,I admire them ”

“And so do you admire me” He asked And I replied with a smile.

Just then I checked the time and saw that it was evening already,if am right Brian will be on his way to Alicia.

“What’s wrong?”William asked as he stood beside me

“Nothing”I replied

“You expression have changed,Is it what am thinking”He asked having a knowing look

“If you know already then why ask”I said as I walked off

He caught up to me and pulled me back “you chose this Dora,So why are you being like this”

“Yes I chose it,I chose it because I can’t bear to See Brian with out a child”

“Even though it hurts you so much”Heasked

“I must live with it,I must”I said trying to control my emotion

“But I can’t bear to see you this way! Come with me”he said and pulled me off.

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