LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 11 to 20

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 13

By : Kebby NG

“what’s this where are you taking me to me”I asked as he kept on pulling me

“Its time you stop this,Go back to the palace and stop all of it” He said

“But I….”

“You can and you will,You are suffering and yet you keep on telling your self that it’s all for his majesty,Stop thinking about him and think about your self” He said as he kept on pulling me to the car.

The guards stopped him by pulling him away from me

“You have no right to touch her highness”one of them said as he held onto William

“I meant no harm”He said

“Its okay,He meant no harm”I said and they let him go

“I won’t do a thing William,As much as it hurts me,I will have to bear it all, Thanks for your advice but I don’t need it”I added and then turned on my heels.

The car took me to the palace and gently I went to my room,only to be stopped by the guards who were there.

“What’s wrong?”I asked

“Lady Alicia is there waiting for his Highness,She asked to tell you to wait until they were through”The guard said

“So you are saying,I have to wait just because she asked you to tell me that”I asked

“We are sorry your Highness but we are only following the great queen orders”He said

Just then Brian arrived,He walked past me and went into the room and a while later he pulled Alicia out of the room.

“Let me go! “Alicia said as she he kept on pulling her away .

I stood there for a while and decided not to go in

I went back to the garden and sat down on the chair, Thinking about what just happened.

I felt the tears threaten to pour but I held it back

“I have to be strong,I must be strong”I said as I fought back the tears.

Just then I felt some one coming to seat beside me

I turned to see that it was William “it’s you”I said sadly

“Were you expecting Brian ?”he asked

“You are the first person who call us both by our name”I said

“That’s because we three are of the same age”He said and that made me smile

“If the ministers and ambassador were to hear it, they would make mince meat out of you”I said

“So! Should I call you with your tittle”He asked

“You should,if you don’t want to be beh..eaded”I said

“Behe..aded in this time and Era?”He asked

“Don’t think that you can’t beh..eaded at this time and Era”I said

“Well then if I can sure be beh…eaded,I better start calling you with your tittle,I don’t want his majesty getting angry”He said

On hearing Brian being mentioned, My expression changed to a sad one

“Is he with Alicia already?”He asked

“Yes he is”I replied

“And before you ask, Am doing fine,This heart of mine can take it all”I said hitting my chest.

“Like I haven’t seen its weakest moment”he replied smiling

He stood up and took my hand “where are we going?”I asked

“Some where,where you can relax”He said

I went with him solely because I needed the distraction.

We walked a while and then he stopped in front of the watch tower

“Why are we here?”I asked

“To see the moon,you will love it”he said and pulled me again

We climbed the stairs and made it to the tower balcony

We stood there and I stared at the moon, It really is beautiful up close”I said gently

“I told you so”he said

“How did you know that it will be beautiful to look at,Have you been here before”I asked

“Just once, it was the day I had seen you again”He said

“You came here that night?”I asked starring at the moon

“Yes I did,I wanted to see how beautiful it is”He said and unknown to me he was starring at me.

“Its really beautiful”I said still starring at the moon

“I have never come here before but since you have Brought me here,I think I will always come here”I said gently

“Dora!” On hearing Brian voice behind us,i turned

“Why are you here?”He asked

“I just came here to relax”I said

“To relax? With him?”He asked

“Brian I……”

“With all due respect your majesty,Her highness and I weren’t doing any thing”William said cutting me short

Brian walked towards me and pulled my hand “For as long as you are working here,Stay away from my wife,I mean it”He said and pulled me away.

We didnt speak to each other when we were going back.

It was when we were locked up in our room that he began to talk

“Why were you with him,I thought I told you to stay away from him” He said

“William is just a friend and to be sincere he is the only friend I have here, Every other person apart form grace bad mouth me,There is no one I can trust here”I said

“So do you trust william?”He asked

“I don’t know,All I know is that he is always there when ever I feel like talking”I said

“Talk to me Emma,For God sake tell me how you feel,don’t talk to him about it any more,I hate it”He said shaking

I nodded gently when I saw that he meant it ,He pulled me to him and held me close

“Please Emma I don’t trust that guy,I don’t want him to be around you”He begged and hugged me.

I woke up to find Brian starring down at me on the bed

“Do you know that you look beautiful when you are sleeping”He asked

“Stop being cheeky,It’s just early in the morning”I said smiling up at him

He had made it clear to me yesterday that he didn’t know about Alicia coming to our room.

And after pulling her out he told her never to step foot in it and then he came out to look for me.

Just knowing that he didn’t go through with sleeping her made me feel happy.

But I know that my happiness won’t last long because Brian will be going back to her tonight

“Aren’t you going to work”I asked

“Not until I make love to my wife”He said and pulled me into his arms.

I stood in the little apartment which belonged to Alicia holding the binocular as I used it to spy on Dora room

Luckily for us the great queen had put us both in the house that faced Brian and Dora apartment

So spying on them will be easy for me,I thought as I kept on starring waiting to see a glimpse of her

Just then she walked towards the window and opened it.

Just as I thought,She would certainly look lovely in the morning.

“G©sh I look horendous in the morning”Alicia said behind me

Slowly I put down the binocular to stare at her

“Then try putting some make up on,you will certainly look beautiful”I replied.

She stood up and came to stand by the window.

“So you have been starring at her right? “she asked starring at Dora who still stood by the window

“I was only trying to know what they were doing”I replied

“I hope so,Cause with the way you are behaving,You make me think that you are into her”

“If that is a joke then stop,We both know why we are here,So let’s focus”I said moving to take a book

I mustn’t let Alicia know my true feelings towards Dora.

We had both promised to make every one pay and if she knows that am feeling something for Dora,She will call every thing off and that is not good for me.

“Well we have made progress,right now those two are getting torn apart,All we have to do is to continue” She said

“And?”I prompted

“When they finally don’t trust each other we will then begin to strike”She said smiling evily

I thought about it for a while and I smiled too

“Just keep on getting close to miss goody two shoes,I will try to know more of her schedule,All you have to do is be near her out side of the palace and also in side”

“That’s a good idea,I like it”I replied

“While you do that,I get Brian to get me pregnant and when that happen,I will then show him the real boss is”She said smiling devishlly

“Tell me did you guys do it yesterday?”I asked

“Not yet,He is still being a jerk but I know that one way or another,He will be mine and I can’t wait for that day to come”

A while later I stood on the construction ground,making some detail clear to the construction workers.

I turned only to find Brian coming towards me along with his guards

“Your majesty!”I said

“Tell me right here,Right now,What do you want from my wife?”He asked suddenly

“What do you mean your Majesty?”*

“You know what I mean,I saw you last night,I saw the way you were starring at her,Now tell me what do you want from my wife!! “he yelled angrily.

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