LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 11 to 20

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 14

By : Kebby NG

“I just asked you a question right? Answer me right now”He yelled at me again

“I don’t want any thing from her highness*I replied

“Then why the hell do you keep on being around her”He asked me

“That’s because each time I see her, She is always sad,I took her to the tower because she was sad and nothing else”I said

“Well then as from today, Don’t meddle with what ever happen with my wife,If she is sad,I will be there to comfort her,If she happy I will be there,Until when you finish the construction,Stay the hell away from my wife”He said and walked off.

Not wanting him to have the last word,I said “I will try to stay away, Try is the word there your majesty”

He gave me one last intimidating glance and then he walked off.

“You really don’t know a thing Brian, Dora will certainly become mine,I will make sure of that”I whispered lightly and Then I continued with my job

Just then my phone rang and I picked it

“I got her schedule today too,She is going to the orphanage home and she is also going to a close friend party”Alicia said

“A close friend? Who is this close friend?”I asked

“Well a certain Diane Campbell, From what I know about her, She got married to Romeo Campbell”

“The politician?”

“Yes the politician, Romeo and Brian have been close friends,So you must know that their wives will be close friends too”

“I heard that Brian isn’t going to be there,So you must definitely tag along,You must find a way to get into the party,It’s quite exclusive and am sure that it’s going to leave poorDora sad”Alicia added

“Why do you say that?”I asked

“Well the party is in honour of their third child,Poor Dora would be so sad because unlike her friends who have given birth to three children,She hasn’t given birth to one”

“And so my Loving brother you must be there to keep her company while I keep Brian company okay”She said

“I will surely be there,If its a politician,I will know how to get in “I replied smiling

“That’s good then,Make sure you succeed in getting close to her tonight,Am really counting on you”Alicia said

“And am also counting on you to get that fool into your bed and get pregnant as soon as you can,While I do mine,You better do yours”I said and cut the call.

If every thing turns out well tonight,Dora will certainly find a way to trust me and very soon,She will starts to listen to me and when the time is right,she will break all ties with Brian and then she will come to me.

“I just have to take it slow,In the end,I shall surely get all the reward”I whispered to myself.

“Yes your Highness,Am getting ready,the program will surely start by Ten right?”

“Okay your Highness,I will surely be there on time,I won’t let you down, I mean it”

“Okay then,Good bye for now”I said and threw the phone on the bed angrily

Stupid old queen,She thinks that when I finally get pregnant,I will keep on dancing to her tunes,Well she is in for a surprise,I thought as I applied make up on my face.

Just then the door bell rang,At first I didn’t want to answer.

But when it kept on ringing,I dropped my lip gloss and went to open up.

The person standing there was none other than my……..or better yet Dora mother.

“Hello mi……..”I couldn’t finish my word because she slapped my face.

Still reeling from the slap and from its shock I starred at her

“You stupid harlot,I had told them not to bring you into this house,That I won’t stand for another bride for the king,He is married to my daughter and that is how it’s going to be”She yelled at me

Getting myself into order,I asked “And why shouldn’t another bride be brought in,When your daughter cant do the only thing they expect of her” I asked angrily

“I believe that that will happen in its time but what I cant stand for right now is that you are here,I don’t want you here!”She screamed at me

“Well you have no choice mrs,I was chosen to have the king child and I won’t leave until they tell me other wise”I said

“You are just a gold digger, Looking for some where to get more money from but I will stop you,I can guarantee you that!”with that last threat she left my room.

I sat on the chair holding onto my cheek, For the past two years have always wondered how we will meet again and it happened,It finally happened but in the worst way ever, She didn’t even recognise me,Well how would she,For the past two years,I went through a lot of things just to get to where I am today.

Still cradling my swollen cheek, My mind drifted off to two years back

“take this stupid medicine away”I yelled at the nurse throwing the drugs away

“If you don’t use this,You won’t be well enough!” The nurse said

“I don’t care,I will only talk to the doctor,Have told you already I want to talk to the doctor,Not to some lousy nurse”I said holding onto my head

“Fine then,If its the doctor you want,I will bring him here” The nurse said as she went out of the room.

A while later the doctor walked in along with some nurse.

“Finally! You have come to see me”I said pulling him towards me

“Yes I have,Have been busy and while I was I made the nurse attend to you”

“The nurse are not what I need right now, its you that I need”I said

“Okay,I am here,tell me what you need”

“The only thing I know since I woke up from my coma is that I was in an accident,Tell me more about me doctor,Just trying to make myself remember is killing me”I said

“From what I know,You were found in a building,Being treated by a man called Micheal but recently he died and the nurse that was taking care of you brought you to our hospital and ever since then we have been taking care of you”The doctor explained

“That’s all you know about me?”I asked

“That’s all we know,The nurse only brought you here and left and since then we have been waiting for you to wake up so we can get more info from you”

“But I can’t remember a thing? Why didn’t you question the nurse or try to get more info about that deceased man, Just trying to remember myself gives me a terrible head ache”I yelled at him

“Well then we will have to keep you here a while longer,You are still not well yet,You have been in a coma for a while,Your limbs have not been in use,To get them back on track,You have to go through some therapy session”He said

“How long will it take me to walk again”I asked

“That will only happen if you put your mind to it,for now just take your drugs and go to sleep”He said patting my shoulders and then he left.

After going through rigorous therapy,I could finally walk.

Remembering nothing and having no where to go,I decided to stay in the hospital to help.

I never thought that a day will come when I will finally remember some thing but It did come and that day was the worst day of my life.

I was attending to a sick old lady when I saw the news.

‘This will be the first time that king Brian
And his wife queen Dora Stone will come
Out in public,After what happened month
Ago’ The announcer began

I sat on the chair starring at the queen herself who looked just like me.

‘its been said that it’s has been an ordeal
For the queen herself, That is why both
Her parents are also here to give her the
Support she needs’

On seeing both the queen parents the food in the tray which I had been holding fell off my hand.

Every single little thing that went out of my head began to come back,I remembered every thing up until the accident..

“Yes the accident”I said standing up

“Hey did you have to get up like that? You just scared the hell out of me”the old lady said

“Am so sorry,It’s just that the news startled me a bit”I replied

“What’s there to startle you about,It’s just the new king and queen”

“Kind and Queen? The last thing I remembered was that he was still a prince”I asked

“Well all that changed some few weeks back, He just had his coronation along with his bride Dora Baxter, isnt she pretty”the old lady asked

“Yes she is!”I replied starring at the television

“After the accident during their engagement,it brought them more close and though some people say that its an arranged marriage,i think it’s a match made from heaven”the old lady said

That must be it,The accident! The accident changed every thing,the person now married to Brian is an imposter,while I was in a coma she has been living my life.

“This can’t be! It just cant be!”I yelled suddenly and the old lady starred at me

“What does this have to do with you! Why are you even yelling? “She asked

“Are you that blind to see it?”I said

“How dare you call me a………wait a moment now that you mentioned it,I think that I know what you are talking about,You look exactly like the queen! Are the two of you twin?”She asked

“Twin my foot,That lady stole my identity and i will surely get it back from her”I said and walked out of the room.

Heading straight for the palace,I might have forgotten some things but I didn’t forget how to get to the palace.

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