LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 11 to 20

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 19

By : Kebby NG

I woke up to find myself in an unfamiliar room,How the hell did I get here,The last thing I remembered was drinking in my study room after having that big fight with Emma last night

Just then the door opened and Alicia walked in,She had her night gown on .

“Oh you are finally awake”She said as she came to sit beside me

“Why am I here and why are you here?”I asked holding my head

“Well it’s simple,You spent the night with me”She said as she sat on the bed beside me

“What rubbish are you saying?”I asked as I began to put on my clothes which was on the floor

“It is not rubbish,You finally came here to perform your duty”She said giving me a smile

“What duty?”

” Don’t act like you don’t know! You were quite willing in my arms yesterday”She said

“You are saying that I……that I…….”

“Yes you did your majesty,You made love to me and I totally enjoyed it,Do you think that our baby has been made your majesty or should I call you Brian,After all we are well acquainted now”She said

“Not on your life! The only woman who have the right to call me by my name is my wife and I don’t believe that any thing happened between us last night” I said totally pissed off

“Well some thing did happen! Right on this bed,We both made lo………”

“Shut up Alicia,Nothing happened between us and that is final”I said as I finished buttoning up my shirt

“Why try to deny it,No matter what we both know that it happened and nothing you say or do will change that fact”She yelled at me

“You have been warned Alicia,Nothing happened between us “I said and walked out of her room.

How had I ended up there? I thought as I went back to my quaters.

What had really happened? The last thing I remember was having a fight with Emma and going to have some drink alone.

I can’t even remember how I got to her room or if we really did sleep together,God! I only hope that Emma doesn’t know about it,I thought to myself.

As soon as I made it to my room,I got in quietly and I saw Emma sleeping soundly in the room

If only I hadn’t been jealous and angry I wouldn’t have fall into this.

I changed and slipped into the bed then I cuddled Emma.

I will have to tell her,She has to know what happen,I thought as I slept off.

I woke up not to find Emma in my arms,At first I panicked but then I heard the water running in the bath room.

She might still be angry after yesterday argument,I should get her food first,She is always in a good mood when never she eats,I thought.

As soon as the maid arrived she walked out of the bath room fully dressed and she looked very gorgeous.

I gave her a smile which she didn’t return,I knew then and there that her anger hadn’t worn off yet.

“Come eat,I made sure they got you every thing you liked”I said

“Am not hungry,Am going out for a stroll”She replied as she moved past me

“Hey don’t you see that am trying to say sorry here”I said quickly not wanting things to end with an argument

But she did some thing that surprised me she Walked back to the table and pushed the table over spilling all the food

“Why did you do that?” I asked

She gave me a cruel smile “you don’t have to say sorry any more right?”she said and then began to head out

“Emma let’s talk this out”I said as I held her hand

“Let go of me!”she yelled at me pushing me away

“Emma!”I called in surprise

“Don’t you touch me again”She said as she walked out of the room.

I stood starring at the mess on the floor, She was still angry about what happened last night,I thought .

“Your majesty”Peter walked in bowing gently

“What is it?”I asked

“Is just that you have to see this,It’s really urgent”He said as he stretched the phone towards me

I took it from him and saw a video of Diane Campbell apologising and also saying the truth about what happened with Emma.

“Turns out that Mrs Campbell started the whole mess”Peter said .

“Am fine if others doesn’t believe me,If they call me names and accuse me,Am fine with it but you!”

“So am I! I told you I didn’t want to go but you asked me to and what ever happened there,I don’t regret it !”

“You have really disappoint me Emma,you really did”

For a while every thing Emma said came back to me and the most hurt ful part of it was that I told her how disappointed I was in her, She was just defending herself and also me in the process

“What are you going to do about it your majesty,Seems like we all misunderstood Her highness”Peter said

“What should I do Peter!,What should I do cause have really broken someone heart?”I asked as I held the phone

“I…..I don’t know what to advice you on your majesty”He said

“Where is my wife right now?”I asked

“I will try to find out “He said as he went off

She has a right to be angry,For me choosing not to believe her but I have to find a way to get her forgiveness and I must start right now,I thought .

Together we walked into the garden and the whole place had been decorated with flowers and lights giving it a romantic atmosphere

“You didn’t have break fast this morning so I thought lunch would do and please no throwing the table over this time,I had put a lot of effort In decorating the whole thing”He said beside me

In other circumstance,I might have been impressed because Brian is not the romantic type and if he has put in time to do this then he really meant well

But I know that he is doing all this to Sulk up to me,To apologise for what happened yesterday

“Come seat!”he said as he brought out a chair for me

I sat on it and soon he began to charm me with all the food.

No matter what he did,I could still not forget what I saw last night

“Is the food not good? You aren’t saying a thing”He asked after we had been served

“No,The food is perfect”I replied as I kept on eating

“Urrrgh I……”

“Can we just eat”I said starring at him

“You haven’t even listened to me yet”He said

“That’s because I don’t want to,I just want to eat and then leave”I said

“But I didn’t do all this so that we can only eat alone”He said

“For what? Oh let me guess! You have watched the news right!”I asked

“Yes I did and I……Am sorry”He said gently

“Sorry! Like your sorry will make what happen go away,Tell me! If you hadn’t watched that video,Would you be here saying sorry”I asked

“Look I know I was wrong,I didn’t believe you and I……”

“That’s the point! You did not believe me,You chose to believe some one else,Every one called me names and said things but I thought other wise,I thought……..I thought that you would believe me,I would have had a reason for doing some thing like that but you broke my heart too,YOU!!! who was suppose to believe me told me that am a disappointment”I said as I stood up crying

“Please forgive me Emma,I didn’t really know,Am sorry”He said as he stood up too

“After telling me all that,You brought up the issue of me cheating on you”

“I was mad okay,I was jealous when I saw you with him,I told you that I didn’t want to see you with him “He said

“That man that you thought was my lover was only consoling me, Some thing you should have done,He was the only one who believed me,You know what he said to me ‘You would have had a reason,’ That was what he said,I was expecting you to say that too but you chose to jump into conclusion”I said as I wiped the tears off

“Believe me when I say that I feel like a fool right now,Am sorry for not believing you and what ever I said last night was just because I was jealous”He said holding my hand

Pushing off his hands,I moved away from him “I don’t care any more Brian,It’s all in the past now”I said walking away

“Where are you going? Let’s talk this out”He said and i stopped to stare at him

“You want to know where am going? I will tell you,Not because you deserve to know but to save myself from more insults and jealousy scene from you”

“Don’t be like this,Let’s just talk this ……..”

“Am going to see William, He is the only one who believed me and am sure that the video which came out today was his doing,Thanks to him my name was cleared”I said interrupting him

“You mean he……”

“Yes he did,Unlike you he did his best to find out the truth,So! am going to him and also if you had any intention of telling me about what happened between you and Alicia last night,Don’t bother,I Saw it myself”I said

“You saw it? I can explain”He said moving towards me

“No! You don’t have to,I know that you had to do it some day,For the sake of my Barreness and also for you to have a child,So you don’t have to explain”I said and walked off

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