LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 21

By : Kebby NG

“Your majesty,Your friend Mr Baxter is here to see you” The guard announced the arrival of Dora father

“Let him in”I said and soon Baxter himself walked in

“Have a seat,It’s been a while since you showed face in the palace”I said pointing to the empty seat

“I didn’t want to because of what’s going on with my daughter but I have to,Even if it’s to say hello”He said

“Its sad to know that Dora can’t have kids but you know the law and it’s a must that Brian have an heir,An heir who will take over when it’s time for him to step down”I said

“I know and I understand that that is the reason you have agreed to bring in that Lady Alicia Ray”Baxter asked

“Yes,Am glad that you at least have accepted but as for your wife”

“I will deal with her,She is just angry for her daughter,Am sure that when she sees reason for herself,She will also understand”Baxter replied

“I hope so”I said

Just then the maid who had been clearing the storage room walked out carrying a old box

“Your majesty I found this in the storage room,Since it might be some thing of value to you ,I didn’t want to throw it away”The lady said

“Its okay,I will go through it and once am through,I will call for you”

“Yes your majesty”The maid said and then she bowed and left the room.

I opened the box and began to go through the things that were in it

Only for me to stop when I saw a familiar picture amongst the things

“What’s wrong?”Baxter asked

“This”I replied showing him the picture

“Its a picture of your Step brother Gilbert and his wife Sharon”Baxter replied

“I know right, When they died years ago,I had made sure to throw away every thing that belonged to them but how can this still remain?”I asked as I stared at it

“Maybe it’s some sort of sign”Baxter replied

“Don’t start now”I replied throwing the picture back into the box

“Some one once told me that the truth can’t be hidden forever”Baxter said

“Tell that to some one else,We have been keeping this secret for years now and no one has found out and no one will”I said

“I hope so but I do wonder about that little boy Ivan,Yes his name was Ivan,Wasn’t he Sharon brother,She had brought him from that little town of hers, Have always wondered what happened to him “He said

“He might be dead”

“Don’t tell me you had him killed like you did with Sharon and Gilbert?”Baxter asked

“Lower your voice! I didn’t kill Ivan or any one else, Only God knows where that boy landed and if he is dead then that is just good,It will be best if it stayed that way, And please stop talking about the past already,It’s the past,Let’s just leave it that way”I said

“Fine then,I only hope that this past doesn’t catch up to us”Baxter replied and i sighed

I also hope for the same thing cause have been feeling uneasy this past few days,I hope that it’s nothing,I really hope so.

“So what you are trying to tell me is that This lady called Sharon and this man called Gilbert were once the King and Queen and if They hadn’t died then Brian father would never have become the king”I asked starring at Grace

“You’ve got that right your Highness”She replied giving me a smile

“But how did they die,Tell me,I want to know more about them,I mean have been the queen for a while now and I never knew of their existence,If you hadn’t told me about them,I would never have known”

“That’s because we were ban from talking about it, The workers who have worked here for long knows about them “Grace replied

“But why so much secrecy,? Brian have never mentioned them before”I said

“That’s because his majesty was a kid when all of it happened,He would have forgotten them”

“You are right,So tell me more! You found out a lot by gossiping around,Now tell me what you found out”I asked

“Fine then,I heard that their death was tragic,They died in a car accident,Along with their little daughter”Grace said

“My God! It must have been so painful,I don’t know what I would have done if it were to happen to me”I said

“But it didn’t right! But it’s a good thing for you right! If they hadn’t died your husband wouldn’t have become the king and you wouldn’t have beecome the queen”Grace said

“Don’t say that! You can’t be happy that some one else died leaving you his or her spot,It must have really been tragic for the great king then”

“From what I heard,The great king was thrilled about his brother death”Grace said


“They had been fighting for the throne but the great king brother who is Gilbert was given the throne and he had the most beautiful wife ever and the great king was jealous,I wouldn’t be surprised if he had had them killed”She said

“Don’t say that grace, He wouldn’t have done that,stop imagining things and go back to work”I said

“But wont you hear the rest of the story your Highness?”

“No I don’t want to listen any more,Now go back to your room,I need to rest “I said and she got up from the chair, Gave me a bow and then left quietly

I sat on the bed thinking about what she just told me

Never have Brian told me about the story of his father brother,Did he intentionally not tell me or did he just forget about them like Grace said

I better stop thinking about this and just rest for a while,I thought as I layed on the bed

Just then the door opened and I knew who it was even with out turning to see

I closed my eyes,pretending to be asleep.

“Are you sleeping or you are just pretending to be ?”Brian asked but I didn’t answer

I felt the bed give way and I knew that he was laying on it

Still pretending,I felt him moving close to me and then he held me close

I couldn’t do a thing because I was suppose to be asleep

He pushed my hair away and placed his face on my cheek

“Since you are asleep,I can be close to you for a while”He whispered gently

“Am sorry I hurt you,Am sorry for not trusting you,Sorry for lashing out at you,Sorry for not being there for you,Am sorry for every thing and if it will take me years to say sorry to you,I will”

“What happen with Alicia was not to get back at you,I had been so jealous and furious and I went to drink a bit,It was just a bit that I intended to drink but I drank so much that I got drunk and the last thing I remember was sleeping in the wine cellar ,I don’t remember sleeping with Alicia,I don’t even know how I got there, If only you will just believe me”

“Oh I don’t deserve that,I didn’t believe you,So why should you believe me”He said

I couldn’t pretend that I was sleeping because I was listening to what he was saying

“Fine don’t believe me but always believe me when I say this,I love you and no matter what,That will never change”He added and kissed my cheek before leaving the bed and the room

It took a while for the tears to come and when it did,I cried like never before.

(20 years ago)
“Wow Sharon,This place is so big”Ivan said as he looked around the palace

“I knew you will like it here,Common let’s go back in,My husband will be waiting”Sharon said as she held his hand

“Tell me is your husband treating you well,Does he takes care of you?”he asked

“Of course he does,Gilbert loves me and we have been married for three months now,Soon we will be crowned the future king and queen”

“Wow,So I get to be there too?”

“Of course,You get to be there,After all you and father are the only family I have”She replied

“I really love you Sharon”Ivan said hugging her close

“And I too”She replied

Together they walked back into the palace and was about to go to Ivan room when they heard a noise coming from the study

“Stay here while I go and see what happen”Sharon said as she went to the study room

Little Ivan couldn’t stop being worried so he quietly followed Sharon

The door to the study room was open and there was Gibert and his step brother Mark who little Ivan had been introduced to earlier

“I won’t let you have the throne Gilbert!”mark warned

“You know that the throne rightfully belongs to me and no one else”Gilbert replied

“Lies,I might not be father real son but have been in this family for years,Am the eldest and it’s only right that I take the throne”

“That would have been possible only if you were his real son but you are not and so I will be the one take the throne”Gibert said

“We shall see Then”He said as he left the study

If only we had known what that threat meant,We might have foreseen what he had in mind and perhaps we might have stopped him.

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